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How Does Fitbit Flex Track Sleep

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Wear Your Fitbit On Your Wrist

How to Reset Fitbit Flex Tracker

Some Fitbit models, like the Inspire 2 and the original Inspire, allow you to wear your Fitbit in a clip.

Unfortunately, when you wear your Fitbit in a clip and set your Inspire to on-clip mode, the heart rate sensors automatically turn off.

That means that your Fitbit in the clip-position can only record sleep in the three general categories of awake, restless, and asleep since it doesnt record any heart rate data.

So for folks who wear their Fitbits in a clip or pendant when sleeping, try wearing it on your wrist and see if that makes a difference.

When you wear your Fitbit on your wrist and set it to wrist mode, it automatically detects when you are sleeping and records your sleep stages using your heart rate information.

Thats why you must check that your Fitbit is set to on-wrist and not on-clip mode in the Fitbit Settings app.

Easy Operation And Stylish Design

To see your progress against your goals tap twice on the band. For every 20% progress, one out of five white LED indicator lights will begin to glow. For activating or deactivating the sleep tracking all you have to do is tap the band rapidly for one or two seconds.

This wristband has a stylish and slim design that makes the brand look good with any of your outfits. It comes in many attractive colours, from which you can pick one that matches your personality. The exclusive Tory Burch and the removable tracker design, lets you select an accessory that transforms your tracker into a beautiful accessory.

What To Do When Your Fitbit Stops Tracking Sleep

Jun 14, 2020 | Other, Troubleshooting

Fitbits are great smartwatches with a variety of capabilities. However, some users have reported that their Fitbit is inconsistently tracking their sleep or not tracking their sleep at all anymore. To help, weve researched what to do if youre Fitbit isnt tracking your sleep. 

If a Fitbit stops automatically tracking sleep, restart it using the specific directions for that Fitbit model. If the Fitbit is still not tracking sleep automatically, users can adjust the devices sleep sensitivity level or start and stop the sleep tracker manually using the Fitbit app.

In this article, well cover a few ways you can troubleshoot your Fitbit if it stops recording your sleep.

For Older Fitbit Models Try These Restart Steps

  • Connect your Fitbit to its charging cable and make sure its plugged in and placed properly.
  • Hold down the button for between five & ten seconds. You will usually see the Fitbit logo appear or the screen flashes. 
  • Release the button or buttons.
  • Disconnect the tracker from its charger and turn it back on if necessary.
  • How Do I Track Sleep With My Charge 4

    Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Sleep Wristband FB401 ...
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    What do I push after I push the Im awake button so that it will show the sleep graph?

    Fitbit Community Council Learn more

    Hi, , welcome to the community, I’m not sure where you are coming from with your question. This article How do I track my sleep with my Fitbit device? explains in detail how your Charge 4 automatically records your sleep. You should find the stats for your most recent rest at the “Sleep score” tile in the app on your phone.

    I hope this is helpful.


    Charge 4 and SAmsung Galaxy S10e

    Fitbit Community Moderators Learn more

    Welcome to the Community,  and , thanks for the input.

    I was able to see here that our friend  provided information about your sleep inquiry. Was this the answer you were looking for? If it was, I recommend marking the answer given as the best answer. By doing this, other users with the same inquiry will be able to find a faster response.

    Now, if your inquiry/issue wasnt resolved, let me know and I will be glad to help you out.

    Fitbit Flex 2 Fits Your Style

    Fitbit Flex 2 features an an ultra-slim, minimalist design , and can be accessorized with a variety of bands, bracelets and necklaces to match every mood and outfit. Wear it alone, or stack it next to your favorite bangles, watches, and other jewelry to express your personal style for every moment of your lifefrom the gym, to the office, to the beach, even a night out on the town.

    Fitbit Flex 2 classic elastomer bands will be available in a seven colorsblack, blush pink, gray, lavender, magenta, navy and yellow, and are great for everyday wear and fitness. Youll find premium options in the Luxe Collection, like stainless steel bangles in gold, rose gold, and silver. And theres even a stainless steel lariat-style pendant in gold and silver when you really want to dress up an outfit.

    Designer accessories from top fashion partners will give you even more choices, allowing you to  coordinate your tracker with everything in your closet so you can enhance your own unique, personal style.

