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How Does Nokia Steel Track Sleep

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Nokia Steel Review Features

Tracking My Health and Sleep with the Nokia Steel HR

Activity Recognization: Nokia Steel uses the Connected Movement technology to detect which type of activity it is. It doesnt need any manual action or any kind of setup before activities. Just wear it and start moving, running or swimming.

Sleep Monitoring: This watch will automatically start tracking when you go to sleep. It will analyze deep sleep, light sleep, wake-ups and the duration of your sleep. The report will be visualized on your connected smartphone app.

Automatic Time Zone: Wherever you travel, this smartwatch will keep you on track with its automatic time zone detection. It will set the time to correct local time without needing any action from your end.

Silent Alarm: This alarm is for waking you up from sleep gently. When you go to sleep wearing it and an alarm is set, the watch will produce a subtle vibration. However, the battery life is somewhat dependent on the usage of this feature.

Smart Wake-Up: Instead of waking you up from your deep sleep, this watch can detect the best possible time to awake you. You can set a time-frame for alarm. It will analyze your sleep report and find the lightest sleep point to get you up.

Garmin Fnix 5x Plus Garmins Multi

Another Garmin device with an Oximeter, however, the Fenix 5X Plus is an amazing multi-sport, featured reach watch in opposite to the Garmin Vivosmart 4 that come in the form of a band.

The Fenix 5X Plus features the Wrist-based Pulse Ox Acclimation sensor which is not only great for sleep quality detection but it will also provide Oxygen saturation that will help you to learn how well youre adjusting to a higher altitude.

The Nokia Steel Is The New Stylish Fitness Tracker That You Can Use To Monitor Sleep A Range Of Activities And Even Track Your Weight With An 8

The market is currently saturated with all sorts of fitness trackers. From Fitbit to Garmin, we all know someone who owns one. Fitness trackers are used to measure basic functions such as step count, the quality of your sleep and heart rate. The Nokia Steel also tracks more than 10 different activities, such as running, walking and sleeping, and it is even water resistant up to 50 metres so you can track your swim. Input your starting weight, height, age and gender, then add new measurements each day and it will graphically display your weight to show you how far youve come. I have been using the Nokia Steel for a month now and here is my review so far.

Nokia Steel from Amazon

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Nokia Steel Hr Review

The Nokia Steel HR combines the best parts of a hybrid smartwatch with a capable fitness tracker.

  • Good selection of health programs
  • Solid battery life
  • Mineral glass is prone to scratches
  • Notification alerts are basic

In 2016, Nokia acquired Withings, a French electronics company responsible for a number of popular connected health devices. Ever since, Nokia has slowly been reintroducing popular Withings products under its own brand. Formerly the Withings Steel HR, the Nokia Steel HR is one such product getting a second life.

The Nokia Steel HR combines the best parts of a hybrid smartwatch with a capable fitness tracker. Its closest competitor is the Fitbit Ionic, though the Ionic is more expensive and much less attractive. With a simple but attractive design, long battery life, and an adequate OLED screen, the Nokia Steel HR is an excellent wearable for people who want the design of an analog watch with the features of a fitness tracker.

Side Effects Of Inaccurate Tracking Devices

Nokia / Withings Steel HR (40mm) Sleep &  Activity Tracker ...

The problem with inaccurate sleep trackers is that they might induce stress and anxiety with misleading data and sleep scores.

A few years ago, I had a Jawbone UP wristband that I used to track my sleep. After a few weeks of monitoring my data, I got anxious because of the little deep sleep the device reported: according to the UP, I got only between 20 and 40 minutes of deep sleep every night.

After doing some research, I learned that thats not nearly enough time for the body to recover and go through all its crucial restorative processes . If those readings were correct, I would have felt terrible and exhausted during the day.

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I didnt, which led me to surmise that the device was wildly inaccurate. As a result, I stopped wearing the Jawbone and decided to look for alternative solutions, including apps that would work in combination with the Apple Watch.

While its difficult to determine the accuracy of a sleep tracker without performing validation studies, you can tell if a device is likely unreliable by understanding what sensors and technology it uses.

If youre not interested in the details, you can skip the next section and jump right to my recommendations.

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How Does It Look

The Nokia Steel smartwatch sports a classy outlook. The watch straps are made from silicone, making it comfortable to wear. The watch has a stainless steel casing, resulting in an elegant display. The combination of silicone and stainless steel materials adds to the longevity and elegance of the watch.

What Makes The Nokia Steel Different To Other Sleep & Activity Watch

When it comes to ease of use and effectiveness, the Nokia Steel is definitely a notch higher than most other similar models out there in the smartwatch market. With this smartwatch theres no need to keep checking and turning on buttons or lights. Automatic recognition and recording of information on body activity and sleep adds to its convenience appeal.

As earlier mentioned, the Nokia Steel battery has a noted long life of up to 8 months. Gone are the days of having to keep plugging in your device for charging every now and then, or unfortunate untimely shutting down when out for a run or a swim. In addition, the watch has silicone straps, long enough, comfortable and easy to adjust and fit wrists equal to 195 mm. The watchs case is made out of stainless steel further adding on to its longevity.


