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Does The Gear Fit 2 Pro Track Sleep

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How To Track Sleep Using Samsung Gear Fit

Set Up Automatic Native Sleep Tracking For the Gear S3, Gear S2 and Gear Fit 2

In Fitness, it is not just working out vigorously but also the amount of rest and sleep that you are giving to your body to rejuvenate your muscles, and mind plays an important role in getting into proper fitness and shape.The galaxy Gear Fit will use the Sleep application to monitor your Sleep patterns and records how much sleep you are getting by detecting periods of no body movements for one minute in the Automatic mode.

Let us first get some insight on how the Sleep application works in gear Fit, there are two modes of recording your sleep in Gear fit Sleep Application Manual mode and Automatic mode.

In Manual mode, you need to click on the Start button when you are going to sleep and after you wake up from your nap click on the Stop button which will then record the duration of your sleep.

In Automatic mode that should be set will automatically record your sleep cycles on its own without clicking anything before or after you sleep. Your gear fit will detect the lack of body movements for one minute and starts the Timer. If you are sleeping for less than 2 hours and wake up in 30 minutes the sleep cycle is not recorded.

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Review: Sports Activities

In the sporty part of the review, we take the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro for a run. On the tracker itself, you can choose from many other activities such as cycling, swimming, walking, hiking, indoor cycling, rowing, stepping, or strength exercises.

Training information such as duration, distance and the number of calories burned is recorded, depending on the type of training performed. The Gear Fit 2 Pro uses the integrated HR sensor to hold the heart rate even without an HR chest strap:


For starters we go for a round jog. The integrated GPS receiver records speed, distance as well as the distance traveled and other metrics.

The Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro has predefined goals, so you can also run a little more structured. You have to choose your goal before running for example 30 minutes. But there are also programs that can help you burn calories, improve your endurance and speed.

Once you have started the training, Gear Fit 2 Pro provides various statistics in real time. Enclosed in the picture gallery are just a few examples:

Samsung Gear Fit2 Review

The Samsung Gear Fit2 doesn’t really fit the category assigned to it rather, it’s a wearable that falls somewhere between fitness tracker and smartwatch. In other words, it’s not quite either. Soon to be surpassed by the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro, the Fit2 has instead taken components from the Gear Fit and the Gear S2 to create something a little different.

What you get is a powerful device all for only $179, making it a tempting offer for those who want a feature packed tracker and don’t want to spend more than $200 on a Microsoft Band 2 or the new Garmin Vivosmart HR+.

Wareable verdict: Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro review

While the Gear Fit2 doesn’t bring anything particularly new to the concept of fitness tracking or smartwatches, it does look to be a cost effective best of both worlds. But is it the best device for you? Let’s dive in and take a look.

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Why Buy The Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro

If youre after a solid fitness tracker with a sprinkling of smartwatch services, the Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro is a good choice. This unassuming wearable offers the solid activity tracking and reliable notification services that made the Gear Fit 2 great, but with the added perk of waterproofing.

However, issues with its battery life and a lack of significant changes beyond its ATM rating make it an expensive choice for fitness fans. If youre not a swimmer, the original Gear Fit 2 is a more cost-effective option. Plus, there are cheaper dedicated trackers for people unconcerned about smartwatch functionality.

Track Your Sleep On The Fit 2 Widget

Samsung Gear Fit 2 review: Samsung gets fitness tracking ...

The newly added, Sleep widget has appeared on Galaxy Fit or Fit 2 tracker. Slide the main screen from right to left side until you find the Sleep tab.

The sleep management tab is only supported on Android & Galaxy smartphones, and it misses on iOS or iPhone devices. In the sleep management option, you get a REM cycle, deep sleep, and total sleep data. Now, measure your sleep on Galaxy Fit & Fit 2 fitness tracker and share your experience.

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Guide To Sleep Tracking On Galaxy Fit & Fit 2

Sleep tracking function on Galaxy Fit, Fit e & Fit 2 are different than the Galaxy Watches. Again with the launch of Galaxy Watch 3, it has become more forward-looking than the predecessors. The new fitness trackers from the company also have sensors beneath them to get accurate sleep results. The sleep measurement on your fitness band tracks your sleep quality and guide you to get full of night. Humans must get enough sleep to work better and use creativity at its best. Thanks to Samsung, now we have a better smart band to wear at night.

