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Do Betta Fish Sleep Upside Down

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What Should I Do If My Betta Fish Is Upside Down

Do Betta Fish Sleep, When and Where?

If the betta is swimming upside down, the fish is either dead or contracted swim bladder disease. If the fish is dead, remove it from the tank. Dont wait for the scavengers in the aquarium to eat it.

They may choose to ignore the bettas remains, in which case, the carcass will rot, ruining the chemical balance of your water. From your observations, if the betta only floats upside down when it sleeps, the fish has contracted swim bladder disease.

Healthy fish sleep right side up. If your betta goes belly up whenever it falls asleep, it can no longer control its buoyancy. Swim bladder disease is the cause.

Fortunately, you can reverse the illness. The key is to identify the reasons that attracted the condition in the first place. Try to tailor the solution to the cause:

Can Molly Fish Have A Sleeping Disorder

Firstly, molly fish do not follow a regular sleeping pattern, especially when the females just give birth, or during moments like spawning or migration. When molly fish migrate to a different environment, the first thing is them adjusting to the new environment condition. Meanwhile, this may have an effect on their previous sleeping pattern.

Moreover, just few fish can suffer from sleep deprivation or sleep disorders. Also, some fish can have a condition called insomnia, which is the inability to drift off and sleep as long as they normally do.

However, they later get back to their previous state easily. That is, they go back to their previous sleeping pattern, under normal conditions. However, it is not widely observed if molly fish can experience insomnia.

Do Betta Fish Sleep During The Day

Betta fish will usually take many short naps during the day, even though this is a time that bettas are much more active.

Bettas are very aware of potential threats and predators, making them very light sleepers, so daytime naps may only last for between 5 minutes and sometimes up to 1 hour.

Many animals will have periods of sleep throughout the day and night instead of having all of their sleep in one go, which is also how early humans would behave.

How humans live today is a long way from how cavemen lived. Humans have become used to getting 3 square meals each day with snacks whenever they want them and a solid 8 hours of sleep each night.

Many experts will argue that the human body functions far better with several shorter periods of sleep each day, and as for food, fasting has become widely accepted as a great detox.

Early humans were designed to be alert day and night, watching for potential threats, and they would need to hunt for food, often going days without a meal.

Animals have not evolved in this way and generally remain as they would in the wild, so it is unlikely that you will see your betta fish putting on its PJs, ready for a good nights sleep.

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Your Betta Is Lethargic

Betta fish can be very active, but they do stop and take time to rest and even sleep. Due to this fact, it may not be immediately apparent to you that your betta is less active than usual until some time has passed. You may notice that your fish lists aimlessly at the top of the tank with his mouth at the water’s surface. On the other hand, he may settle into a secluded spot at the bottom of his tank and show no interest in anything going on around him. Bettas are curious and territorial creatures, so if your pet stops investigating his surroundings for any significant amount of time, he may be ill.

Is Your Betta Old

Betta Fish Sleeping

Old age is another reason for oversleeping. Betta fish usually has a lifespan of three to five years. Unfortunately, its very common for Betta fish to Slow Down And become less active as they become older. Its inevitable, and nothing could be done to prevent this other than let them sleep more.

It feels sad, but you should be proud of it as you have given your betta fish a full and happy life. So keep up the excellent work, and continue providing a suitable living environment till his last breath.

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Betta Fish At The Bottom Of His Tank After Water Change

If you notice this happening then there are one or two reasons its occurring. Hopefully, its because the water change has stressed him out a little bit and hes looking for somewhere close to the ground he can hide.

However, if this isnt the case then its likely that hes suffering from temperature shock. If you didnt check the water before you added it to the tank then it could be too cold.

Youll need to warm it up a bit to keep your betta alive. However, make sure youre warming it up gradually.

Do Betta Fish Sleep On The Bottom Of The Tank

My Betta Fish is always sleeping at the bottom of tank. Other fish hobbyist notice that their Betta Fish may be sleeping near the top surface.

While others may have noticed that their betta fish sleeps in different places. Between the live plants, on top of a leaf, inside a cave.

Different Betta Fishes have different personalities. But there is one thing to know, if your Betta Fish is sleeping on the surface most of the time and then you introduced a water filter then suddenly the Betta Fish sleeps at the bottom tank.

It simply means that the water current is too strong for the Betta Fish to continue to sleep on its former favorite near the surface position.

There will also be another reason where the heater is located in your Betta Fish Tank. If there are areas where it is warmer, then the Betta Fish will naturally gear towards on sleeping near the area where it is warmer since they are a tropical fish.

Your Betta Fish in time will find a favorite place to sleep.

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Do Betta Fish Sleep Conclusion

Here are the top 5 things to remember when it comes to betta sleep.

1)Bettas like to sleep in the dark of night and play in the light of day. 2)Some bettas nap, and they can sleep almost anywhere.3)They sleep with their eyes open as they have no eyelids. 4) You should start to investigate if you notice a prolonged change in sleep patterns or positions.5) The biggest threats to sleep are improper lighting and incorrect water temperatures.

