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Does Everyone Who Snores Have Sleep Apnea

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How Frequently Should I Change Meta Tags Of My Website

Guess that snore: Do you have sleep apnea? | SA Live | KSAT12

I am new in this digital marketing industry and learning about SEO best practices, but I am confused about the meta tags that how frequently should I change meta tags of website’s pages?

Changing meta tags manually can be possible for small websites like 30-50 pages website, but what about e-commerce websites?

Is there any Auto Tagging tool? which can automatically generate meta tags for my website’s pages and automatically change them after a particular time interval.

What Does Google Say About Meta Descriptions

QUOTE: its not the case that changing your descriptions or making them longer or shorter or tweaking them or putting keywords in there will affect your sites ranking. John Mueller 2017

Googles says you can programmatically auto-generate unique meta descriptions based on the content of the page.

Follow Googles example:

< META NAME="Description" CONTENT="Author: J. K. Rowling, Illustrator: Mary GrandPré, Category: Books, Price: $17.99, Length: 784 pages"> 

.and their advice why to do this:

QUOTE: No duplication, more information, and everything is clearly tagged and separated. No real additional work is required to generate something of this quality: the price and length are the only new data, and they are already displayed on the site. GOOGLE

Google also says:

Special Case Noodp A Relic Of The Past

A relic of the search engine optimization past is the so-called noodp tag. This allows webmasters to determine in the meta details of a website that the URLs description shown in search engine snippets is not taken from the DMOZ directory.

The Background: At a time when Google and other search engines were not used as frequently as today and didnt work as efficiently, a big part of web information was based on web directories. The biggest and most independent of its kind was called DMOZ. For search engines, especially Google, the description of a website listed in this directory was considered a trustworthy statement. This was then used for the search results snippet instead of the meta description. If you want to avoid having a page description shown in the snippet sourced from the moderated DMOZ directory, then you can indicate this in the source code as follows:

< meta name=robots content=noodp> < meta name=msnbot content=noodp> < meta name=GoogleBot content=noodp>

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What Treatment Options Are Available For Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea can either be medically managed or surgically corrected. Your doctor will recommend the best treatment option that helps you to maintain an open airway during sleep. Usually, these recommendations depend on the type and severity of your sleep apnea.

Medical ManagementMild cases of sleep apnea can be medically managed. Your doctor may recommend one or more of the following:

Healthy Lifestyle Changes. Patients should follow a healthy lifestyle that includes eating a heart-healthy diet, limiting alcohol intake, aiming for a healthy weight, getting regular physical exercise, developing healthy sleeping habits, and quitting smoking.

Sleep Positioning Pillows. These are special anti-snoring pillows that support side sleep and support the position of the head for optimal airflow.

Mouthpieces/Oral Appliances. Patients wear these mouthpieces while they sleep. They are custom-fit devices that help keep your lower jaw and tongue in place. Specifically, they are designed to keep the lower jaw in the forward position and they help to mitigate the backward compression of the tongue base on the oral airway.

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Device . CPAP devices resist the collapse associated with OSA. Patients sleep with a mask that opens the airway with forced air, and they can also use facial pillows to wear with the masks for added comfort.

Ultimately, effective treatment of OSA depends on proper diagnosis and location of the anatomic source of the problem.

Meta Descriptions Can Affect Ctr

Does Everyone Who Snores Have Sleep Apnea? : Florida ...

Its the same principles as a conversion rate, but with a different, more specific name.

The formula for calculating CTR is: Clicks / Impressions * 100. So, if you had 700 impressions and 20 people clicked on it, your CTR would be 20/700 * 100 = 2.86%. Or, much easier if you have 100 impressions and 5 clicks, then the click through rate would be 5%.

But why do meta descriptions affect CTR? Well, the answer to that is pretty simple. On the search page, you have 3 elements that mix up in order to create your search result:

  • Description

If you take a look at the results on a Google search page, you can see that the meta description takes up about 50% of the space. Sometimes, even more.

Even if the title tag is the most important one, description still matters. Google bolds important phrases in the description, which catch the eye. In order to make sense of the bolded phrases, you have to read the entire sentence or at least part of it.

The following example is a localized search result, so your search engine results might differ from mine. Nonetheless, its a good example of something that catches the eye. Now I know nothing about shoes, so in my opinion, branding here doesnt matter. For me, the most interesting result is the last one.

Now, the question that remains is: Does CTR affect SEO? Well, , yes! Brian Dean also mentioned this in , at number 135. A wide number of other experts also agree that CTR is a Google ranking factor.

