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How Long Do Bettas Sleep

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Differences Between A Dead Betta And Sleeping Betta Fish

Do Betta Fish Sleep, When and Where?

When your betta fish is sleeping, it could be laying on the bottom or the top of its tank. This could make you worry that your betta fish is not alive. There are some signs that your betta fish isnt going to live much longer or that they have died. Some of the things you should look for include the following:

  • Not swimming properly.
  • Is My Betta Fish Dead Or Sleeping

    When fish sleep, they do almost look like they might be dead. Of course, having a dead betta in the tank is not a fun time. So, how do you tell if your betta is sleeping or dead?

    • Although tapping on the tank walls is not recommended, if you tap on the tank hard enough, it should wake your betta up from its sleep.
    • You can try to keep an eye on the gills and mouth of your betta. If the mouth and gills are moving, it means that it is breathing. Bettas breathe too, and its a sign that there is still life left in them.
    • If your betta is listing heavily towards one side, and it has its tail pointing upwards from the substrate, for a long period, it might not just be asleep.
    • If it is daytime, bettas should not be sleeping except for occasional naps. If you notice that your fish is sleeping all day, well then chances are that it is not just resting.
    • If you notice any weird things such as white spots, raised scales, or bulging eyes, these are all signs of bad health in bettas, and it may mean that the fish is either dead or close to it.

    Reasons Why Your Betta Sleeps A Lot

    • Your fish may look like it is sleeping if the water is too cold. This will slow down its metabolism and cause temperature shock. If you notice this, check the water temperature. These are warm water animals and these fish need the water to be at a certain temperature.
    • Make sure that your aquarium lights are bright enough and on for long enough each day. These creatures may be sleeping a lot simply because you leave the light off for too long. Ensure that you have a fairly bright light in the tank as well.
    • Bettas need stimulation too and yes, they can get bored. If your little guy or gal is resting all day and not doing much, it could just be pure boredom. Put some toys in the tank and see what happens.
    • Yes, unfortunately, mortality is always something that humans pet owners alike have to deal with. If you notice bettas in your tank sleeping much more than usual, pay close attention to see if you notice signs of illness. Make sure to pay attention to its age as well, as bettas sleep more and more the older they get.

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    Tips For Making Sure Your Betta Sleeps Well

    When your fish is well-rested, only then can you expect it to be active and normal. The same applies to me, you, and everybody else. So you have to ensure you create a good sleeping environment for your little pet.

    In the daytime, betta prefers napping in shade. The shade here is brought about by floating or tall plants. Along with aquarium decorations like bridges, tunnels, and caves.

    But at night, the fish sleeps the most peacefully and comfortably in complete darkness. This means you should turn off the lights during bedtime. Even during the day, try limiting the number of lights you leave on in and around the tank.

    How Long Do Fish Sleep

    Do Betta Fish Sleep

    As youre asleep at night yourself, its hard to estimate how much time your betta spends sleeping. However, even if your fish is active for part of the night, he will make up for that by taking small naps during the day.

    However, if you notice that your fish is very inactive during the daytime, that could indicate a health problem.

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    When Do Bettas Sleep

    Nocturnal fish sleep during the day and hunt at night. As bettas are active during the day, they sleep at night. Usually, they sleep when the lights are turned off. So, you may not be able to see them sleeping. Besides, they are very light sleepers . They can sense movement around them even when they are asleep. So, if you want to watch them sleeping, turn off the lights, and watch them silently and carefully. It is necessary to switch off the lights in the tank on a regular schedule. They need darkness to sleep. If you wish, you may install a timer, so that the lights will be switched off at a certain set time every night. Besides, prolonged hours of lighting can increase the temperature of the water and the atmosphere significantly. The fish may not be able to rest due to high temperatures.

    Is Your Betta Fish Sleeping Or Dead

    This is a simple thing to check. Though your betta is resting its body, it still needs to breathe, so you can look for signs of breathing to check that it is still alive.

    They will be drawing water in through their mouths to pass it over their gills and extract oxygen. You should see a regular rhythm of movement in these areas.

    Be aware that the mouth and gill movement will be slower while they are asleep compared to when they are awake and active.

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    How To Tell When Your Betta Is Sleeping

    So, now you are aware of the fact that betta fishes also need enough sleep. But the next question in your mind might be how you can identify if the fish is sleeping or awake. Well, this is a very genuine question because these fishes sleep with open eyes, so people may find it difficult to recognize their actual state.

    Well, it is important to understand that betta fishes may get an opportunity to sleep whenever it goes dark around. It can happen right when you turn off the lights of the betta tank in the evening. It takes just a few minutes to locate a comfortable spot to take rest and will get inactive very soon. They will not wake up until the light turns on or something disturbs them.

