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Does Garmin 35 Track Sleep

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Compare The Features Of The Forerunner 25 /35 And 235

Garmin Sleep Tracking: A Scientists Perspective

The table below shows the main differences between the Garmin Forerunner 25, 35 and 235. As you can see from this table the main difference, cosmetics aside, between the Forerunner 25 and 35 is the WRIST BASED heart rate found on the 35 compared to chest strap acquired HR of the Forerunner 25. the key differences between the Forerunner 35 and the 235, again, aesthetics aside, are 1) Colour Display , VO2 Max Estimate , Recovery Advisor , Race Finish Time Predictor , Real time Pace Alert and support of the Garmin IQ app store

The Garmin Forerunner 35 Is A Basic Gps Watch For The Running Purist

  • Easy to set up, simple to use
  • Includes all essential running metrics
  • Pairs to smartphones and other accessories
  • Affordable
  • GPS and wrist-based heartrate tracker are not totally reliable
  • Only tracks a handful of activities
  • Limited battery life

If youre on the hunt for a flashy smartwatch that caters to a wide array of activities, has a high-res, full-color screen, and can measure nearly any variable you can think of , the Garmin Forerunner 35 is probably not for you.

But if youre a dedicated runner more interested in a simple interface, a comfortable, low-profile look, and a few key metrics like pace, distance, and cadence then the Forerunner 35 definitely deserves a spot on your shortlist.

At $169.99 on , not only is it more affordable than most smartwatches on the market, but its also sleeker, it actually fits small wrists, and it requires minimal effort to set up or use.

Heres everything to know about the Garmin Forerunner 35 before you commit:

Forerunner 35 Says I Get Zero Rem Sleep

the 35 doesn’t register REM.

I guess this is the bottom line, and I wish it would tell you that clearly somewhere instead of reporting “-” under REM every night in Garmin Connect. It knows what device I have… if it’s an invalid info section it should just not display

does it measure REM?

i looked at connect for the first time in a while just last night and the sleep display seems to have changed. i can’t find the plots i was used to seeing. so perhaps it showed this before? anyway, i don’t see REM now .

I have only been waering my 35 to sleep for th past few nights and i defit y noticed that i didn’t get any REM, I thought it was only becuase of my sleepin situation but i guess not

I have the 235 and have been wearing it for two and a half weeks now, not a single minute of REM sleep registered since wearing it, my wife has a Vivoactive 3 and that watch registers her REM, we’re going to swap watches one night to see if it’s just my watch but I wouldn’t worry too much, I’ve woken in the night a few times and my 235 hasn’t even registered me getting out of bed.

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Garmin Forerunner 35 Review: Design And Features

Smartwatches, fitness trackers and sports watches come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. The is sleek and tough, but it could easily be mistaken for a friendship bracelet. At the other end of the scale, theres the elegant , which also includes a generous 44mm screen if youre willing to pay.

In this market, the Forerunner 35 is somewhat within its own category. Its a very basic-looking device, but I find this quite agreeably understated less is more, as they say. The square shape also sits nicely on the wrist, so its comfortable to wear. The front is taken up by a compact 23.5mm screen this is only monochrome, but its sharp enough to clearly show your incoming messages.

It also doesnt support touch, but thats not a problem. Four buttons at the sides control the various features of the device, and these make it very easy to reliably skim through options while running, walking, or sitting at your desk writing. The top-left button turns the device on and off, and controls the backlight when pressed briefly, while the lower left button takes you to settings and can be used as a back button. The lower right lets you scroll through options or messages, and controls music playback from your phone.

Finally, the top right button takes you to the all-important workout mode, where you can choose between indoor and outdoor running, cycling, walking and cardio.

How Garmin Tracks Sleep

Garmin Forerunner 35, $199.99

All of the current crop of Garmin fitness trackers and smartwatches have the ability to track sleep. They are not top of the line, but they do a decent enough job.

The lower end wearables use only movement and heart rate to analyse sleep. The companys more recent devices slap heart rate variability data to this, i.e. the length of time between a users heart beat. This helps with accuracy and the level of detail. Those with a SpO2 sensor even show how your blood oxygen levels fluctuate through the night and respiration details.

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The charts and graphs in Garmin Connect not only show how long you spent in light and deep sleep, but also in REM sleep. Awake time is also shown, along with a separate graph on movement.

Each sleep stage is important, but for different reasons. Light sleep typically accounts for over a half of your kip time. It is important for memory, learning, and letting your body recover from the day. The remainder is split relatively equally between Deep sleep and Rapid Eye Movement . The first promotes a healthy immune system and muscle growth, while the second is important for mental recovery and memory formation. REM is when most dreaming occurs.

During sleep, your body is working to support healthy brain function and maintain your physical health. The way you feel while youre awake depends in part on what happens while youre sleeping. Better sleep starts by knowing whats happening at night.

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Garmin Forerunner 3: Running Features

While the Forerunner 35 can track cycling and cardio sessions, it’s geared towards running and that’s what we focused our testing on.

