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Do You Sleep Better When Your Cold

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Taking Antibiotics For A Common Cold

Why Do You Sleep Better in a Cold Room

If you have a bacterial infection, you likely need antibiotics to treat it. Viruses, on the other hand, don’t respond to antibiotics and if you take them when you don’t need them, you can build up a resistance. That means that the next time you have an infection and need an antibiotic, it might not work as well as it should. Bottom line: If it’s the common cold, don’t try to zap it with antibiotics. Just stick with over-the-counter cold treatment.

Whats The Ideal Sleeping Temperature

Many people ask the question, What’s the best temperature for sleep? I tend to think of what type of environment is most natural to us as humans. We should slumber in something that most closely resembles a cool, dark cave.

While our individual preferences will vary, the temperatures that most resemble a natural sleeping environment would range between 60 and 67-68 degrees.

The Solution: An Ounce Of Prevention

Resting up before youre under the weather is a proven way to stave off a nasty infection because our;immune systems rely on sleep;to stay strong. By thinking of sleep in more concrete terms say, likening your sleep habits to your eating and exercise habits you can set a schedule and maintain sleep hygiene all year long to stay one step ahead of nasty viral and bacterial infections. This list of winter sleep tips is a great place to start.

The winter months are packed with travel, stress, scheduling obstacles, and cup after cup of sleep-wrecking coffee. And while its all worth it in the end whether youre celebrating a major holiday or reflecting on the waning year with your loved ones nearby it also creates a paradox. To stay on top of your health and sanity during this lovely, hectic time, its more important than ever to tend to your sleep health but seemingly harder than ever to do so, especially when wintry weather seems to be conspiring against your best intentions.

Fortunately, youre now equipped to stay happy and healthy in a season that celebrates joy and wellness. Here at Dallas Sleep, we really do believe that when you sleep better, you feel better, and thats what we wish for all of our patients, community members, and friends this winter and all year long.

Happy Holidays, everyone! Well see you next year!

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Does It Differ For Babies

You do not need to create a vastly different sleeping environment for babies. You may consider bumping up the thermostat a degree or two, but they should be fine in a room anywhere between 60 and 68°F as long as they are clothed properly.

In general, you should avoid overheating an infant because it may increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome .

There are several reasons infants may need to sleep in a room thats a bit warmer than your own:

  • they cannot regulate their temperatures as easily as adults
  • they do not sleep with as many covers to reduce the risk of SIDS

You should put your infant to sleep in nothing more than a breathable sleeper and a sleep sack. Sleep sacks can be made out of cooler or warmer material, and you can swap them out with the seasons. Your infant should not wear a hat indoors because it affects internal body temperature and may inhibit an infants ability to get cool.

You can make sure your baby is not too hot by touching the back of their neck or their stomach during sleep. If their skin is hot or sweaty, remove a layer of clothing.

Your infant should also sleep in a dark and quiet environment to promote healthy sleep.

Temperatures outside of comfortable sleeping conditions can impact your overall sleep in different ways.

How Cold Temperatures Affect Sleep

Sleep Needs

Although your core body temperature decreases at night, studies have shown exposure to excessively cold ambient temperatures can impact your sleep quality. This is especially true for people who sleep in the nude or semi-nude, or who do not use blankets and other covers in bed. Additionally, you’ll probably have a harder time falling asleep if your feet feel cold.

During a normal sleep cycle, your blood pressure will gradually decrease during the NREM 1 and NREM 2 stages before bottoming out during NREM 3. Once REM sleep begins, blood pressure elevates back to normal waking levels before the sleep cycle begins anew. Exposure to cold can cause your blood pressure to increase during NREM sleep, which may reduce the amount of time you spend in REM sleep. This is why bedding is important for people who prefer to sleep naked, as well as those who naturally run cold in bed.

Keeping warm in bed is critical during colder times of the year, especially for the elderly or anyone with cardiovascular problems.

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Under The Weather Well Help You Sleep Better

Tough out your cold. Have plenty of chicken soup. Take zinc tablets the instant you feel a scratchy throat coming on. Eat a clove of raw garlic. With cold and flu season entering a fever pitch, youre bound to hear countless tips like these on how to deal with an illness. But making sure youre getting sleep when youre sick is the one thing you absolutely must do to get over your illness.

Sleep Well Even When Youre Not

Getting restful, recuperative sleep is one of the best ways we can help our immune systems battle illness.

Many of the molecules and substances that circulate in our body and also within cells overlap between immune function and sleep, says David Rapoport, MD, director of the sleep medicine program at New York University School of Medicine. So its not at all surprising that they affect each other.

One way sleep and the immune system interact with one another is through fever. Our bodies use fever as a physiological defense to fight infection. During sleep, we can get a better fever response. That means its more efficient for our bodies to take on unwelcomed germs and viruses when were asleep.

