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Does The Apple Watch Series 1 Track Sleep

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Sleep Cycle & Apple Watch Integration

How To Track Your Sleep With Apple Watch Series 7

Our integration with Apple Watch for iPhone is here! Is the Watch stand alone?Yes. You dont need to engage with your phone at all, as you go to bed and wake up with the Watch. The Watch analyses your sleep during the night, wakes you up at the time youve set and then transfers the analysis to your phone. You can view the nights analysis on your phone, whenever you feel like it.

Does the Watch sleep analysis transfer to my phone?Yes. Isnt it lovely? Just use your Watch as you sleep and the analysis shifts to your phone, when you wake up. Sometimes, it might take a while, but youll be notified when its done.

Alarm modes on the Watch appThe “No alarm, only sleep analysis” option is not available on the Watch at this point in time due to restrictions within the Watch OS. But if this changes, we will hopefully be able to implement this as well.

Do you record snoring when using the Watch?When using the Watch app, we will not be able to detect snoring as we analyze your sleep via movements, detected via the accelerometer in the watch. If you want to detect snoring, you will have to stick to the phone app for now.

Whats the battery drain then?Not much. 10-15%, depending on what else is going on in your Watch during the night.Why no complication?So far, we got no strong use case for it. But Watch development will continue and a solid complication is part of it.

How To Track Your Sleep Using Apple Watch Or Iphone Using Third

For the longest time, the one wellness feature that the Apple Watch was missing was a sleep tracker. Apple introduced the Apple Sleep feature in the WatchOS 7 update.

Unfortunately, this update did not apply to older Apple Watch Series 1 and 2 or for folks with iPhones but without Apple Watches.

And thats where third-party sleeping apps come in!

Sleep Is Auto Detected

The Apple Clock App, allows you to track sleep manually, but if you just want to wear the watch to sleep and have sleep auto-detected, we believe you will enjoy Sleep Watch sleep analysis more. SleepWatch can log your sleep history and times to the Apple Health App. Automatic sleep tracking from SleepWatch is hassle-free. It is an easy way to manage sleep. Do you ever wonder: Am I getting enough sleep? or Are naps affecting my sleep? Sleep is a curious human activity and SleepWatch may be able to shed some light on many aspects of sleep. How do you sleep? SleepWatch may be able to provide some insights. Cant sleep and want to see your sleep deficit? Snore Apps are interesting, but how do you Sleep overall and how does that change over time? SleepWatch can help you keep track.

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Are There Any Other Health Concerns

Apart from radiation risk, is it bad to wear Apple Watch all the time? And are there any other health concerns? There are no biggest health risks to using Apple Watch. The biggest problem comes when you become increasingly dependent on it, leading to impulsive checking, which in turn can cause sleep distractions.

This is the worrying side to using a smartphone. Many people have incorporated them into their daily routines. They, therefore, keep checking the smartwatch every now and then for a wide range of information, including notifications and tracking their exercise or workout. This grows into an instinctive behavior that eventually makes one check their bare wrist even when they are not wearing one.

Monitoring work emails or notifications or social events late into the night can trigger an unhealthy quest for perfection. In some people, it drives anxiety levels higher. This is explained by a phenomenon known as orthosomnia, or a preoccupation with perfect sleep, which is measured through wearables such as smartwatches.

People with this condition, as one study posits, are over-reliant on smartwatches or wearables to enhance or improve their sleep data based on the results these wearables project. This dependency causes its own problems, including insomnia, which affects your quality of sleep.

Messaging And Phone Calls

I tested Apple Watch sleep tracking to save you time and ...

You can’t type messages out on the watch. You can dictate a message by voice, which worked very well, but I never found this to be a practical solution. So instead, I would read a message on the watch, then pull out my phone to reply. It’s fine if you’re waiting for an incoming message, but it never really saved me from reaching into my pocket.

If you’re messaging another Apple Watch user, you get a few additional communication options you can access right from the watch. You can send your heartbeat, which is rather unique. The watch reads it through your wrist, and delivers it to someone else in the form of haptic feedback. Or you can send a sketch by dragging your finger across the display. Or, like a Facebook Poke brought to life, you can simply tap a few times on the face of the watch and send that. Each of these options are fun, but ultimately, gimmicky.

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How Accurate Is Autosleep

AutoSleep is pretty accurate. The app pretty much matches the data from the Apple Sleep app.

It just provides a lot more insight into the quality of sleep you get each night.

If it doesnt seem to be recording accurate data for you, try customizing the settings with the setup wizard to calibrate the best personal settings for you.