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How Do You Know If Your Snoring Is A Sign Of Sleep Apnea

If you regularly snore loudly at night and think it may be a sign of a sleep disorder like sleep apnea, reach out to your doctor. Because not everyone who snores has sleep apnea and not everyone who has sleep apnea snores, reaching out to a medical professional can help you sort through your concerns and settle on a conclusion. Taking a sleep test may be necessary in order to identify the true cause of your symptoms.

Besides loud, recurrent snoring, the following are also signs of sleep apnea:

  • Choking or gasping during sleep, usually noticed by a partner
  • Fatigue or excessive daytime sleepiness despite getting a full night of sleep
  • Waking with a headache or sore throat regularly
  • Mood swings
  • Difficulty concentrating on everyday tasks

On top of these symptoms, there are a few warning signs that may make you more likely to develop sleep apnea. If you have several of the following risk factors, you are much more likely to develop the sleep disorder:

  • Obesity
  • A family history of sleep apnea
  • A large neck circumference
  • A small lower jaw
  • Nasal congestion

If you snore and possess some of these characteristics, dont hesitate to reach out to your doctor about your concerns. If sleep apnea goes untreated for a long period of time, it can take a significant toll on your health.

Where Do You Add The Meta Description Tag

In the HTML code, a meta description tag looks like this:

< meta name=”description” content=”A page’s description, one or two sentences.”/>

But you don’t have to be a sophisticated webmaster or SEO to add a meta description!

If you use a content management system like WordPress or HubSpot, you can bypass having to dive into the HTML code since these platforms allow you to change the meta description,title tags,and more all through the general settings.

Plug-ins like Yoast are also available to make it easier to add the meta description to your web page.

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How Is Sleep Apnea Diagnosed

Diagnosis of sleep apnea involves a review of your family and medical history, a physical exam, and sleep study results.

Specifically, your doctor will ask you questions about your family and medical history with sleep apnea, such as:

  • Whether or not you have a family history for sleep apnea or another sleep disorder
  • Whether or not you have risk factors for sleep apnea and
  • Whether or not you have experienced any complications from untreated or undiagnosed sleep apnea.

For your physical exam, your doctor will look for signs of other conditions that may increase your risk for sleep apnea, including obesity, large tonsils, narrowing of the upper airway, or a large neck circumference . Your doctor will also examine your jaw size and structure, the size of your tongue, and your tongues position in your mouth, as well as your lungs, heart and neurological systems to see whether you have developed any complications of sleep apnea.

As for a sleep study, your doctor will order this for you, and it can be done at home or at a sleep center. The study records the number of episodes of slowed or stopped breathing, and the number of central sleep apnea events detected in an hour. The study also monitors blood oxygen levels and brain and heart activity during sleep.

Results of your sleep study can tell your doctor if you have mild, moderate, or severe sleep apnea based on the number of sleep apnea events you have within an hour.

What Does The Keyphrase In Meta Description Assessment In Yoast Seo Do

Why do we SNORE? Is it Dangerous? SLEEP APNEA explained!

This check is all about using the keyphrase in the meta description. A focus keyphrase is the search term you want a page to rank with. When people use that term, you want them to find your page. You base your keyphrase on keyword research. In a nutshell, after you do your research, you should end up with a combination of words that the majority of your audience is most likely to search for. Weve already discussed that when you use your keyphrase in the meta description, Google will likely highlight it. That makes it easier for people to see that theyve found what they are looking for.

Yoast SEO checks if and how often you use the words from your focus keyphrase in the meta description text. In addition, if you use Yoast SEO Premium, it also takes into account the synonyms you enter. If you overdo it, the plugin advises you to limit the use of your focus keyphrase.

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How To Force Google To Reindex Meta Title And Description

You cant force Google but your request Google bot to re-index the changes in your website to display updated title and description.

If you follow the above steps then your changes may appear within a few minutes.

It is important to note that Google takes various signals to re-index pages so it is not guaranteed that your page will be re-index within a few minutes but if you have a quality website then your chances are much higher.

How To Write A Meta Description

Since you are typically only afforded about two sentences for your SEO meta description, it is important to use the space wisely. Google has increased and then decreased characters for meta descriptions so, you could be seeing some longer snippets around. To create an effective, optimized meta description, you’ll first want to discover what keyword you’ll be using and optimizing for. Generally, you want to use your target topic keyword somewhere towards the beginning so that you can establish your relevance for readers immediately. You want to write engaging copy that demonstrates why your material is uniquely positioned to answer their questions and provide them with the value and information they seek. Consider these steps:

  • Think about the topic that you are writing about and what interests people in this subject.
  • Create an SEO meta description that serves as an introduction to this piece, answering why your particular material is so much more valuable that the other results in the SERP.
  • Use the keyword naturally in your description to make your piece look more relevant and appealing.

