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Does Metoprolol Cause Insomnia

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Electrical Activity In The Brain

METOPROLOL | What to know before Starting!

REM sleep is coined “paradoxical” because of its similarities to wakefulness. Although the body is paralyzed, the brain acts as if it is somewhat awake, with cerebral neurons firing with the same overall intensity as in wakefulness.Electroencephalography during REM deep sleep reveals fast, low amplitude, desynchronized neural oscillation that resemble the pattern seen during wakefulness, which differ from the slow δ waves pattern of NREM deep sleep. An important element of this contrast is the 3â10 Hztheta rhythm in the hippocampus and 40â60 Hz gamma waves in the cortex patterns of EEG activity similar to these rhythms are also observed during wakefulness. The cortical and thalamic neurons in the waking and REM sleeping brain are more depolarized than in the NREM deep sleeping brain. Human theta wave activity predominates during REM sleep in both the hippocampus and the cortex.

During REM sleep, electrical connectivity among different parts of the brain manifests differently than during wakefulness. Frontal and posterior areas are less coherent in most frequencies, a fact which has been cited in relation to the chaotic experience of dreaming. However, the posterior areas are more coherent with each other as are the right and left hemispheres of the brain, especially during lucid dreams.

Brain energy use in REM sleep, as measured by oxygen and glucose metabolism, equals or exceeds energy use in waking. The rate in non-REM sleep is 11â40% lower.

Melatonin And Metoprolol: Beta Blockers And Sleep

Whats the link between beta blockers and sleep? Is your medication keeping you up at night? These are common questions for approximately 22 million people in the United States, who need to take a beta blocker regularly. Today were going to look into whether betablockers disrupt your sleep pattern and whether Melatonin and Metoprolol together could be the solution for sounder sleep.

Americans arent the only people in dire need of blood pressure control, but the number of people with hypertension in the US is on the rise. Around the world, beta blockers are among the most commonly prescribed and most effective medications used for blood pressure management. Unfortunately, like most medications, there are side effects.

Queries around metoprolol and insomnia are prompting studies into the link between beta blockers and sleep. Many studies suggest taking beta blockers could disrupt the balance of the human sleep cycle, causing problems with getting a good nights rest.

Is It Ok To Take Melatonin With Blood Pressure Medicine

If youre struggling with a lack of sleep when taking metoprolol, you might consider taking melatonin to help get your hormones back on track. The question is, is it safe to take melatonin with beta blockers? While melatonin is a natural substance, even natural supplements can interact poorly with other medications at times.

The good news is clinical data around metoprolol and sleep aids like melatonin is highly positive. Scientific evidence on the last fifteen years has shown taking melatonin can significantly improve the sleep cycle.

To test the idea of taking melatonin and meta blockers at the same time, researchers assigned 16 adults with hypertension to a set of two groups. One group took a placebo, and another took metoprolol and melatonin at the same time.

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There Does Not Appear To Be Any Connection Between Beta

The recent AHA study originally set out to link depression to beta-blockers, since it’s the most frequently reported mental health side effect, but stumbled across the sleep complications while conducting the study. The researchers ultimately couldn’t find any link between depression and beta-blockers.

“Our results indicate that concerns about adverse mental health events, especially depression, should not affect the decision about beta-blockers. Beta-blockers are mostly safe regarding psychological health,” study author Reinhold Kreutz, MD, PhD, a professor at the Berlin Institute of Health, Institute of Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology, said in a statement. “We found no indication of an association between beta-blocker use and depression. The same was true for most of the other mental health symptoms.” And for more up-to-date information, .

The Causes Of Insomnia In Older Adults

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As people age, changes to normal sleep patterns may occur. Seniors may produce less melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep cycles and circadian rhythms. This often results in lighter, more fragmented sleep during the night.

While the normal aging process can cause symptoms of insomnia, there are other factors that may result in an inability to fall asleep naturally.

