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Does Exercise Help Sleep Apnea

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What Is A Cpap Device And How Does It Work

Does exercise help with sleep apnea?

A CPAP device is a machine that uses a hose and airtight nosepiece or mask to deliver a steady stream of air as you sleep. The air pressure helps keep your airway open, preventing pauses in breathing.

CPAP technology is constantly being updated and improved, and the new CPAP devices are lighter, quieter, and more comfortable than they used to be. So even if youve given up on them in the past, you owe it to yourself to give them a second look.

What Are Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises used by apnea patients can be categorized as rhythmic breath patterns and habits that target the muscles in the upper airway. These exercises help work the delicate muscles and collapsible tissues in the respiratory system exercises that target breathing muscles can also increase lung capacity, help manage anxiety, and even reduce high blood pressure.

Tongue Exercise For Sleep Apnea

When you snore its often the tongue that collapses and falls back down the throat. Try sticking your tongue out and holding it there for several seconds. Do this repeatedly and aim to stick your tongue out as far as you possibly can.

For more info on exercises, see Tongue Exercises for Sleep Apnea.

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Do Tongue Exercises Work To Treat Sleep Apnea

If you think that exercises for sleep apnea are just a myth, then you might change your mind: there is scientific evidence suggesting that tongue exercises can cure sleep apnea.

One of the studies was published in 2009 in the American Journel of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. .

The scientists recruited a group of people with obstructive sleep apnea and split them into two groups:

  • the first group was trained to do breathing and nasal exercises daily.
  • the second group did thirty minutes of tongue exercises for sleep apnea and other oropharyngeal exercises, daily.

The results of the study gave clinical evidence that tongue exercises for sleep apnea can be successful. After three months of study, the patients who did tongue and throat exercises showed reductions in the neck circumference, snored less, slept better and reduced their sleep disorder by 39%.

However, the first group showed almos no improvement in their sleep quality and snoring.

Now, let’s get started with our special exercises:

Does Exercise Help Sleep Apnea

Exercises for Sleep Apnea, Snoring, Sinus Pressure &  more ...

There have been many studies done to answer the questiondoes exercise help sleep apnea? The answer is: yes it does. Many people overlook this as a benefit of exercise, thinking that it will have no effect. This is not true however, the opposite is true. Exercise can actually help you get a good night sleep.

Studies have proven that exercise does improve alertness. When you exercise, your brain releases more dopamine, which helps to improve mood and feelings of well-being. It can also increase your endurance and strength. These feelings of well-being are very important when youre trying to sleep at night.

Exercise also boosts your endorphins, the hormones that make you feel positive and happy. In addition, exercising has been proven to decrease depression and anxiety. Exercise also causes your body to release natural chemicals known as endorphins. Endorphins cause your brain to release a feeling of euphoria.

The endorphins affect your brain chemistry so much that exercise may be the cure for your insomnia. As you exercise, you experience such a release of energy that you may find yourself sleeping shortly after.

Your throat muscles become stronger as you exercise. When your throat muscles are stronger, they are able to hold themselves against air pressure that builds up against them. This means that youll have a better nights sleep and wake up feeling refreshed instead of fatigued. It is these same weakened muscles that may cause sleep apnea.

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Therapeutic Strategies For Osa

Continuous positive airway pressure is typically the treatment of choice for OSA. It maintains a positive pharyngeal transmural pressure and increases end-expiratory lung volume, contributing to the maintenance of an open airway., The aforementioned benefits were first reported by Sullivan et al. in 1981.

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, CPAP should be the first-line treatment for moderate to severe OSA . The clinical decision to prescribe CPAP is based on the possibility of symptom relief and cardiovascular protection. Although CPAP is effective, it might not be tolerated by some patients. Adherence to CPAP therapy is highest in patients who snore heavily and have excessive daytime sleepiness.,-

Sleep hygiene and changes in lifestyle habits, including weight loss, discontinuation or replacement of drugs that directly interfere with upper airway muscle function , reducing alcohol consumption , smoking cessation, regular physical activity, and changing body position during sleep should always be encouraged in the treatment of OSA.,-

Although surgical procedures were widely used in the treatment of OSA in the recent past, they are no longer used, because of symptom recurrence after a few months. In addition to being used in cases of significant facial changes and in young individuals with significant tonsillar hypertrophy, surgery has been used in order to improve nasal breathing for the use of a CPAP mask.,-

Does Cardio Help Sleep Apnea

Cardiovascular exercises are designed to increase your heart rate and improve your overall health. So if you suffer from sleep apnea, these exercises will help you to relax and therefore reduce stress which helps you sleep better.

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Sleep Apnea Linked To Impaired Exercise Capacity

A new study shows that compared to people who do not have the disorder, those who suffer from sleep apnea may not be capable of burning sufficiently high levels of oxygen during strenuous aerobic exercise.