There is of course built-in GPS, although it lacks the GLONASS support included on higher-end Forerunner watches. That might be partly why we didn’t enjoy the kind of super speedy signal pick-ups in both open and built-up running surroundings that we enjoyed on something like the Forerunner 630.

While you’re missing out on the advanced running metrics recently introduced to the Forerunner range , there’s still plenty on board to keep most runners satisfied. In running mode, there are two data screens you can switch between, along with checking in on the actual time. Split into three segments you can view distance, time and pace on the first screen while the second screen displays heart rate zone, current heart rate and calories burned.

Before jumping into tracking mode, there’s an option menu where you can customise run modes to introduce virtual pacer or interval training into your session. You can also set up alerts based around hitting certain distances or heart rate zones, adjust the way data fields are displayed and swap in pace or speed metrics. Once your run is completed and you’ve saved the session, there’s a nice breakdown of your run including details on heart rate zone, cadence, steps, and average pace per laps. On a lot of running watches you’d need to go to the companion app to see such a comprehensive breakdown of a session.

Whats A Pulse Oximeter

The Pulse Oximeter takes periodic readings of your blood oxygen levels during the night, and can tell if your blood oxygen is dipping too low.

Heres some important facts to know about blood oxygen:

  • As long as blood oxygen levels remain above 95%, your organs and tissues are getting enough oxygen to function well.
  • If your blood oxygen saturation drops below 95%, youll begin to experience some of the sleep problems you may know all too well.
  • So, what causes oxygen to drop during sleep?

    Most of the time, oxygen levels can drop if theres a blockage of the airway, created by tissues in the windpipe that relax during sleep. Such a blockage prevents air and valuable oxygen from reaching the lungs.

    If this is happening, a condition like Sleep Apnea might be in play. Sometimes other respiratory conditions, like COPD or Emphysema can cause a drop in blood oxygen too.

    How can you tell if you have Sleep Apnea?

    Youll need to see a doctor and undergo a sleep study in order to know for sure, but the Vivosmart 4 can help you see if you have a problem in the first place.

    This is why wearables are the future

    Did you know that millions of Americans go on with their life with undetected Sleep Apnea? Imagine the millions of Americans forcing a smile every day not knowing why they are constantly fatigued. Wearables are great because they help provide the answers to our burning health questions, giving us amazing feedback and insight into our bodies.

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    Will A Garmin Track My Naps

    Nap tracking was implemented years ago by Garmin but was very limited. Perhaps this is why the company has chosen to remove it entirely. Which means, unfortunately it is not possible currently to track naps with a Garmin watch.

    This is a big oversight which we hope the company soon puts right. Tracking naps is important to those with sleep disorders, who work in shifts or just have an irregular sleeping agenda. This is where companies such as Fitbit have the edge over Garmin.

    How To Edit Sleep Tracking Data On A Garmin

    Sleep tracking with garmin. Tips & info

    Did you know that you can edit your Garmin sleep data?

  • Simply navigate to your sleep session page for a particular day in Garmin Connect.
  • Tap on the three dots in the top right-hand corner
  • Choose Edit
  • Amend the Bed Time or Wake Time as needed.
  • For a day on which you get no sleep results, you can use this method to enter sleep manually. The screen will show a button marked Add Sleep Data. Tap on this and edit the start and end times.

    Youll probably get a flat line representation during the hours you say you slept. But when you sync the watch the movement and other data should fill in.

    You can do the same via the Sleep widget on the website dashboard.

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    Its More Comfortable Than Most Smartwatches

    The biggest selling point of the Forerunner 35, in my opinion, is how comfortable it is. Its lightweight small by smartwatch standards and it only feels a little bulkier than an old school Timex. It also has a smooth, slightly grippy silicone strap, which comes in black, white, lime green, and light blue.

    One caveat worth mentioning is that this watch may look small or feel constricting on large-wristed individuals. If thats you, youll probably feel better in a bigger watch.

    Garmin Shows Off New On

    On the list of things that I didnt think would be all that exciting, Id put forth Widget that shows my sleep from last night. Turns out, I was wrong.

    This past weekend I had put a couple of , demonstrating supporting evidence that on a day my sleep was crap my ride was also crap. And then on a day my sleep was good, my ride was also good. However, I used a new Garmin Fenix 6 sleep widget to demonstrate this, since franklyit was pretty looking.

    Turns out an overwhelming number of you were interested in this. As in, flooded my Instagram DM box about it. So naturally, I decided to write a post on it instead. Oh, and a video. All you need to know in about 5 minutes!

    But if videos arent your thing, just keep scrollin.

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    Does A Higher Vo2max Mean Better Performance

    Since oxygen is critical to running fast, a high VO2 max can be a great representation of your fitness. Essentially, the faster your body can process oxygen, the faster you, potentially, will be able to run. However, while the potential is there, there are many factors that influence outcome on race day.

