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How Does Samsung Health Track Your Sleep

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Download Sleep As Android

Samsung Health: Using your Galaxy Watch3 to get better sleep | Samsung

Before you can get started with tracking your sleeping habits, you’ll need to grab the Sleep as Android app from the Play Store. This app is where your initial sleep data will be taken from, but it will then get transferred to the Google Fit app once you set everything up.

Samsung May Not Launch A New Smartwatch At Its Unpacked Event This Week If You Were Expecting A Google Assistant Update It’s Coming Soon Galaxy Watch 4 Users Will Also Get A 30

Samsung may not launch a new smartwatch at its Unpacked event this week, but it hasn’t forgotten about the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Starting February 9, both smartwatches will support new health and fitness features such as personalized interval training, sleep coaching, and the ability to set body composition goals. Oh, and it also promises better app compatibility for the new Wear OS platform, but you’ll still have to wait a bit for Google Assistant.

Sleep tracking has been one area where Samsung lagged a bit behind more fitness-oriented trackers. On that front, Samsung is adding a sleep coaching program that appears to be inspired by chronotypes In a nutshell, it’s basically what your natural circadian rhythm is. Traditionally, people are classified into four chronotypes associated with animals , but it seems that Samsung has gone a step further and expanded it to eight types. After tracking your sleep patterns for a week and completing two sleep surveys, Samsung says it assigns you one of eight animals that represent a type of sleep. You’ll then have the option of a four to a five-week program that aims to help you improve your sleep quality through things like checklists, sleep articles, meditation, and reports.

The new health features will be available through the Galaxy Wearable app starting February 9. The new straps will be available at the end of February. And hopefully Google Assistant will arrive before the end of 2022.

Is The Samsung Health App Not Showing Your Sleep Metrics

If your Samsung galaxy watch shows your sleep data but isnt syncing that sleep information to the Health app, take a look at some settings on your phone and watch.

  • Turn Battery Saver and power savings mode off on your phone.
  • Disable airplane mode.
  • Turn off any power savings mode on your watch.
  • If you check all those things, try these troubleshooting tips:

    • Check for an update for the Watch, Wearable app, and Samsung Health app.
    • Restart both devices
    • Try forcing a manual sync
    • Open the Samsung Health app on your phone.
    • Select the Menu button and choose Settings.
    • Tap Sync with Samsung account, then choose Sync now.
  • Uninstall and re-install the Samsung Health app.
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    Galaxy Watch 4 Update Adds Sleep Animals With Google Assistant Coming Soon

    A watch update adds body analysis improvements, more watch face designs, and sleep coaching that assigns you a little sleep animal.

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    Samsung’s Sleep Symbol Animals. The animal types are assigned after sleep analysis.

    Samsung’s latest smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch 4, runs a new OS . But, despite promises of better Google integration, it didn’t support Google Assistant when it launched. That will change soon: You’ll be able to ditch Bixby and use Google Assistant in the “coming months,” according to news from Samsung alongside its latest S22 phones and tablets at its latest Unpacked event.

    The Watch 4 is getting a bunch of other health-related software updates starting today. The weirdest and most intriguing is sleep coaching, which Samsung says will study your sleep patterns for a week and then assign you a “sleep animal” to match individual sleep types.

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    The animals include: Unconcerned Lion, Sensitive Hedgehog, Nervous Penguin, Sun Averse Mole, Cautious Deer, Easygoing Walrus, Alligator On The Hunt and Exhausted Shark.

    New strap types and watch face colors are coming to the Galaxy Watch 4.

    Compete Against Other Folks

    Testing the Fitbit Alta HR vs. Samsung Gear Fit2 ...

    When you use Samsung Healths Together tab, you and your friends can compete against one another to determine who is the most physically active.

    Additionally, you may see how your data compare to those of other Samsung Health users your age who have similar stats.

    Make preparations for This entails Samsung Health sending you a text message on your behalf as a means of validating your account information.

    Once your phone number has been validated by the app, you will be able to see which of your contacts is using Samsung Health, as well as create challenges and send invitations to your pals.

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    What Information Does Samsung Health Collect

    Samsung Health keeps track of a number of the fundamentals of health and fitness.

    Users can keep track of a variety of different workouts, as well as steps taken, active minutes, heart rate, and sleep, among other things.

    The Samsung Health app may either automatically track your sleep or allow you to manually enter your sleep data, depending on your device.

    Some compatible gadgets can also monitor your oxygen saturation levels, snoring, and the degree of ambient noise as you sleep.

    It can also help you keep track of your weight, water intake, and calorie intake.

    The calorie counting features arent the most advanced youll find, but they may surely serve as a food journal if you want to keep everything in one spot.

    Additionally, the Samsung Health app assists users in keeping tabs on their health by recording heart rate, stress statistics, and, depending on the device, blood glucose levels, blood pressure, and blood oxygen levels, among other things.

