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How Accurate Is Samsung Health Sleep Tracker

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Review Your Sleep Metrics And Stats On Your Paired Phone Instead Of Your Watch

Samsung Gear S2 – Is it a fitness tracker too?

You can always look at your sleep stats, score, and other metrics on your phone too!

  • On your phone, open the Samsung Health app.
  • Scroll down and tap Sleep.
  • Review your sleep details by scrolling through them.
  • Tap on the Sleep Score to see even more details, including how you compare to your same age and gender group, as well as information on best practices.
  • To view your sleep history, tap the Trends tab at the top. There are options to view this by day, week, or month.
  • Getting Around Samsung Health Phone App

    Currently, Samsung Health is broken down into three main sections. We’ll take you through what those are and what you can expect to find there.


    When you launch the app from your phone, this is the first screen you’ll see, the place to glance at your latest stats, whether that’s step counts, active time and sleep data. The data you see here will entirely depend on what the wearable you’ve paired to it can monitor. Or if you’re only using the phone app.

    Along with pushing data automatically to Health, there’s data you can manually enter here as well. So things like weight, water intake, and blood glucose readings.

    This is also a place that ECG and blood pressure data can be displayed as well, which is now supported on the latest Samsung Galaxy Watches. We’ve got guides on how to measure blood pressure on a Samsung Galaxy Watch and take an ECG reading on a Samsung Galaxy Watch to show off that data in Home.

    If you want to adjust what data is shown here, you can scroll to the bottom of the screen to find the manage items option. From here, you can add or remove tiles that you want to see here.


    Together is the place you go to take part in challenges and also see how your own data compares to other Samsung Health users. You can also connect with other friends if you respond better to some competition to keep you motivated.


    Google Nest Hub : The Best Bedside Sleep Tracker

    Unlike the Withings Sleep, the Google Nest Hub cannot track your sleep stages. But using its built-in Soli sensor combined with its temperature sensor and ambient sound and light sensors it can track a variety of other things, such as your total time asleep, total time in bed, sleep efficiency , and respiratory rate. It can also keep track of sleep disturbances like snoring, coughing, and changes in your rooms light.

    We found the Nest Hubs sleep tracking accurate compared to wrist-worn devices like the Oura Ring 2 and Fitbit Sense.

    Theres a big caveat with the Nest Hubs Sleep Sensing feature, though: its only free through 2022. In 2023, youll need to sign up for a subscription to access the Nest Hubs sleep tracking features.

    • Unknown sleep tracking subscription fee in 2022
    • Missing sleep tracking metrics compared to wearables
    • Google Fit is simple to a fault

    Check out our full review to learn more about the Google Nest Hub .

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    S Health Review: Looking Back

    S Health as an app isn’t new, but it has changed radically from its earliest iterations on devices like the Samsung Galaxy S4. There’s less in the app by default, at least on the home screen: everything is much cleaner and lighter in design.

    That doesn’t mean it’s poorer in terms of features though, it just so happens that now you can see all of your information in a much cleaner, less cluttered interface.

    Sleep Tracking Issues On Galaxy Watch

    Sleep tracking through SHealth
  • Android Central QuestionSo Ive had the Galaxy Watch for well over a week now. Most of the time it records the wrong sleep times. I usually sleep 7 hours a night, and the watch records 1-2 hours sleep time. Ive reset this thing twice and nothing has changed. Am I the only one with this problem, or are there others?09-07-2018 07:05 AM
  • I moved this to the Galaxy Watch forum for more specific traffic.09-08-2018 02:42 AM
  • Los_914I just returned the 2nd watch to the Tmobile store. It would not connect with cell phone to track sleep, not a known issue yet, but i bet it will be. Then again my wife had the 42mm and it worked fine. There was a Samsung tecnhician at the store, and he couldnt even figure out the issue. All other sensors worked, heart, stress, ect. Too bad cause other than that, i really loved the watch.09-08-2018 06:30 PM
  • Nacho1545No issues with my first 2 watches when it comes to this. . Will try it tonight on number 3 watch tonight. In any case my first watch even tracked my nap when I was watching tv. Lol.09-08-2018 07:30 PM
  • I have the 42mm and there are no problems tracking my sleep. Maybe it’s an with the 48mm.09-08-2018 09:39 PM
  • My 46mm is pretty accurate tracking my sleep. Maybe you move around too much or your heart rate is too high.09-09-2018 12:05 AM
  • AmbassadorCan you set the sensitivity settings? On another note, 7 hours is my nightly target sleep. I am lucky to get 5, and never more than 3 hours unbroken. Lucky, lucky you!!
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    Samsung Health Measurement Of Stress: A Review

    Samsung health promises the accurate measurement of stress, but to know whether it actually does so is hard without any substantial proof or studies aimed at figuring this out and for this purpose, a journalist at Forbes, Sharif Sakr, gave it a go.