More Sneeze Than Zzzs

Get sick, get to bed, get better. Sounds simple enough. Having a cold or the flu is so annoying, you wish you could just sleep through the misery and wake up after youre feeling better. But its not always easy to sleep when youre coughing, cant breathe and you have to blow your nose every half hour.

What Are The Effects Of Sleeping In A Warm Room

Sleepingin a warm room may be ideal if you are the type of person who getscold rather quickly. However, throughout the night, you may findyourself tossing and turning under the sheets, unable to get astraight 8-hour sleep. You can find yourself easily awakened byslight movements and little noises. Dont fret for theses are allfairly normal reactions for somebody who sleep in a warm room. Warmertemperatures tend to induce a state of wakefulness and keeps us alertdespite falling asleep. Thats why you react easily to minorstimulus despite falling deep in slumber. The following are someeffects of sleeping in a warm room for a prolonged period of time:

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See Your Gp If You’re Concerned

Remember that if you are suffering from chronic sleep problems such as insomnia, it’s important that beyond these lifestyle changes, you speak directly with your GP who can support you. They can potentially refer you to a sleep expert or suggest effective strategies, such as cognitive behavioural therapy, the gold standard for help with better sleep.

Dont Go To Bed Too Early

How should you sleep when you have a cold?

While it might sound counterintuitive, some people with sleeping problems, such as insomnia, often go to bed too early, hoping to sleep more. However, its likely that going to bed when you are not tired will have the opposite effect and wind up making it difficult for you to break . Go to bed at the same time, respecting the routine.

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Cold Showers Warm Your Body

Wait What!?

YepI thought the same when discovering this about cold showers.

Well it turns out us humans live within a very tight temperature range.

Toohot? Then you could suffer from hyperthermia.

Toocold? Likewise with hypothermia.

Bothof these are potentially life-threatening conditions that occur when our bodystemperature is outside its normal range.

Sowhat do you think happens when we take a cold shower?

Thats right our bodies compensate by warming up.

Similarto Cortisol, our core body temperature fluctuates in a circadian rhythm.

Its naturally higher in the morning and then lowers in the evening before we go to sleep.

Soif youre in the evening shower camp, taking a cold shower may send signals toyour body clock that its actually day time, making it harder to fall asleep.

Ofcourse, if youre like me , then you have nothing to worryabout.

The Winter Blues Arent Actually Blue

Theyre gray, thanks to an overcast sky and months of de-icing salt over plowed snow.;Seasonal Affective Disorder;is a very real thing, but unlike the other items on this list, it wont necessarily keep you up at night. Instead, it may cause you to nod off in the middle of the day, throwing your sleep schedule out of whack and exacerbating the dysthymia that can attend winter to boot.

The winter blues can also be pitch black those long nights and dark mornings confuse Circadian rhythms and make it harder and harder to leave our warm beds. The result? Later bedtimes and abused snooze buttons, both of which spell trouble for sleep health.

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How Does External Temperature Affect Sleep

Exposure to excessively cold or excessively hot temperatures can affect how you sleep, albeit in different ways. Youre more sensitive to cool or warm temperatures during NREM stages of your sleep cycle, and thus more likely to wake up if you feel too hot or too cold. Thermosensitivity is not as strong during REM sleep, but you may still wake up if dramatic temperature shifts occur.

Pretending You Aren’t Sick

10 Things To Do When Your Kids Get The Flu

It’s easy to want to ignore a cold after all, you have more important things to do than sit home and treat it. “The most common mistake people make is to not slow down and take care of themselves when they have a cold,” says Neelam Taneja-Uppal, MD, an infectious disease specialist in New York City. If you run yourself ragged when you’re not feeling well, even if you just have a common cold, you’ll make it worse and it will take longer for you to recover.

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It Could Help Prevent Insomnia

Studies point out that several forms of;insomnia are actually associated with higher body temperatures. Many insomniacs have difficulty regulating their body temperature, limiting their ability to;lose heat. By;making our bedrooms cooler, we;can aid our bodies in;cooling down and help induce sleep.

How Does Temperature Affect Sleep

Our sleep cycle is regulated by our circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is based on the light-and-dark cycle of the sun and controlled by a part of the brain called the suprachiasmatic nucleus, located in the hypothalamus. This master body clock gets its cues from a number of environmental and personal factors, ranging from the amount of light exposure , to exercise, and temperature.

Our core body temperature hovers around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit , but fluctuates by about 2 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the night. The drop in temperature starts about two hours before you go to sleep, coinciding with the release of the; sleep hormone melatonin . During sleep, body temperature continues to fall, reaching a low point in the early morning and then gradually warming up as the morning progresses.

The principal way in which the body cools itself down for sleep is by sending heat away from the core. In a process called vasodilation, the circadian clock sends a signal to increase blood flow to the extremities. This is why some people may experience warm hands and feet which can be mistaken for overall body temperature at night. Indeed, people who have; chronically cold feet may be at higher risk for sleep-onset insomnia, possibly due to a disruption of this process.