The Nokia Steel activity watch has iOS compatibility with smart phones, iPods and iPads with an iOS 8 and higher. The watch also has Android compatibility of 5.0 and advanced. Bluetooth connectivity is also available.

Color Available

The Nokia Steel smartwatch is available in black and white colors.

Nokia Steel review Final thought

Nokia is an internationally recognized brand in manufacturing of smart devices, including smartwatch trackers. Additionally, this Nokia Steel smartwatch comes with a year of dedicated support warranty and up to 30 days return policy at no cost. At a retail cost of $129.95, this watch will definitely be worth your money.

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Nokia Steel Key Features:

Technical specs: This smartwatch is about 195 mm long, has a width of 36.3 mm and 11.5 mm in thickness. The smartwatch weighs a light comfortable 37 g. The watch straps are about 195 mm length wise. A key feature of this smartwatch is its longevity when it comes to battery life with 8 months of usage depending on the utility of the vibrating alarm feature. Worth mentioning is the devices automatic day and night shift sensors which enable for routine tracking of activity and sleep data. Last but not least, is the fact that the Nokia Steel is water resistant allowing for monitoring and recording of water activities such as swimming, up to a recorded depth level of 165 feet.

What Is Nokia Steel

Withings / Nokia Steel HR Heart Rate & Activity Tracking Watch Review

Nokia Steel is a stylish smartwatch and activity tracker. The watch automatically tracks a wide array of physical activities ranging from walks, runs, dance and swimming. It also monitors sleep cycles, duration and disturbances. Statistics such as distance covered, calories burned for the various physical activities, as well as data on sleep are automatically matched to your mobile device.

For more information on Nokia Steel & Nokia Steel HR:

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Best Sleep Strip: Beautyrest Sleeptracker Monitor

Manufactured by mattress giant Beautyrest, the Beautyrest Sleeptracker Monitor takes the strip idea to the next level of inventiveness by offering the ability to track two sleepers at once. Consequently, you and your sleeping partner can both benefit without having to purchase two trackers.

Over time, this Alexa-enabled tracker sends personalized sleep information to a standalone device. From that point, essential data points are extracted and sent to you through a smartphone app.

Consider it your sleep coach since it intuitively suggests the perfect waking time based on accumulated heart and breathing rates, as well as movement.

Buy on Amazon:Beautyrest Sleeptracker Monitor

Monitor Ambient Skin Temperature

Your bodys core temperature fluctuates while you sleep. For example, non-rapid eye movement sleep episodes are accompanied by core and brain cooling.

As a result, sleep monitoring devices can keep tabs on your skin temperature much like a fever thermometer to detect changes in your sleep cycle and, in particular, sleep onset. Both the WHOOP Strap 4.0 and the Oura Ring can monitor skin temperature!

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Why Should I Choose The Nokia Steel

There are several advantages for opting for a Nokia Steel smartwatch when shopping for a fitness tracker. First, the longevity of the devices battery is a key advantage as the battery can last up to eight months. This will result in the efficient tracking process of a users activity and sleep information.

Second, the Nokia Steel smartwatch tracker is automatic in nature and operation. The watch automatically recognizes and monitors several activities from basic walking, to running, swimming and sleep.

The devices trendy outlook allows wearers to comfortably integrate the watch into their everyday outfits, for work and social events alike. There is literally no need to take it off.

Sleek And Customizable Style

Track Your Health and Sleep With Nokia Steel Watch and ...

The Nokia Steel HR can pass off as a traditional watch. Its polished stainless-steel case is sleek and thin, and it doesnt look or feel bulky on small wrists. The back of the case is slightly curved, allowing it to sit comfortably on the wrist while still continuously tracking heart rate. Minute indicators engraved on the bezel around the watch face allow you to quickly and easily check the time.

Nokia opted for mineral glass to protect the watch, which offers minimal glare and didnt cause us many issues. We would have liked to see something perhaps a little more durable perhaps Gorilla Glass or sapphire crystal considering its a fitness watch and it may see a fair share of bumps. Weve noticed a small scratch on the glass, and we havent even dropped the watch. Youll want to make sure youre extra careful.

We do like the provided black silicone band on the Steel HR its comfortable on the wrist and stylish. Better yet, you can choose from a wide variety of colors, or even opt for leather or woven bands if you want something a little more dressy. The bands have quick release bars, making them easy to switch out.

The Steel HR does a solid job of not looking like a tech gadget on your wrist.

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Nokia Steel Price And Release Date

  • Originally $130/£120 but we’ve seen the price drop as low as $100 or £80
  • Previously known as Withings Steel, now available under Nokia name

The Nokia Steel has an RRP of around $130/£120, making it a chunk cheaper than the smarter Nokia Steel HR that starts at $179.95/£169.95.

Theres also a slightly more expensive rose gold version of the Nokia Steel that costs £130/$149. We’ve seen the price of the normal Nokia Steel drop to around $100 or £80.

You can get fitness trackers with similar features for less money, but almost none will look quite as good as the Nokia Steel.

