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Can Valium Cause Insomnia

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Rated For Anxiety Report

Diazepam Nursing Considerations, Side Effects, and Mechanism of Action Pharmacology for Nurses

Been on diazepam for 6 months now and this drug is a miracle worker! I suffer bad anxiety in the morning and affects my life tremendously. I only take 2mg in the morning and sometimes 2mg at night but it makes me feel relaxed and normal again. It takes away my anxiousness and left eye twitching. I don’t feel like I have to get out of simple interactions with people. I’m still new to this drug but so far it’s 5 stars from me

Valium Withdrawal And Detox

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Are There Any Other Interactions I Should Know About

Watch your caffeine intake while you are taking diazepam as caffeine has the opposite effect of diazepam in your body and interferes with it working.

Do not drink large amounts of caffeine drinks while you are taking diazepam.

Caffeine can cause anxiety and sleep loss stopping these drinks might help to improve your symptoms.

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Rated For Insomnia Report

Sometimes I take 2.5 mg when I have been waking at 2am and am unable to go back to sleep. I am 68 and figure its probably an age thing but I hate lying awake for hours . If I take a dose before bed I sleep really well. I give my dog same dose prior to vet visit and when the North wind blows a gale. Works wonders.

Insomnia Or Jittery Nerves Use Tranquilizers With Caution

Benzodiazepines and Dementia: The New Findings

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Some men still take them for sleep problems or anxiety, but they can be risky. Use them cautiously and only for short periods.

The Rolling Stones famously sang of “mother’s little helper,” a sly reference to the tranquilizers, especially diazepam , that were all the rage in the 1970s. The medications in this class, benzodiazepines, are among the most widely prescribed drugs in the world.

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How Long Does It Take To Feel Effects

Valium works by facilitating the activity of the chemical GABA at various receptor sites in the brain. GABA reduces activity in different areas of the brain, including regions that help control emotion, thought, memory, and automatic functions such as breathing. By increasing the effects of this brain chemical, Valium helps reduce anxiety, relax muscles, and increase drowsiness.

Valium can be taken by mouth, injection, or rectal gel. When administered via injection, valium takes just one to five minutes to take effect. When taken orally, people usually begin to feel the effects 15 to 60 minutes after ingestion. Rectal gel may be used for those who are experiencing seizures and begins working quickly after administration.

If you take Valium, it’s important to know how long the drug stays active in your system to avoid associated risks.

When Might I Be Prescribed Benzodiazepines

Benzodiazepines should only be prescribed to treat severe anxiety or severe insomnia, when either is having a significant impact on your daily life.

There are some situations when benzodiazepines may not be the most effective treatment. For example, if you are experiencing bereavement, these drugs may numb your emotions and stop you grieving properly.

But you may also be unable to sleep because of grief and anxiety. In this case, taking these drugs for a short time may help you relax and start to recover.

Our page on what you may need to know before taking medication has a list of things to ask your doctor before you begin taking any medication. This can help you to decide whether benzodiazepines are right for you.

How often to take benzodiazepines

Benzodiazepines are likely to be most effective if you take them as a one-off dose. They can also be effective as a short-term treatment for a few weeks. Doctors will usually advise that you should:

  • avoid taking them every day
  • take them for no longer than four weeks.

These drugs are less likely to keep working if you take them continuously for more than a few weeks. This is because your brain can get used to their effects. It can also mean that when you stop taking the drugs, your brain becomes very sensitive to natural brain chemicals.

But in some cases, doctors may prescribe them at low doses for longer periods. This does not always cause problems, and it could be the best treatment for some people.

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Treat Pain And Insomnia Without Oxycodone

In cases of extreme pain and discomfort, oxycodone may be your ticket to relief. Before you take oxycodone for pain, you should discuss other options with your doctor as well as the side effects and risks associated with opioid use. Because of oxycodones strength, taking this narcotic for insomnia is not recommended. In some cases, oxycodone can actually aggravate insomnia symptoms. You also run the risk of becoming dependent or addicted.

Instead of grabbing the pill bottle, try treating the underlying cause of your pain or insomnia. At Somnus Therapy, we help you identify, understand, and accept your insomnia diagnosis. We also offer a wide range of therapy and treatment options to suit every need.

If you need help achieving a blissful nights sleep , we can help. to start your journey today.

Over 2,000 users have already beat their insomnia with Somnus Therapy!

Thanks to Somnus Therapy I now sleep well each night without medication! This was a huge milestone for me so thank you.

Sinead Browning

Who Should Avoid Taking Benzodiazepines

Benzodiazepines (Benzos) Pharmacology: Anxiety Medication Sedative Nursing NCLEX

Your doctor will not normally prescribe you benzodiazepines if you have:

  • severe lung disease or breathing problems
  • sleep apnoea
  • severe liver or kidney disease
  • severe and uncontrolled myasthenia gravis .

