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Do Betta Fish Sleep With Their Eyes Open

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Do Betta Fish Sleep Vertically

Why Does Betta Fish Sleep at Top of Water

Some betta fishes sleep vertically others choke themselves among things. Some betta fishes wish to hide, others prefer to lay beyond leaves.

This is often caused by overeating or by feeding plenty of dehydrated foods like freeze-dried bloodworms, flakes, or grains.

Betta Fish Sleep Characteristics

Betta fish through genetics still have nature engrained into their DNA for species survival. Despite being safe in most aquarium ecosystems, they are still territorial and on constant alert.

Some bettas prefer to sleep near the surface and just sit motionless. Others will find recluse in decorations or just through laying on the bottom in an L-shape. Some will look lifeless laying on their side.

You can reduce stress by having plenty of hiding spots for your betta to seek rest and feel safe. These may include large leafy artificial plants , driftwood, decorative houses, hammocks, and real plants. Its also important to turn off your tank and room lights at night as fish use them to cycle their sleeping habits.

Keep An Eye On Them While Theyre Awake

You should also use your Betta fishs behavior when theyre awake as an indicator of their overall health. Oftentimes, Bettas will look like theyre sleeping when theyre near death. So, paying attention to their behavior can help you identify potential problems pretty quickly.

First things first, take a look at their appearance. Dulled coloration is common when the fish sleep. But it should perk right back up when they wake up and start swimming. If their color is dull when theyre awake, take it as a big red flag.

Also, look out for some telltale signs of disease. White or metallic spots all over the body indicate that your fish has Ich. Meanwhile, heavy swelling around the belly paired with raised scales could mean that your fish is suffering from dropsy.

Check out the fins, too. If the fins look torn or raggedy, it could be a sign of poor health. Bettas are most-known for their beautiful flowing fins. When those fins are looking worse for wear or are kept close to the body rather than fanned out, your fish could be suffering.

Beyond their appearance, take note of their behavior. Lethargic and slow movements or extended periods of time where they arent eating are signs that something is wrong. The same goes for hiding out for days on end.

Combine those strange behaviors with off-kilter swimming patterns and you have the markings of poor health. Theres a good chance that your fish could be near death.

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Betta Sleeping Too Much: What Does It Mean

Not everybody sleeps for the same amount of hours. For instance, I wake up fresh after getting 6-7 hours of sleep. While some people need 8-9 hours to reset their energy levels. So the same rule applies to betta fish. Few thrive on more, and the others on less. This means theres no one right answer to, how many hours do bettas sleep for?

What you should do is observe your betta sketch out a normal sleeping pattern or cycle. And if your fish starts to sleep more than that normal amount, consider the following possibilities.

  • The tank is very dark or boring.
  • The tank is too cold or hot.
  • Your betta is feeling sick.
  • Old age.

How Do Fish Sleep

Do Fish Sleep With Their Eyes Open?

Unlike humans and several other mammals who settle in for a cozy night of rest, most of them remain in motion and dont close their eyes.

Actually, they cant close their eyes because they lack eyelids.

Some species continue to float along and will occasionally move a fin to keep oxygen flowing into their gills. These subtle movements are also meant to help them stay balanced.

However, in general, their movements are often slower, and many times theyll drift down toward the bottom of the surface rather than swimming at their normal elevation.

While most of them stay awake during the day and rest at night, there are some kinds that are nocturnal. And still, others do decide to find a safe place and hide from predators for the evening. One notable difference between humans and water-dwelling creatures is that they tend to stay somewhat alert while theyre asleep so that they can escape predators should the need arise.

Unlike humans, they do not seem to follow a circadian rhythm as strictly as we do. Theyll easily adjust their sleeping patterns to water temperature, food availability, migration patterns, and even whether theyre new parents taking care of babies. So, we can potentially take that last part back because new human parents tend to miss out on rest, too!

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What Does It Mean If Your Betta Is Oversleeping Why Does It Happen

As an owner, it is your job to identify if the betta is oversleeping. If they are oversleeping, it is not always a good sign. Bettas oversleep for various reasons. And here is how to identify them.

Temperature Shock

Bettas are sensitive to high and low temperatures. Thats why they become less active because of temperature shock. Always try maintaining a 78-degree tank temperature.

The Tank Light is Too Dim

Dim light encourages the betta to sleep more as it regulates its sleeping hour based on the light. So the longer the tank light stays too dim, the more your betta will sleep.

Hes Getting Bored

Some people overlook this fact, but bettas can get bored if there isnt enough decoration inside the tank to keep it amused. As a result, it keeps on sleeping for longer hours.

Your Betta Might Be Sick

If your active betta suddenly starts sleeping a lot, it is a sign of illness. You need to keep an eye on the fish to find out what is wrong.

Your Betta May Be Old

So, how long has the betta been with you? Bettas have a shorter lifespan. And it is normal for it to sleep more as it starts getting old. In that case, you should let it have a good rest.