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Other Side Effects Of Metoprolol

In addition to insomnia, metoprolol can cause a variety of other, sometimes unpleasant, side effects. These include:

  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Cold hands and feet

Because metoprolol can cause both fatigue and dizziness, many patients take it at night. Unfortunately, this can cause sleep disturbances in some people. Most symptoms are mild and only last short-term.

More serious side effects include lung complications, swelling of the legs or ankles, irregular heartbeat, fever, confusion, and liver problems. If you exhibit any of these symptoms it may be time to speak with your doctor about an alternative treatment method.

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Transform Your Room Into A Haven Of Peace

Your bedroom should be the quietest space in the house. If you reside in a city or other noisy surroundings, and loud noises wake you up several times each night, try wearing earplugs.

Programs and devices that play white noise may also help you sleep better. When a noise wakes you up in the night, it is not the noise itself that wakes you up, but the abrupt change in sound that jar you. White noise makes a masking effect, blocking out those sudden changes that frustrate light sleepers.

This is why the majority of bedpartners prefer the constant white noise of a CPAP machine as opposed to their partners crescendo-decrescendo snoring sounds, Clete A. Kushida, director of the Stanford Center for Human Sleep Research, writes in an email to Popular Science.

But having your bedroom the quietest place in your home doesnt do if your frame is noisy. Just imagine how annoying it would be if every time your partner changes the position your framework started creaking. It would not be possible to get a full-resting night. Heck, youd have the same problem even if you sleep alone!

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Circulation Respiration And Thermoregulation

Generally speaking, the body suspends homeostasis during paradoxical sleep. Heart rate, cardiac pressure, cardiac output, arterial pressure, and breathing rate quickly become irregular when the body moves into REM sleep. In general, respiratory reflexes such as response to hypoxia diminish. Overall, the brain exerts less control over breathing electrical stimulation of respiration-linked brain areas does not influence the lungs, as it does during non-REM sleep and in waking. The fluctuations of heart rate and arterial pressure tend to coincide with PGO waves and rapid eye movements, twitches, or sudden changes in breathing.

Erections of the penis normally accompany REM sleep in rats and humans. If a male has erectile dysfunction while awake, but has NPT episodes during REM, it would suggest that the ED is from a psychological rather than a physiological cause. In females, erection of the clitoris causes enlargement, with accompanying vaginal blood flow and transudation . During a normal night of sleep, the penis and clitoris may be erect for a total time of from one hour to as long as three and a half hours during REM.

Dont Let Metoprolol Rob You Of Your Sleep

Metoprolol Side Effects: The 5 Most Common Why The Dose You Take Matters

When used as directed, metoprolol is a very effective treatment for high blood pressure, certain heart conditions, and other ailments. As with any prescription medication, metoprolol isnt without side effects one of which is insomnia and related sleep disturbances. If you need this beta-blocker to treat a serious health issue but worry about the adverse side effects, Somnus can help.

At Somnus Therapy we provide professional advice and several treatment and therapy options to help you overcome insomnia and finally achieve the blissful nights sleep you need and deserve. Through a mix of CBT for insomnia, mindfulness, cognitive restructuring, and other forms of therapy, we get to the root of your sleep issue and help you make long-lasting lifestyle changes.

to start your journey today.

Sleep Therapy At Home

Our guided insomnia treatment program has helped over 2,000 users sleep better, faster & longer all from the comfort of their own home.

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Digitalis Clonidine And Calcium Channel Blockers

Digitalis glycosides, clonidine, diltiazem and verapamil slow atrioventricular conduction and decrease heart rate. Concomitant use with beta blockers can increase the risk of bradycardia.

If clonidine and a beta blocker, such as metoprolol are coadministered, withdraw the beta-blocker several days before the gradual withdrawal of clonidine because beta-blockers may exacerbate the rebound hypertension that can follow the withdrawal of clonidine. If replacing clonidine by beta-blocker therapy, delay the introduction of beta-blockers for several days after clonidine administration has stopped .

How To Fall Asleep

With many seniors experiencing symptoms of insomnia and other sleep disturbances, learning how to effectively manage sleep disorders is important to other areas of health.

While insomnia can negatively affect an individuals quality of life, there are ways to manage and treat the sleep condition that can make sleep a more restful experience.

