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Do Betta Fish Sleep At Night

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How Long Should A Betta Fish Sleep For

What my fish do at NIGHT ð How do fish sleep

It can be hard to recommend exactly how much time your betta should sleep for. All bettas are different. As a general rule if your betta is sleeping at night and staying active during the day then thats a good amount of time.

However, if you notice lots of inactivity from your betta especially during the day, then it could be a sign of something bad.

Do Betta Fish Sleep At The Top Of The Tank

A betta fish is a labyrinth fish with pseudo-lungs, requiring them to breathe from air and water. Because of this, most bettas prefer to stay near the waters surface. It is their natural zone, and they dont have to swim up and down as much to breathe.

A betta hammock, betta log, or broad-leaved plant to lay on while sleeping would be appreciated by your Betta if he prefers to relax near the surface.

Lateral Line Your Bettas Sixth Sense

Look very closely at your betta, and you will notice a series of tiny holes in the scales that run along your fishs sides.

The lateral line allows the betta to sense movement, vibrations, and changes of pressure in the water.

The fish uses that information to work out the size of an object in the water close to them, especially if that object is moving. The bettas brain then processes that information to decide whether to flee from a potential aggressor or take evasive action to avoid bumping into something.

So, although your betta fish cannot actually see in the dark, he uses his amazing sixth sense to keep out of trouble and avoid colliding with the tank sides and structures within his environment.

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If Your Betta Fish Always On Its Side Then There May Be Several Factors Causing This Awkward Position:

  • Tank too small to navigate
  • Water is toxic
  • Water is too cold
  • Weak Immune System

The recommended Betta Fish Tank capacity must be at least 2.5 gallons or more. If you are trying to breed a male and a female betta fish then a 5 gallons will the minimum. If the betta fish tank is too small then there will be not enough space for your Betta Fish to swim and eventually water will be toxic because of waste.

If you do not do the regular water changes on a weekly basis then there will be poor water parameters. Be sure to maintain water quality by testing pH when adding water.

If there is no heater on your Betta Fish aquarium then the Betta Fish will likely get stressed and in the long run develop a weak immune system and get sick.

If your Betta Fish has a weak immune system then it may lead into illness which can cause problems with the swim bladder.

What Does It Mean If Your Betta Fish Sleeps Too Much

How Do Betta Fish Sleep?

I sleep for eight to nine hours every night. My wife? Between six and eight. We are both fit and has no health issues and neither of us wakes up feeling tired.

Why am I telling you this? Well, the same goes for bettas. While some bettas appear to need more sleep, others will happily thrive on less.

Because of this, there is no such thing as the perfect amount of sleep for a betta.

However, by watching your betta for a few weeks, you will soon understand what a normal sleeping schedule looks like for your tropical fish.

Should your betta start to sleep more than this, there could be a problem in your tank.

Lets look the possible causes for bettas sleeping more than they should.

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When Do Betta Fish Sleep With The Lights On

Topic: I have nine Bettas in a 10 gallon aquarium and I can never seem to find them sleeping. Even if I turn off the light and sneak in the room it still seems I cant find them sleeping.. When the heck do they sleep? Or what do they look like? Just kind of wondering if my fish are healthy and are actually sleeping when I never see them sleep Should I have a schedule to turn my lights off or just leave the lights on all the time?

*Awarded AnswerBeta fish are very calm and are very light sleepers. They usually can sense movement around even though there are eyes are closed somehow. They make these plastic leaves to put into your betta tanks that are designed for your fish to sleep on. They are called betta hammocks. Here is what they look like

Ive given some thought and did my research on this one for you. I had some spare time to burn so hopefully this helps you some. And yes you should turn your lights off on a regular schedule. What helps regulate that is buying a timer at your local hardware store that does this automatically. Here is a picture of some. Basically it plugs into the wall and then plugs into your aquarium light and it switches the light off at your certain set time everyday.

Sleeping In PlantsBut as far as sleeping they usually like to sleep in plants or somehow have something along their side to help hold them where they are. Their scales help hold them inside of plants can just sit there for a very long time without any movement.


How Many Hours Do Betta Fish Sleep

Again, this depends on the individual fish. You may notice your betta taking short naps during the day, and sleeping for longer periods at night. Like people, some bettas need more rest and some less. If you make sure you are providing that day/light cycle where you have a period of time when his light is off, your betta should have plenty of opportunities to get the rest he needs.

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Your Tank Is Too Boring

Another cause of excess sleep is boredom. If your tank is too small for your betta, then there really isnt a whole lot else to do but sleep. Choosing an appropriately sized aquarium for your betta will go a long way toward alleviating boredom.

