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Are Adjustable Beds Good For Sleep Apnea

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Best Foam Mattress For Sleep Apnea

Sleep Tip – Adjustable Beds And Why They Can Benefit Everyone

Zoma Mattress with Adjustable Bed

  • Price: $
  • Type: Foam
  • Height: 11 inches

The Zoma Mattress features a blend of cooling gel foam and a breathable top layer designed to prevent overheating .

The mattress is compatible with Zomas adjustable bed frame that comes with a handy wireless remote, so you can adjust your sleeping position without getting out from under your cozy covers.

How Does Acid Reflux Affect Sleep

Also known as GERD, acid reflux is a chronic condition that can have a dramatic impact on sleep quality. The condition may also lead to disorders such as sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome, and chronic insomnia. When patients with acid reflux sleep or lie down, stomach acid flows up into the esophagus, causing heartburn, regurgitation, and coughing fits. Over time, untreated reflux may increase the risk of developing ulcers, long-term complications, and even certain cancers.

While a variety of over-the-counter and prescription medications exist to treat acid reflux, most sufferers find that they need to make lifestyle changes to find relief from their condition. Because symptoms often worsen at night, many individuals with acid reflux must learn to sleep in a different position. Often, they must also purchase a new mattress and/or bed frame specifically designed to help alleviate their symptoms.

Back and stomach sleeping may aggravate reflux, and doctors often recommend that individuals with GERD sleep on their sides. In addition, sufferers often benefit from sleeping with their heads slightly elevated, or about six inches. This prevents stomach acid from flowing back up the esophagus. For this reason, GERD patients often use adjustable bed frames, which allow sleepers to switch between prone and upright positions. Adjustable beds may also help with related issues, like snoring and sleep apnea.

Use An Adjustable Bed Frame

While it’s generally recommended to sleep on your side if you have any breathing difficulties, some people strongly prefer to lie on their backs. As you can imagine, this position can be problematic. However, an adjustable bed frame helps make this position doable.

By elevating your head and upper body, you allow for your air pathways to remain open throughout the night. If you dont have an adjustable bed frame, and youre resistant to investing in one, a wedge pillow propped underneath your shoulders can also help.

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Why Material Matters For Sleep Apnea Patients

For those who suffer from sleep apnea, seeking a mattress can be a tricky business. Two features that you want to keep a lookout for are the type of material contained in a mattress and the level of firmness a mattress has to offer. These features will offer the right amount of support to those affected by sleep apnea. It also encourages breathing by reducing the risk of other respiratory conditions.

Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers With Sleep Apnea

Are Adjustable Beds Good for Sleep Apnea?

The Plank by Brooklyn Bedding

  • Price: $
  • Type: Foam
  • Height: 11.5 inches

This ultra-firm mattress from Brooklyn Bedding is made with rigid foam. Its rated well by people who sleep on their stomachs a better sleeping position than the back for those with sleep apnea.

The firm, flat surface is flippable and intended to properly align the spine.

The mattress comes in a wide range of sizes, including hard-to-find sizes, like Olympic queen, short queen, short king, and RV king. You can add an optional cooling top panel if you tend to sleep hot.

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Stop Waking Up With Headaches

Lots of culprits may be responsible for waking up with a headache every morning. Chronic dehydration, grinding of the teeth, an allergy to dust mites and just plain stress all may be responsible.

The other thing that could be responsible for those headaches is neck strain. This is a fairly common condition for people who sleep on traditional, non-adjustable bed frames.Switch out your bed frame, and you just might not have to suffer from a headache in the morning again.

Which Adjustable Beds And Mattresses Are Best For Obese Sleep Apnea Sufferers

Heavier people are more likely to suffer from obstructive sleep apnea. Our Heavy Duty and Super Heavy Duty adjustable hospital beds can support people who weigh up to 750 lbs. Mattresses in the Supernal Sleep System support people up to 500 lbs, and we also offer bariatric mattresses that support up to 750 lb.

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What Are The Cons Of Adjustable Beds

1. Adjustable beds are expensive period. It isnt uncommon to find an adjustable bed being priced about $2,500. Even a generic base model with no features besides the fact that it is adjustable can be above $800 when it is on sale. There are two components that must be considered here. The mattress that is being used must be able to be adjusted and the bed frame must support adjustments. Many people dont have either and thats why the cost is so high.

2. There are always higher maintenance costs. If you own a standard bed frame with a standard mattress, then thats pretty much the only cost youre ever going to have. You might pay someone to clean the mattress from time, but thats generally about it. Adjustable beds have motors, frames that have joints, and several other parts that can break down over time and require replacement. Some of these repairs can be as high as the cost of a brand new mattress in some instances. An adjustable bed should be purchased with an expectation that at least another 30% will be needed for repairs over the lifetime of the mattress.