Types Of Sleep Trackers

Though there are dozens of specific sleep tracking products on the market, these can generally be broken down into three basic types.

  • Sleep tracking apps: you can download certain apps to your smartphone that attempt to monitor your sleep without needing to buy any additional equipment. These may use the accelerometer in your phone and/or the microphone to detect sound. Though the cheapest option, these apps usually are the least accurate.
  • Wearable sleep trackers: wearable sleep trackers are usually the same as wearable fitness trackers and can serve both purposes. These devices are designed to monitor movement and in many cases heart rate as well. These are often worn as a wristband or a smaller device that can fit in your pocket. A watch with these functions may be referred to as a sleep tracker watch. An app or website that shows you the data is typically part of the package that comes with these wearable devices.
  • Non-wearable sleep trackers: by non-wearable, we mean that these sleep trackers do not directly attach to your body. Instead, they may be attached to your bed, specifically above your mattress but underneath your sheets. Or they may sit on a nightstand or table near your bed. They use different types of sensors to keep track of your movement, heart rate, and breath. Some may have additional features relating to tracking temperature, sound, or lighting in your bedroom to provide more data to try to enhance your overall sleep environment.

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Smart Watches And Fitness Trackers

Withings manufactures smart watches and fitness trackers, including the Activité, an activity tracking watch which was the first smartwatch to resemble a traditional wristwatch. It has no buttons and is controlled from a phone app, compatible with both iPhone and Android. It can track the user’s sleep, swimming, walking and running automatically. It also incorporates weight, heart rate, and body mass data from Withings’ wireless scales, like the Smart Body Analyzer.

The company also manufactures the Activité Steel which is made of stainless steel with chrome hands and a silicone strap. Other models include the Activité Sapphire and the Activité Pop. One of the users of Activité is former French president François Hollande.

Withings began selling its Pulse O2 in the summer of 2013. The product was upgraded in 2014 to include additional features such as the pulse oximetry measurement and the wear-it-your-way form factor, and the name was changed to Ox. The Pulse contains a pedometer, heart rate monitor and blood oxygen reader, and can connect to other Withings devices such as the Smart Body Analyzer scales and blood pressure monitor. The Pulse is the only such device that does reflexive measurement, so users do not need to clip their finger for the SPO2 measurement. Withings Go was released in 2016 and is an activity tracker that can be clipped or hung on belts, or worn on the wrist with a silicone strap.

Best Fitness And Activity Tracker For Sleep Monitoring In 2022

Mom Stays Fit With Activity Tracking Watch Nokia Steel

Fitness tracker for sleep monitors your sleeping patterns and everything ranging from your heart rate to your breathing patterns, to ensure that you not only stay fit but also sleep well.Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to fitness trackers that monitor sleep.Some prefer a smartwatch, others prefer a light fitness band, some want different types of alarms. The following are some of the best fitness tracking devices the market has to offer!

a solution for people who dont want to wear anything while sleeping

The first 4 items on the list are popular trackers that come with a very accurate Oximeter or SpO2 sensor, an Oximeter is tremendously helpful in detecting the quality of the sleep and sleep problems like sleep apnea by reading the oxygen saturation level in the blood.

If you really suffer from a sleeping disorder or in need of a really accurate sleep tracker, I recommend reading my new article on the best smartwatches with an Oximeter in 2022. you can read more about it, what the researches have found and how do sleep tracking devices and apps work in this related article.

The last 7 devices in the list do not come with an Oximeter, however, they have been reported by lots of users as a pretty accurate sleep tracking monitors.

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Best Sleep Monitor: Emfit Qs

If you dont mind a pricier non-wearable solution, try the Emfit QS sleep monitor. It measures your vital signs while youre in bed, determining when you fall asleep and how long you stay at rest.

The biggest differentiator between the Emfit QS and other bedside sleep monitors is that it offers an abundance of data points. For someone who prefers to be inundated with input, its a great solution.

Not only can you self-measure, but you can use its own recommendations for a one-two better sleep punch!

Buy on Amazon:Emfit QS

Waste Of Money And Zero Support

I purchased ths item for my husband, I already use their scale. I have multiple problems, the first of which is that their customer support is next to nothing. When they cant fob you off with stock, copy and paste, replies and they stick with it long enough to actually read your problems, well, then you are not any better off. Ive long since abandoned the use of the blood pressure monitor, since it is quite useless for the purpose it was purchased, taking blood pressure and recording it wirelessly.Simply does not work. Now the scale has been successful in weighing us both. Unfortunately, it has no ability to differentiate between people who are close to the same weight, like my husband and I, even though I always select my name at weighing. Again, after constant effort to attempt to get customer service, they just stopped communicating with me. I guess customer service is not their thing once they have your money. Now the app has removed the week display, or should I say, its gone from mine, Im trying customer service again today but Im quite honestly very much less than optimistic that I will have my problems addresses anytime soon, if at all. Theres lots of products on the market that do what these items are supposed to do. Vote with you feet and walk away from Nokia/Withings products and save yourself the headaches Ive been through.

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