    You will be excited to know that bettas can also take short naps in the day hours. Sometimes, you may observe that the betta fish is just lying on the tank bottom, and it is doing nothing special; the chances are that it is sleeping. You may even observe them hanging motionless on the tank top when they want to take some rest.

    Many times, pet owners get worried when they see their Betta in this position; but there is actually a great difference between a sleeping and dead Betta. These fishes can take many infrequent naps all day long, and to do this, they try to find a secure spot in the tank.

    Their favorite place may be behind the filter or on the rocks. If you want to create an ideal sleeping space for your betta fish, prefer to add some bushy plants to the aquarium.

    How Do You Ensure Your Betta Fish Sleeps Well If Not How To Help Your Fish Get Rest


    Betta fish are aggressive by nature. Yet, these fish swim around happily when left alone in a good environment. But like every other living creature, bettas need to get a good amount of rest and sleep. But how do you ensure that?

    Provide Enough Shade

    During the day, betta chooses to rest in shaded areas of the tank. It is also an excellent place for it to take a nap. You can place the fish tank away from direct light. Adding plants and caves are also helpful to provide both shades and hiding places for your betta.

    Turn Of The Lights

    Bettas dont have eyelids. That is why they cannot close their eyes while sleeping. Now imagine sleeping with your eyes wide open when the room or the place you are sleeping in is full of lights. Thats right! You cannot sleep like that.

    Bettas are almost like humans when it comes to sleep. I said almost because they can sleep with the lights on. However, to let the betta get more rest and peaceful sleep, turning off the lights is a better way to ensure that. Try getting an aquarium timer to turn the lights on and off automatically at night.

    Reduce Noise

    Bettas are light sleepers. A sneeze can startle them easily. So keep the room as quiet as possible when the betta sleeps. Avoid tapping on the glass to prevent scarring them.

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    Betta Sleeping Too Less: What Does It Mean

    Now that you know the answer to, do bettas sleep, you understand that they snooze with eyes wide open. So first figure out if thats whats happening before you jump to the conclusion that your betta isnt sleeping much or at all. But if thats whats actually happening, these might be the 2 possible causes.

    • Hostile or unfriendly tank mates.
    • Too bright aquarium.

    Do Betta Fish Sleep On The Bottom Of The Tank

    As bettas spend most of their time in the upper area of the water column, feeding and periodically gulping air from the surface, you may be somewhat alarmed to see your pet laying on the bottom of the tank.

    Dont worry! Its not uncommon for betta fish to take a nap on a comfy area of the substrate, especially if you use sand.

    However, be alert to potential issues that could be causing your betta to sleep on the bottom.

    In their natural habitat, betta fish live in very slow-moving water in rice paddies, marshes, and water ditches. So, if the filter current in the tank is too powerful, your betta may be buffeted around too much for comfort, so he will sink to the bottom to avoid the pumps flow.

    Also, the temperature in the tank may not be consistent throughout, and your fish could be relocating to a spot where hes more comfortable.

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    Tips To Help Your Betta Fish Sleep Well:

    So, how do you ensure your betta sleeps well? there are certain things you could do to help your betta have a nice nap. When your betta rests well, it usually makes for a happier betta fish. One of the best gifts you can give your betta fish is long hours of darkness.

    If you wont be able to keep up with this , you should get an aquarium timer, with the timer will help turn on your tank lights off at night then turning it back on during the daytime. When they are having their nap during the daytime, they prefer shady spots. How do you create shady spots for your betta? Firstly, when setting up your tank, always choose a shady spot. Wherever you decide to put it, make sure it is not exposed to direct sunlight. Get floating plants, you could also get tall plants in case you cant get floating plants. But, make sure the plants youve selected are not toxic or harmful to bettas. With these plants, you will be able to block out sunlight. Install decorations in their tank; from bridges, caves to tunnels, these decorations will help create the shady spots your betta fish needs.

    Preferably, when setting up your betta tank, consider the sleeping spots. Ultimately, this will help your betta fish sleep well, and of course, when your betta sleeps well, it makes for a healthy water pet. However, your betta shouldnt sleep all the time. If your betta fish sleeps too much, its usually due to any of these reasons:

    Betta Sleeping Too Much: What Does It Mean

    Do Betta Fish sleep

    Not everybody sleeps for the same amount of hours. For instance, I wake up fresh after getting 6-7 hours of sleep. While some people need 8-9 hours to reset their energy levels. So the same rule applies to betta fish. Few thrive on more, and the others on less. This means theres no one right answer to, how many hours do bettas sleep for?

    What you should do is observe your betta sketch out a normal sleeping pattern or cycle. And if your fish starts to sleep more than that normal amount, consider the following possibilities.