    Last but not least, the app will keep track of womens health information, such as their periods and symptoms.

    Essentially, it is a catch-all for users most critical health data, and it is a fantastic tool for maintaining your entire health.

    Blood Oxygen During Sleep

    Use your Galaxy smartwatch to measure your blood oxygen levels, even while you sleep.

    * The Blood Oxygen feature is not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease. Intended for general wellness and fitness purposes only. Availability of this feature may vary by market. Please consult a medical professional for advice.** Availability may vary by country or region.*** Only available on Galaxy Watch4 series.

    * The Blood Oxygen feature is not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease. Intended for general wellness and fitness purposes only. Availability of this feature may vary by market. Please consult a medical professional for advice.** Availability may vary by country or region.*** Only available on Galaxy Watch4 series.

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    What Exactly Does The Samsung Health Application Do

    On most Android phones, you can download and install Health from the Google Play Store. Aside from being a glorified step counter and calorie counter, Samsung Health is much more.

    Aside from tracking your weight and calorie intake/burn, it can also measure your steps taken and distance traveled during runs.

    It can also track your stress levels and coffee intake as well as your blood pressure, sleep, blood glucose, bike rides, and hikes, among other things.

    Top 5 Apps For Tracking Your Sleep With A Smartwatch

    Google Fit: How To Track Your Sleep On Android (Focusing On Sleep Health)

    Qualifying purchases through links support us with commissionBy Maygen. Updated: Sep 42, 2021

    We all know a good nights sleep is critical to your health. If youre not getting enough sleep, youre going to feel pretty bad pretty quickly. Smartphones have been offering a decent sleep analysis, but now we have smartwatches and sleep apps, its become obvious that a phone simply cant do the job all that well. It can tell you when youve been experiencing restlessness, if and when you woke up during the night. A smartwatch can use its sensors to tell you much more in-depth information and this can help you to maintain your health.

    Lets take a look at the top 5 apps for tracking your sleep with a smartwatch.

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    Creating A Samsung Health Profile And Browsing Through The App

    You can access Samsung Health by logging in with your Samsung account.

    If you dont already have a Samsung account, youll need to establish one before you can use the application.

    Upon installing the app and being requested to sign in, select Create account and fill out the relevant information to establish a Samsung account.

    Once youve signed in, the Samsung Health app has four primary sections:

    Home, Together, Fitness, and My Page. Each of these areas has information about your health and fitness. Heres what each of the tabs has to offer.

    Home: The Samsung Health apps home page is located on this tab as well.

    It is the location where users may set and track objectives, as well as view all of their current health measurements, among other things.

    To examine your metrics, scroll down to the Home tab.

    You can also manually enter information such as weight, periods, and food and water intake.

    If you go down to the bottom of this tab, you will see a Manage items button, which allows you to add or delete individual metrics from your home screen.

    When you click on the Together page, you will be able to enter challenges and compare your data to that of other Samsung Health users.

    You may also invite and connect with others in order to keep pals encouraged as they embark on their own personal health journeys.

    My web page is as follows: Users can make changes to their Samsung Health app profile by visiting this tab.

    Tip #: Tweak Servings For A More Accurate Recording

    When logging a meal into Samsung Health, it’s not enough to just save the food you ate into the app. More often than not, you’ll also need to input the amount of servings you had for a more accurate calorie and nutritional recording.

    To tweak the serving of the meal you wish to record, swipe sideways on the numeric bar on the food item’s page until you hit your target portion, then tap on “Done” in the upper-right to record. Afterward, the total calorie count, along with fat, carbs, and protein consumed, will be correctly displayed within the Log Meal page.

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    Is It Possible To Utilize Samsung Health For Free

    Galaxy phones already come with Samsung Health pre-installed, but if you dont have one, you can get it for free on any other Android device.

    A wide range of capabilities are available in the app, including activity and sleep tracking, a means to measure your food intake, stress monitoring, and much more.

    Getting Around Samsung Health Galaxy Watch App

    Sleep tracking on Gear s2...

    If you’ve invested in one of Samsung’s watches, then you’ll find there’s a Samsung Health presence on your device and here’s what you can expect to see.

    Daily steps

    Next up is your daily step counts, which you can expand to see your weekly stats and how many times you’ve met your goals. You can also adjust daily step target and enable notifications to remind you of your progress.

    Daily stats

    Apple has the rings and Samsung has the heart, which will indicate you daily calorie burn, active minutes and hours in the day you’ve remained successfully active for.


    This is the place where you’ll track your workouts but also the place to go if you want to look back at your workout history as well.

    This is also the place where you can access sleep data, resting heart rate data, manually log water intake, log food, access women’s health features and compare your weekly stats against other Samsung Health users.