    Optical Heart Rate Monitors

    We usually think of EKGs that doctors use to measure our heart-rate. An optical heart-rate monitor is quite different from an EKG. It uses light to measure our heart-rate. The sensor shines light through the skin and examines the light that bounces back.

    Since blood is conducive to light absorption, changes in light can be used to examine the heart-rate. This process is called photoplethysmography. Yes, quite a mouthful.

    An optical heart-rate monitor is quite close to an EKG machine in terms of accuracy but only when used on the fingertip or the chest. But even the wrist it is accurate enough for us to get the information we need.

    Fitbit Flex: Battery Life

    The Flex 2 should last about five days before needing a charge. Try to remember to keep it charged as its frustrating when youre just about to walk or run and the battery fades out. The best time to give it a charge is while youre asleep or sat stuck in the office, or maybe relaxing in front of the TV or reading a book.

    You need to remove the Flex 2 tracker from the strap to charge, but this is easy – as long as you remember to put it back the right way!

    What Kind Of Sleep Tracking Does It Do

    Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker Wristband Review

    Sleep tracking is one step towards a better night’s sleep. By seeing how much you’re actually sleeping, you can work towards better sleep goals. Not only does the Fitbit Inspire track sleep, it also allows you to set silent vibration alarms and bedtime reminders. Going to sleep and waking up at roughly the same time each day is another step towards better sleep habits.

    Because the Fitbit Inspire doesn’t track heart rate, it can’t determine if you’re in light, deep, or REM sleep.

    Because the Fitbit Inspire doesn’t track heart rate, it can’t determine if you’re in light, deep, or REM sleep. Rather, it can only see your total time asleep based on your nighttime movement. If you don’t move at all, the Fitbit Inspire will automatically log that as sleep time. If you toss and turn and change positions in bed, the Inspire will register that as a restless state. If you move so much that it would be impossible to be asleep, such as getting up and walking to the bathroom, then the Inspire will register that as awake time.

    The app will calculate your total sleep time per night by subtracting your restless and awake time from the total time tracked. For example, if you slept for eight hours, but you were restless for half an hour and awake for half an hour, the time asleep will show seven hours.

    How To Change Your Fitbits Sleep Sensitivity Settings

  • Open the Fitbit app and tap the Today tab.
  • Tap your profile picture or icon, then scroll down to the Settings heading
  • Find it just after the wording to + Set Up a Device, and Shop Fitbit.
  • Choose Activity & Wellness, usually the first one on that list.
  • Select Sleep from the list of options.
  • Scroll to the bottom and choose Sleep Sensitivity.
  • Choose Sensitive instead of Normal.
  • If Sensitive is the current option, try Normal.
  • For older FitbitOS versions

  • Open the Fitbit app and choose the Accounts tab.
  • If you dont see accounts as a tab, choose the Today tab, and tap your profile icon or picture.
  • Tap Advanced Settings.
  • Tap on Sleep Sensitivity and choose from the available options.
  • Fitbit Vs Jawbone Accuracy

    According to the Human Performance Laboratory paper, the Fitbit Flex is more accurate at counting steps than the Jawbone UP24. When compared to manual step counting, the Fitbit came within 10% of the actual number of steps that the research subjects took. On the other hand, the Jawbone UP24 underestimated steps by as much as 34%.

    How Much Sleep Do Fitbit Users Really Get A New Study Finds Out

    The launch of Sleep Stages was a huge step forward in sleep researchfor Fitbit users and scientists.

    Available on Fitbit Alta HR, Blaze, and Charge 2, Sleep Stages uses motion detection and heart rate variability to estimate the amount of time users spend awake and in light, deep, and REM sleep each night. The result? Data that empowers Fitbit users to take control of their sleep quality and allows Fitbit scientists to dig deeper into the health effects of sleep.

    The ability to easily track your sleep not only helps individuals better understand their own sleep, it also unlocks significant potential for us to better understand population health and gain new insights into the mysteries of sleep and its connection to a variety of health conditions, says Conor Heneghan, Ph.D., lead sleep research scientist at Fitbit.

