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Can Gabapentin Cause Insomnia

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Gabapentin Overdose And Toxicity

Epilepsy drug may help alcoholics recover from dependence

Its possible to fatally overdose on gabapentin. Reports of gabapentin being abused alone, and with opioids, prompted the FDA to release a warning statement about the fatal risk of respiratory depression. Signs of overdose include:

  • Ataxia
  • Slurred speech

If you suspect an overdose, you need immediate medical treatment. The only way to remove the drug is through kidney dialysis in the emergency room.

Dangers Of Sudden Gabapentin Withdrawal

While there are severe side effects of using gabapentin, they are rare. More common are the withdrawal symptoms that appear when someone stops taking it suddenly. Due to that risk, no one should stop taking the drug without a doctors approval. Doing so can cause a condition called status epilepticus. The condition involves seizures occurring one after another. The condition is a medical emergency, as it can be deadly.

Other withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, sleep issues, pain, sweating, and nausea. To avoid these symptoms, a doctor will usually instruct a person to taper their gabapentin dose. It is possible to overdose on gabapentin, so its important that people follow a doctors orders to stay safe.

Due to the way gabapentin is used to treat pain, people may wonder if it is addictive. When taken as prescribed, gabapentin isnt considered addictive. However, people may abuse it to get high.

In high doses, the drug may cause euphoria or sedation. Because of how easy it is to get gabapentin and the fact that its not a controlled substance, it is widely abused either with opioids or in place of opioids.

The Peoples Pharmacy Bottom Line:

Gabapentin is an effective treatment for epilepsy and the excruciating pain that sometimes lingers after an attack of shingles. Although it is quite frequently prescribed for off-label uses, the benefit/risk ratio is not clear. The drug has many potentially serious side effects. We are surprised that your doctor prescribed such a heavy-duty drug for insomnia, especially at such a high dose. The normal dose of gabapentin for treating epilepsy or shingles pain would be up to 1800 mg daily. Although 3600 mg is sometimes prescribed, it would have to be considered a high dose, especially for an unapproved use.

Since you report that gabapentin is affecting the quality of your life in a negative way, perhaps it is time to talk to your doctor about reconsidering this drug and discussing a VERY gradual withdrawal process. You may need to consult a sleep specialist to help you deal with your chronic insomnia in a more integrative manner.

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How To Discontinue Gabapentin

Like other psychotropic drugs, you should ease off gabapentin gradually. There are some known withdrawal symptoms. This mostly comes from people who take high doses of the drug and suddenly stop. You should only abruptly discontinue this drug because of a serious side effect, and even then, it should be done with your doctors supervision and direction.

Who Shouldnt Use Gabapentin

How Long Does Gabapentin Stay In Your System?

Though insomnia is the most commonly reported sleep disorder, there isnt one exact solution thats right for everyone.

Gabapentin is one sleep aid thats available and can help many people achieve deeper and more restorative sleep. But for some, the risks outweigh the benefits.

If you have a history of any of the following, please be sure to tell your doctor before starting a prescription:

  • Breathing problems
  • Muscle relaxers
  • Medicine for anxiety, depression or seizures including benzodiazepines or antidepressants

Always provide your doctor with a current and complete medical history, including conditions, surgeries, prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and supplements you use so a fully informed recommendation can be made.

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Limitations Of Research Associated With Gabapentin For Sleep & Insomnia

There are numerous limitations associated with the research of gabapentin as an intervention for sleep disturbances and/or insomnia. Perhaps the most substantial limitation is that that there are zero randomized controlled trials with large numbers of participants that evaluated gabapentin for the treatment of sleep disturbances and/or insomnia over a reasonable duration. While smaller-scale and/or uncontrolled trials suggest that gabapentin improves sleep, the quality of the data is, in most cases, too low for clinical relevance. Other limitations associated with the research include: lack of adjunct evaluation, conflicts of interest, dosing protocols, and inconsistent participant demographics.

