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Can You Track Sleep On Apple Watch

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The Pillow Automatic Sleep Tracker App

How to track your sleep with your Apple Watch Apple Support

Unlike AutoSleep, the data in the Pillow Automatic Sleep Tracker doesnt overload your sleepy eyes first thing in the morning. Instead, you see a circular graph that shows the duration and quality of your sleep. You also see a smaller bar graph with measurements of your awake time, REM, and light and deep sleep states tap the graph to enlarge it.

You can only access most of this apps main features with a subscription so you might prefer either the AutoSleep or Sleep++ apps.

However, if you want to access more features in the Pillow app, you can pay monthly , every three months , or annually .

Heres what you unlock with a subscription:

  • Complete access to sleep history data and audio recordings
  • Heart rate analysis
  • The ability to use a wake-up sound from your iTunes library
  • The ability to link stats to Runkeeper
  • The ability to export data
  • A Snooze Lab with tips, experiments, achievements, and more

To activate the premium features, tap the sleep potion icon in the top-left corner of the app. A screen then appears prompting you to select one of the three subscription options.

You can also subscribe by tapping the gear icon in the bottom-left corner of the app. On the following screen, tap Pillow Premium under Premium Features.

Unfortunately, the annual subscription is the only plan with a seven-day free trial.

To access the setup wizard, tap on the gear icon, and then tap Setup Wizard.

Tap Next to continue.

Tap Finish to complete the wizard.

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What Do You Need To Access The Apple Watch Sleep App

Youll need an Apple Watch that is capable of running watchOS 7, the last major software update set to roll out for Apples smartwatch. Youll also need an iPhone that runs iOS 14, which requires an iPhone 6s or later.

WatchOS 7 and the Sleep app are compatible with the following devices:

So if youve got an original Apple Watch or a Series 1 or 2 model, youre sadly out of luck here.

Apple Watch Sleep Tracking: What It Does And How To Use It

– In the latest watchOS 7 update Apple enables you to track sleep using the Apple Watch. watchOS 7 works with Apple Watch Series 3, 4, 5 and the new Apple Watch Series 6 we’re expecting. It isn’t compatible with Series 1 or 2.

Sleep tracking has been a much-wanted feature for the Apple Watch and has been available previously in third-party apps.

Now though, there is a Sleep app on the watch and it uses motion to detect your sleep time. You obviously need to be wearing your Apple Watch to track your sleep, so you’ll need to change your charging behaviour and juice up in the day. If you don’t, you’ll end up with no charge at 10am the next morning.

The good thing about Apple Watch sleep tracking is that it is set-and-forget, so your sleep will be tracked without you having to do anything. But it’s fully configurable as you’ll see.


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How To Track Your Sleep Using Apple Watch Or Iphone With These Third

Sleep tracking has been one the most oft-requested features for Apple Watch, but Apple itself has yet to implement a solution. That hasnt stopped developers from creating their own watchOS apps for doing it, though.

One of the more popular apps for sleep tracking with Apple Watch is called AutoSleep.

AutoSleep allows you track your sleep with your Apple Watch in two different ways. The first, and most detailed/accurate, way is to wear your Apple Watch while you sleep. If you do this, all you have to do is download the AutoSleep app from the App Store and plugin some basic information about yourself.

If you track your sleep this way, youll get a variety of details about your sleep every morning when you wake up. This information includes graph showing your sleep qualities and cycle.

Additionally, you can view how long you laid awake in bed, how restful your sleep was, your average heart rate, and how long you spent in deep sleep.

Of course, many users dont wear their Apple Watch to sleep. Before we move on to how to track sleep without wearing Apple Watch, theres something to note here.

One of the primary reasons users dont sleep in their Apple Watch is because of battery life. One thing Ive done to get around this issue, is take my Apple Watch off for about 30 minutes before bed and put it back on when I lay down. Then, I take it off while I get ready in the morning and put it back on as Im about to leave.

