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How To Block Out Snoring

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Turn On A White Noise Machine

2.5X BETTER Than White Noise To Block Out Snoring Completely (E1) (2hr)

As Ive said in many of my previous articles, white noise can be a big help when youre trying to cancel out various noises. In fact, Ive recommended the use of white noise machines for offices and even in bedrooms before.

Plenty of the devices Ive mentioned in the article Ive linked to would be great for the bedroom. However, for the sake of simplicity, Ill recommend the SNOOZ machine. That machine even has an app so you can set it up from your bed.

But if youre after something simple, the Aurola white noise machine would be perfect. You can even plug in your noise-canceling headphones and fall asleep to the sound of white noise or one of the 6 other nature noises the machine can play.

In fact, you can also just download a white noise app, or play your favorite music and radio instead of white noise. Whatever helps you sleep at night, right?

Is It Harmful To Your Health To Sleep With A Snorer

Night after night listening to your partner snore loudly next to you can develop resentment, which can have a detrimental influence on your relationship. Did you realize, though, that secondhand snoring, as its sometimes known, may be hazardous to your health? Sleep deprivation can alter your mood, create memory issues, and possibly raise your chance of developing diabetes and high blood pressure .

People who received less than 6 hours of sleep every night were more likely to be obese, which can increase the risk of certain chronic health issues, according to a 2006 study. Youre more likely to enjoy a better nights sleep if you address your partners snoring. And when you get enough good sleep, your own health will improve.

Are The Sleepbuds Ii Better At Blocking Snoring

The Sleepbuds II does a great job of blocking snoring and other noise in your environment, but there may be some noise that it can suppress but not block entirely.

You can expect that the Sleepbuds II may block honking cars on the street or people talking loudly near your window. The Sleepbuds II feature passive noise canceling, which already does an excellent job in blocking out noise.

On top of that, the Bose Sleep app also assists you in tuning out outside noise by letting you play different relaxing sounds.

This app features two categories that help you relax. The Naturescapes sounds feature earthly sounds, such as rain and other calming sounds that you hear from nature.

Theres also a Tranquilities sound selection featuring soothing music selections for those who prefer sleeping with music.

These sounds from Bose are preloaded on the Sleepbuds II, and if you need more sounds, you can then check the app.

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Special Tips For Travelers

If youre traveling, plan ahead to minimize the noise youll have to deal with at your destination:

  • Request a bed or a room furthest away from noise. In a hotel, this could be the room furthest from the elevator. In a hostel or shared sleeping environment, it could be the bed closest to the corner and furthest from the hallway.
  • Before booking, read reviews to see which of the hotels or hostels youre considering has the fewest noise complaints from other customers.
  • Pack earplugs. Disposable ones are small enough to carry and cheap.

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How To Block Out Snoring

How to Block out Snoring Noise

If you live with a partner who snores, then youre probably more than aware of the sleepless nights, frustration and negative emotions that arise when you try and get some sleep, but cant because of your partners snoring.

You may have tried everything to stop them from snoring, but you just get anything to work. Luckily, there are some really effective methods that you can try that you probably havent thought of.

This article will explore how a snoring partner can affect your life, and the ways to block out someone who is snoring.


  • 3 Conclusion
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    Permanent Fixes For Snoring

    If the snoring is still distracting you even after your partner has implemented the quick-fix techniques and after youve tried to block out the sound, youll have to bring out the big guns.

    Naturally, Im talking about visiting a doctor. The first thing any doctor will tell you, though, is that a lifestyle change is necessary. All alcohol, smoking, and unnecessary medication is to be avoided.

    Additionally, people who snore should ideally maintain a steady exercise regime. Exercise and weight loss can lead to a vast improvement in your partners sleep, as well as your own. In fact, it has plenty of other benefits, and it could also be a fun activity you do together.