Sleep Trackers And Battery Life:

Ever since I got my Apple Watch, Ive started tracking my sleep using its built-in feature, but it wasnt long before the battery died before the end of the day. It didnt matter if I used the watch during the day, it still wore down throughout the evening, leaving me with no way to get all of my data synced to my iPhone.

All that activity means your Apple Watch is going to need a charge. And sleep tracking will drain the battery life the most because the wearable will have to work harder to monitor your vitals.

A common concern expressed by Apple Watch users is battery usage. The lithium-ion batteries in both the 38mm and 42mm models are rated to last for 18 hours. This is based on the goal of getting ~4 hour in bright conditions with heavy usage, up to ~6 in normal conditions, up to ~10 in dim conditions.

I charge my Apple Watch every night before going to bed. Sometimes I hit a nice streak and make it a couple weeks in a rowIll miss one day but then charge the next night. But Ive missed nights of charging plenty of times, too. When my Apple Watch has less than 50% battery, I charge it before bed, too.

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How Does The Apple Watch Communicate With My Iphone

The connection between iPhone and watch is a simple one as it uses the popular Bluetooth radio signal system. This allows for two-way communication, with enough bandwidth to transfer images, music, voice data and more between the two devices.

When your Apple watch communicates directly with the internet it uses Wi-Fi, meaning it can still work online even without your phone nearby and connected.

How Does The Apple Watch Track Sleep


The Apple Watch tracks sleep in the way that most smartwatches, fitness trackers and other wrist-worn wearables do. It makes use of the built-in accelerometer motion sensor, which has been present inside of the Apple Watch since the original.

It uses that accelerometer motion sensor to identify the difference between when youre active and when youve eased down to sleep. Apple will then use its own algorithms to identify when you’re unconscious and when you wake.

Youll also be asked to create an ideal sleep schedule that incorporates reminders when its time to start thinking about getting into bed and even includes a wind down mode that will let you launch soothing music, dimming lights or opening a meditation app to help you sleep. When its time to drift off, it will also turn on Do Not Disturb mode to prevent your screen from waking up.

In the morning, therell be wake up sounds to rouse you from your slumber. A glance at your wrist will give you a summary of your sleep time, the weather and your battery status, which is a subject we will get onto next.

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How Does The Apple Watch Count Steps

You guessed it, the Watch uses the motion sensors to detect steps accurately. Apples wearable can even learn and track your steps more accurately over time, as your movements become more predictable. The result is a comprehensive read-out of the times you were in motion, be it walk or run, for the entire day.

The Watch can track steps even as they vary in stride between walking and running. Apples device can also detect when youre powering up and down stairs, thanks to those motion sensors combined with smart algorithms.

How Can You Make Sure Your Apple Watch Is Tracking Sleep

Apples Sleep app also allows you to track sleep from your iPhone, which is based around the bedtime schedule that you will have to create when you set up the Sleep app. This is synchronous: whether you set it up on the Apple Watch or iPhone first, it should automatically sync with the other device and activate Sleep during your scheduled bedtime.

To make sure your Apple Watch is recording sleep, look for the Sleep app on your home screen . From there you can enable tracking sleep with the Apple Watch that will forward that data to the iOS Apple Health app. Its here where you can also enable charging reminders and automatically turn on the Do Not Disturb mode at night though if you want to switch it on manually, look for the new Bedtime button on your control center.

Michael is a freelance journalist who has covered consumer technology for over a decade and specialises in wearable and fitness tech. Previously editor of Wareable, he has written for publications including Wired UK, GQ, Men’s Fitness, BBC Science Focus, Metro and Stuff. Michael is a keen runner and swimmer and is also the co-founder of YouTube channel The Run Testers.

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Sleep Data Is Modest And Not Particularly Actionable

Apples sleep tracking app interface is simple. Tell it your preferred bedtime schedule in my case, 11 p.m. to just before 6 a.m. and it will be looking out for sleep during those times . It turns out that you must set up tracking schedules to cover each individual day of the week or use separate schedules for weekdays and weekends. I didnt realize until too late that the Watch hadnt recorded data for two full nights because I hadnt set up a separate weekend schedule to cover them.

Assuming the Watch gathers your data properly, youll see a very modest display of data, including a bar representing your total time asleep, the timestamps indicating sleep start and end points, and a bar chart covering the last 14 days. If you want a deeper dive, you can open the Health app on an iPhone to see your average time in bed and average time asleep and under some conditions, a correlation of your overnight heart rate data with your sleeping schedule. When I checked the Health app, one day the heart rate data was there, but another day it disappeared from the apps list of Highlights and I couldnt find it.

Apple has suggested its providing little data to keep users from obsessing over their sleep schedules, as that might inadvertently generate even more anxiety or restlessness. Im still not sure whether thats truly an act of kindness or just a convenient excuse for underwhelming functionality.