Some betta fish owners use toys, such as a betta mirror, to ensure that their fish dont get bored and to mix up their bettas routine. Others regularly change the décor, giving their betta an entirely new environment to explore.

Do Betta Fish Sleep How To Tell If Betta Is Sleeping

Do Betta Fish Sleep, When and Where?

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Is it true that betta fish do sleep? This is the question that has always lingered in the minds of both the upcoming and experienced aquarium hobbyists from time to time. You too must have wondered if at all these adorable aquarium fish find time to sleep.

But the truth is Betta fish do sleep and when they are asleep, chances are you are asleep too. Thats why you find it difficult to understand the sleeping habit of your Betta fish.

Quite a number of hobbyists have been unable to tell if their Betta fish is sleeping or dead. Just like other animals and fish species, in particular, betta fish need to catch some sleep. These fish are always active across day and night time is ideal for them to rest.

One interesting fact about them and the rest of other fish is that they dont have eyelids. Even when they are sound asleep or simply taking a rest, you are likely to think they are still awake. Therefore, dont tap on the aquarium every time you find them motionless unless there are reasons to do so.

Learn more how Betta fish sleep in the following sections so you may not get worried when you stumble upon them taking their nap.

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Does Your Betta Fish Sleep How To Catch Your Betta Snoozing

Last night when I tucked my daughter into bed, she glanced over at her aquarium.

Toby, her Crowntail betta, could still be seen swimming around.

She looked up at me and asked:

Do betta fish need sleep?

It was a good question.

But before I could answer, she had already started to drift off to sleep.

Have you ever had the same thought? Well, today you are going to learn all about betta sleeping habits and how you can encourage them to get a good nights sleep.


Yep, just like you and me, bettas need sleep. However, their sleep is a little different.

First, betta fish are very light sleepers.

I dont know about you, but when I go to sleep at night, I am a heavy sleeper. My house could be falling down around me, and I would sleep right through it.

Imagine if I was a betta. As a heavy sleeper, I would make for an easy snack for a larger fish or bird.

Not only that, but another betta could take over my territory.

It is for this reason that betta fish wake up at the slightest movement or sound it keeps them safe from harm!

These days, betta species of fish are bred in captivity. In fact, not even the great, great, great, great grandparents of your pet betta lived in the wild or ever had to run from a predator.

And even though your aquarium is perfectly safe, the natural instinct of your betta is to sleep lightly. I guess the good life takes some getting used to, huh?

Oh, and just like us, some lazy bettas love to nap during the day.

How To Tell The Difference Between A Sleeping And A Dead Betta Fish

Betta fish owners need to learn the difference between a sleeping betta and dead Betta. As sleeping bettas are often observed to float on the top of the tank, or they may be lying motionlessly on the bottom, people may misinterpret them as dead. But there are few clear signs that you should know to make sure that your fish is fine and resting in the tank.

If the betta fish is dead, you may observe the following signs:

  • If you feel your betta fish is more lethargic from few days, and it either stays on the bottom of the tank or behind the filter without making any movement, you may have to feel worried about it.
  • When betta fish is dead, it may swim oddly, or you may observe it off balance.
  • The color of a dead betta fish appears less vibrant as compared to the live fish.
  • The eyes may seem bigger and moving out of their body this position is called popeye.
  • The fins may also look unhealthy and ragged. Or, in some cases, they are pressed against the fishs body instead of flowing out.
  • The dead betta fish fins look discolored you may observe some white spots on their body. They may even have some shiny metallic spots that can be identified with a flashlight.
  • In case if the scales of the fish appear raised unnecessarily and they are pointing away from the body, the fish may be dead.
  • The dead fish can also be recognized from its swollen belly.
  • When your fish shows no interest in the food, the chances are that it is dead.

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Tips For Making Sure Your Betta Sleeps Well

When your fish is well-rested, only then can you expect it to be active and normal. The same applies to me, you, and everybody else. So you have to ensure you create a good sleeping environment for your little pet.

In the daytime, betta prefers napping in shade. The shade here is brought about by floating or tall plants. Along with aquarium decorations like bridges, tunnels, and caves.

But at night, the fish sleeps the most peacefully and comfortably in complete darkness. This means you should turn off the lights during bedtime. Even during the day, try limiting the number of lights you leave on in and around the tank.

How To Encourage Your Betta To Sleep

How do Betta Fish Sleep  Everything You Curious to Know

There are a few things that will help your Betta get enough sleep.