    Sharif reports that Samsung health could ideally measure the vulnerability to panic attacks as well if it measures tress accurately across a period of time, and he also reports that he tried to be as regular and proper as possible in the measurement of stress with this app.

    Here is an excerpt from Sharifs report that may give a fair idea of how his experience with the measurement of stress with Samsung Health went:

    However, when I started to keep a log of my stress readings, none of the results made any sense: my stress level was nearly always reported to be low even when I felt stressed out, and then it was reported to be high after I went for a leisurely walk in the park. If anything, the measurements seemed to be correlated with absolute heart-rate, such that they were distorted by even a hint of exercise.

    This would indicate that someone who is aware of their stress levels, in general, did not find it too accurate to measure these stress levels with Samsung Health, which perhaps says something about the app itself, and drives home the idea that anything one discovers through their gadgets must be taken with a grain of salt.

    Samsung Galaxy Active 2 & Sleep Phase Measurements

    People go through different phases and stages. when they sleep. If youve looked at the sleep data in the Samsung Health app, you are probably already aware of most of these phases. There are two-phases: REM and Non-REM. The Non-REM phase is broken down into three different stages. They are literally called Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3. Here is a brief description of each phase.

    Sleep StageDescription
    Stage 1You are barely asleep. The slightest noise or lighting change can wake you up. This is the first stage after you fall asleep and typically last 5 10 minutes.
    Stage 2You are in a light asleep, and a little hard to wake up. Your body temperature and heart rate decrease, and you begin to move around a bit less. This stage happens after Stage 1 and may last for 15 60 minutes.
    Stage 3You are in a deep sleep, and it is the hardest to wake you up. Youll feel sleepy if you are woken up. You may move around some, but not very much. This stage happens after Stage 2 and may last for 20 40 minutes.
    REMKnown as Rapid Eye Movement, this is the deepest sleep stage though your body becomes more active. Characterized by moving of the eyes, your heart rate also picks up and varies, but your brain paralyzes your muscles making you very still.

    There are also other changes, such as brain wave activity, but I tried to only mention the differences that your watch can detect: motion and heart rate.

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    Who Should Get This

    Everyone sleeps, but sleep trackers arent for everyone. Personal sleep tracking is a new sciencethe app makers havent nailed accurate readings yet, and the apps are often not great at telling a typical user what to do with the results. In fact, as W. Chris Winter, MD, author of The Sleep Solution: Why Your Sleep Is Broken and How to Fix It, said, quoting a pessimistic colleague, The best thing that trackers have allowed us to do is admire our problems.

    We wouldnt say we like admiring our problems, but we do like to know where we standand, considering the popularity of health trackers, plenty of other people feel the same way. As a result, sleep-tracking apps work best for people who are only casually looking for clues as to how they might sleep better at night and emerge the next day feeling energized.

    If youre an elite athlete, a marine officer, or an airline pilot for whom sleep analysis could make or break your career, these apps are not for you. If you think you might have sleep apnea and are hoping that your phone will save you from a night in a sleep clinic, these apps are also not for you.

    Everyone sleeps, but sleep trackers arent for everyone.

    Samsung Galaxy Fit Review: The Verdict

    The SAMSUNG HEALTH APP in 2020 | In-Depth Review/Tutorial | WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW

    The Samsung Galaxy Fit is a great option for those looking for a simple, accurate fitness tracker. The combination of its durable and light build, sleep tracking, and overall accuracy of fitness and health tracking make for an overall well-rounded device. The $100 price tag is just right, too.

    The Galaxy Fit is a great option for those in the market for a simple, accurate fitness tracker.

    If youre not a fan of Fitbit devices and arent keen on importing a Xiaomi Mi Band 4 , I see no reason not to buy the Galaxy Fit. Its simple and it works well. What more could you want for $100?

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    How Does The Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Track And Measure Sleep

    Samsung has done a great job at creating the Samsung Health app, as well as the Galaxy smart watches, to help track our health. One important part of a healthy life our sleep, but how exactly does it track our sleep?

    The Samsung Galaxy Active 2 uses your movement and heart rate to determine if you are awake, or in light, deep, or REM sleep phases. This data is tracked in the Samsung Health app, which can be viewed on the watch, but is recommended to be viewed on a smart phone.

    Its important to know a little about sleep phases before we can tie in how the Galaxy Active 2 differentiates between the phases. Lets take a quick look at those phases, and then how your smart watch knows which phase of sleep to record.

    S Health Review: Smartwatch Experience

    As you’d expect with a smartwatch, the S Health app takes the form of basic, round widgets on the Gear S2 and S3.

    Launching the S Health app on a Gear S smartwatch means cycling through nine different widgets. Some, like the step, calorie and floors counter only show you information collected. Others, like the workout widget and water/caffeine ones allow to add data by either starting a workout, or by telling it that you’ve had another cup of Joe.