Change The Time And Which Days You Get A Reminder Or Alarm

The best sleep tracker apps to download for your Apple Watch
  • Open the Clock app and tap the Bedtime tab.
  • Under Schedule, tap Bedtime or Wake up.
  • Drag the Bedtime button or the Alarm button . As you drag, your Bedtime reminder and Wake Up alarm automatically update.
  • Under Days Of Week Active, tap the days that you want to get reminders or alarms. Days that are orange are active.
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    How To View Your History In The Health App

    To track your sleep analysis in iOS 13, open the Clock app, tap the Bedtime tab, then tap “Show more in Health.” Your Sleep Analysis shows the amount of time that you spend in bed or asleep.

    Bedtime in the Clock app tracks time that you spend in bed, but not how much you sleep or move. Your Apple Watch also doesn’t track sleep or time in bed.

    To track how much time you sleep, try using a sleep tracker with the Health app. You can also manually enter how much time you sleep: Open the Clock app, tap the Bedtime tab, then tap “Show more in Health.” In the upper-right corner, tap Add Data. Learn more about the Health app.

    What You Cant Do

    There are several options for third party sleep apps, and they each have a different set of features. Many of these apps make use of the Apple Watch, but some, like Sleep Cycle, can be used with just your iPhone. The Apple Watch Sleep app is pretty basic and doesnt give you many details about your sleep. It also doesnt compile any stats for you to view which can be useful if you are trying to find patterns and figure out the factors that might be affecting your sleep. Some of the things that other sleep apps can do are:

    • Show you a graph of your sleep stages during the night
    • Show you correlations with other data. Many sleep apps include statistics that show you how other factors may be affecting your sleep:
    • Workouts or number of steps
    • Caffeine or alcohol
    • Weather
    • Your location
    • Wake you when you are in a lighter phase of your sleep, using a smart alarm so you can wake up gently.

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    Change Or Turn Off Your Next Wake

  • Open the Sleep app on your Apple Watch.

  • Tap your current bedtime.

  • To set a new wake-up time, tap the wake-up time, turn the Digital Crown to set a new time, then tap .

    If you dont want your Apple Watch to wake you in the morning, turn off Alarm.

  • The changes apply only to your next wake-up alarm, after which your normal schedule resumes.

    Note: You can also turn off the next wake-up alarm in the Alarms app . Just tap the alarm that appears under Sleep | Wake up, then tap Skip for Tonight.

    How To Track Sleep

    Can You Track Sleep on Apple Watch? – Thursday Questions 003

    Sleep tracking is like a sleep recorder using your own bodys signals. Our company, Bodymatter, built the very first Sleep App to transform the Apple Watch into an automated sleep tracker Sleep Watch. As an apple watch sleep tracker, SleepWatch lets you simply wear your Apple Watch to bed and effortlessly wake up to insightful sleep details. SleepWatch is like a sleep coach on your wrist, it learns your routine and offers suggestions to help you improve. You can add this feature to your Apple Watch by downloading Sleep Watch from the Apple App Store. Sleep Watch is free to download and use. WatchOS 6 ready.

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    Sleep Data Is Modest And Not Particularly Actionable

    Apples sleep tracking app interface is simple. Tell it your preferred bedtime schedule in my case, 11 p.m. to just before 6 a.m. and it will be looking out for sleep during those times . It turns out that you must set up tracking schedules to cover each individual day of the week or use separate schedules for weekdays and weekends. I didnt realize until too late that the Watch hadnt recorded data for two full nights because I hadnt set up a separate weekend schedule to cover them.

    Assuming the Watch gathers your data properly, youll see a very modest display of data, including a bar representing your total time asleep, the timestamps indicating sleep start and end points, and a bar chart covering the last 14 days. If you want a deeper dive, you can open the Health app on an iPhone to see your average time in bed and average time asleep and under some conditions, a correlation of your overnight heart rate data with your sleeping schedule. When I checked the Health app, one day the heart rate data was there, but another day it disappeared from the apps list of Highlights and I couldnt find it.

