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Can You Get A Medical Card For Sleeping Problems

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Best Strains Of Marijuana For Sleep Apnea

How I Cured My Sleep Problems

The ideal strain for your sleep apnea depends on what symptoms you want to treat, your bodys chemistry and your preferences. Medical marijuana is a versatile medicine you can choose a strain that helps with your exact symptoms. Selecting the right strain involves experimentation and help from the experts, like your medical cannabis doctor or budtender.

Understanding how medical marijuana strains are categorized can make the decision-making process easier for you. Indica, sativa and hybrid strains each have unique benefits and properties.

If you want to use medical pot to address your sleep apnea directly, like in the earlier studies, you should look for a strain featuring a good mix of THC and CBD with a focus on THC. THC is the chemical that researchers think could treat sleep apnea, but it can cause psychoactive effects like a high. CBD balances out the negative effects of THC, so strains featuring CBD can prevent the severity of these effects.

Some strains you can try to reduce your sleep apnea index include:

  • Crimea Blue
  • One to One
  • Super Sour Diesel

One to One offers an exact balance of THC and CBD while Crimea Blue and Super Sour Diesel have high amounts of CBD for dominant sativa strains.

Many strains that relieve fatigue also have mood-boosting properties, so you can easily use weed to address both issues at once. Popular uplifting strains include:

  • Blue Dream
  • Green Crack
  • Girl Scout Cookies

The Most Common Types Of Sleep Disorders

The causes of sleep disorders vary by case there is no standalone reason for sleep problems. Some of the most common sleep disorders include:

  • Insomnia: Although insomnia often appears as a symptom of other conditions, it can get diagnosed as its own disorder when it has no underlying cause. When a patient has insomnia, they frequently cant fall asleep, stay asleep or get quality sleep. Insomnia greatly affects your daily functioning and causes mood problems, irritability and even heart disease.
  • Sleep apnea: Sleep apnea occurs when something obstructs your airways while youre asleep. It can result from your airways collapsing when you sleep or an obstruction like enlarged tonsils. This blockage impacts a patients quality of sleep and can cause chronic fatigue during the day.
  • Restless leg syndrome/Whitmaack-Ekboms syndrome: Restless leg syndrome affects a patient at all times during the day, but it can severely interfere with sleep. Its often caused by fibromyalgia and makes it even harder to deal with the associated symptoms.
  • Nightmares: We all have a bad dream every now and then. But having frequent nightmares can make it difficult to get a good nights rest. Nightmares can be a side effect of narcotics or anxiety meds.

As you can see, sleep disorders create serious problems when unaddressed. Sleep is an important influence on our energy levels and overall well-being, so sleep issues are no joke. What are doctors currently doing to help patients sleep?

Two Types Of Insomnia

There are two types of insomnia, namely, primary and secondary insomnia. Primary insomnia involves sleep disorders that are not directly associated with any other health conditions or problems, whereas secondary insomnia occurs when a person is having sleep problems because of other health conditions such as asthma, depression, arthritis, heartburn, and cancer. There are many causes of insomnia, some of which include emotional/physical discomfort, significant life stress, illnesses, interferences in normal sleep schedules as well as pain or discomfort at night.

Mild insomnia can be prevented or cured by practicing good sleeping habits, whereas sleeping pills may be prescribed for a limited time if the insomnia makes it impossible to effectively function during the day. However, to treat chronic insomnia, it is imperative to first of all treat the underlying health conditions that are causing the insomnia.

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Medical Marijuana & Sleep Disorders

Medical cannabis is an effective alternative for treating sleep difficulties for a few reasons, outlined below.

THC connects with the receptors in the brain that control sleep and wake cycles. Cannabis helps by stimulating the hippocampus and the limbic system. These parts of the brain control sleep and are rich with cannabinoid receptor sites. The specific cannabinoid that interacts with these receptors is Anandamide. The root of this word, ananda, means bliss in Sanskrit.