Tips To Help You Sleep Better With Your Apple Watch

Apple Watch may get sleep tracking as soon as next week ...

If you are looking to wear your Apple Watch overnight, here are some tips to keep you safe and help you sleep better.

Wear a comfortable strap. This is essential to ensure that you dont get uncomfortable as you sleep, which can, in itself, wake you up. The strap that comes with your Apple Watch can be adjusted accordingly. You can also use a different strap, but must be flexible, breathable, and made from materials like rubber or nylon.

Wear comfortably, but not too tight. If it loosens, it wont track your data, and if it is too tight, it may become uncomfortable.

Sleeping on your back while wearing an Apple Watch leaves your wrists free. If you sleep on your side or your stomach, you might end up using your arms to support your weight. This will press your watch into your wrists, causing pain or discomfort.

Optimize your home screen for sleep by choosing from the 10 available faces offered by Apple. A Modular face is ideal if you dont want to disrupt your sleep. Just configure it with time and alarm, if need be. You dont want it lighting up as you sleep, causing a distraction.

Enable Theatre Mode, which is designed to prevent the screen from activating when you move your wrist. It will turn off the screen and wont reactivate unless engaged.

Turn on Do Not Disturb mode to silence all the notifications even when phone calls, texts, emails, and other alerts are getting through.

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How Sleep Trackers Work

There are two main types of consumer sleep sensors: accelerometer-based and audio-based. Accelerometer data, captured by sensors in a wearable device, is the key recording method used in sleep labs. The sensors can measure brain waves, heart rate and breathing, which allow researchers to infer the stages of sleep And audio-based sleeping sensors work through a controller worn on the wrist or under the pillow. A microphone is aimed at the users bed, and the device records noise levels. Sounds suggest louder snoring or possible pauses in breathing during sleep apnea.

At home, you can use a tracker or logbook to get a sense of your own sleep quality and patterns, but the data wont be as specific as what you would gather in a lab: it doesnt show rapid eye movement sleep, for example. Think of polysomnography as Hubblethe gold standard for tracking spaceand at-home trackers as good old-fashioned binoculars with which you can look up at the night sky and see some brighter galaxies. Hubble calls out supernovas. Binoculars call out constellations.

Most monitoring systems use an accelerometer to record shaking and rolling around in bed, which Can detect when youre falling asleep and when youre waking up. They also Some track your breathing and heart rate, and a few measure temperature changes throughout the night. These trackers dont sync with your brain or your muscles. Instead, they keep tabs on indirect signals: electrical currents generated by the human body.

Sleep Cycle A Perfect Sleep Tracker For Apple Watch

Gone are the days of rigorous manual tracking. The Sleep Cycle app automatically tracks your sleep cycles, tells you how long youve slept each night and calculates the number of hours youve slept so you can wake up more refreshed.

SleepCycle incorporates your previous nights sleep data and presents it in a new and improved way so you can to find correlations between diet, exercise and other factors and your sleep quality. It also encourages you to keep a regular sleep schedule and wake up time using intelligent alarm clocks that predict your ideal wake-up moment based on your personal sleep pattern.

How to screenshot on apple watch

Sleep Cycle is the most-loved sleep tracking app on the App Store. Millions of people use it every day to track their sleep quality and learn how to improve it. Now with Sleep Cycles integrated alarm clock you will wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed every morning, with just the right music guaranteed! Sleep cycle alarm clock tracks your sleep quality with unique motion detection technology. It automatically determines your best sleeping phase and wakes you up so youll feel rested and ready for anything.

For a smarter, more personal sleep tool, check out Sleep Cycle app.

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Benefits Of Having Both An Apple Watch & A Fitbit

If you have the capabilities to have both the Apple Watch and a Fitbit, you really will get the best of both worlds. You can use your Apple Watch as an addition to your phone to send and receive text messages, call others and receive calls, etc. and then you can use your Fitbit tracker to track your overall health and wellness.

You will especially get use out of your Fitbit at night when you use it as a sleep tracker. In fact, some successful people wear their Apple Watches exclusively during the day for meetings and regular fitness tracking, but then switch open to the Fitbit at night when their Apple Watch has to charge and they want to track their sleep.

What Do You Need To Access The Apple Watch Sleep App

Apple Watch Sleep Tracking: How it actually works // Setup, Tested, Details, Comparisons

Youll need an Apple Watch that is capable of running watchOS 7, the last major software update set to roll out for Apples smartwatch. Youll also need an iPhone that runs iOS 14, which requires an iPhone 6s or later.

WatchOS 7 and the Sleep app are compatible with the following devices:

So if youve got an original Apple Watch or a Series 1 or 2 model, youre sadly out of luck here.

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