Unlike the Galaxy Watch lineup, you will not find sleep monitoring on the Galaxy Fit & Fit 2. You have to manually add the sleep feature to the tracker to measure it. Samsung provides you light, deep, and REM sleep stages with the daily, weekly & monthly records. Once you set the feature on the band, then you can wear it daily at night. For first time users, and for those users who dont understand how to use sleep tracking on Galaxy Fit & Fit 2, follow these steps. Before anything else pair your Galaxy Fit, Fit e or Fit 2 with the Galaxy Wearable app.

Samsung Gear Fit2 Tips And Tricks

The Samsung Gear Fit2 along with the Gear S3 and the S2 smartwatches proves that the Korean tech giant is starting to get a hang of making wearables you’ll actually want to wear.

It was also a bit of a step up from the original fitness tracker/smartwatch hybrid. It still has that crisp touchscreen display and sleek Tizen OS, but also throws in built-in GPS, automatic exercise tracking and recently added the ability to better monitor indoor workouts when you’re working on those abs.

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After giving it a throughout workout for our comprehensive review, we’ve been back living with the Android and iOS-friendly wearable to see if it’s still a solid all-rounder.

Whether you’re thinking of picking one up or you already own it and want to know what it else it can do, here’s our pick of handy Gear Fit2 tips and tricks to help you become the master of your Samsung wearable.

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How To Check Sleep Data And History

You can check your sleep data and history of your sleep cycles by clicking on the Sleep-Check Sleep data button which we see when you scroll left or right from the home screen.

You can change the Recording mode by clicking on the button next to the History button.

And the Auto Block button will be useful to Set a Recording duration when in Auto Recording Mode.

How To Change The Watch Face

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro hands-on

The good news is that you’re not just stuck to one or two watch faces here. There’s nine already pre-installed on the Gear Fit2 and it’s really easy to change things up.

Press and hold down on the watch screen and you’ll be able to swipe through the different options. You’ll then be given the option to stylise faces changing up colours and complications if you prefer to have shortcuts to distance covered over step counts.

You can install more from the Samsung Galaxy App Store but you’ll have to do that from your phone first before syncing them back to the Fit2.

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Why Is There A Red Bar / Section / Block In My Sleep Graph

The red block indicates that something went wrong with tracking at that time and the device stopped providing sensor data for some reason. Usually those are some non-standard battery optimizations or battery savers, the battery gets too low so we preserve it for the alarm or connectivity issue if you use a wearable.

Samsung Galaxy Fit Review: The Verdict

The Samsung Galaxy Fit is a great option for those looking for a simple, accurate fitness tracker. The combination of its durable and light build, sleep tracking, and overall accuracy of fitness and health tracking make for an overall well-rounded device. The $100 price tag is just right, too.

The Galaxy Fit is a great option for those in the market for a simple, accurate fitness tracker.

If youre not a fan of Fitbit devices and arent keen on importing a Xiaomi Mi Band 4 , I see no reason not to buy the Galaxy Fit. Its simple and it works well. What more could you want for $100?

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App Integration: Strava And Others On The Way

Before wrapping up, it should be noted that all is not lost on the application front, even if the device is limited.  Samsung has opened up the Gear Fit to some limited 3rd party development.  Right now, that happens to include Strava and RunKeeper.

In the case of Strava, youll use the main Strava Android app and as long as you have the Gear Fit paired with the phone via Bluetooth the Strava App will automatically leverage the display for a handful of screens of data.

It should be noted that heart rate data is not accessible to Strava today with the Gear Fit .  Hopefully Samsung will change that.  Nonetheless, Strava will display heart rate data from a paired heart rate strap if you happen to have it.  And, based on what I showed above in the optical HR sensor section thats probably for the best anyway.

The app supports the ability to display real-time segment information for your favorite segments that you stumbled into on your route, or for segments that are deemed important by Strava.  By default itll show you racing against your previous PR for that segment, unless youve never raced that segment in which case itll race against the KOM record holder.