7. Adjustable beds can be difficult to clean. The main issue that most households typically find with these beds is that it is difficult to clean them and underneath them. The dust bunnies love to collect underneath the bed because clearance levels are typically rather low. Special tools are available to clean, but come at an added cost that not everyone may be willing to pay.

Does Sleeping With Head Elevated Help Sleep Apnea

Do Adjustable Beds HELP With Snoring & Sleep Apnea? // A No Bull Guide

Some people have decreased apnea if they have the head of their bed slightly elevated. This can be accomplished by using a sleep wedge pillow, which is a ramp of foam that is highest at the head of the bed. In some cases, an adjustable bed can be used to raise the head enough to eliminate snoring and help apnea.

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Stop Feeling The Burn

Is there anything worse than heartburn? For those stubborn people out there who have a hard time giving up their favorite foods that they know will cause heartburn , an adjustable bed frame is a lifesaver.

Heartburn, also known as acid reflux, is a common problem that involves a burning pain in the chest and perhaps also a bitter taste in the mouth. For regular sufferers, its a nightmare because the symptoms get worse when you lay down.

The good news is that an adjustable bed may help you to banish heartburn or at least relieve your symptoms. Even slightly elevating your head keeps acid away from your esophagus and in your stomach where it belongs.

Best Memory Foam Alternative Mattress For Sleep Apnea: Original Purple Mattress

Purple® has made a name for itself by offering a flexible material thats completely separate from traditional memory foam. Their mattresses rely on Purple Grid material for adaptable cushion. As the name suggests, Purple Grid is made of square-shaped channels that bend with the body, relieving pressure and promoting airflow.

Purple®s original mattress is under 10 inches tall and contains three layers inside a SoftFlex cover. SoftFlex is a plush knit fabric that stretches with the Purple Grid, while also making it easy for air to circulate through the mattress.

Underneath the top layer of Purple Grid is two layers of poly-foam, known as the Dual Layer Comfort Foam. The middle layer has a soft feel with a dense structure for durability, while the base layer is firm and dense for sufficient support.

Many reviewers have praised the Purple® mattress for making it easier to deal with chronic pain and insomnia, with the bed promoting restorative rest. If you want to improve your sleep quality and decrease the effects of sleep apnea, the Purple® mattress is a good way to catch up on your Zs.

A Purple® Mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.


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Best Organic Mattress For Sleep Apnea

Avocado Green Mattress

  • Type: Hybrid
  • Height: 11 inches

The eco-friendly Avocado Green Mattress is made with Global Organic Textile Standard certified cotton and wool and Global Organic Latex Standard certified latex. Its also Greenguard Gold certified for low volatile organic compound emissions for easier breathing.

The fairly firm mattress is ideal for back and stomach sleepers. If you want a more plush feel, theres an optional pillow-top add on.

Reviewers rate this mattress highly. Some people note that their sleep apnea or snoring improved after sleeping on the mattress.

Can An Adjustable Bed Help With Sleep Apnoea

Why an Electric Adjustable Bed Is Good for Your Health ...

Sleep apnoea occurs when your breathing stops and starts while you sleep. The most common type is called obstructive sleep apnoea . Symptoms and signs can include snoring, stopping breathing during sleep, waking a lot during the night and making gasping or choking noises.

One way of reducing mild sleep apnoea symptoms is by raising your head in bed while you sleep. An adjustable bed is ideal for this.

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Helps Patients With Mobility Issues

People who have difficulty getting in and out of bed, such as those with arthritis, may find an adjustable bed makes things easier. Do you have problems sitting up and lying down from a flat position? Changing your beds settings can make the bed do a lot of that work for you. This may help people with disabilities increase independence because they no longer need assistance to get in and out of bed.

Of course, to fully realize the benefits of easier movement, its essential to pair your adjustable bed with the right mattress for arthritis. If you choose a low-quality and unsupportive mattress, you may feel stuck in the surface as you move about.

What Does Sleep Apnea Look Like And How Do You Prevent It

    We all need a solid seven to eight hours of sleep in order to be healthy, wake up well-rested, and tackle a new day. You know this and make every effort in order to get it right, like avoiding caffeine before bed and sleeping on a high-quality mattress. But what happens if your body wont do what it is supposed to? For those with Sleep Apnea, this is a reality.

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    Is Sleeping Upright Good For Sleep Apnea Sufferers

    Yes! A study published on PubMed looked at the effect of mattress elevation at the head of the bed on obstructive sleep apnea. They found that there was significant improvement in the amount of oxygen saturation in the patients studied along with increased sleeping efficiency and a decrease in the number of apneas in a given night.

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    They Are Bad For Mattresses

    Anti Snore Position for Adjustable Base

    Common sence tells us that a mattress that does not lie flat will know last as long as one that lies as it was designed to. Even if the bed is adusted once and never changed, it is still causeing uneven pressures and distorting the materials.