    With that in mind, researchers tapped Fitbits longitudinal sleep databasethe most extensive in the worldto analyze millions of nights of Sleep Stages data* to determine how age, gender, and duration affect sleep quality.

    The sleep study results are below. Open up your sleep log in the Fitbit app to see how your personal stats compare.

    Fitbit Flex 2 Review: Accessories

    Fitbit Flex 2 Smart Fitness Activity Tracker Wireless ...

    The Flex 2 wristband is available in Black, Lavender, Magenta and Navy. You get both a Small and a Large wristband when you buy the Flex 2.

    The Fitbit Flex was one of Fitbit’s longest-surviving trackers in its range, and for good reason it was slim, and so lightweight you forgot you were wearing it. Its update, the Flex 2, is even slimmer and comes with a range of accessories that suggest Fitbit is aiming this tracker at women or very confidently fashionable men…

    You can wear the Fitbit Flex 2 on your wrist in the slim band, in a bangle, or hung from a pendant. This is possible because the actual pebble-like tracker is removable, and be fitted into the three types of holder. You’ll need it in the wristband to track your swimming. It can be in the Bangle, Pendant or Wristband for the other dry-land activity tracking as you prefer.

    The hand-polished Bangle can be bought in Silver, Gold and Rose Gold colours. The Silver version is £10/$10/10 cheaper than the Gold versions.

    The Pendant is available in either Silver or Gold, on a 17-inch chain. The Silver version is £10/$10/10 cheaper than the Gold version. There’s no Rose Gold version of the Pendant available yet.

    Flex 2 owners can also buy two three-packs of wristbands. The Sport pack has bands in Grey, Yellow and Navy. The Pink pack in Magenta, Lavender and Blush Pink.

    There’s just “One Size” but Fitbit includes both a Small and a Large wristband in the box.

    Fitbit Flex 2full Review

    Fitbit has updated its original activity tracker wristband, the Fitbit Flex, with the Fitbit Flex 2 keeping the minimalist design and five-LED display, but adding a wide-range of fashionable accessories and holders, and even making it the company’s first waterproof fitness tracker. It’s also the first to count your swimming laps and is sure to be a hit with Fitbit users who want to add swimming to their exercise stats.

    To see the full range of Fitbit activity trackers see Which Fitbit is best?

    To Change Your Fitbit Inspire To The On

  • On the Fitbit Inspire Series, press and hold the button for about 2 seconds to open your Fitbits Quick Settings. 
  • Scroll down past the settings for battery level, screen wake, notifications, and tap on-clip to change it to on-wrist.
  • Press the button again to return to the clock face.
  • Please note that only the Fitbit Inspire and Inspire 2 support on-clip. The Fitbit Inspire HR does not offer this settingit is always in on-wrist mode.

    Fitbit Flex 2 Review: The First Waterproof Fitbit

    It is, however, only one of two Fitbit trackers that are fully waterproof and boast the ability to track swimming as an exercise.You have to enter the length of your pool in order to accurately count laps, and this is done via the Fitbit app. We’re told that it works with front crawl , backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. The other waterproof Fitbit is the high-end smartwatch; read our Fitbit Ionic review.

    You can wear it in the shower or bath, unlike the other only water-resistant trackers from Fitbit. Also, see our round-up of the best waterproof swim trackers. We think that the Flex 2 might even be used by some Fitbit enthusiasts as a second tracker specifically for the pool.

    The Flex 2 is Fitbit’s first properly waterproof fitness tracker, and can track your swimming as an exercise activity. We haven’t fully tested the Flex 2 on a rigorous swim, but will update this review when we have. The Flex 2 measures your Swim Duration, and calculates calorie burn during your time in the pool.

    Fitbit doesn’t recommend extended exposure to water, so don’t leave it in a bucket of water overnight. Like you would!

    Yahoo tech columnist David Pogue spoke to a Fitbit product manager who admitted that even the Fitbit Charge 2 could be worn in the shower without damage, as long as the shower isn’t super-powered. Pogue tried this out and had no problems with his Charge 2. But only the Flex 2 is guaranteed waterproof by Fitbit, and is the only Fitbit to actively track swimming.