In a 2002 study from the University of Illinois, Dr. David Carley found that THC was effective in stabilizing respiration during sleep. In his study, people suffering from sleep apnea that used medical cannabis had their symptoms reduced by an average of 32%.

Indica-strain cannabis helps with sleep by triggering the production of PGE2. This helps sleep by aiding in the production of melatonin, a known sleep enhancer. Some people find the effects of supplemental melatonin and cannabis together to be pleasurable, more relaxing, and easier to fall asleep. Others find that they have more vivid dreams that are more likely to be lucid.

With all medicines, be careful with dosage and frequency. If you take more medical marijuana than you need, you may have difficulty waking from such deep sleep, and any dependence has risks.

As we advise all patients, start low, go slow, and gradually increase as needed to your minimum effective dose.

Using Medical Marijuana For Anxiety In Florida

Effective Insomnia Treatment. Top UK rated hypnotherapy ...

The treatment and relief of anxiety disorders are among the top reasons why Florida medical marijuana patients turn to cannabis.

The short answer as to whether or not anxiety disorders qualify patients for a medical marijuana card in the state is, yes.

If a Florida medical marijuana doctor certifies a diagnosis of any anxiety disorder then you are eligible for a Florida medical marijuana card.

However, you cant just walk in and claim that you are suffering from anxiety and be granted a card.

Before the doctor approves you for medical marijuana he or she will question you about the symptoms that youve been experiencing. Well go over the symptoms of anxiety below.

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Best Terpenes For Insomnia Treatment:

When we think about treating medical conditions with medical marijuana, we often go straight to which strains will best aid our conditions. People overlook how important terpenes are in treating medical conditions such as insomnia.

There are three major terpenes that you should keep an eye out for when choosing a medical marijuana strain for your insomnia:

  • Terpinolene

  • This is one of the least common terpenes so it may be a bit hard to find but it is full of sedating effects that also have antioxidant properties.

  • Myrcene

  • This terpene is much more common and has some awesome effects that many love. Myrcene will help you wind down for the night and also is popular for its anti-inflammatory properties which will also help aid your qualifying condition.

  • Caryophyllene

  • This terpene has a spicy and peppery profile that helps reduce pain and ease stress. Both of these are perfect for quieting those thoughts and that physical pain that keeps you up at night.

Side Effects Of Marijuana For Insomnia

Some of the potential effects of using marijuana include:

  • A high feeling often described as euphoria, which is often more prominent in strains that are high in THC

In comparison, prescription sleeping pills are known to carry a high risk of dependency. With research into medical pot becoming more practically and legally viable by the day, insomnia patients will soon have even more reasons to eschew pharmacological remedies.

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Indica Vs Sativa Vs Hybrid

If youve spoken to your doctor, and theyve approved the use of marijuana to treat your insomnia, its time to choose a strain.

Think of choosing a strain like choosing a tea blend. You could go for straight white or black tea, or a hybrid. Here are the three most common kinds of strains youll encounter:

  • Indica. This type of strain is considered soothing and relaxing.
  • Sativa. Generally, sativa strains make people feel excited, happy, and energized.
  • Hybrids. A combination of both indica and sativa, hybrids are blends that are often left up to the manufacturer or dispensary.

You can always ask people at a dispensary to recommend a strain for you or to help you find what youre looking for.

Dr. Jordan Tishler, a Harvard-trained physician and cannabis therapeutics specialist, recommends a strain with less than 20 percent THC. Anything more than that, he says, will make dosing difficult. Too much THC might make you feel groggy and sleepy the next morning.

Different strains will also have different amounts of cannabinoids in them, but when it comes to getting sleep, both Roman and Tishler recommend an indica strain to induce sleep.