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How To Sleep When Youre Sick The Best Sleeping Positions

Lets face it, it is no easy task to sleep when we are sick. Whether we are dealing with a cold, flu, or stomach problems, it can be so hard to close our eyes and drift off to dreamland.

While proper sleep is always important, it is even more important we are sick. This is because sleep boosts our immune system and allows us to heal more quickly and even stave off future infections and sicknesses.

Anyone who has questions about how to sleep when they are sick should keep reading. We are going to discuss the tricks to getting the best sleep when were sick!

Cold Weather Can Bring Insomnia With It These Winter Sleep Tips Will Have You Sleeping And Feeling Better In No Time

Get a good night sleep-even when you’re sick

Yesterday marked the first day of winter, an occasion thats typically met with very little fanfare. After all, either youre from somewhere thats already been buried under snow and hitting record lows for weeks, or youre a Texan.

But even we Texans have had our share of frigid weather, and more is on the horizon. And no matter where you live, when the temperature dips, its tougher to get a good nights rest. Well tell you why that is, why;good sleep is more important;than ever in the winter months, and give you some winter sleep tips so you can;get back on track.

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Cold Showers Relieve Stress

In my analysis of taking cold showers for acne, I touched upon a theory which I like to call the cycle of doom.

Itgoes something like this.

Andthen the dreaded cycle repeats itself.

Unfortunately,like acne, the cycle of doom applies to your sleep too.

Thereason why this is so damaging to sleep quality is that high Cortisol in the evening will trick your body into thinking its daytime.

Notto worry though.

Studies have demonstrated that cold spas are awesome at lowering Cortisol levels, so by taking cold showers, youre essentially reversing the cycle of doom.

Okay,now lets looks at some potential reasons why your sleep may be hindered bycold showers.

The Solution: Let There Be Light

Its worth it to invest in natural lighting for your house and especially your bedroom that can be operated with a simple flick of a switch or button press. Find lightbulbs that mimic the rays of the sun and make use of them: an alarm clock that uses light;and;noise to wake you up can trick your rhythms into staying on track, while generous light in high traffic rooms can go a long way in battling those winter blues.

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The Best Ways To Stay Cool For Sleep

Keeping the air conditioning on throughout the year is not the most affordable option. However, there are many other ways you can keep your house cooler without having to spend a lot of money.

Here are some other ways to help keep your cool:

  • Freeze your top sheet and put it back on the bed right before bedtime
  • Sleep with less clothes on
  • Use a fan to circulate air around the room
  • Purchase a cooling pillow to help naturally draw the heat away
  • Soak your top sheet in cold or ice water and ring out well. As it dries, it will help to keep the heat away
  • Stick one or both feet out from under the covers

Is It Bad To Sleep In A Cold Room

Do You Sleep Better In A Clean Room? An Expert Explains

Youll have a more restful sleep. Research done at the University of South Australia found that certain forms of insomnia occur with poor body temperature regulation. If youre having trouble falling asleep at night, a colder room could help your body cool down enough to reach a level of deeper, restorative sleep.10 jan. 2020

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Sleep Like An Egyptian

In order to keep themselves cool while they slept, ancient Egyptians used to soak their sheets in cold water right before bed. However, with washing machines and fans, we can now do this without having dripping wet sheets on our bed all night.;To do the more modern Egyptian method first get a large sheet or towel and soak it in cold water. Then, squeeze out as much water as you can before placing the sheet into your washer. Lastly, run it through the spin cycle. This will make the sheet come out wet, but not dripping.

Cold Showers Boost Immunity

Are you the type of person who seemsto be bedridden with colds and headaches all the time?

Are these stopping you from gettinggood quality sleep?

I know whenever I have a cold, getting to sleep is a nightmare!

Well if you are one of thoseunfortunate ones, then I bring you good news.

Studies show that cold showers increase the number of white blood cells, which help massively in your battle against illness.

So by keeping those pesky colds atbay, you can say hello to a good nights sleep.

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Low Temperatures/high Quality Sleep

Sleeping comfortably can be a tricky thing. What works for one person may not work for another.

For example, a room that feels too cold;for one person might feel too hot;for another. Or you;might be one of those people who gets in bed and feels too hot with a blanket on but then too cold when you take;it off. ;Theres really no universal magic formula that works for everybody when it comes to getting a good nights sleep. But whatever your ideal temperature setting is when it comes to bedtime, sleeping in a cold room is known to have its health benefits.

The human bodys internal temperature is usually at its highest in the early afternoon and lowest in the early morning hours. Body temperatures fluctuate throughout the day. But keeping your body temperature cool is known to help you sleep better. When we sleep, our bodies cool off naturally. And if youve seen enough sci-fi movies, you know that characters are often kept on ice in cryogenic states when they need to be dormant but alive for long periods of time. So it makes sense that in real life the colder your body temperature, the better you sleep.

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