    And the mattress will receive a LOT more stress if you are using your mattress on an electric bed frame and change positions often. Some mattresses can withstand this abuse better than others.A good choice is foam mattresses with or without latex. A bad choice, or one more likely to have structural issues, is innerspring or hybrid mattresses.

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    Benefits Of Adjustable Beds For Side Sleepers

    Sleeping on an adjustable bed is proven to be helpful for several medical conditions. Most individuals love adjustable beds because they help ease joint pain, making it easier for them to fall asleep. Others may look to purchase these beds to help them alleviate snoring. Below, we discuss some of the ways adjustable beds benefit your health and wellness.

    Should I Get An Adjustable Bed

    While altering your sleeping position may not help all forms of sleep apnoea, when used in conjunction with other treatments, it can be extremely effective. As well as using an adjustable bed, there are simple lifestyle changes you can make to ease troublesome symptoms. For example, losing excess weight, reducing your alcohol intake and quitting smoking can all help. You should also avoid taking sleeping tablets or any medicines that relax the central nervous system.

    It is also worth remembering that what works for some people may not necessarily offer effective relief for you. There is no one bed or mattress that will help all people who suffer from sleep apnoea, and you may require a variety of lifelong treatments to ease your symptoms.

    However, theres no denying that an adjustable bed will help you achieve a better nights sleep and leave you feeling more energised the following day. If you want to find out more about how our adjustable beds can help provide long term treatment for sleep apnoea and many other health conditions, dont hesitate to get in touch.

    Who is an adjustable bed suitable for?

    Not only does an adjustable bed make sleeping comfortable, it also makes it easier for you to get in and out of bed too. This means that whether you are looking for more independence in old age, or freedom from niggling aches and pains, an adjustable bed can help you to get a better nights

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    Claim Quiet Sleep With Casper

    Reducing your snoring can boost your energy and overall wellnessnot to mention help you avoid unneeded spats with your special someone. Luckily, an adjustable bed can help you find a better sleeping position for your body.

    Our Rise collection of adjustable bed frames has some serious features to combat snoring and deliver maximum comfort, allowing you to achieve better sleep. The Rise Pro features anti-snoring technology, while the Rise Max offers positions to combat snores and achieve zero gravity sleep.

    Find your perfect match and enjoy sweet, silent dreams thanks to an adjustable foundation.

    What Is The Healthiest Sleeping Position

    Pin on Snoring and Sleep Apnea Treatments

    Back sleep is considered to be the ideal sleeping position. Though most people do not sleep on their backs, experts say lying on your back keeps the spine in a neutral position and helps improve your posture.

    The downside of sleeping on your back is that it can contribute to snoring and sleep apnea. Sometimes when you lie in this position, your head can fall too low, and it can be difficult for oxygen to move through the airways, causing a snore. Propping your head up with a couple of pillows or investing in an adjustable base usually helps prevent snoring from persisting.

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    Prerequisites To Reduce Snoring With An Adjustable Bed

    It is important to take into account that using an adjustable bed to reduce snoring will not work appropriately if certain conditions are not met. Here are some of the most important changes to make firsthand.

    Although we usually mention sleep apnea here most of these things also impact lighter snoring in the same way.

    Best Bed For Sleep Apnea

    Finding the best bed for sleep apnesis requires some research. Many manufacturers have made several models in recent years that claim to help those suffering from obstructive sleep apnea breathe better. But theres a lot more to choosing the right bed than its price. A mattress for sleep apnea should be comfortable and offer good support. A firm or medium-firm mattress is ideal for most people, and it is not recommended for those with snoring or back pain.

    The best bed for sleep apneia is one that allows a person to breathe comfortably. If youre experiencing frequent gasping for air, you need a bed that helps you breathe easily. Silent reflux, also known as heartburn, occurs when stomach acid enters the throat. The bodys reaction is to seal off the airways to prevent acid from reaching the throat, causing apnea.

    The best bed for sleep apneia has a combination of soft and firm foams. The mattresss firmness should be in the middle of the range, from 1 to 10 with 10 being the softest. The prone position allows the upper body to relax. A 40-degree angle is the optimal position to help the apnea patient sleep at night.

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    An Adjustable Bed Is A Long Term Solution For Sleep Apnoea

    As a temporary solution, many people choose to use pillows to prop up the upper body while in bed. However, the pillows will often shift around during sleep, making an upright position almost impossible to maintain throughout the night, eventually causing you to slip back into a nearly flat position. Investing in an adjustable bed offers a much more long-term and reliable method of getting a good nights sleep.

    The bed itself is very comfortable as we can adjust it to the position that we find gives us the most comfortable nights sleep. With our old bed, my wife would often wake up at 3 am in discomfort, feeling quite stiff and tensed up.

    However, since using the Adjustamatic Bed this doesnt happen anymore and both of us always have a great nights sleep.

    Mr Brown, from Streatham

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