You Just Have A Lazy Betta

I know it makes you giggle, but bettas can be lazy sometimes. If you own more than one betta, you can spot the differences in their activities. Some bettas are less active than others, and they sleep a lot.

Do Betta Fish Change Color When They Sleep

Yes, betta fish change color when they sleep. They turn pale while they sleep and it is a normal behavior seen among betta fish. As discussed in the earlier sections the only defense a betta fish has against its predators is to hide. Which makes a betta fish most vulnerable to attack when they are asleep.

It is for this reason betta fish turn pale to make them difficult to spot by the predators. In their natural habitat, they turn pale and hide inside thick vegetation while they sleep for additional protection.

So, next time you see your betta fish in a pale color, do not worry!

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Where Do Bettas Sleep

If you think their sleeping positions are strange, this might sound even weirder. The fish sleep just about anywhere. So dont be startled to find them sleeping behind the heater or on the filter intake, ornaments, or suction cup.

They even float during sleep. And floating fish do look dead. But more often than not, betta perches itself on random objects for snoozing in the aquarium.

Betta fish sleeping on leaf 4K HD

Is Your Betta Oversleeping


Bettas are usually fairly active, social fish, coming to the surface when you approach the tank or interacting with tankmates.

If your betta seems to be sleeping constantly during the daytime, you should check that there isnt a problem. There are a few things that could be causing your betta to oversleep:

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How Do You Ensure Your Betta Fish Sleeps Well If Not How To Help Your Fish Get Rest

Betta fish are aggressive by nature. Yet, these fish swim around happily when left alone in a good environment. But like every other living creature, bettas need to get a good amount of rest and sleep. But how do you ensure that?

Provide Enough Shade

During the day, betta chooses to rest in shaded areas of the tank. It is also an excellent place for it to take a nap. You can place the fish tank away from direct light. Adding plants and caves are also helpful to provide both shades and hiding places for your betta.

Turn Of The Lights

Bettas dont have eyelids. That is why they cannot close their eyes while sleeping. Now imagine sleeping with your eyes wide open when the room or the place you are sleeping in is full of lights. Thats right! You cannot sleep like that.

Bettas are almost like humans when it comes to sleep. I said almost because they can sleep with the lights on. However, to let the betta get more rest and peaceful sleep, turning off the lights is a better way to ensure that. Try getting an aquarium timer to turn the lights on and off automatically at night.

Reduce Noise

Bettas are light sleepers. A sneeze can startle them easily. So keep the room as quiet as possible when the betta sleeps. Avoid tapping on the glass to prevent scarring them.

Why Do Betta Fish Sleep

All fish sleep and bettas are no exception.

Sleep is important to fish for the same reasons that humans need it. Its restorative a time for the body to recharge and repair.

However, fish sleep in a different way to mammals. Its more like resting in suspended animation. They reduce their activity and metabolism but maintain a level of alertness.

This means that they are able to react quickly to any danger, such as an approaching predator. It makes them light sleepers though, so be careful not to wake them as you move past the aquarium at night.

Even though they remain alert, most fish search for the added protection of shelter in rocks or corals before going to sleep.

Without this sleep, your bettas behavior will start to change. They will become slow and sluggish and could start acting erratically.

A lack of sleep also leaves them weaker their immune system will be less able to fight off diseases, increasing the likelihood of infection and death.

There is still a lot that we do not know about fish sleep, and research is ongoing about the role it plays in their lives. We still have many unanswered questions about our own sleeping patterns.

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How Do Betta Fish Sleep

Just like humans, Betta fish sleep at night. “When sleeping, they become still, with their eyes open because of their absence of eyelids. Betta fish may lose their color while sleeping , and they can sleep in different positions: curled up like a cat, on one side, or even vertically, with the head down. Some bettas also can sleep with fins open,” said Claudine Sievert, DVM, veterinary doctor from Kansas and veterinary consultant at

How Do I Ensure My Betta Fish Has A Good And Quality Sleep

Do Fish Sleep with Their Eyes Open?

If you want to take proper care of Betta fish the best and easiest way is to establish a sleep rhythm. Betta fish sleep in the darkness, that is, at night, just like humans. Then there is silence, natural darkness and they rest and regenerate best. Therefore, when you go to sleep, turn off all the lights in and around the aquarium and the Betta fish will fall asleep peacefully and without stress.

In the morning, she will be awakened by natural daylight. However, keep in mind that the aquarium should always be placed away from direct light sources, windows, and generally lightly sunny places. This will prevent the water in the fish tank from overheating, and will also allow the Betta to nap during the day. Carefully selected aquarium plants, castles, and tunnels will also help the fish to hide and rest during the day.

So, to provide Betta fish with ideal conditions for quality sleep very little is needed. Darkness, soft-leaf plants and some decorations. If you see that they have calmed down during the day do not knock on the aquarium or ripple the water.