Efficacy And Tolerability Of Gabapentin In Adults With Sleep Disturbance In Medical Illness: A Systematic Review And Meta

  • 1Department of Neurology, Taihe Hospital, Hubei University of Medicine, Shiyan, China
  • 2Department of Neurology, Wuhan Dongxihu District Peoples Hospital, Wuhan, China

Background and purpose: The aim of this study was to systematically review the efficacy and tolerability of gabapentin in the treatment of sleep disturbance in patients with medical illness.

Methods: PubMed was searched for randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled trials that reported sleep changes during gabapentin treatment up to November 2015.

Findings: This review included 26 studies involving 4,684 participants. Except for Composite Endpoint 3 compared with the placebo group, the gabapentin group showed superior outcomes on our endpoints: Composite Endpoint 1 , Composite Endpoint 2 , Composite Endpoint 4 , Composite Endpoint 5 , and Composite Endpoint 6 . However, the patients in the gabapentin group showed worse tolerance than those in the placebo group .

Implications: This study is the first to systematically assess the clinical value of gabapentin for the treatment of sleep disorders. We found that regardless the type of sleep outcomes, gabapentin displayed stable treatment efficacy for sleep disturbance in patients with medical illness. However, when an average dose of approximately 1,800 mg/day was used, the risk of treatment discontinuation or drug withdrawal was relatively high. We recommend that further studies confirm these findings in patients with primary sleep disorders.

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Who May Benefit From Gabapentin For Sleep

It is unknown as to whether certain individuals are likely to derive greater therapeutic benefit than others from gabapentin for sleep enhancement. Considering the fact that gabapentin is FDA-approved for the treatment of postherpetic neuralgia and partial onset seizures, persons with either of the aforestated conditions who experience sleep disturbances may derive greatest benefit. That said, preliminary research suggests that gabapentin may significantly improve sleep among populations with medical conditions such as: anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, fibromyalgia, major depression, and neuropathic pain. Moreover, it appears as though gabapentin can enhance sleep in healthy adults and menopausal women.

Gabapentin And Alcohol Use Disorder

10 Questions about GABAPENTIN (Neurontin) for pain: uses, dosages, and risks

Gabapentin may be helpful in treating alcohol use disorder and withdrawal. Between 2004 and 2010, The Veterans Affairs Department conducted a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized dose-ranging trial of 150 men and women over 18, struggling with alcohol dependence.3 The results of the study showed that gabapentin was effective in safely treating alcohol dependence and relapse-related symptoms including insomnia, dysphoria, and cravings.

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Why Is It Taken For Recreational Use

It is illegal to use this drug for recreational use but that doesnt stop people from doing it. One of the reasons is how it makes them feel. The high from Gabapentin is similar to marijuana. It gives the user a sense of calm, a feeling of euphoria, and helps manage pain. It helps create a relaxed state of mind and body, it enhances social skills, and even works as a sedative and gives a buzz similar to opioids, without a coming down feeling.

Just the searches on Google alone show that this is a popular drug. There are nearly 420,000 people searching for Gabapentin high or seeking the recreational uses for this drug every month.

And since many places do not have legal recreational marijuana, some may want to mimic the effects of marijuana without risking legal problems, without having to pay a lot, and without inconvenience.

Another reason for its popularity is its low cost. When a bottle of 90 pills can cost as little as $10, it is something that can easily be misused. Plus, it is not a narcotic so that can cause some to be complacent about the risks. They may think that since its not a narcotic or opioid that it is safe when it is not 100 percent safe and little is known about the risks. And since it is not considered a controlled substance, it is easy to get in large quantities making it easier to abuse.

Serious Side Effects Of Neurontin

Some side effects of Neurontin are more serious and may require medical attention. These include:

  • Depression, unusual moods or behaviors
  • Suicidal thoughts or thoughts of hurting yourself
  • Anaphylaxis, a life-threatening allergic reaction
  • Angioedema, swelling beneath the skin from an allergic reaction
  • Slow, shallow, or difficult breathing
  • Serious or unusual skin rash
  • Seizures or serious side effects when the drug is stopped quickly

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What Is Gabapentin Cut With

Its likely that most of the gabapentin that is available on the black market has been either stolen from a hospital or pharmacy, or stolen from people who have been prescribed gabapentin. They might have also been imported from abroad.