The most important being, giving him time with the lights-off. We, as fish keepers, can sometimes forget the importance of imitating a natural way of living for our fish. As much as possible in a fish tank that is!

One way to do this is by giving them 12 to 14 hours of darkness. You should find that your Betta will sleep predominantly at night and take short naps during the day.

Another thing to check is that your filter is not too strong. You dont want your Betta being pushed around by the flow.

This will make it hard for him to find a resting spot that isnt the bottom of your tank.

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When Do Betta Fish Sleep

Some species of fish are nocturnal, spending the day hiding and resting, and then coming out at night to feed. Betta fish are most active during the day, primarily sleeping at night. That said, bettas are notorious for taking short catnaps during the daytime too.

So, do fish sleep with their eyes open?

With the exception of the freshwater pufferfish, most other fish species do not have eyelids, so they cant close their eyes when they sleep.

So, why dont fish have eyelids? Well, the eye first appeared in the ancestors of fish. The eyes surface needs to remain moist constantly, making it well-suited to an aquatic environment. Thats why fish do not have eyelids they simply dont need them. However, eyelids have evolved in land-dwelling creatures to prevent the eyes from drying out.

For that reason, you should limit the number of hours that your tank light is switched on during the daytime, and always make sure that the tank is in darkness at night. That means that your betta will understand when its daytime and when its night time when he should be sleeping.

Why Does My Betta Fish Sleep Too Much

Early on, we have tackled different sleeping behaviors of a betta fish. While a betta fish is a light sleeper, it can oversleep at times.

If your fish is active for most of the day, it can compensate for naps during the same day. However, if you notice that it is very inactive during the daytime, it is not a problem. There are some things to consider that causes your betta fish to oversleep:

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Can Fish Sleep With Room Light On

It is far better for your fish if you provide periods of complete darkness. Like humans they can and will still sleep with lights on, but doing this too often will confuse their circadian rhythm.

Ideally, you should have your aquarium lights on during the day and then switch them off in the evening and let the room lights light the tank. Just like the sun going down in the evening this prepares the fish for night time. When you go to bed yourself, switch the room lights off to allow your fish to sleep.

In the morning the process is reversed. Before putting the aquarium lights on, give the fish a few hours of natural daylight, or room light this mimics the sun rising and allows the fish to know that it is now daytime.

Is Your Betta Oversleeping

What Do BETTA FISH Do At Night

Bettas are usually fairly active, social fish, coming to the surface when you approach the tank or interacting with tankmates.

If your betta seems to be sleeping constantly during the daytime, you should check that there isnt a problem. There are a few things that could be causing your betta to oversleep:

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How To Tell If A Betta Is Sleeping Or Dead

Bettas reduce their respiration while sleeping. This means your fish may look dead while he just catching a nap. How do you know when your betta is just resting, or when it is time to panic?

Certainly, bettas can pass on unexpectedly, but there are some signs to watch for which can tell you if your betta is ill, and if his next nap may be his last. These include but are not limited to:

  • Swimming sideways or upside down. This is an indication of swim bladder issues.
  • Bloated sides resulting in a pinecone-like appearance of the scales. This is a sign of a disease called dropsy.
  • Tiny white specs all over the body. This is a protozoan parasite infection called ich.
  • Black spots on fins along with degradation of the fin itself. This is fin rot.

You can greatly reduce or even eliminate the chance of your betta encountering these issues by following good tank management practices. This includes testing your water frequently, performing regular water changes, and making sure it is the right temperature for tropical fish. When you know your tank is healthy you can be more assured that your betta is healthy, and that when he is lying on his side he is only taking a rest.

While I advise you to let your betta sleep in most cases if he remains in one spot for a very long time and you become concerned you may try to net him or lightly touch him with the net. Like all fish, bettas are light sleepers, and he should react if he is healthy.

Bettas may rest at the bottom of their tank.

Do Betta Fish Sleep On The Bottom Of The Tank

As bettas spend most of their time in the upper area of the water column, feeding and periodically gulping air from the surface, you may be somewhat alarmed to see your pet laying on the bottom of the tank.

Dont worry! Its not uncommon for betta fish to take a nap on a comfy area of the substrate, especially if you use sand.

However, be alert to potential issues that could be causing your betta to sleep on the bottom.

In their natural habitat, betta fish live in very slow-moving water in rice paddies, marshes, and water ditches. So, if the filter current in the tank is too powerful, your betta may be buffeted around too much for comfort, so he will sink to the bottom to avoid the pumps flow.

Also, the temperature in the tank may not be consistent throughout, and your fish could be relocating to a spot where hes more comfortable.

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