This was the conclusion of a study led by the University of California San Diego and published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine.

Obstructive sleep apnea or more commonly just sleep apnea is a condition where breathing starts and stops during sleep. A common feature is gasping or snorting noises during sleep these are the moments when sleep is interrupted.

People who suffer from sleep apnea may also feel sleepy during the day because due to frequent interruption, night-time sleep is not sufficiently restorative.

Sleep apnea is linked to increased risk of a number of cardiovascular diseases, including high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease and irregular heart beat.

Researchers believe that an early marker of higher risk for stroke and heart attack is a measure of exercise capacity known as VO2 max or peak VO2 the maximum oxygen a person burns during strenuous exercise.

VO2 max is commonly measured during cardiopulmonary exercise testing where a patients heart and lung function is assessed during aerobic activity such as riding a bicycle.

The authors note that there is increasing interest in using CPET as a way to categorize sleep apnea patients in terms of heart risk.

Dont Forget To Maintain A Healthy Diet

Exercise to HELP with Sleep Apnea

Exercise is only half of the equation. Maintaining a healthy diet goes hand-in-hand with helping maintain your weight and giving you more energy to exercise. Here are a few foods to incorporate into your diet to stave off hunger and keep you energized for exercise:

  • Nuts Nuts are high in protein and healthy fats, which will keep you full longer.
  • Yogurt High-protein yogurt is a perfect option for breakfast and snacking, and has been shown to improve appetite control.9
  • Bananas Bananas are full of potassium, which can limit water retention and bloating.

You deserve a good nights rest. By introducing new exercise habits into your routine, youll not only feel better, youll breathe easier.

This blog post contains general information about medical conditions and potential treatments. It is not medical advice. If you have any medical questions, please consult your doctor.

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Throat Exercises For Sleep Apnea

Apart from aerobic exercise supporting weight loss, performing additional nose, mouth, and throat exercises can help reduce or even eliminate snoring.

Obstructive sleep apnea and snoring occur because your airways are blocked by floppy or protruding airway muscles. These exercises work by strengthening or toning airway muscles, repositioning the tongue, and promoting breathing through your nose during sleep.

Myofunctional therapy exercises for sleep apnea, otherwise known as oropharyngeal exercise, targets the soft tissue of the face, neck, and mouth. This helps to improve your tongue position and your oral rest posture.

Research indicates myofunctional therapy reduces the severity of sleep apnea. One meta-analysis demonstrated a drop in AHI from 24.5 to 12.3 when using myofunctional therapy as treatment. Essentially decreasing severity from moderate apnea to mild apnea.

Doing mouth and throat exercise during the day can help keep these muscles toned and prevent them from vibrating too much while you sleep, reducing snoring and treating mild obstructive sleep apnea. The effectiveness of these exercises can increase when used in combination with a CPAP device and healthy lifestyle choices.

Additionally, breathing exercises can help sleep apnea by opening and strengthening your airway muscles. These can also improve your nasal breathing and stabilize your airways during sleep.

Tips To Improve Health And Comfort

Choose a CPAP device with a built-in humidifier. Most devices now include a built-in humidifier, which helps prevent the dryness and skin irritation that can sometimes occur.

If youre experiencing nasal congestion, you may prefer a full-face mask over a nasal or nasal pillow mask. Also be sure to keep your humidifier tank full, keep your tubing and mask clean, and make sure your filter is clean. Nasal sprays and antihistamines also help.

Keep your device clean. Its very important to clean your CPAP hose, nosepiece or mask, and humidifier tub regularly, as a dirty CPAP device can cause infections and even pneumonia. Your sleep doctor and device manufacturer will give you detailed cleaning instructions.

To ensure maximum comfort, ask your doctor about soft pads to reduce skin irritation, nasal pillows for nose discomfort, and chinstraps to keep your mouth closed and reduce throat irritation and dry mouth.

Mask the sound of the CPAP machine. Most new CPAP devices are quiet, but if the sound of your CPAP machine bothers you, try placing it beneath the bed and using a sound machine to muffle the noise.

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How Do Your Treat Severe Sleep Apnea Naturally

The Stop Snoring And Sleep Apnea Program is a natural, step by step system to firstly diagnose, and then implement strategic exercises to help cure your snoring for good. It includes twenty-four exercises .

There are different exercise routines depending on how much time you have available each day to do the exercises. They range from 3 minutes to 60 minutes.

The first step is diagnosing the underlying cause of your personal snoring.

The five most common causes of snoring are, THROAT closing up, TONGUE causing snoring, NASAL PROBLEMS, JAW causing snoring and The SOFT PALATE being too weak or big, causing snoring.