Although they seem to sleep a lot, it is often just a nap that is, easy sleep or rest. They can sleep and take a nap lying on the bottom of the aquarium, floating on the surface, or hiding behind plants. If the flow of water is too fast or something does not suit them from the environment they will probably lie at the very bottom of the aquarium or float on the surface.

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Bettas May Take Short Daytime Naps

Bettas sometimes take short naps during the day. If you’ve ever noticed your pet lying on the bottom of his tank doing nothing in particular, he could be asleep. In other cases, your fish may hang motionless at the top of his tank while he rests. Some people panic when they find their betta in either state because they think their pet has died, and indeed, there is not a lot of difference in the way a sleeping betta and a dead betta look. Thankfully, the fish is simply asleep in most instances.

Bettas also take infrequent naps during the day. You may notice your fish resting at the base of a plant, or perhaps he’s even resting amongst the leaves. Bettas like to find a secure place to rest when they can, so they’ll scout out spots beneath or inside tank ornaments, behind filters and anyplace else that makes them feel safe from harm. You can create ideal sleeping spots by adding a bushy plant, either a real or a soft, artificial aquarium plant, or by leaning a piece of shale against the side of the tank.

What Does A Sleeping Betta Fish Look Like How Will You Know If They Are Sleeping Or Dead

Since fish dont sleep like humans or animals, it is challenging to understand their sleeping patterns. Most bettas do not follow a pattern, unlike other fish. Look for the following signs to know how your betta fish sleeps and whether it is asleep or dead.

Movement Of Mouth And Gills

The easiest way to know if the fish is sleeping or dead is to take a closer look at its gills. A dead fishs gill will not move. Bettas draw water through their mouth and release it through the gills. So, if you see the mouth and gills moving, it means the betta is alive.

Slow Breathing

Yes, mouth and gills movement mean your betta is alive. But what if it is breathing slowly? Dont end up with a panic attack if you notice such a thing.

Bettas use low amounts of oxygen when they sleep. As a result, their breathing appears slow while asleep.

Sleeping Positions

A sleeping betta fish looks almost as good as dead because of the way they sleep. Yet, you will find them sleeping on their sides or floating in the tank water. Sometimes they just lay at the bottom of the tank and sleep for hours. Keep an eye on them to check if they move at some points.

Sleeping At Night

Bettas sleeping hours pattern is like humans. They remain playful throughout the day and sleep at night. So, please dont scream your lungs out if you wake up in the middle of the night and find your betta motionless. Bettas are light sleepers, and your scream can startle them.

Less Vibrant Color

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How Do Fish Sleep In Water

Our earth is covered by seventy percent water so it is evident that we have an extreme majority of life. Fish sleep in a variety of places, below are some examples of all the places in which fish can sleep underwater.

  • Sleep Swimming: Most of the fish have to constantly move so that they can filter oxygen through the moving waterMany keep moving to keep oxygen-rich water moving over their gills. Coral fishes adjust their speed while sleeping so that they do not compromise breathing.
  • Floating in Place: Some fishes do not have to move while they are at rest. For example, bullhead, and buccal pumping sharks use their mouth for breathing, they inhale water in which moves towards gills for oxygen filtration. Some fish dont need to keep swimming while sleeping. In this way they can remain still for indefinite periods of time. Some species sleep in a very cute manner, like the nursehound shark which keeps its eyes closed while sleeping and some may use a rock as a pillow to rest their head on.
  • Tucked into Coral or Sand: Sometimes fish also use their environment to sleep, and they find protective barriers within nature. Lemon sharks rest on the sandy sea bed for hours. Parrotfish sleep in crevices between the rocks.

How To Tell When Your Betta Is Sleeping

How to Sleep With Eyes Open?!! [Fishy Business]

So, now you are aware of the fact that betta fishes also need enough sleep. But the next question in your mind might be how you can identify if the fish is sleeping or awake. Well, this is a very genuine question because these fishes sleep with open eyes, so people may find it difficult to recognize their actual state.

Well, it is important to understand that betta fishes may get an opportunity to sleep whenever it goes dark around. It can happen right when you turn off the lights of the betta tank in the evening. It takes just a few minutes to locate a comfortable spot to take rest and will get inactive very soon. They will not wake up until the light turns on or something disturbs them.

You will be excited to know that bettas can also take short naps in the day hours. Sometimes, you may observe that the betta fish is just lying on the tank bottom, and it is doing nothing special the chances are that it is sleeping. You may even observe them hanging motionless on the tank top when they want to take some rest.

Many times, pet owners get worried when they see their Betta in this position but there is actually a great difference between a sleeping and dead Betta. These fishes can take many infrequent naps all day long, and to do this, they try to find a secure spot in the tank.

Their favorite place may be behind the filter or on the rocks. If you want to create an ideal sleeping space for your betta fish, prefer to add some bushy plants to the aquarium.

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