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Can Sleeping In A Recliner Cause Blood Clots

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Can You Sleep Standing Up


Sleeping while standing is even more difficult for humans than sleeping sitting up due to the loss of muscle tone that occurs during REM sleep. However, this practice has been observed in certain situations, such as soldiers on nighttime sentry duty.

Other animals are more adept at sleeping on their feet. Horses, for instance, are equipped with a system of tendons and ligaments that allow their legs to essentially lock into place while they sleep. Flamingos are another example, and can actually sleep while standing on one leg.

Its important to note that some sleep disorders can cause people to stand up, and even walk around, without waking up. Sleepwalking is a disorder of arousal. During sleepwalking episodes, a person may get up and walk or run away from their bed. This behavior may occur in people who experience sleep terrors, another disorder of arousal. However, this should not be seen as normal or healthy sleep since it is disorder-related.

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Ing Words Enjoy Your Recliner For The Right Reasons

If you are sleeping on the recliner for long periods of time, the way it will affect you depends a lot on how active you are in your lifestyle and any existing conditions or diseases you may have. Consistently sleeping on the recliner for long periods is mostly detrimental for the elderly and people with disabilities, who tend to be dealing with more health conditions and whose lifestyles are marked by less physical activity.

We suggest that you enjoy your recliner responsibly and for the right reasons. A light afternoon nap while reading the latest bestseller or watching television may be the perfect use for your recliner, but using it for sleep every night is generally not advisable.

While recliner chairs are great for relaxation. But if you are seated for long periods of time, you may want to look into a coccyx cushion for your spine. You can read our reviews of the best coccyx cushions to help you determine if theyre a good fit for you.

Finally, if you spend a lot of time lying down or have a bedridden individual at home, you might like to read our reviews of best mattresses for bed ridden patients.

Who Could Benefit From Sleeping In A Chair Or Recliner

Having seen the dangers of sleeping in a recliner chair, note that the downsides mentioned above are caused by improper chairs, sleep positions, and the non-use of the proper sleeping accessories suitable for chair sleeping. But if done right, you’d be dealing with the benefits and not get exposed to the dangers.

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Are Recliners Bad For Leg Circulation

As recliners are all about comfort and relaxation, they do pose a serious circulatory risk should we use them irresponsibly. However, as was the case in our last answer, recliners arent the only culprits.

Any extended periods of inactivity are bad for our circulatory system, especially our legs. When our muscles are takin her easy for too long, were at risk of developing certain circulatory problems, but one of the most common is known as peripheral artery disease PAD.

Essentially, PAD is the result of the narrowing of blood vessels and arteries, limiting blood flow to the heart. Symptoms can be as mild as feeling stiff or tired, but if it worsens and goes untreated, it can eventually lead to heart attacks and strokes.

Its often advised that to help increase circulation while sitting that you elevate your legs, so there’s a good chance that recliners with footrests are actually better for circulation than standard seating.

Having said that, recliner footrests rarely give your legs enough of a lift to truly help eliminate poor circulation. Ideally, you need to keep your legs elevated at heart level or above.

Whether youve had your legs up or not, if you really want to ensure your circulatory health remains on top form, after every extended seated period, lie down with your legs against the wall at 90°.

Letting gravity do most of the work, the blood flow to your heart aids in recovery after static periods and increases the circulation of lymphatic fluid too.

Increase Risk Of Blood Clots

Can Sleeping in a Recliner Cause Blood Clots?

The experience of leaning back on your seat may, somewhat, be contrasted with sitting on a airplane for quite a while. Both these activities include lying in a twisted, fixed position, and can prompt blood clumps or a condition called deep vein thrombosis. According to research, if your age is more than 60 years, you are at more serious danger of developing deep vein thrombosis. Warning indications of this condition include leg cramps, swelling in legs, and redness and agony that cant be explained by a physical issue.

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Is Sleeping In A Recliner Likely To Cause Blood Clots

It is not harmful to use a recliner, but sleeping in such a position may increase the risk of blood clots. In addition, when you lie on your back, blood flow is restricted to the lower parts of your body. The result can be more health problems such as swollen legs and stomach aches. Therefore, you should avoid sleeping in the recliner if at all possible.

Does It Help People With Sleep Apnea

Does sleeping in a chair help sleep apnea? It can reduce sleep apnea or more comfortable position where you have a straighter back. Sleep apnea refers to a sleep disorder in which a person’s breathing stops and starts again, resulting in loud snoring. This can reduce the quality and quantity of sleep.

Obstructive sleep apnea can also occur when the throat muscles are relaxed during sleep and block the airway. In addition, due to increased pressure in the chest cavity, sleep apnea can lead to more acid reflux.

Medical research has shown that raising your head by just 7.5 degrees could significantly reduce acid reflux and sleep apnea symptoms.