Can I Get A Medical Card With This Condition

COVID-19 & Sleeping Problems: What to do if you’re having trouble sleeping

As some of you already know, in Colorado, you cannot get your medical card without the permission of a doctor. Due to state regulations, to use medical marijuana, you must have a qualifying condition. As of right now, the condition does not qualify you for a medical marijuana card for insomnia. However, that should not deter you from at least trying CBD! We will tell you why.

There are a multitude of reasons why our patients experience insomnia on a daily basis. Some suffer from PTSD which doesnt help them sleep. Others have undergone intense therapies for cancer or have intense pain. If your insomnia is a byproduct of any of these qualifying conditions for medical marijuana, you are eligible to get a card.

Although you cant get a medical marijuana card for insomnia exclusively, it is important to consider the root of the issue as the research behind medical marijuana for sleep is promising.

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Research About Medical Cannabis And Anxiety Disorders

Research into the benefits of medical cannabis for anxiety is still in its early stages, but indications show that marijuana can help people suffering from anxiety a great deal.

A.R. Schier et al. conducted a comprehensive review of scientific research on the use of CBD for anxiety relief. They looked at studies on both rats and humans.

The researchers found a lot of promise in preclinical studies conducted on lab rats. The results showed potential for treatment for PTSD, panic attacks and obsessive-compulsive disorder . Their results suggested that lower doses of CBD worked more effectively than higher doses.

The studies addressing CBDs effect on human psychology also indicated a chance of medical marijuana acting as an anti-anxiety drug. Schier et al. went back as far as the 1980s to compile data on CBD and found it tended to reduce anxiety symptoms in human patients.

So far, we dont have enough clinical evidence to completely understand how cannabis impacts anxiety disorders. But were on the right track toward learning about the calming properties of medical marijuana.

However, we should also keep in mind that marijuana has the potential to cause psychosis that triggers anxiety. As marijuana laws change, well have more opportunities for research that can tell us when and how to use marijuana for anxiety properly. In the meantime, we recommend working closely with your doctor so you can figure out whether or not it works for you.

Side Effects Of Marijuana For Autism

Medical weed can significantly improve your autism symptoms. However, its important you know the potential side effects of the herb. While you could experience side effects when using cannabis, when compared with some prescriptions medications, the effects are typically mild and go away once your treatment wears off. Some potential side effects you could experience when using marijuana for autism are:

  • Sleepiness: Sleep problems are a common symptom of autism that marijuanas sedative properties can help with.
  • A high feeling: You may experience a high feeling with marijuana, especially with THC strains.
  • Dry mouth: Cotton mouth is a common side effect you can ease by drinking fluids.
  • Red eyes: This is another common side effect of medical weed you can ease with eye drops.
  • Increased hunger: Cannabis often gives you the munchies, making you have an insatiable appetite.

When compared with prescription medicines, medical pot treatment can have more benefits and fewer harmful side effects. As researchers conduct more studies on cannabis, more benefits of the herb may be found, thereby making it a more suitable treatment for individuals with autism or any other health condition.

Before starting your marijuana treatment, consult with your cannabis doctor to go over all the potential side effects.

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How Medical Marijuana May Help Insomnia

THCthe main psychoactive compound in marijuanahas been shown in studies to help regulate sleep. The bodys endocannabinoid system plays a major role in regulating the bodys sleep cycles, and when cannabis is introduced into the body, the THC binds to cannabinoid receptors that help to induce sleep. Thats why high-THC cannabis strains are known for making you feel lightheaded and sleepy.

In addition, medical marijuana may treat some of the underlying causes of insomnia, like anxiety, depression, pain, and inflammation. When your body achieves a naturally relaxed state, sleep comes more easily.

Can You Get A Medical Marijuana Card For Anxiety In Missouri

Sleep in adults and children: How much, sleep deprivation ...

Yes, anxiety is one of the qualifying conditions for getting a Missouri medical marijuana card. In fact, one of the most common reasons given by Missourians for using medical marijuana is to help reduce anxiety.

However, its not as simple as claiming to be anxious. There are a number of symptoms that need to be verified for a marijuana doctor to put their name on the line and approve a patient for a medical marijuana card.