It is very helpful to know what causes your snoring, as the proper exercises can alleviate your snoring.

Even if snoring is usually considered harmless, there is something wrong with us if we snore. This is not your normal state of being.

There is some kind of block in the throat and that is not good.

Therefore it is very important to treat every aspect of snoring.

The founder of this program developed this comprehensive but simple exercise program that exercises, heals, and shapes up the whole area around and in the throat. And it is guaranteed to cure any form of snoring

Four groups of exercises have been developed to exercise and strengthen the whole area around and in the throat.

The Throat exercises will open up and strengthen your throat.

The Jaw exercises will loosen up and strengthen the muscles around your jaw.

Health Consequences Of Sleep Apnea

5 Effective Home Remedies For Sleep Apnea

The chronic sleep deprivation caused by sleep apnea can result in daytime sleepiness, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, forgetfulness, and an increased risk of accidents and errors in your daily activities.

Sleep apnea also has a mental impact. It can trigger moodiness and irritability and cause anxiety and depression. It also increases your risk of other serious health problems like high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, atrial fibrillation, and stroke.

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When To Consult An Expert

Lifestyle changes can have a positive effect on your sleep apnea, but depending on the severity of your apnea, they may not be enough. Your sleep specialist can guide you to the right treatment options for you.

If youre undiagnosed but suspect you have sleep apnea, check out our sleep quiz. It can help you assess your symptoms and help you decide if further testing for sleep apnea is needed.

When struggling to get a good nights sleep, a consultation and sleep study can make all the difference.Contact Sleep Centers of Middle Tennessee today to schedule a consultation and see what treatment options will work for you.

Obstructive sleep apnea is a condition you definitely dont want to wait to treat,so an easy and brief sleep evaluation could be the difference between another night of poor sleep, and the restful sleep you deserve.

Live A Fit Active Lifestyle To Overcome Your Sleep Apnea

Whether you do it for the extra energy, to lose weight, or for any number of other reasons, leading an active life is the best way you can fight sleep apnea. No matter the way you get your exercise in, its effects will play a major role in minimizing your sleep apnea symptoms. When youre ready for life-changing sleep apnea treatment, dont hesitate to contact our West Coast Sleep Solutions office in Vista, CA. We can help restore your ability to sleep.

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Throat Or Oropharyngeal Exercises

Fortunately, there are plenty of sleep apnea exercises that will increase the muscle tone of your throat.

Some examples of these exercises are demonstrated by sleep lab medical director Michael Nelson:

Here is another relevant example of sleep apnea exercise for throat muscles: close your mouth and act like you are chewing gum. Chew like this for a minute or so at a time.

  • To do the exercise correctly, make sure your molars on both sides move apart a little, and then touch lightly again.
  • Also notice that your lips are supposed to be closed the whole time.
  • This exercise is pretty easy on your jaw because you are not actually chewing anything, but you might still feel a little bit sore in the beginning. Just take it easy-maybe chew for only a few seconds in the beginning and then increase the time you exercise.
  • You can make an “mmm” sound as you chew. This will open the throat better. Making an “mmm” sound is not necessary, it will just give the exercise extra boost.

Daily Exercise Helps Sleep Apnea Patients

Throat Exercises for Snoring and Sleep Apnoea (oropharyngeal exercises / myofunctional therapy)

Although sleep apnea seems like a disease that affects patients at night time, its negative effects seep into the rest of your day, ultimately impacting your work, social life, and mood. While many treatments for sleep apnea exists, fitness is a solution that is free and available to every patient. Explore the ways that a daily exercise habit can eliminate many of the symptoms of sleep apnea while improving life for patients who suffer from it.

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Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Therapy

Continuous positive airway pressure therapy is considered the gold standard for sufferers of sleep apnea, particularly in moderate to severe cases of the disease. CPAP has been proven more effective in reducing severity of sleep apnea and excessive daytime sleepiness over both oral appliances or no therapy. CPAP therapy has also been shown to improve quality of life and functional status in individuals, reduce cardiovascular disease risk, and reduce motor vehicle crashes in those suffering from sleep apnea.,

CPAP therapy involves a machine with a fan that blows air under pressure into the nostrils and/or mouth of the patient. This positive air pressure naturally keeps the airway and back of the throat open to allow for continual airflow into the lungs. The masks used in CPAP therapy can cover just the nostrils or both the nostrils and mouth at the same time.

Wearing a mask while sleeping throughout the night can be uncomfortable for some patients. It also has side effects for some individuals which include nasal symptoms , air leakage from the mask, claustrophobia, skin abrasions, pink eye, and pressure on the face. Because of these reasons, long-term compliance can be an issue with the CPAP device. Up to 50% of patients will not wear the mask throughout the whole night, and, therefore, will not benefit from this therapy.

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