You cannot normally be sure of the purity unless you are certain that the drug you have is a genuine pharmacy medicine.

Youre On Other Medications And Start To Feel Worse After Beginning A Course Of Gabapentin


Definitely do not mix gabapentin with opioids without consulting with your doctor first. Tell your doctor if you’re using herbal drugs, too, like ginkgo biloba, which can lessen then effects of gabapentin. Antacids can also reduce the effectiveness of the drug. But it’s okay to combine gabapentin with the of over-the-counter pain relievers ibuprofen or acetaminphen, Patel says.

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How Is Gabapentin Dosed

When used for insomnia, most doctors will write a prescription for 100-400 mg of Gabapentin. This should be taken once a day right before youre ready to go to bed.

In some cases, your doctor may start you off with a lower dose and adjust as needed.

Always be sure to take your prescription as written. Do not change your dosage without first speaking with your doctor.

Some people do report feeling groggy the following morning after taking their medication. Because of this, your doctor will likely recommend that you start your prescription when you dont have to be anywhere first thing the next morning.

Do not drive or do any activities until you have an understanding of how this medication affects you and what side effects you experience, if any.

Why Do Gabapentin Withdrawal Symptoms Occur

As the drugs mechanism of action remains somewhat unclear, the phenomenon of gabapentin withdrawal is also not entirely understood. Still, the presence of withdrawal symptoms in users suggests the development of physical dependence in those who take the medication over time.

With regular use, a persons body adapts to and essentially begins to expect a substance to be present and will rely on it to function normally.

Certain medications and illicit drugs may lead to the development of physical dependence in people who use them for more than a few weeks. With regular use, a persons body adapts to and essentially begins to expect a substance to be present and will rely on it to function normally. When a dependent person stops taking the drug or significantly reduces the amount of the drug they have been using on a regular basis, they will likely soon experience the onset of withdrawal.

Dependence often develops in tandem with tolerance, in which a persons system does not respond to the drug in the same way it did before. The person must take higher and higher doses to achieve the effect they experienced when they first started using.

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What Are Some Natural Sleep Aids I Can Use To Help Me Sleep

There are several natural sleep aids you can use to help you get some sleep.

Some of these aids include:

  • Reading while lying in bed
  • Meditating or repeating a mantra
  • Getting plenty of exercise throughout the day
  • Removing distractions i.e., television, bright lights, electronic devices, etc.
  • Consuming healthy foods
  • Refraining from eating too much or eating too late
  • Investing in an online sleep program, like Somnus Therapy
  • Developing a consistent sleep schedule and bedtime routine

You’re Having Memory Issues Or Trouble Forming Thoughts

With abuse on the rise, experts warn about Johnnys – the prescription drug gabapentin

Ive seen some of my patients who dont feel as sharp cognitively and have issues with memory, says Patel. Talk with your doctor about this symptom before you stop taking the drug. Just don’t stop cold-turkeyyou’ll likely have to taper off of the medicine, since suddenly stopping gabapentin can make you feel worse, says Patel.

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How Does Gabapentin Help You Sleep

Gabapentin is a prescription anticonvulsant, a medication meant to stop or prevent seizures.

But studies have shown this drug is helpful for more than just that, and its commonly prescribed to treat:

  • Nerve pain
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • Insomnia

This medicationboosts deep sleep, the stage of sleep known for improving memory consolidation. Its also been shown to improve sleep efficiency, or the time spent asleep while youre in bed, as well as preventing sleep interruptions.

It’s believed the medication helps due to the calming effect it promotes, which causes drowsiness.

When used for insomnia, Gabapentin is an off-label prescription. Other common off-label prescriptions doctors turn to to help their patients get back to better sleep include the antihistamine Hydroxyzine and the antidepressant Trazodone.