Ill be playing more with the app in the coming weeks on the Gear2, as well as poking at it a bit more on the Gear Fit.  Its cool though to see Strava throwing some resources at projects like these and taking a chance on new hardware and devices.

Samsung Gear Fit2: Long

Fitbit Charge 3 vs Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro

It’s almost exactly a year on since we first reviewed the Gear Fit2 and in that time, Samsung’s fitness tracker/smartwatch hybrid has seen some pretty major changes in the software department.

Like the Samsung’s Gear S3 smartwatch, the Fit2 now has official iOS support so you can pair it to an iPhone. It’s also been beefed up with new fitness features including automatic rep counting, heart rate zone-based training support and the ability to automatically recognise a range of exercises and sports.

Another big addition is support for Under Armour’s suite of fitness apps. That means you can send data to Endomondo, MyFitnessPal, MapMyRun and UA Record apps. While Samsung’s own S Health app is steadily improving, the increase in third party app support is a major plus for Samsung’s fitness wearable.

So what is the Gear Fit 2 still like to use on a daily basis? Well, it’s still very good albeit with a few niggling issues. It’s really comfortable to wear and a darn sight better looking than the Charge 2 that’s for sure. The screen is still one of the best you’ll find on a wearable but the downside is that battery life generally still maxes out to three days. Especially if you’re going to make use of the GPS.

  • Questionable heart rate tracking
  • Text-reply is limited

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Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 Is Priced At Rs 3999 In India

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 comes in two colour options Black and Scarlet

  • Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 comes with a Hand Wash feature
  • It can track four stages of sleep
  • Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 will go on sale starting October 16

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 fitness tracker has been launched in India. Unveiled earlier this month at the South Korean tech giant’s Life Unstoppable virtual event, the Galaxy Fit 2 boasts of an AMOLED display, up to 15 days of battery life on a single charge, and a host of workout modes. Keeping the ongoing coronavirus-induced pandemic in mind, the wearable comes with a Hand Wash feature that periodically reminds you to clean your hands. Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 comes with 5ATM water resistance and is offered in two colour options.

Samsung Galaxy Fit Vs Gear Fit 2 Vs Fit 2 Pro Features Compared

Each of these would make a great choice for tracking your active life as each is well equipped to track a whole lot of activities.

However, the Gear Fit 2 and Fit 2 Pro with inbuilt GPS are actually GPS smartwatches with quite a number of features that enable tracking of your outdoor activities effortlessly which of course makes these two great choices for tracking outdoor activities.

You also get access to some of the worlds biggest names in fitness tracking such as UA Record, MapMyRun, MyFitnessPal, and Endomondo with the Gear Fit 2 Pro.

The Galaxy Fit tracks 90 different activities including detailed sleep tracking and analysis, 24/7 heart rate monitoring and as well your steps, cycling, swimming, and runs. It automatically detects and tracks 6 of those 90 activities which no doubt makes it a great choice for managing your fitness goals.

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Samsung Galaxy Fit Vs Gear Fit 2 Vs Fit 2 Pro Specs Compared



Device nameDevice typePredessesorSuccessorReleased dateIdeal for


Display typeDisplay sizeDisplay resolutionPixel densityInput typeAlways-onNoYesYes


ShapeDimensionWeightCasing materialStrap/band materialBezel MaterialStrap sizeScreen protectionWater resistant/ProtectionYesYesYesSwim-proofYesNoYesColorRAMInternal storageMemory card slotNoNoNo


BluetoothBluetooth callingNoNoNoWi-FiNoYesYesNFCYesNoNoGPSNo


Email alertYesYesYesSMS alertYesYesYesYesYesYesEvent reminderYesYesYesWeatherYesYesYesThird-party appsYesYesYes


Sleep apneaNoNoNoSleep trackingYesYesYesStepsYesYesYesFloors climbedNoYesYesHeart rate monitoringYesYesYesCaloriesYesYesYesDistanceYesYesYesStressNoYesYesVO2 Max.YesYesYesBlood oxygenNoNoNoBlood pressureNoNoNoMenstrual cycle trackingNoNoNoSwim trackingYesYesYesUnder-water heart rate trackingNoNoNoPreloaded mapsNoNoNoOn-screen workout modesNoNoNoTriathlon modeNoNoNoECG TrackingNoNoNoPreloaded sport modesYesYesYesSafety trackingNoNoNo