    What You Can Do With Fitbit Sleep Information

    Fitbit Flex Wristband Movement and Sleep Tracker Review

    Sleep monitoring is designed to help you assess if you’re sleeping a healthy amount, and to improve your sleep. 

    You can use the information to look for trends, like if you consistently don’t get enough sleep, or sleep restlessly and wake up often during a night’s sleep. 

    It’s also useful for spotting changes in your sleep. If you usually sleep well but have started to see a change in the quality of your sleep cycles, that might be an indication something is wrong, and you can try to change your sleep habits or have a discussion with your doctor. 

    Change The Color For Your Mood

    Your Fitbit trackers wristband is made to be interchangeable so you can switch up the color of your wristband, depending on your mood. You can also match your wristband to color coordinate with what you are wearing. Wristbands can be bought in a variety of colors, including red, black, slate, orange, teal and pink for about $15.00 each or you can purchase a band pack, which includes three bands for about $30.

    What Is A Fitbit Inspire Anyway

    The Fitbit Inspire is a health and fitness tracker that is meant to be worn both day and night. Since it only needs to be charged a couple of times per week, you can wear it around the clock. It will track your steps, distance, active minutes, calories burned, exercise, female cycles, and your sleep. You connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and you’ll get text and call notifications plus app alerts on your Inspire. Learn more about the Fitbit Inspire in our hands-on review.

    Fitbit’s Most Complete Fitness Tracker Yet

    Design When I first picked up the new Fitbit Flex, I initially considered its unadorned surface and clean, ring shape spartan. After all, the device lacks a real screen capable of displaying alphanumeric characters. Instead the Flex sports a thin sliver of a display cut from smoky dark plastic. Underneath the plastic sits a row of five tiny, white LEDs that blink to indicate the Flex’s status.

    The Flex’s flexible rubbery band, however, masks the product’s true complexity. Inside a small pouch on the strap’s underbelly you’ll find the real brains of the operation, a smooth plastic pebble that contains all the Flex’s electronics. In fact, the LEDs visible from the band’s surface are actually located on this little gizmo. Indeed, half the size of the current Fitbit One Fitbit Zip , the new Flex is Fitbit’s smallest tracker yet.

    Other than its LEDs and a Fitbit logo, the only other features you’ll find on the tracker is a line of metal contacts. These are used for charging the Flex’s rechargeable battery through the supplied USB cable and socket adapter.

    Features and performance The most recent fitness tracker from Fitbit, the Flex offers almost all the same features as the company’s One product. It relies on an internal accelerometer to record the steps you take, the calories you burn. The device calculates this by factoring in your age, height, and weight, which you punch into a linked Fitbit account online.

    Fitbit Accuracy For Sleep Tracking


    Fitbits track your sleep based on your movement at night. If you dont move at all, your tracker assumes youve fallen asleep. If you move without taking any steps, it assumes that youre restless. And if you are walking around, it assumes that youre awake.

    There are three interesting facts to consider when judging Fitbits sleep tracking function.

    First, the accuracy of Fitbits sleep tracking was studied in 2012, and the results are not positive. The study found that the Fitbit was frequently innaccurate. It often said that the research subjects were awake when they were actually asleep, and therefore overestimated sleep duration and quality. Second, Fitbit is the subject of a class action lawsuit, first filed in 2015, that claims that the sleep tracking function doesnt perform as advertised. Fitbit says that this lawsuit is without merit. Third, Fitbit received help earlier this year from sleep scientists from Stanford, Johns Hopkins, and the University of Arizona in order to improve the accuracy of sleep tracking.

    Step Tracking Accuracy Verdict: Its difficult to say. Fitbit has revamped its sleep tracking feature since the 2012 study and the 2015 lawsuit. Its possible the upgrades have improved the feature and erased previous flaws, but the new version hasnt yet been independently tested.

    Fitbit Accuracy For Step Tracking

    Have you ever wondered how something strapped to your wrist could possibly measure something that your legs are doing? Heres the short answer: it doesnt. At least, not directly. Instead, Fitbit trackers compile a bunch of data and run it through an algorithm to provide an estimation of steps.