    Apple has suggested its providing little data to keep users from obsessing over their sleep schedules, as that might inadvertently generate even more anxiety or restlessness. Im still not sure whether thats truly an act of kindness or just a convenient excuse for underwhelming functionality.

    How Do You Edit Your Sleep Schedule From The Apple Watch

    You can make changes to your full schedule or for Next Wake Up Only whenever you need to edit your sleep schedule.

    Using Next Wake Up Only, the changes only apply to the following day.

    Changes made to your full schedule apply to every following day.

    Should you wake up before your scheduled Wake Up time, you are able to exit Sleep Focus by turning the Digital Crown to unlock your Apple Watch.

    Swipe up to open the Control Center, then tap the Sleep app icon.

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    Waking Up With Apple Watch

    Within Bedtime mode you can also change how youre woken up. The default is to have no alarm, but you can set a silent alarm which rouses you using the Apple Watchs Taptic engine or a standard audio alarm.

    When you edit the Schedule just scroll to the bottom and choose Wake Up Alarm. Toggle this on and then tap Sound & Haptics.

    Here you can select a vibrate option and some soothing sounds for an alarm. If you want the haptic only just turn the volume to minimum.

    Can You Track Naps On An Apple Watch

    Apple Watch Sleep tracking: What it does and how to use it

    Harry Guinness is a photography expert and writer with nearly a decade of experience. His work has been published in newspapers like The New York Times and on a variety of other websites, from Lifehacker to Popular Science and Medium’s OneZero. Read more…

    Not everyone gets the six to eight hours of sleep they need at night. An afternoon nap can help, but if you use your Apple Watch to track your health, fitness, activity, and sleep, naps can bring problems.

    So, lets look at the shambles that is nap tracking with an Apple Watch.

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    Best Versatile App: Sleep Cycle

    Sleep Cycle

    Why We Chose It: We chose Sleep Cycle as the best versatile app as it is available on iOS, Android, and Huawei.

    • Overlay of audio recordings on the sleep cycle graph for better interpretation

    • Able to identify a variety of different sounds, including coughing, talking, snoring, and a baby fussing

    • Lack of in-depth analysis of sleep compared to other apps

    • Need to manually start and stop sleep tracking

    • Poor descriptions of different tracking metrics

    Sleep Cycle by Sleep Cycle AB gives you a simplified look at sleep patterns by analyzing audio recordings of snoring, talking, coughing, and other sounds. This app tracks your sleep cycle graphically and overlays audio recordings to help identify what is going on during different periods of sleep.

    It has an average rating of 4.7 stars on the App Store and 4.5 stars on Google Play, as of September 2021. Sleep Cycle offers sleep statistics and can identify both short- and long-term trends. No equipment or fitness wearables are needed all you need to do is have your phone beside your bed. The app must be turned on before going to bed, and since it uses sound analysis to identify sleep states, there is the potential for error if you sleep with others in the room. You do need to start and stop the sleep timer manually, which can be problematic if you forget to do this regularly.

    Native Apple Watch Sleep Tracking

    With the release of watchOS 7 last year, Apple Watch now officially supports sleep tracking without needing a third-party application.

    We went hands-on with the experience when it was released, explaining that Apple is tying Apple Watch sleep-tracking capabilities in with new iPhone features such as Wind Down and Wake Up for a seamless cross-device experience.

    Theres a new Sleep app on the Apple Watch, as well as a Sleep Mode that hides your usual watch face and instead shows the current time, as well as what time your alarm is set for. It also disables features like raise-to-wake, so your watch face isnt lighting up in the middle of the night.