AudioNoMusic streamingNoYesYesBluetooth musicNoYesYesRadioNoNoNoLoudspeakerNoNoNoMicrophoneNoNoNoCameraNoNoNo


AccelerometerYesYesYesBarometer/AltimeterNoYesYesHeart rate monitor YesYesYesCompassNoNoNoYesYes

Compare Samsung Galaxy Fit Vs Gear Fit 2 Vs Fit 2 Pro

Samsung Gear Fit Tip: How to find the missing sleep app for the Samsung Gear Fit

Last Updated on March 28, 2020 by Jude Simeone

The long-awaited Galaxy Fit is now available in the US accompanied by the cheaper Galaxy Fit e, these two represent the latest fitness trackers from Samsung that are actually cheap and means a lot of people can get their hands on it. Although, not a direct replacement for the Gear Fit 2 or Fit 2 Pro, but share quite a lot in common. We compare the Galaxy Fit vs Gear Fit 2 vs Fit 2 Pro.

We compare their specs and features head-to-head, so you know what each has got to offer.

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Can You Text On The Gear Fit 2 Pro

You cantextGear Fit2Samsung Gear

Moreover, can you text on Gear Fit 2?

youtextsSamsung Gear 2Gear 2you cantextGear 2

One may also ask, can you text on Galaxy Fit?

Gear Fityou cantextsGear Fit

Can you answer calls on Gear Fit 2 Pro?

you cananswer callsyourFit 2 ProYou can

Is Galaxy Fit waterproof?

Galaxy Fit water resistantGalaxy Fit

Odd Juggling Act Between This And Samsung Health

The Galaxy Fit app is pretty solid, other than the occasional bad update . In theory, this app controls the device, and Samsung Health tracks your fitness data. In practice, you jump back and forth between the two to manage your settings. Also, one can lost the connection, and the other doesnt, so I question how good the communication is between the two apps. Its easy enough to quit one and restart it, but it is annoying as crap when Im sitting in a meeting and my Fit notifications start going off constantly. This is almost always a sign that the Fit app crashed, but the Health app is fine, and my phone is dumping every notification it can to my phone . Im scrambling to open my phone and force Fit to quit and restart, to get it to stop before my arm vibrates off…

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Built To Fit Your Active Lifestyle

Galaxy Fit2 is built as tough as you are. Water-resistant up to 50m with 5ATM certification, it helps you push yourself through workouts. Jump right in to your fitness routine with confidence.

*Galaxy Fit2 has a water resistance rating of 50 meters under the ISO standard 22810:2010. It is not suitable for diving or high-pressure water activities.

Lockscreen Does Not Unlock On Alarm

Testing the Fitbit Alta HR vs. Samsung Gear Fit2 ...

Google made it impossible to start screens from the background on newer Android versions. This is why we can no longer show the alarm screen with the big buttons under usual settings. The app can just show notifications from the background if the screen is on when the alarm starts. If the screen is locked we usually are able to show the full-screen alarm.

  • Go to Settings Alarms Always fullscreen alarm , and enable this option.

  • It will take you to the system settings, where you need to grant the Draw over other apps permission.

  • On Xiaomi/MIUI, you need to grant special permission to Sleep as Android so that it may unlock your screen during alarm.

  • Go to System Settings Permissions Advanced Permissions select Sleep app and give it permission to access Lockscreen.

  • If you are using a Captcha task from the Captcha add-on, please, make sure the permission is granted to the add-on as well.

    When alarm goes off, it does not disable the lockscreen and you have to manually unlock the device to tap snooze or dismiss.

    You may have Sleep as Android enabled under Border lights. This causes the alarm popup to not display over the lockscreen, as the notification is being shown as a light around the edge of the screen.

  • Disable Border lights for Sleep as Android in your device√Ęs settings.

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    Better Visibility To Help Keep You Moving

    Galaxy Fit2 helps you keep your rhythm and your style. The beautiful 3D glass accentuates the sleek design, and with its wide 1.1-inch full color AMOLED display, just a quick glance gives you the info you need.