However, Gabapentin has been approved by the FDA to treat another sleep disorder, known as restless legs syndrome.

This medication is not considered a controlled substance by the federal government however, it may be listed as one in certain states.

What Are The Signs Of Gabapentin Abuse

While Gabapentin is a drug with the potential for abuse, recognizing the signs isnt always quite so easy. This is because the symptoms seem the same as when taking it as you should versus abusing it. For example, one of the side effects of Gabapentin is disorientation. Yet, it is also a side effect of someone abusing it. See how confusing and hard to determine it can be?

Here are more of the signs that a person may be abusing Gabapentin. Of course keep in mind, as stated, that the signs are the same abuse or prescribed dosage.


Struggling to stay awake or drowsiness

Slurred speech

Noticeable and frequent eye problems

Extreme loss of coordination

Jerking or shaking uncontrollably

Extreme loss of coordination

Now just because a person is taking a high dosage, this does not mean the drug is being abused. In fact, often a high dosage simply signifies that the doctor has prescribed an amount that is helpful for the persons issue that caused it to be prescribed in the first place.

One thing to keep in mind is that the signs of Gabapentin abuse are less physical and more behavioral and psychological.

Here are a few of the signs that may be indicative for someone who is abusing Gabapentin.

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Gabapentin Is A Prescription Drug Used To Treat Insomnia Studies Show It Can Increase The Amount Of Deep Sleep You Get At Night And Improve Your Sleep Quality

Its the middle of the afternoon on a workday. Sitting at your desk, you recognize the familiar onset of your afternoon slump start to settle in.

Its a familiar feeling for you.

Your eyes feel weak and you struggle to stay focused on whats in front of you. Your muscles start to feel heavy and you have a hard time sitting up straight. Youre literally slumping into your mid-day slump. And for goodness sake, you cant stop yawning for the life of you.

You fit in a full eight hours of sleep last night – so what gives?

Dips in daytime energy could come from high stress levels, eating poorly, or not drinking enough water. It could also just be your natural circadian rhythm kicking in for its afternoon drop.

In all fairness, these energy dips are totally normal however, theyll feel less intense if youre getting proper sleep.

But proper sleep means more than just getting enough sleep- it also means getting enough quality sleep.

If you find that your sleep is often interrupted , your quality of sleep might suffer. And this is a form of insomnia.

When youve tried everything you can think of, from melatonin to a better mattress, and still arent getting the rest you need, it may be time to speak with your doctor about a prescription sleep aid.

Gabapentin is one prescription they may recommend. Well go over everything you need to know about this option and how it affects insomnia.

Other Mechanisms Of Gabapentin That May Enhance Sleep

Sleep Disorders Associated with Epilepsy

In addition to gabapentins primary action as an inhibitor of voltage-gated calcium channels and secondary action as an upregulator of GABA production, it also interacts with: NMDA receptors, monoaminergic transmission, nitric oxide synthase, and inflammatory cytokines. It is unclear as to whether these interactions are downstream signaling byproducts of its primary action or whether these interactions are distinct. Nonetheless, while these actions may be of marginal physiologic magnitude, they warrant mentions insofar as they may contribute to gabapentins hypnotic effect.

The exact degree to which each of the aforestated mechanisms of gabapentins action facilitate a therapeutically-relevant hypnotic effect is unknown. Its possible that a specific mechanism or a combination of mechanisms are responsible for facilitating the totality of gabapentins hypnotic effect. For example, maybe voltage-gated calcium channel inhibition may be the only relevant hypnotic mechanism.

Another possibility is that multiple mechanisms contribute in varying amounts to the generation of a hypnotic effect. For example, voltage-gated calcium channel inhibition may account for 70% of the hypnotic effect, increased GABA synthesis for 15% of the effect, NMDA receptor inhibition for 10% of the effect, and cytokine modulation for 5% of the effect. Moreover, it must be considered that the hypnotic efficacy of each mechanism may be subject to individual variation.

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