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Sleeping Position Precautions: How Dangerous Is It To Fall Asleep While Sitting What Can Die

Sleeping Position Precautions Sitting in one place continuously can have a bad effect on your joints, due to which they can feel stiffness. Due to this, serious diseases like deep-vein thrombosis can also occur.

Sleeping Position Precautions: Have you ever slept there while working at your desk? You may have had good sleep at that time, but have faced problems like back pain, stiffness in the neck, and pain in the shoulders after that? If yes, then it is due to sitting in one place for a long time and not moving. It is common in the animal world to fall asleep while sitting or standing, but the human body is not made for this.

Constantly sitting in one place can have a bad effect on your joints, making them feel stiff. Due to this, serious diseases like deep-vein thrombosis can also occur. That is why today in this article we will talk about the dangers associated with falling asleep while sitting.

It may seem comfortable to fall asleep while sitting, but it has a bad effect on the joints

Often we find our chair so comfortable that we fall asleep on it while working. Children often fall asleep in school like this, but doing this continuously can harm your health. By sleeping in this way, pain can start in many parts of the body along with our back, waist, as well as our posture is also bad. Lack of activity can lead to joint stiffness and constant pain.

Stay away from deep-vein thrombosis

Pay attention to these symptoms

Hot and red skin due to inflammation.

What Is Deep Vein Thrombosis

Study: Sitting too long, sleeping in your car can raise risk of blood clots

The risk of DVT is also important to consider, especially during long flights. DVT is characterized by a blood clot that forms in the veins of your thigh or lower leg after long periods of uninterrupted sitting. If the clot travels to the lungs, this can lead to a potentially fatal pulmonary embolism. Taking certain medications can increase your likelihood of developing DVT, as can smoking or being pregnant.

Symptoms of DVT include the following:

  • Warmth or feelings of tenderness over the affected vein
  • Pain or swelling at the site of the clot
  • Reddened skin

To prevent DVT, airline passengers on long flights are often instructed to stand up and stretch their legs periodically while they are in the air. You should also make sure to drink plenty of fluids in order to stay hydrated.

Another way to lower your risk of DVT while sleeping upright during a long trip is to recline your seat if possible. Some studies suggest reclining your seat at an angle of at least 40 degrees leads to healthier sleep than sitting upright at an angle of 20 degrees. Of course, this may not be possible on certain flights, in which case you may need to leave your seat and stretch your legs more frequently.

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Why Do I Sleep Better In A Recliner Than A Bed

Written byKirill SajaevinSleep Health

Have you ever wondered why do people sleep better in a recliner than a bed? If you have, youre not alone. Many people who find it hard to fall asleep have traded their traditional beds for sleeping recliners. Even doctors suggest their patients suffering from varying health issues to get a lift chair recliner for a good nights sleep.

What is the science behind the recliner? Does it produce health benefits? Lets look further into the mechanics and construction of a recliner chair to know why sleeping in it is more comfortable than a mattress.

Is It Better To Sit With Feet Up Or Down

Putting your feet up is associated with a relaxing day. While resting, elevating your feet at a certain angle, often, is good. Putting your legs up at a 90-degree angle against a wall, allows your footrest, body to recoup and recover.

When we sit upright, gravity pulls blood towards our feet. If we put our legs at a position where our hips are at 90 degrees against a wall, gravity assists the blood returning into circulation.

In short, it promotes lymphatic fluid circulation and brings blood back towards your heart as well.

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Is It Ok To Sleep In A Recliner When Pregnant

It is ok for pregnant women to sleep in a recliner, as long as they make sure they dont lie down flat on their back on it. The slightly elevated position of the head and torso while using a recliner allows pregnant women to relax their muscles and get comfortable.

Since recliners are associated with a decrease in symptoms of acid reflux and heartburn which are quite common during pregnancy, they allow you to sleep better and wake up more refreshed. However, dont lie down in recliners for extended periods, since doing so limits your movements and thus increases the chances of the formation of blood clots.

The Dangers Of Sleeping On Recliners

Are Recliners Bad for Leg Circulation? (How to Avoid the Dangers?)

A comfortable reclining chair screams, Cmon over, relax, and take

A comfortable reclining chair screams, Cmon over, relax, and take a nap! Theyre inviting, and many people fall asleep in them. But for some seniors, a recliner can become more of a bed than a chair. And while it may be a short-term solution for rest, overnights in a recliner can bring on health problems, notably for people with mobility issues.

Sitting in a relatively small space overnight does not bring the relief bodies are anatomically designed to attain by lying down. Consider some of the issues that come with spending nights in a recliner:

Tossing and Turning

Bodies shift and turn during sleep to reach comfortable positions an average sleeper may move 13-to-100 times/night those shifts cant be done in a recliner, and cause people to wake up with sore necks or limbs.

Breathing Problems

When the upper back is hunched over during sleep it can block airflow into the lungs. Sleeping reclined could cause blood congestion in lungs and reduce available oxygen.