We hope this information can help guide you in your quest for the perfect sleep cycle for your betta.

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Disclaimer: and any of its information does not provide veterinary advice. Our aim is to provide good information on betta fish care. Please do not confuse any of this information as veterinary guidance. Please contact a veterinarian for advice for your pets, especially in emergencies.

Please check out our guide on if Bettas need a filter:

Curing Constipation In A Betta Fish

Do Betta Fish Sleep? When and Where?

The good news about constipation is that it can usually be cured fairly quickly and easily.

The easiest way to cure constipation is by feeding the Betta a high fiber food. The hope is that the high fiber food essentially pushes the blockage out of the Betta and relieves constipation.

Before feeding your Betta some high-fiber foods, fast him for 3 days. During this time dont feed him anything. The benefits of fasting the Betta are first, it increases the chances he will actually eat the high fiber food, and secondly, it gives him a chance to pass the blockage naturally.

The most commonly used high-fiber food is garden peas.

Peas are super high in fiber and most fish will happily eat them. To feed your Betta a pea, firstly cook it thoroughly. Personally, I use the microwave to blast the peas, but you could also boil them.

Once cooked, carefully squash the pea between your finger and thumb. This will pass the pea out of its skin, and turn it into smaller pieces which will be easier for the Betta to eat.

Add a very small piece of a pea to your Bettas tank. If he eats it, add a little bit more. Dont make the mistake of overfeeding him. If necessary, save a little of the pea and give it to him again in a couple of hours.

Feed the Betta peas for about a week, constantly checking for the Betta passing a stool. If your Betta passes the blockage and begins to swim normally you know you have cleared constipation.

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Sharks Continue To Swim While They Sleep

This is not a myth! Large fish, like some species of sharks, need to keep swimming even while sleeping so that water flows steadily over their gills, letting them breathe. Other sharks can lie restfully on the seabed because they have spiracles that help them breathe. Experts agree that sharks who can sleep swim have brain parts that are resting or unconscious, while other brain parts control their swimming motions.

How Do You Check If A Betta Fish Has Died

If you suspect something is wrong, its best to check it with a small aquarium net. If Betta doesnt move and doesnt react as soon as you touch her with the net your pet is probably dead. And if Betta doesnt react even when you catch it, then unfortunately you can be sure she did.

One hundred percent sign that your Betta has died is when you see it in the aquarium with a dull look and faded colors.

A very sure indicator of death is also when the fish is at the bottom of the aquarium heads glued to the bottom while the rest of the body floats.

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Your Tank Is Too Hot Or Cold

Betta fish thrive when the water temperature is between 78-82°F . Outside of this range, your betta can become lethargic and sleepy.

Make sure that you regularly check the water temperature of your aquarium with an accurate thermometer to ensure everything is as it should be your heater might need adjusting.

Do Bettas Need Darkness To Sleep

10 Minutes Of Your Life: Watching A Goldfish Floating ...

In the same way, as you, your pet needs darkness to know when its time to sleep.

The ideal amount of daylight to provide to your fish is between 8 and 12 hours. The appropriate amount of darkness is between 12 to 16 hours. Therefore, during the night, your tank should not be lit up.

Suppose youre forgetful to turn the light off. In that case, I suggest using an aquarium timer to automatically turn the light on and off.

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Can Betta Fish Sleep With Light On

Although betta fish can sleep with the tank light on, bettas prefer shade areas to block any intense light. In their natural habitat, betta fish usually live in densely planted areas that provide lots of shade where they can rest.

Aquarium lights can be pretty strong, so if your tank does not have many areas of shade, try adding a few floating plants to block light from the surface, or add some ornaments with caves or tunnels where your betta can take shelter.

For more information on aquarium lighting at night, take a read of this article: How Well Can Betta Fish See in the Dark or this article: Do Fish Need Light At Night .

Do Betta Fish Sleep A Lot How Often Do Betta Fish Sleep

I have mentioned that Betta Fish needs sleep in order to function properly. If you have a sleep deprivation then this will lead into illness.

You have to always turn off the light at night for the Betta Fish to go into resting state. Betta Fish sleeps at night and occasionally they do take some naps during the day.

The Betta Fish is very active during the day especially when you are playing or when it is feeding time!

They take a lot of naps. In nature they are very light sleepers because there might be danger at any given time, if there is a slight movement or noise they will react immediately.

It is imperative for you not to tap or flick on your Betta Fish Tank when it is nighttime. If you always tap all the time then they will easily stress out which may lead into illness.

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Do Bettas Sleep Upside Down

When you see Bettas sleeping upside-down, then they are most likely swimming sideways during the day as well. This is most likely because they have Swim Bladder Disorder. Basically, their stomach swells because of overfeeding or even constipation, causing dysfunction to the bladder.