In order to expedite the process and get approved on the first visit, anxiety patients should bring their medical records to the appointment. If an applicant has already been diagnosed and treated by another doctor chances are good their request for an MMJ card will be promptly approved.

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The Science Of Sleep Via Cannabis

There are different strains of marijuana. Some are more energizing, and some are calming and sedating depending on the balance of the different cannabinoids.

First, heres a quick primer on the science behind marijuana. This herb works because it contains different cannabinoids, two of which youll see most often:

  • Cannabidiol . CBD has a number of health benefits, and is nonpsychoactive, meaning it doesnt cause you to feel high.
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol . THC, a psychoactive cannabinoid, is primarily responsible for that high feeling.

Something else THC is responsible for? . So youll want a strain that contains more THC than CBD.

According to a 2008 study , ingesting marijuana strains with higher levels of THC typically reduces the amount of REM sleep you get. Reducing REM sleep means reducing dreams and for those who experience PTSD, it could mean reducing nightmares.

So the theory is that if you spend less time dreaming, youll spend more time in a deep sleep state. The deep sleep state is thought to be the most restorative, restful part of the sleep cycle.

Still, REM is important for healthy cognitive and immune functioning, and marijuana with higher THC levels could impair your sleep quality if taken long term.

But this isnt true across the board. Some studies have found that sleep can actually be impaired by regular use of marijuana. Its clear that marijuana changes sleep cycles.

Using Marijuana To Improve Relaxation And Communication

When youre on the autistic spectrum, its common to experience communication difficulties as well as an inability to relax. The following strains should offer some relief from these symptoms:

  • Chocolope: Chocolope is a highly energizing sativa strain that provides you with an uplifted and blissfully happy experience. You should start off with a small dose to see how you react to Chocolope, as this strain can occasionally cause anxiety. However, it can provide symptom relief when used correctly.
  • Blue Dream: Blue Dream is one of the most recognizable strains of pot in the world. It provides a smooth, hybrid experience and is perfect for daytime use. You feel relaxed, creative and happy when you take this strain.

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Higher Dose Cbd May Increase Sleep Time And Duration

Additional studies on CBD, independent of THC, suggest that the use of CBD may also have a positive impact on the sleep-wake cycle. CBD in higher doses is reported to increase total sleep time and reduce the frequency of waking episodes . This is especially encouraging, as there are no reported side effects or risk of habituation.

Although research in this area is both limited and has yielded mixed results, its worth mentioning the THC:CBD dosing we recommend and the anecdotal evidence being reported by patients within our medical practice who are being treated for sleep related disorders. The ratios of THC:CBD range from 5-10 mg of THC combined with 50-150 mg of CBD.

Cannabis Cbd And Sleep


Keri Wiginton Brunilda Nazario, MD

If youâre one of the millions of people who have trouble sleeping, you may have considered a cannabis compound, such as CBD. Some say cannabis compounds are helpful, but more research is needed. And they might not be legal, depending on where you live. Look up the laws to know whatâs allowed.

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Medical Marijuana For Insomnia

Many people wonder is insomnia a reason to get a medical card? Because it promotes more restful sleep, its become quite common to use medicinal marijuana for insomnia. Millions of people around the world struggle with insomnia at some point in their lives. This can be an inability to fall asleep as well as waking up frequently during the night. Because of this lack of sleep, many people find themselves struggling to complete tasks during the day, and irritability, mood swings, or anxiety are all quite common effects.. A wide range of factors can cause insomnia, ranging from stress to chronic physical conditions.

Cannabis for insomnia can be very effective for various reasons. The best medical marijuana strains for sleep can help reduce stress and anxiety, calming the mind before bed. They can also help manage chronic pain and muscle tension. Once youre asleep, THC can increase the amount of deep sleep you get, making you less likely to wake up in the middle of the night.

Want to get a full night’s rest?

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