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    How Your Iphone Can Help With Your Sleep

    Since the release of iOS 8, the Health app has included a section for this kind of sleep data. Think of the Health app as the hub through which things like fitness, diet, and sleep are collected and aggregated where you can park this information and observe averages, trends, and patterns. Other apps gather these data points and send that to the Health app if allowed.

    For instance, your Clock app has Bedtime feature to help you take control of your sleep, and the data it collects at during the night can be synced to Apple Health. However, this does not get into granular details about your sleep quality.

    Third-party apps can provide much more detail about how you sleep. For instance, Sleep Cycle uses the iPhone itself as a sleep monitor device to measure different stages of sleep, quality sleep, snore times, and more. Apps like Sleep++ or Beddit work with other gear to detect movement or details like heart rate and room temperature.

    Does The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Support Sleep Tracking

    If you’re thinking about buying the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, you’ll be glad to know it offers detailed sleep tracking. While some wearables only offer the basics in this area, you’ll have access to important details with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4’s sleep tracking.

    This is one of many features that have the Galaxy Watch 4 on track to become one of the best Android smartwatches you can buy. Samsung says the improved sleep tracking on the Galaxy Watch 4 is designed to help users manage their overall sleep quality.

    As usual, your wearable will offer a full picture of your rest quality with a close look at your sleep patterns throughout the night. However, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is providing even greater detail this time around. Now, your compatible smartphone has the ability to detect the sound of your snores, which will be factored into your device’s sleep tracking.

    As you may know, your smartwatch is also equipped to measure your blood oxygen saturation levels while you sleep. When you combine this data with the advanced Sleep Scores you receive on your watch, you’ll be able to learn more about your sleep patterns so you can work on getting better rest.

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    Turn On Blood Oxygen Level Monitoring During Sleep

    Depending on your watch model, it can measure your blood oxygen levels during your sleep. This feature works best when you wear your watch an inch or so above the wrist bone. You want the watchs sensors to fit snugly against your skin.

  • Set up blood oxygen tracking on your watch or phone.
  • On your watch, open the Samsung Health app > Settings > Measurement > Blood oxygen during sleep > On.
  • On your phone, go to Samsung Health > Sleep > More options > Blood oxygen during sleep > On.
  • Sleep Researchers Compare Sleep Trackers With Polysomnograms


    I suspect many people would like to know how big the elephant in the room is, but we just dont own elephant measuring tools. And theres no authority that regulates sleep trackers to help us out.

    However, there have been a handful of studies in recent years where sleep researchers have compared sleep trackers with polysomnograms, EEG or sleep diaries.

    The problem, as I see it, is that manufacturers regularly release new models or update the firmware. So most available published research involves sleep trackers that are either older models or entire brands that have since discontinued .

    Still, they are interesting to consider as there are some common findings that crop up more than once.

    1. Portable EEG + Fitbit Versa

    A study in 2019 particularly interested me as it involved one of my favorite wearables the Fitbit Versa .

    20 people used the Versa for 14 nights, as well as a portable EEG. They found the Versa was similar to the EEG for total sleep time, time in bed and calculated sleep efficiency. However, it differed when it came to sleep stages, time to fall asleep and time of first waking. They concluded:

    The consumer sleep tracker could be a useful tool for measuring sleep duration in longitudinal epidemiologic naturalistic studies albeit with some limitations in specificity.

    2. Polysomnogram + Jawbone UP3

    Even though the Jawbone UP3 is now discontinued, this 2017 study is interesting because 17 patients wore the UP3 while undergoing a polysomnogram in a sleep lab.

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    Is Samsung Health Any Good

    Undoubtedly, the Samsung Health app has a lot of benefits because it does not only help you record and monitor your sleep, but also aids in helping you change your other habits. That includes exercising and diet changes. With that in mind, lets focus on how useful it is when it comes to monitoring your sleep.

    Managing Your Sleep Data In Health App

    When launching any third-party sleep tracking app, a prompt should automatically appear during setup at which you can grant the app access to information in the Health app as well as write permissions for sleep data collected. Tapping “Allow” and toggling on options in the prompt will link the app to Health.

    If for some reason you don’t see this prompt or dismissed it, you can still get an app to sync with Health. Open up the Settings app, tap “Privacy,” and select “Health.” Next, just choose the app in question, then give it the right permissions.

    The Health app is able to take data from more than one sources , so if you want to use more than one sleep-tracking app, more power to you. Health will prioritize data in the following order:

  • Health data entered manually.
  • Data from your Apple Watch or iPhone.
  • Data from third-party apps and other devices.
  • However, you can manually change the order of the sources. And if you end up using more than one method to track sleep, the Health app will log and average out the data points, or you can toggle off those other sources as you see fit. The data will not be a mess to view and study because the Health app will provide options to segregate information from each other.

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