Your doctor may be cautious about offering you benzodiazepines if you have:

Your doctor should prescribe a reduced dose of benzodiazepines if you have:

  • liver or kidney problems
  • porphyria

Whether you are prescribed benzodiazepines may also depend on your age:

  • Benzodiazepines are not suitable for children. This is except for rare cases of anxiety or insomnia caused by fear or sleepwalking, when diazepam may be prescribed.
  • Older people should be given a lower dose than the standard adult dose.

If you have any medical conditions or are receiving any other treatments, let your doctor know. This includes any conditions which arenĂ¢t listed here.

They can help you decide whether or not it is safe for you to take this medication.

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Factors That Affect Detection Time

There are many variables that affect how long Valium remains in the body. The rate at which medications and other substances break down depends on things like metabolism, age, weight, percentage of body fat, activity level, and hydration. Some health conditions, including liver impairments, can play a role in the rate at which drugs are metabolized by the body.

Other factors that can affect how long Valium stays in the body have to do with the specific prescription. The larger the dose and more frequently you take it, for example, likely means it will be detectable for longer.

What Are The Withdrawal Effects Of Stopping Ativan

Ativan can cause withdrawal effects in some people when they stop taking the medication. These effects are more likely to happen if youve taken higher doses or taken Ativan for a long period of time.

Symptoms of withdrawal can include:

Ativan is habit-forming and can lead to physical and psychological dependence and addiction.

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Will Diazepam Affect My Sex Life Or Fertility

Diazepam can have side effects that might affect your sex life. These include:

  • losing interest in sex
  • feeling numb to your normal emotions

The good effects of diazepam may have a good effect on your sex life as your symptoms settle, you sleep better, and you can concentrate on your relationships.

If these symptoms dont pass within a couple of weeks, and this is a problem for you, go back to the doctor and see what else you could try.


Warnings For Other Groups

How Can Valium Help You To Battle Insomnia?

For pregnant people: Diazepam is a category D pregnancy drug. That means two things:

  • Studies show a risk of adverse effects to the fetus when the mother takes the drug.
  • The benefits of taking the drug during pregnancy may outweigh the potential risks in certain cases.
  • Taking this drug during pregnancy may cause babies to be born with deformities, muscle weakness, breathing and eating problems, low body temperatures, and withdrawal symptoms.

    Tell your doctor if youre pregnant or plan to become pregnant. Diazepam should be used during pregnancy only if the potential benefit for the mother justifies the potential risk to the fetus.

    For people who are breastfeeding: Diazepam passes into breast milk and can cause serious effects in a child who is breastfed. You and your doctor may need to decide if youll take diazepam or breastfeed.

    For seniors: Seniors may have a higher risk for side effects, such as motor ataxia . This drug may also have more of a sedative effect in seniors. You may experience more dizziness, sleepiness, confusion, or a slowing or stopping of breathing. Your doctor will prescribe the lowest dosage possible to control your symptoms.

    For children: Keep this drug out of the reach of children. The safety and effectiveness of diazepam in children under the age of 6 months hasnt been established.

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    Sleep Statespecific Diagnoses And Symptoms

    Parasomnias are sleep disorders that occur during arousal, partial arousal, or sleep state transition. The arousal disorders are associated with arousals from deep sleep, usually during the first deep-sleep episode of the night . Arousal disorders include sleep terrors, somnambulism , and confusional arousals. These conditions are most common in children, with occurrence declining markedly after the onset of adolescence .

    How Should I Take Valium

    Take Valium exactly as prescribed by your doctor. Follow the directions on your prescription label and read all medication guides or instruction sheets. Never use Valium in larger amounts, or for longer than prescribed. Tell your doctor if you feel an increased urge to use more of this medicine.

    Never share this medicine with another person, especially someone with a history of drug addiction. MISUSE CAN CAUSE ADDICTION, OVERDOSE, OR DEATH. Keep the medicine where others cannot get to it. Selling or giving away this medicine is against the law.

    Measure liquid medicine with the supplied measuring device .

    Valium should be used for only a short time. Do not take this medicine for longer than 4 months without your doctor’s advice.

    Do not stop using Valium without asking your doctor. You may have increased seizures or life-threatening withdrawal symptoms if you stop using the medicine suddenly after long-term use.

    You will need frequent medical tests.

    Store at room temperature away from moisture, heat, and light. Keep your medicine in a place where no one can use it improperly.

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    Here Are Some Of The Most Common Symptoms Of A Substance Use Disorder Involving Valium:

    • Intoxication similar to drunkenness
    • Problems with memory
    • Disorganized or irrational thinking

    Someone that is addicted to Valium will show concern about getting and using the drug. The actions can come at the detriment of their health or well-being. It is common for someone to socially isolate as they gradually spend more time using Valium or recovering from its effects.

    The individual may start to neglect work and family obligations, or they can lose interest in their favorite hobbies. Personal grooming and hygiene may also be affected. Those addicted to Valium will start to borrow or steal money to get more of the drug to support their habit.

    The long-term effects of abusing Valium can cause adverse effects on someones emotional, physical, and psychological health. Unfortunately, thousands around the country will become dependent on Valiums effects. Benzodiazepine drugs cause pleasurable feelings, which include sedation and relaxation. The most severe long-term impact, however, is an addiction, which is the overwhelming need to use the drug, in spite of consequences.