As the Betta Fish finds it more and more difficult to move, it will end up swimming and sleeping in weird positions. This problem can be solved by feeding them foods that contain more fiber. Fasting is another thing that works. If you want to feed them anything during Swim Bladder Disorder, we recommend you to give them peeled, crushed and boiled peas for a while.

How Can You Tell If Your Betta Is Sleeping

Betta Fish Lying on the Bottom of the Tank – What to do?

Want to know if your betta is sleeping and not dead? Look at his face.

Like you and me, bettas still need to breathe in their sleep.

To put it simply, dead fish dont breathe. So, look closely at your bettas mouth and gills. Even during sleep, you should notice your betta draw water in through its mouth and out through the gills.

Speaking of which, during sleep, the mouth and gill movement of your betta will be much slower than when it is awake. Dont worry, this is perfectly normal because bettas use less oxygen while sleeping. As a result, your betta will breathe slower while sleeping.

Notice a color change? If your betta has lost its bright color, it doesnt mean he is unwell your betta could just be taking a snooze.

Many beautiful fish, including the betta, lose their color vibrancy when sleeping. Experts say that this is likely another natural form of self-defense so that your betta is not easily spotted while sleeping.

The thing to remember is that this pale color is only temporary. Once your betta wakes up, its color should darken and appear richer. If your bettas color doesnt return, it could mean that your betta has bad health.

The final clue that your betta is dozing and not dead? Its position.

Dont be surprised to find your betta sleeping curled up like a cat, lying on one side with his head pointed down toward your substrate or even sleeping vertically, with its head pointing toward the bottom of your aquarium some bettas even sleep with their fins open!

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The Betta Fish Is Sleeping

When a fish assumes an upside-down posture and stops moving, many people will conclude that the creature is sleeping. But that conclusion is not always accurate.

Like most animals, fish sleep. They dont have eyelids, so you cannot expect them to close their eyes. During this state of rest, they are less active but relatively alert to danger.

Most importantly, healthy fish sleep right side up. The easiest way to determine whether or not your fish is sleeping is to take note of the periods where it is least active.

If the betta stops moving when the lights are off and starts swimming when you turn the lights back on, it was sleeping. If the betta remains in an upside-down position during these periods of rest, it is sick. A healthy betta will stay right side up, even when it sleeps.

How Often Do Betta Fish Sleep In A Day

Betta fish are often considered the best pet fish because they are easy to take care of and can live in small spaces. However, many people dont know how often they sleep.

Betta fish sleep about 1-2 times each day. They do this by resting on the surface of the water, usually near the top of their tank.

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Other Reasons Your Betta Is At The Bottom Of His Tank

If your betta isnt showing any of the other symptoms, then heres a couple of reasons he may be at the bottom.

A Lazy Betta

Bettas are lazy fish so if he is at the bottom of his tank then he could be being lazy. If you notice after a while he starts to move around normally and is okay with feeding then its probably nothing to worry about.

Old Age

He may just not move around as much because hes getting old. If youve had your betta a while and you find hes more likely to be laying at the bottom of the tank then this could be why.

However, if he is getting older then he is more susceptible to diseases. So make sure youve checked the water conditions are perfect and hes not suffering from any diseases.

Female Betta May Be Egg Bound

If you have a female betta and you notice shes staying at the bottom of her tank then she may be eggbound. To be sure check to see if her belly is swollen. If it is, then, unfortunately, theres not a lot you can do except wait it out.

Want to know how to take care of betta fish but dont know where to start? Click here to read a comprehensive article on betta fish care!

Does Your Betta Fish Sleep How To Catch Your Betta Snoozing

Why is Your Betta Fish Having a Bloated Belly? (Tips &  Fixes)

Last night when I tucked my daughter into bed, she glanced over at her aquarium.

Toby, her Crowntail betta, could still be seen swimming around.

She looked up at me and asked:

Do betta fish need sleep?

It was a good question.

But before I could answer, she had already started to drift off to sleep.

Have you ever had the same thought? Well, today you are going to learn all about betta sleeping habits and how you can encourage them to get a good nights sleep.


Yep, just like you and me, bettas need sleep. However, their sleep is a little different.

First, betta fish are very light sleepers.

I dont know about you, but when I go to sleep at night, I am a heavy sleeper. My house could be falling down around me, and I would sleep right through it.

Imagine if I was a betta. As a heavy sleeper, I would make for an easy snack for a larger fish or bird.

Not only that, but another betta could take over my territory.

It is for this reason that betta fish wake up at the slightest movement or sound it keeps them safe from harm!

These days, betta species of fish are bred in captivity. In fact, not even the great, great, great, great grandparents of your pet betta lived in the wild or ever had to run from a predator.

And even though your aquarium is perfectly safe, the natural instinct of your betta is to sleep lightly. I guess the good life takes some getting used to, huh?

Oh, and just like us, some lazy bettas love to nap during the day.

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