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Have Some Chamomile Or Lavender

Chamomile is one of the best remedies that might help you fall asleep quickly. This plant is known for its sedative, relaxing and stress relieving properties. It comprises apigenin, an antioxidant that binds to specific receptors in your brain that may promote sleepiness and reduce insomnia, or the chronic inability to sleep.

Attempt infusions, capsules and essential oils made with chamomile that can help you take advantage of its many advantages .

If you want to use chamomile to combat insomnia, consult a health professional to find the right dose for you.

Lavender essential oil is another effective weapon against sleeping problems, particularly insomnia. By lowering your blood pressure, heart rate, and body temperature, it can help you fall asleep faster.

Consult with a health care professional to determine if lavender essential oil will be ideal for you.

Taking Metoprolol Oral Tablet With Other Drugs

What Metoprolol Is Fast Acting

In many cases, your doctor may recommend that you take metoprolol with other drugs for your condition.

For example, doctors may prescribe multiple medications to manage blood pressure. Its possible that for high blood pressure, youll take metoprolol along with another blood pressure medication.

Examples of other blood pressure medications that may be given include:

Talk with your doctor about the best treatment plan for your condition. Theyll recommend if you should take metoprolol oral tablets together with other drugs.

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Cv Drugs That Negatively Affect Sleep Quality


Sleep-disordered breathing , including both Cheyne-Stokes Breathing-Central Sleep Apnea and Obstructive Sleep Apnea Hypoapnea Syndrome , occurs frequently as a co-morbid condition in patients with heart failure .1 Although both conditions may be present, CSB-CSA is generally thought to be a consequence of HF, while OSAHS may actually be a causative factor as a result of its effect on hypertension. Newer data also suggests that patients with OSAHS are more than twice as likely to have a family history of premature death due to coronary artery disease , regardless of whether the patient has CAD.2 While the association between cardiovascular conditions such as CHF and now CAD and their negative effects on sleep is known, questions remain regarding how and to what extent various cardiovascular medications may negatively affect sleep quality in patients with other co-morbidities. This article will focus on the effects of cardiovascular medications on sleep quality and strategies that clinicians may use to identify and minimize negative effects.

Class III

The Class III agents, although similarly classed, have vastly different associations with sleep disturbance and sleep quality. Clinically, based upon individual factors, one agent may be preferred over another for treatment of specific arrhythmia however, the clinician must be vigilant to the occurrence of CNS effects and their adverse effect on sleep quality and architecture.


You Can Counteract The Dip In Melatonin By Taking Supplements

Many people who have trouble sleeping reach for melatonin supplements, which is what experts suggest those taking beta-blockers try. Frank Scheer, PhD, an associate neuroscientist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and principal investigator on the Sleep study said, “Beta-blockers have long been associated with sleep disturbances, yet until now, there have been no clinical studies that tested whether melatonin supplementation can improve sleep in these patients.” The study confirmed “that melatonin supplements significantly improved sleep,” he added. And for more warnings you should know, If You’re Taking This Medication, the FDA Has a New Warning for You.

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Ways To Overcome Metoprolol Sleep Disturbances

If you suffer from high blood pressure or a heart condition that requires you to take metoprolol, you may be concerned about how it will impact your sleep. And rightfully slow. Beta-blockers such as metoprolol can interrupt your sleep patterns, reduce REM sleep, and cause violent nightmares.

The good news is, insomnia treatment at home is possible. Here are a few ways to combat these sleep disturbances so that you can enjoy the benefits of metoprolol without the negative side effects.

What Happens If I Stop Taking Metoprolol

Metoprolol (Lopressor) Nursing Drug Card (Simplified) – Pharmacology

Because metoprolol works to slow down your blood flow, taking it for a long time can lower your heart rate and blood pressure. So it makes sense that suddenly stopping can cause your heart rate to briefly increase while your body readjusts.

If your heart is healthy, you might not notice any adverse effects if you stop taking metoprolol. However, itâs risky enough that itâs best to slowly cut back your dosage over time instead of just stopping altogether.