    To view the sleep data tracked by your Apple Watch, you can go to the Sleep app on Apple Watch or the Health app on iPhone. The actual data here is limited. Apple simply shows you your time asleep, as well as a range for your heart rate. Thats where third-party applications still prove useful. They can offer much more data than Apples native implementation, and you dont have to wait until the fall to get started.

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    It’s About The Wind Down Not A Sleep Score

    I tried Apple’s Bedtime feature on iOS way back in 2016, which was a surprisingly helpful tool to remind me to stick to a good bedtime routine. The iPhone feature lets you set your bedtime and morning alarm times and then tracks whether you use your phone during the downtime. Even then, I saw it as something that would eventually make sense on the Apple Watch.

    Wind Down is an expansion of that feature, and it also connects to helpful apps that could be part of that routine. My 11-year-old son already does things to wind down each night, including meditation, and I should learn from him. That’s what Apple’s feature aims to help with.

    Apple sees the wind down and the bedtime routine as an important part of sleep quality.

    “Many sleep apps show information about REM cycles and other data like that,” Lynch says. “And we’ve looked a lot into that.”

    But Apple’s research has found something else is more important: the amount of time you sleep. “Even in our studies, we had people wear EEGs on their heads, so we got insight into the electrical activity of their brain, in addition to what we’re able to sense on the wrist with Apple Watch,” Lynch says. “And we’ve learned a lot about how the main thing here is really about duration.”

    Third-party apps can show deeper estimated sleep analysis, but Apple believes “that it can be overwhelming and stressful to look at that data,” Lynch says.

    Duration and schedule, but deeper estimated analysis isn’t available yet.

    How To Use Apple Watch To Track Your Sleep

    How-to: Track & Analyze Your Sleep with Apple Watch

    Since the release of watchOS 7, Apple Watch users have been able to use their watches to track their sleep with the built-in Sleep feature. There are many sleep tracking apps out there all with different features. Using a sleep tracking app can give you some pretty useful insights into your sleep. Depending on your sleep concerns, you many find a particular app that is suited to addressing your sleep issues. For example, if you snore, there is an app in the App Store called SnoreLab.

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    Not all of the sleep tracking apps will make use of your Apple Watch, but instead some use your iPhones microphone to detect your sleep sounds. In this article, we will go through what the built-in Sleep feature does, some of the things it doesnt do and tell you how to set up Sleep for your Apple Watch.

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    Track Your Sleep History

  • Open the Clock app and tap the Bedtime tab.
  • Scroll down to your Analysis, which shows your recent history.
  • If you use your iPhone when you’re supposed to be in bed, you won’t get credit for that time. Or, if you snooze the Wake alarm, the time that you stay in bed updates to match.

    Data from Bedtime also automatically appears in the Health app.

    Battery Life Works For Now But Longer Battery Would Make Sense

    Existing Apple Watches will need at least 30% battery life on a charge before tracking sleep at night. If the battery level’s lower, the watch will request a charge-up. The Apple Watch 5‘s battery lasts about 18 hours, and you can charge the battery to 80% in about 1.5 hours and 100% in 2.5 hours. Apple’s sleep tracking dims the display and reduces background activity, showing a basic watch face and the date or alarm if a button is pressed.

    If you’re used to charging the Apple Watch every night, wearing the watch to bed may seem like a disruption. “That does introduce new charging behavior for people where before they would just charge overnight,” Lynch acknowledges, leaving wearers to decide whether to top off in the morning, charge a bit more at night, or just skip sleep tracking.

    It would make a lot of sense to just find a way to improve the Apple Watch battery life — maybe by expanding the battery capacity in the next modelsor removing Force Touch, which senses pressure to do things like change the watch face. Apple’s new app guidelines encourage developers to move away from Force Touch, and include these features in the UI or through a long press on WatchOS 7. Apple removed pressure-sensitive 3D Touch from the iPhone 11 Pro and gained considerable battery life in return. Could the same happen for the Apple Watch this fall and help sleep tracking be less awkward, too?

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