While your SEO meta description might not be directly monitored by Google, it is still valuable real estate when it comes to boosting your brand reputation and reach. By creating an effective and optimized meta description, you will be able to appeal to readers and demonstrate to the search engines that you do have something of value to offer.

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Active Learning: Experiment With Character Encoding

To try this out, revisit the simple HTML template you obtained in the previous section on < title> , try changing the meta charset value to ISO-8859-1, and add the Japanese to your page. This is the code we used:

< p> Japanese example: < /p> 

Many < meta> elements include name and content attributes:

  • name specifies the type of meta element it is what type of information it contains.
  • content specifies the actual meta content.

Two such meta elements that are useful to include on your page define the author of the page, and provide a concise description of the page. Let’s look at an example:

< metaname="author"content="Chris Mills"> < metaname="description"content="The MDN Web Docs Learning Area aims to providecomplete beginners to the Web with all they need to know to getstarted with developing web sites and applications."> 

Specifying an author is beneficial in many ways: it is useful to be able to understand who wrote the page, if you have any questions about the content and you would like to contact them. Some content management systems have facilities to automatically extract page author information and make it available for such purposes.

Specifying a description that includes keywords relating to the content of your page is useful as it has the potential to make your page appear higher in relevant searches performed in search engines

Meta Description Seo Tests & Observations

Do you have sleep apnea? Sleep apnea affects over 18 ...

While I usually focus mainly on the human user when creating meta descriptions, Ive spent a lot of time making observations, taking notes and infrequently testing if there was an opportunity when it comes to everything to do with SEO, including on page elements, and including metadata, and including the meta description.

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Does Google Use What Is In Meta Tags For Ranking Pages

Some search engines once looked for hidden HTML tags like these to help order pages in search engine results pages, but most search engines have evolved past this, and Google certainly has.

Google is on record as saying it does not use some data in meta when ranking a page and tests throughout the years have certainly seemed to confirm this.

In short, Google does not use information in the keywords meta tag or the description meta tag to actually rank pages, but it does use the meta description text to create search snippets. Sometimes.

QUOTE: its not the case that changing your descriptions or making them longer or shorter or tweaking them or putting keywords in there will affect your sites ranking. John Mueller 2017

Ideal Seo Title Format

When creating your SEO titles its best to stick to the same format for each page. Using keywords or keyphrases inside your titles will tell Google and the user what the page is about.

Keyword 1 Keyword 2 Brand Name

The first part of any SEO title should be your primary keywords/keyphrases. Google puts the most SEO weight on the beginning of the title.

Adding your Company name at the end of every SEO title is the best way to build a reputation with Google. It is highly recommended.

Your Keywords and Keyphrases should be what you think your clients are searching on google to find serves you offer. Google is smart and doesnt rely on the exact term, but will match with pages using similar phrases.

Using venue and city names is a great way to get found by someone looking for services in a specific location. Using terms like Gorgeous wedding photography at lets google and the user know that the post or page is about wedding photos shot at a specific venue.

The example below shows what a bride looking to get married at a venue in the Algarve, Portugal called Os Agostos would typically search for inspiration.

Using Clients names in your SEO titles is not a great idea. Most people will not search for Jack + Jill expecting to find wedding photography. It takes up space where you could be utilizing relevant keywords.

Example blog post SEO title:

  • Gorgeous Sunset Wedding Photos | Castello Di Potentino | Brand Name
  • Example Page SEO title:

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    Change Your Rest Posture

    Sleeping on your side as opposed to your back is just one of the most convenient treatments for snoring.

    Obtaining used to this resting posture may take some time if it isnt your typical one, but within a couple of evenings you will be comfy.

    One alternative to sleeping on the back is to raise your head so that you can have an extra comfy position. If you copulate a few extra pillows, you can prevent snoring by maintaining your throat clear and also open with the night. Snoring Aids Zyppah

    If you want to protect against snoring, you can utilize pillows designed with wedge forms that help lift your top body to stop snoring.

    Start With Key Products/pages

    Does Everyone Tested for Sleep Apnea get Diagnosed with Sleep Apnea?

    If youre an Ecommerce business start with your key products first and work your way down.

    For a content site, start with your top pages.

    Set a realistic goal for the number of meta descriptions you will update each day.

    Even if thats just 10 a day, over the course of a month you should be able to work your way through at least 200.

    The key is to be consistent!

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    Do Meta Tags Control My Search Snippet Listing On Google

    Sometimes, yes, at least in the case of the Meta Description, but not always, and this is dependent on many factors.

    Google will pick its own preferred search snippet for SERPs for display purposes, based on elements that can still be influenced by whoever made the page and what Google knows about the page.

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