    • The tank is very dark or boring.
    • The tank is too cold or hot.
    • Your betta is feeling sick.
    • Old age.

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    Lateral Line Your Bettas Sixth Sense

    Look very closely at your betta, and you will notice a series of tiny holes in the scales that run along your fishs sides.

    The lateral line allows the betta to sense movement, vibrations, and changes of pressure in the water.

    The fish uses that information to work out the size of an object in the water close to them, especially if that object is moving. The bettas brain then processes that information to decide whether to flee from a potential aggressor or take evasive action to avoid bumping into something.

    So, although your betta fish cannot actually see in the dark, he uses his amazing sixth sense to keep out of trouble and avoid colliding with the tank sides and structures within his environment.

    What Does It Mean If Your Betta Is Oversleeping Why Does It Happen

    As an owner, it is your job to identify if the betta is oversleeping. If they are oversleeping, it is not always a good sign. Bettas oversleep for various reasons. And here is how to identify them.

    Temperature Shock

    Bettas are sensitive to high and low temperatures. Thats why they become less active because of temperature shock. Always try maintaining a 78-degree tank temperature.

    The Tank Light is Too Dim

    Dim light encourages the betta to sleep more as it regulates its sleeping hour based on the light. So the longer the tank light stays too dim, the more your betta will sleep.

    Hes Getting Bored

    Some people overlook this fact, but bettas can get bored if there isnt enough decoration inside the tank to keep it amused. As a result, it keeps on sleeping for longer hours.

    Your Betta Might Be Sick

    If your active betta suddenly starts sleeping a lot, it is a sign of illness. You need to keep an eye on the fish to find out what is wrong.

    Your Betta May Be Old

    So, how long has the betta been with you? Bettas have a shorter lifespan. And it is normal for it to sleep more as it starts getting old. In that case, you should let it have a good rest.

    You Just Have A Lazy Betta

    I know it makes you giggle, but bettas can be lazy sometimes. If you own more than one betta, you can spot the differences in their activities. Some bettas are less active than others, and they sleep a lot.

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    Do Fish Get Frustrated Inside A Tank

    Pet shops, discount superstores, florists, and even online catalogs sell decorative;bettas in small cups or flower vases. The fish often live in just a few ounces of water, which is hardly enough to turn around in, much less swim in. Any habitat for captive bettas must have enrichments such as caves, rocks, and live plants.

    Do Betta Fish Sleep Near The Surface What Are The Sleeping Positions

    Why Does Betta Fish Sleep at Top of Water

    Betta Fishes have different personalities just like humans and mammals. Not all Betta Fish are the same. Some may be very aggressive and some a bit docile.

    During the Ancient Thailand when there are fighting bouts on Betta Fishes, some will be constant winners, this just means that there are different qualities on every Betta Fish.

    There are Betta Fish that are just bred for fighting and some are Bred for competition and shows with elegant fins for display.

    This alone will answer the question that Betta Fish may sleep at the bottom of the tank, on surface, on top of leaf, between the plants, on top of a smooth stone or under a small cave if you have a cave decor or depends on how you made the landscape on your valued Betta Fish tank.

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    Keep An Eye On Them While Theyre Awake

    You should also use your Betta fishs behavior when theyre awake as an indicator of their overall health. Oftentimes, Bettas will look like theyre sleeping when theyre near death. So, paying attention to their behavior can help you identify potential problems pretty quickly.

    First things first, take a look at their appearance. Dulled coloration is common when the fish sleep. But it should perk right back up when they wake up and start swimming. If their color is dull when theyre awake, take it as a big red flag.

    Also, look out for some telltale signs of disease. White or metallic spots all over the body indicate that your fish has Ich. Meanwhile, heavy swelling around the belly paired with raised scales could mean that your fish is suffering from dropsy.

    Check out the fins, too. If the fins look torn or raggedy, it could be a sign of poor health. Bettas are most-known for their beautiful flowing fins. When those fins are looking worse for wear or are kept close to the body rather than fanned out, your fish could be suffering.

    Beyond their appearance, take note of their behavior. Lethargic and slow movements or extended periods of time where they arent eating are signs that something is wrong. The same goes for hiding out for days on end.

    Combine those strange behaviors with off-kilter swimming patterns and you have the markings of poor health. Theres a good chance that your fish could be near death.

    How Many Hours Do Bettas Sleep

    This is hard to recommend due to each betta fish being different. If you find that your fish is active during the day, you can assume that they are getting the right amount of sleep at night.

    However, if you see that they are very inactive during the day, they could not be getting the rest they need. Try turning off fish tank lights and surround lights in the room the tank is kept, to give your fish the ability to know when it truly is night.

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