    *Display size is 1.1′, measured diagonally as a full rectangle without accounting for the rounded corners. Actual viewable area is less due to the rounded corners.

    How To Switch Out Widgets

    Widgets pop up when you scroll left to right from the home screen of Gear Fit2. Sometimes the order isn’t really optimized for your needs – but it’s pretty easy to customize.

    Scroll left to the widgets then long press the screen. The haptics will kick in and you can start picking which ones you don’t want by tapping the minus symbol, adding by choosing ‘Add’ at the end and drag current widgets to move them. The last one can be kind of hard to do on the small vertical screen, but we’ve found that holding and moving the widget up and around the other is best.

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    Log Your Sleep Patterns For A Better Good Nights Rest

    A good nights sleep can give you the energy for your day. Galaxy Fit2 measures various factors related to your sleep and gives you tips to help improve it. Get valuable insights into your sleep with an intuitive overall score you can check right from the Samsung Health app.

    *Sleep management functions on Galaxy Fit2 can be used as standalone, but smartphone pairing is required in order to see sleep score. Insight only available on paired smartphone.**Bluetooth connection required.***Requires profile information input under Samsung Health app setting. If required profile information is left blank, score may be unavailable or inaccurate.****Sleep Score feature will be made available after future Galaxy Fit2 software update, and will only activate once device is updated.

    Should You Buy It Yes

    Samsung Gear Fit 2 Stopped Tracking After just 3 Days

    I really like the Samsung Fit2 Pro. Yes, it’s not as robust a smart thing as some other trackers out there, but at its current price of $170, it’s a steal. The screen is out-of-this-world good, and the tracking is fantastic for those who’d rather be reinforced with kind messages and automatic number crunching than to-the-millimeter perfection.

    At the same time, the notification system on the Fit2 Pro is better than some smartwatches , and even most of the negatives are nitpicks.

    The Fit2 Pro goes up against the Fitbit Blaze, Garmin Vivosport, TomTom Spark 3 Cardio and a Series 1 Apple Watch, and it largely comes out ahead against all of them. If you’re looking for more accurate fitness tracking or better sleep metrics, you’re better off with a Garmin or a Fitbit, but nothing touches Samsung for an all-around experience.

    And, wow, that screen.

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    Solution 4: Update The Firmware

    An update of the firmware is very crucial in guaranteeing the proper working of the Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro. It will help in solving any appearing issues in the Smart Band and also allows users to experience new features. The Smart band is connected to the Samsung Gear app to be able to function well. The use of outdated software may result in poor functioning of your Smart Band. To achieve this, you need to select the Samsung Gear Manager on your phone and check its details. You will then need to click on Update in order to upgrade the software to the latest version.

    Our Analysis And Test Results

    This tracker finished very close to the top of the pack, right behind the Fitbit Charge 2 our overall top scorer. The Charge 2 has a slightly more impressive set of fitness tracking capabilities, but isn’t quite as ergonomic as the Gear Fit2 Pro. The Fit2 Pro tied with the Fitbit Blaze, with both of these quasi-smartwatch fitness trackers having the same overall score, with the Fit2‘s superior ergonomics and ease of use canceled out by the Blaze‘s better fitness tracking capabilities and more useful display.

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    How To Record Sleep Duration In Manual Mode

    On your Gear Fit Home screen, you have to Scroll the screen to the left or right which will take you to the Sleep App. In the Sleep App, you can see 3 options Start with a green color half moon on the left and Sleep-check sleep data in the middle and Back button on the right side.

    After you wake up you can find the duration time of your sleep and now click on the same button where it is written Stop now to stop recording your Sleep timings.

    How To Record Sleep In Automatic Mode

    Samsung Gear Fit 2 is getting better sleep and activity ...
    • As done in the manual mode, you have to scroll to the left or right to access the Sleep App.
    • Here you need to Scroll once again to the left side of the Sleeping screen to get the options for turning on the Automatic mode
    • From the options click on the Auto button and then tap Tick to select it.
    • In Automatic Mode, you need to make sure that you are wearing the device on your wrist all through your sleep and not place it on the table.
    • As we have mentioned earlier, the Sleep app will keep a track on your body movements and then record the Sleep cycles and store it in gear fit memory to check and keep a track of your Sleep.

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