    Inside your Fitbit tracker is a three-axis accelerometer which measures how you move your body and arm. Information about frequency, duration, intensity, and patterns of movement is then filtered through a complex algorithm. If movement data meets a particular threshold, then a step is counted. This is how your Fitbit is able to count your steps as you move forward to walk, but not count steps as you sit in your car and drive through traffic.

    But this algorithm might lead to accidentally counting steps, or missing the steps you take. Here are a few things that might interfere with your step counters accuracy.

    How Does A Fitbit Track Sleep

    Now that we understand what makes up a Fitbit fitness band, we are better positioned to understand how does a Fitbit track sleep. All of these sensors with an exception or two are used to track our physical changes in our body as we sleep to understand our sleeping patterns and help us get valuable insights into the quality of our sleep.

    Just collecting data from all of the sensors crammed into the device is not enough. The most important thing is machine learning.

    Machine learning refers to using incomprehensibly large amounts of data to find recurring patterns and understand them. This is how Google or Amazons recommendations work, which are fairly accurate.

    Fitbit Flex 2 Review: Monitoring Sleep

    The Flex 2 automatically recognises when you are asleep and when you wake. It tracks both the number of hours slept and the quality of that sleep .

    Helpfully, the Flex has a silent wake alarm that gently vibrates to wake you at your desired time, without disturbing anyone else. You set alarms using your computer or mobile device. Silent Alarms can be configured to recur every day, or on particular days of the week.

    Galvanic Skin Response Sensor

    Fitbit Flex Wristband Activity and Sleep Tracker

    Galvanic skin response sensor is one of those sensors that you dont hear much about. We suspect it has got something to do with its name. We could be wrong, of course. It measures the electrical conductivity of our skin.

    The sensor analyzes our sweating patterns whether from exercising or something else. When this sensor is combined with the accelerometer, it can generate data that can use to understand how our body is responding to different exercises and help us do more of what works.

    Setting Up Your Fitbit Flex

    You can set up your Flex using a computer or the Fitbit apps for iOS, Android, orWindows.

    Setting up your tracker on your mobile device

    The Fitbit app is compatible with more than 200 mobile devices that support iOS,Android, and Windows 10 operating systems.

    To get started:

  • Find the Fitbit app in one of these locations, depending on your device: The Apple® App Store® for iOS devices such as an iPhone® or iPad®. The Google Play Store for Android devices such as the Samsung®Galaxy® S5 and Motorola Droid Turbo. The Microsoft® Windows Store for Windows 10 mobile devices such asthe Lumia phone or Surface tablet.
  • Install the app. Note that youll need an account with the applicable storebefore you can download even a free app such as Fitbit.
  • When the app is installed, open it and tap Join Fitbit to get started. Youll beguided through the process of creating a Fitbit account and connecting your Flex to your mobile device. Pairing makes sure the tracker andmobile device can communicate with one another .
  • Note that the personal information youre asked during setup is used to calculate your basal metabolic rate , which helps determine your estimated calorie expenditure. This information is private unless you go into your Privacy settings and opt to share age, height, or weight with Fitbit friends.

    After setup youre ready to get moving.

    Setting up your tracker on your Windows 10 PC

    Setting up your tracker on your Mac

    To install Fitbit Connect and set up your tracker:

      Fitbit Vs Iphone Accuracy

      Of course, phones have been counting steps for years before fitness trackers became popular. So how does the iPhones fitness tracking features compare to the Fitbit?

      Eddie Smith, an actuary from Greenville, North Carolina, tested the two step counters against each other for several months. From December 23, 2014, to March 23, 2015, Smith discovered that the Fitbit logged 509,482 steps and 1,009 floors, while the iPhone logged 506,909 steps and 735 floors. The steps matched closely, but the Fitbit had counted significantly more floors.

      After further testing, Smith concluded that this difference was probably due to how the two devices deal with steep terrain. The Fitbit uses its barometer to detect elevation changes, so it counts walking up steep terrain as floors. On the other hand, the iPhone measures floors when you literally walk up steps.

      How To Set Up A Fitbit Flex

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      Your Fitbit Flex can monitor your workouts and physical activity, providing an easy-to-access log of your fitness routine. The Flex does not have any display or interface, so you’ll be setting it up using a program on your computer or app on your mobile device. You’ll need to create a free Fitbit account during the setup process to use your Fitbit.

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