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Decrease The Stress Level

Stress is directly related to sleep. When youre stressed, you sleep poorly and lack of sleep increases the levels of stress even more.

Fortunately, there are many ways to fight this vicious cycle. One effective way is making sure to include foods full of omega-3 in your diet, like poultry fish or linseed. You may also try listening to music.

There are three common reactions to stress, none of them are good for your health nor for your sleep either:

  • Overthinking a problem

How Does It Help

Migraine brains experience blood flow a little differently than others. There is often too much blood flow in the brainâs blood vessels, which leads to that infamous pounding feeling in your head. Metoprolol keeps things straight and narrow by possibly reducing that oncoming traffic to the brain. It can also increase electrical movement across the brain .

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Does Metoprolol Interact With Grapefruit

No, metoprolol doesnt interact with grapefruit.

But other drugs used for heart-related conditions may interact with grapefruit. For instance, the following drugs may have an interaction with grapefruit:

If youre taking metoprolol, you may also be taking other medications that could interact with grapefruit.

If youre concerned about any of your medications interacting with grapefruit, talk with your doctor or pharmacist. Theyll help you determine if your medications interact with grapefruit.

Questions About Taking Metoprolol Oral Tablet

Was Metoprolol Tartrate 50 Mg Recalled

Below are some questions related to taking metoprolol oral tablets.

  • What if I miss a dose of metoprolol oral tablets? If you miss a dose of metoprolol oral tablets, skip the missed dose. Then take your next dose when its due. Never take two doses at once to make up for a missed dose.
  • Will I need to use metoprolol oral tablets long term? Yes. If metoprolol is an effective treatment option for you, your doctor will likely recommend that you take it long term.
  • Can metoprolol oral tablets be chewed, crushed, or split? You should not chew or crush either form of metoprolol oral tablets. This is because chewing or crushing them may change the way they work in your body. If you have trouble swallowing your metoprolol tablets, the tablets can be split on their score line. You should swallow whole tablets or half tablets, without chewing or crushing them.
  • Should I take metoprolol oral tablets with food? Yes, you should take doses of metoprolol with food or right after youve had a meal.
  • How long do metoprolol oral tablets take to work? Metoprolol oral tablets will begin working as soon as you take them. But in some cases, it may be a few weeks before you see the full benefits from taking metoprolol oral tablets. If you dont notice a difference in your condition after starting metoprolol, discuss this with your doctor. But never stop taking metoprolol oral tablets without first talking with your doctor.

Find answers to some commonly asked questions about metoprolol oral tablets.

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Nasal Decongestants Or Oral Decongestants

Decongestants can come in handy when youre suffering from a stuffy nose. They can be taken as a nasal spray, like , or as an oral decongestant, like . But one downside is that decongestants can cause insomnia.

If youre using a decongestant, its probably just for a short period of time, so you may decide to push through the nighttime annoyance until you dont need it anymore. You could also consider an alternative, drug-free option like a saline nasal spray or an antihistamine nasal spray like .

Discovery And Further Research

Recognition of different types of sleep can be seen in the literature of ancient India and Rome. Observers have long noticed that sleeping dogs twitch and move but only at certain times.

In 1937, the German scientist Richard Klaue first discovered a period of fast electrical activity in the brains of sleeping cats. In 1944, Ohlmeyer reported 90-minute ultradian sleep cycles involving male erections lasting for 25 minutes. At University of Chicago in 1952, Eugene Aserinsky, Nathaniel Kleitman, and William C. Dement, discovered phases of rapid eye movement during sleep, and connected these to dreaming. Their article was published September 10, 1953. Aserinsky, then Kleitman, first observed the eye movements and accompanying neuroelectrical activity in their own children.

William Dement advanced the study of REM deprivation, with experiments in which subjects were awoken every time their EEG indicated the beginning of REM sleep. He published “The Effect of Dream Deprivation” in June 1960.

Hiroki R. Ueda and his colleagues identified muscarinic receptor genes M1 and M3 as essential genes for REMS sleep.

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