Joint Stiffness/Falls

A recliner keeps knees and hips bent through the night that can lead to tight hips, calves, and hamstrings, and posture problems. Additionally, tight muscles can increase risks for falls.

Impaired Circulation and Deep Vein Thrombosis

Lack of REM Sleep

Pressure Sores

Why are Seniors Spending Nights in Recliners?

Reach out to your mobility concierge at Angelion Mobility today to find the right chair for you or your loved one.

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How Important Is It To Know About Sleeping Positions

Interestingly enough, knowing about how you should sleep isnt just vital to your health. In fact, its quite a useful way of letting bed and chair manufacturers know how to design their products.

Ill use a similar example. A little while ago, Gillette put out a video talking about the different ways that men shave. Based on all of the styles, the experts at Gillette were able to work on the best razor that most men would find useful. The same thing applies to your sleeping patterns a manufacturer will consider various sleeping patterns, be they on chairs or beds, and take them into account when designing new furniture.

Now that we got most of the basic information out of the way, lets talk about the actual potential dangers of sleeping upright. Granted, some of them are quite silly, but most are nothing to giggle at.

What Are The Benefits Of Sleeping While Sitting

Always use a recliner if you want to sit and sleep. However, one should always avoid sleeping like this. Whereas pregnant women can sleep like this if they want. This will make it easier for them to sleep. Apart from this, patients with sleep apnea can also sleep like this.

Let us tell you that this is a sleep disorder during which there is difficulty in breathing while sleeping. Or acid reflux begins. Also, sleeping while sitting can give you gastrointestinal problems.

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You May Experience Body Pain

When you suddenly start sleeping on your back, you may experience shoulder pain because if you have been sleeping on a bed where pillows support you, sleeping on a recliner will be pretty different. If you don’t choose the right chair, you may even wake up during the night due to discomfort and pain. In addition, your muscles may feel tired as they’ve been held down for long.

Best Way To Sleep In A Recliner

Why Don’t You Get Blood Clots When You Sleep But Get It When You Sit For Long Hours?

As the majority of potential issues arise because people are tempted to move less in a recliner chair than they would in a bed, be sure to take advantage of the fact that its actually very easy to move around in a recliner chair.

Work out the best way to sleep in the recliner by reclining to different heights, adjusting the footrest, ensuring you shift your weight from one part of the body to another. Move around as many times as you want before sleep to reduce muscle pressure and improve sleep quality.

If your arms or legs are bent, or if you are motionless for hours, it could in some cases, raise your risk of deep-vein thrombosis, a blood clot in a limb. Similarly, this can occurs in people who sit still for a long period of time in an airplane. But as long as you can recline back slightly, there are few risks in sleeping in your chair.

Use a pillow or another support to make sure you sleep as deeply as possible.

Remember that body temperature drops slightly when we sleep, so ensure you have a blanket and the room is well ventilated without being too hot or cold.

Do not sleep in the recliner for long periods of time when it is in an upright position instead go for a flatter option to ease pressure on the spine and therefore avoid potential back pain.

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How Wide Should A Recliner Seat Be

â Common Recliner Sizes Chart â

A space should be at least 40 to 45 inches wide. Fully reclined, the recliner’s headrest and footrest should be no closer than five inches from the wall or surrounding furniture. A space should be at least 50 inches wide.

Elevate Your Legs

At the touch of a button a riser recliner can raise your legs to a comfortable position, taking the pressure from your joints and improving your blood pressure , a great source of relief.

Sleeping in a recliner is generally safe. If you find it comfortable, you can sleep in a recliner with little risk. People with sleep apnea, GERD, or back pain may find they get a better night’s sleep in a recliner than a bed.

Does It Help People With Heartburn Or Acid Reflux

Heartburn is caused by acid reflux from the stomach. It is common in people with acid reflux problems or other medical conditions like gastroesophageal reflux disease .

Since gravity cannot push stomach contents up through the esophagus, lying down can cause this problem. However, if your back is slightly arched, you can avoid acid reflux and reduce nighttime heartburn. Research shows that people with heartburn can sleep better at night if they adjust their position uprightly.

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Can Sleeping In A Recliner Cause Blood Clots Proper Guide With Essential Tips

Do many people have a query in their mind that can sleeping in a recliner cause blood clots? Well, today you will get the answer with complete details.

Nothing is more comfortable than getting home, sliding in your comfy recliner, and maybe getting into sleep. Still, according to a study, 60% of blood clots happen in the legs, so sleeping in a recliner is dangerous.

Well, the answer is yes, the blood clot can be caused by sleeping for hours in a motionless position. Its also called DVT , and its only caused when you sit or sleep for an hour in a static position.

You can also prevent yourself from getting a blood clot while sleeping in a recliner. Most people sleep the wrong way in a recliner, but you may be safe from getting blood clots if you sleep the proper way in a recliner. We define everything in detail so lets get to it.

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