    It Covers All The Essential Running Variables

    Garmin Forerunner 35 Reviewed in 2020

    As its name suggests, the Forerunner 35 was definitely created with the distance runner in mind. It may not track many of the things that fancier models can, but it does cover all of the metrics I actually care about when it comes to my runs: current pace, average pace, distance, cadence, and elevation change plus a few others like steps, calories, intensity, and heart rate .

    While some runners might feel limited by that list, I actually see it as a positive. How many people actually know how to interpret variables like blood oxygen saturation or recovery estimates, both of which are rough estimates to begin with? I dont, so I wouldnt even notice the void.

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    It Tracks Heart Rate And Sleep

    Besides the GPS, the most advanced feature of the Forerunner 35 is heart rate and sleep tracking. Even in such a slim package, it manages to squeeze in a wrist-based heart rate tracker that extrapolates how hard youre training and how well youre sleeping. Granted, its not completely accurate , but if youre looking for a rough real-time estimate or an average resting heart rate over the course of a day or longer, this watch is up to the task. As always, if its important to you that your heart rate reports are right, a chest strap heart rate monitor is an easy way to upgrade.

    Screen Aimed At Running First

    • 1.3-inch square screen
    • No colour panel option
    • 128 x 128 pixel resolution

    Sadly, the watch’s screen does nothing to boost its design credentials. Unlike many of the high-end running watches out there, Garmin’s not squeezed a touchscreen in here. Actually, there’s not even a colour display. Instead, there’s a 1.3-inch monochrome panel with a basic 128 x 128 pixel resolution. It’s basic and bland.

    No, it’s not going to win any beauty contests, or really fit with many of your outfits, but it’s a screen that’s detailed enough to get the job done. It’s also easy to view when running – which is what’s important.

    Instead of a touchscreen, the watch features four physical buttons. Again, these aren’t particularly pretty, but they work well. The top left control triggers the watch’s backlight while the bottom left button will take you back through the menus. On the right side, the upper button lets you make selections while the bottom control scrolls down through menus and options.

    The Forerunner 35’s screen might not be the most visually impressive, but when out running its monochrome panel makes it a simplistic joy to view and read. Whether your taking your 10k at a steady pace through the woods or upping the tempo while pounding the pavement, the Forerunner’s screen and software offer plenty of glanceable data.

    During a run, when your arms are bouncing around, these slightly raised buttons also make scrolling through data screens a breeze.

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    Garmin Forerunner 35 Review

    Ive been using the Garmin Forerunner 35 for a couple weeks now and its quickly turned into my favorite GPS watch. It combines a great mix of easy to use features with a wrist-based heart rate monitor in a price-friendly package in fact, its one of our best budget GPS watches this year. And its one of Garmins lightest and thinnest GPS watches. But even though I like it, it may not be right for you. Lets jump into the Forerunner 35 review and find out

    How To Track Sleep Using The Garmin Vivosmart

    Tutorial Sleep Tracking Widget on Garmin Watch

    Youll get all of your data on the Garmin Connect App, which is available for both Apple and Android. After you wake up, the app displays the following data about sleep:

    • Stages of Sleep
    • Time Spent in Light, Deep, and REM Sleep
    • Blood Oxygen Levels
    • Movement During the Night

    These readings give you a complete picture of how successful your last night of sleep actually was, right on your phone. Youll be able to see useful graphs and charts that show you not only what happened, but when. It allows you to see how your sleep has many different facets, and how theyre all connected.

    The Garmin Connect App also keeps track of your fitness and activity data, such as:

    • Steps
    • Fitness Intensity Literally measuring the amount of time your workout was at its peak!
    • And so much more

    With the Garmin Vivosmart 4, you can literally hack your workout, helping you increase performance and optimize results. The Vivosmart 4 can do so much for your health and your sleep.

    The big question that comes to mind when you look at a fitness and sleep tracker like the Vivosmart 4 boils down to accuracy.

    Just how accurate is Garmins sleep tracking? Can it diagnose sleep problems?

    The short answer is that Garmins activity tracker is not meant to be a scientific instrument or a substitute for a sleep study. For example, some users have reported the wearable thinks youre sleeping when youre watching TV because your hands arent moving But it still has its uses.

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    Garmin Forerunner 35 Review: What You Need To Know

    The Forerunner 35 offers more or less everything youd want from a sports watch. It can track running, cycling and walking via GPS and theres also a mode for indoor activity. Like all Garmins fitness wearables, itll also count your steps, calories burned, intensity minutes and distance travelled throughout the day. An optical heart-rate monitor keeps tabs on your pulse both during exercise and at rest wear it overnight and itll log your time spent in different sleep stages.

    Theres also a few specialist running features that not all GPS-enabled trackers offer: you can set a virtual pacer, and track your cadence as you run. Pair it with your phone and the Forerunner 35 delivers notifications to your wrist, and syncs all of your fitness data to the Garmin Connect app, where you can spend hours poring over it.

    Theres just one notable thing the Forerunner 35 is missing: although its waterproof to 50m, theres no swimming mode.

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