    Can I Drink Alcohol With Diazepam

    Diazepam (Valium/Diastat) Nursing Drug Card (Simplified) – Pharmacology

    No, you should not drink alcohol while you’re taking diazepam, or the day after taking it since its effects can last into the next day. Drinking alcohol will make you feel more sleepy, as well as causing increased problems with concentration, alertness, coordination and judgement. It can also cause problems with your breathing.

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    Rated For Alcohol Withdrawal Report

    Being on diazepam isn’t the problem. Coming off of it is hell on earth that lasts for months to years. You have to taper very very slowly or you can have the worst symptoms that you can imagine. People lose their jobs, relationships and even their lives coming off this drug . Sadly, it’s not rare to have severe side effects coming off the medication. It’s in fact expected in nearly every one. Once getting off it can take more months to years to recover. It’s taken me over a year to taper and I still have a year to go. And I’m having mild withdrawals that still keep me in bed. A rare few even have non reversible brain trauma. If you are thinking of going on any benzo’s look on forums, not websites, to see the true extent of the suffering. It is not a safe drug and doctors put you on it but don’t know anything about taking you off. Don’t go on any benzo.

    Can I Take Diazepam If I Am Pregnant Or Breastfeeding


    If you are pregnant or trying for a baby, you should let your doctor know this before taking diazepam.

    Its not known whether diazepam affects the developing baby and causes any abnormalities, although the risk is thought to be low.

    Babies often do better when their mums are mentally well, so if diazepam has beneficial effects on your mental health, it may be best to continue taking it throughout pregnancy. Your doctor can help you weigh up the pros and cons.


    Taking diazepam during the last few months of pregnancy can cause withdrawal symptoms in a newborn baby that include weakness and breathing difficulties. Your baby may be less active than other babies, have a low body temperature, be floppy, or have breathing or feeding difficulties for a while. Your babys response to the cold might also be affected for a while.


    Diazepam is passed to the baby in breast milk. This may help counter any withdrawal effects but may also make the baby too sleepy and unable to feed.

    If you decide to take diazepam throughout your pregnancy, talk to your midwife or doctor.

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    Polysomnographic Sleep Studies In Depression

    The most detailed information on sleep in depression was provided by studies using polysomnography , that is considered the gold standard for sleep assessment. Based on registration of the three physiological parameters such as the brain , muscle and eye movements bioelectric activity, PSG allows human sleep to be scored into sleep stages. Subsequently, it is possible to calculate several sleep parameters 1) that express sleep continuity, sleep depth, and distribution of sleep stages.

    Ativan And Drug Testing

    Diazepam Tablet Guide

    Taking Ativan may cause a positive result for benzodiazepines on urine drug screenings. If youre taking Ativan, consider disclosing this information before completing a drug screening.

    The length of time Ativan stays in your system varies from person to person, but its usually three to five days.

    Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Ativan.

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    When To Take Sleeping Tablets

    Given what we know about the negative impact on your health if you arent sleeping well, sleeping tablets may help. However, there can be a real stigma attached to the notion of sleeping tablets. A possible reason for this stigma is that when we read about sleeping pills, it is often attached to a negative story of misuse. Nevertheless, if used correctly there could be significant benefits to the individuals health and well-being.

    Whats Involved In Valium Addiction Treatment

    Addiction is a serious disease with no known cure, but it can be effectively treated, which leads to lifelong sobriety. Addiction treatment is a process that involves medical treatment and psychotherapy with the goal of long-term sobriety.

    To effectively treat addiction, your treatment plan has to be tailored to your individual needs. To facilitate personalized treatment, clinicians use the ASAM criteria to help determine the best level of care. The criteria include six dimensions that help clinicians assess the level of intensiveness you need. After you enter a program, youll sit down with a therapist to go through a biopsychosocial assessment and create a treatment plan. The assessment will help your therapist better understand your biological, psychological, and social needs.

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    Dosage For Acute Alcohol Withdrawal

    Adult dosage

    The standard dosage is 10 mg taken by mouth three to four times during the first 24 hours. This will be reduced to 5 mg taken three to four times per day as needed, based on withdrawal symptoms.

    Child dosage

    This drug hasnt been studied in children and shouldnt be used in children under the age of 6 months.

    Child dosage

    • The usual starting dosage is 1 mg to 2.5 mg taken by mouth three or four times per day.
    • Your doctor will start you at the lowest dosage and increase it as needed based on how youre responding to and tolerating this medication.

    Senior dosage

    • The usual starting dosage is 2 mg to 2.5 mg taken by mouth one or two times per day.
    • Your doctor will slowly increase your dosage as needed based on how youre responding to and tolerating this medication.
    • Your body processes this drug more slowly. Your doctor may start you on a lower dosage so that too much of this drug doesnt build up in your body. Too much of the drug in your body can be toxic.

    Special considerations

    People with debilitating disease:

    • The usual starting dosage is 2 mg to 2.5 mg, given one or two times per day.
    • Your doctor will slowly increase your dosage as needed based on how youre responding to and tolerating this medication.

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