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    Heart Rate & Motionused Together To Track Sleep

    Heart rate combined with motion is enough to get close to accurate sleep tracking records. Here is a table showing how each sleep phase is unique when looking at motion and heart rate data together, aside from Stage 1 and Stage 2, which is probably why Samsung combines the two.

    Sleep Stage

    How accurate is the sleep tracker on the Samsung Galaxy Watch?

    Sleep trackers have a history of being inaccurate. In fact, this 2017 article from The Mayo Clinic, here, mentions that more than 20 research studies have examined the accuracy and validity of the sleep information they generate. The results show that, the devices are largely inaccurate.

    In my opinion, sleep trackers have improved greatly since than. From what Ive read, here is what Ive found.

    The Samsung Galaxy Watch accurately measures sleep for healthy individuals, but looses accuracy for individuals with sleeping problems or when it cannot detect a heart rate. The difference between deep sleep and light sleep is not always accurately tracked.

    In my experience, the Samsung Galaxy Active 2 has been consistently accurate at recording how long slept, and at catching when I take a nap. The caveat to this is when I wake up in the morning. I often lay in bed looking at my phone catching up on emails and what not. During this time, the watch records this as Awake and as part of my total sleep time. This time is deducted from the Actual sleep time, as are all the other awake periods that I dont remember.

    Getting Close And Personal With The App

    10 best sleep tracker apps for Android!

    Whats good for a 23-year-old professional athlete will differ from what a 40-year-old office secretary needs. This is why the Samsung Health app asks for personal information when you first launch it. It asks for information such as your age, gender, height, and weight. It also asks for your normal activity level.

    The app saves all the information to your profile and gives you an estimate of your BMI . If there is a change in your weight and activity level, you can update your profile on the app. All you need to do is tap the More Options icon, which you can find in the upper-right corner, select Settings, and tap Profile.

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    Do Sleep Trackers Really Work

    Activity trackers are all the rage, and millions of wrists now sportdevices that monitor everything from your heart rate and oxygen consumptionto the number of steps you take each day.

    Among their many functions, activity trackers can also shine a light onyour biggest source of inactivity: sleep.

    But do they actually work? Read on to learn what sleep tracking devices cantell you

    The Best Sleep Trackers

    Fitbit is one of the most well-known fitness tracker companies on the market. The Fitbit Versa combines the brands popular health tracking with smartwatch capabilities for convenient everyday use.

    Crafted for constant activity tracking, the Fitbit Versa monitors your heart rate, which can be useful for analyzing your sleep. Additionally, the device detects when youre sleeping based on movements. The Fitbit Versa then tracks your sleep pattern to estimate how much time youve spent asleep, awake, and restless. You can also look at your average hours slept, sleep score, sleep schedule, and sleep stages to see how these metrics change over time.

    Sleepers may also benefit from other aspects of the Fitbit Versa, including its ability to store and play music and podcasts. Users have the option of syncing the Versa with nearby compatible devices to receive alerts and access select apps.

    In addition to sleep tracking, the Fitbit Versa can play workouts so that you can follow along, and track your workout in more than 20 exercise modes. Since it is water resistant up to 50 meters, it can also track your swimming laps. The Fitbit Versa can connect to your phones GPS for pace and distance information. The device is equipped with Fitbit Pay, a contactless payment method.

    The Versa uses Bluetooth technology and is compatible with many Android, iPhone, and Windows devices, including smartphones and computers. The Fitbit Versa is eligible for Amazons 30-day return policy.

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    Enable Rem Sleep Cycle Monitoring

    Now, the question is, how about the REM cycle? This is an advanced sleep tracking feature, right?

    Fortunately, yes, you can record and monitor your REM sleep cycle by tweaking the heart rate settings. Heres what you need to do:

  • Go or open the Samsung Health app.
  • Look for the Heart Rate option and tap on it.
  • Tap the three-dot menu found on the right.
  • Tap the Gear icon.
  • Find Settings, and then scroll, find, and select the Always option.
  • Do note that Samsung has a recent update to include the REM cycle monitoring, and if you have this, just switch it on before going to sleep.

    Specific Sleeping Stage Problem

    Sleep Analysis… By Samsung

    Even if you have completed the number of hours you sleep regularly, there are days when you wake up exhausted. The reason for this is that you might have awakened during the deep stage of sleep. Your sleep tracker will help you see the time when you usually achieve the deep sleep stage, so you can adjust your alarm or waking time.

    Although not as accurate as traditional methods, achieving quality sleep and determining possible sleeping problems are possible with the help of Samsung wearable sleep trackers and apps. Just make sure you follow the tips above on how to use sleep tracking on Samsung Gear S3, as well as understand the different data provided by the device and the app.

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    How Does The Samsung Health App Measure Sleep

    The Samsung health app measures sleep by monitoring your sleep habits. This means that the Samsung wearable devices such as the Samsung Gear S, have an internal gyroscope inside. The gyroscope is meant to detect movement, even when you are asleep. Before going to sleep, make sure you connect your device to your smartphone.

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