    There are also some specific throat and mouth exercises that may lead to a decrease in the loose tissue that vibrates when you breathe while unconscious. These exercises include:

    • Chanting vowels out loud for a few minutes throughout the day.
    • Moving your tongue toward the back of your mouth and holding it there for a minute or two.
    • Tightening the muscle at the back of your throat with your mouth open. You can watch your uvula go up and down in a mirror.
    • Also, with the lips open, moving the jaw side to side can tighten some muscles.
    • Closing and tightening your lips and holding the muscles taut for a minute.

    However, youll be pleased to learn that simple exercise should do the trick in most cases.

    Which Are The Best Earplugs For A Snoring Spouse

    For A Snoring Spouse, the best ear plugs are Premium Concert Ear Plugs.

    However, this will depend on several things. If you use them a lot, for example, if it is your principal job, or perhaps just minor use. Also, if you want to use these ear plugs for other things, like listen to music, or Answer Your Phone.

    There are earplug options available, for example: Convenient Fitting, Noise Reduction Rating , Long-Lasting, Flexibility, and if you want earplugs or headphones. As you can see, there is a lot in picking the best fit.

    I am the snorer myself, and my girlfriend hates it. So I have done a lot of research into this topic and can help you find the best products and methods to get that good nights sleep.

    Ill be covering earplugs you can use yourself to block out the noise, and things you can get for your partner to stop the snoring

    When you have a snoring spouse, the snores may seem incredibly loud, but they will never be loud enough to actually damage your hearing. Well that is not precisely true. Let us just say it is very unlikely that your partner can snore that loud.

    Guinness World Records state that the loudest snoring was recorded in 1949 by KÃ¥re Walkert of Sweden, who suffered from the apnoea breathing disorder They were recorded as snoring at 93dB. .

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    What Did Work Well Was The Combination Of Earplugs And White Noise Via Sleep Headphones

    I put in my trusted earplugs, put the sleep headphones on top of them and played my white noise. I used DIY sleep headphones made of earphones and a headband. Acusticsheep and Firik sell ready-made sleep headphones .

    White noise played through noise-isolating earbuds worked similarly well. I made my own by combining the drivers of normal earbuds with earplugs: I punched a hole into the earplugs, which are made of memory foam and inserted the earbud drivers.

    Etymotic Research is well-known for their noise isolating earbuds. I have not yet had the chance to try them though.

    As a side sleeper, I find the combination of earplugs and sleep headphones a bit more comfortable than noise isolating earbuds.

    Both the combination earplugs/sleep headphones and the noise-isolating earbuds did struggle with the loudest snorer though. I had to play the white noise at a volume that was too loud for my taste.

    Radians Custom Molded Earplugs:

    Snoring. NO MORE. Blocking out snoring with double earplugs. ACTUALLY WORKS.

    Unlike other moldable earplugs, the Radians Customs are different.

    These molded earplugs are permanent, which means you need to be careful when molding them. If youre familiar with clay epoxy, the Radians work similarly, as they have two components and only harden when mixed.

    It cures within 10 minutes, and like epoxy, you need to work fast in kneading the clay.

    The result is an effective earplug that fits your ears and can be reused by washing.

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    Check With The Doctor Or Participate In A Sleep Study

    If snoring is a huge problem, one of the best ways to handle it is to talk to a doctor or participate in a sleep study. There are a ton of things that cause snoring and you might be surprised about the solution.

    One TFG reader shared, Check with a doctor. My hubs was assessed by an ENT , it changed our lives! Only wish wed done it years ago. None of the typically suggested remedies worked for a reason and we needed to know that reason. Exam revealed the problem and Day Surgery was required. Poof! Quality of life vastly improved for us both! No more snoring!

    A sleep study can help you address the actual problem, instead of using a bandaid solution as one TFG reader put it. There can be some pretty serious negative consequences when it comes to snoring so its important to take into consideration.

    One TFG reader shared her positive results, After decades of snoring, my husband was given a CPAP machine. It gives us quiet nights. Life-changing.

    Try Breathe Right Strips

    Breathe Right Strips work wonders when it comes to unclogging your nose, and they can make a serious impact when youre trying to sleep .

    TFG readers share that theyre also incredibly useful when it comes to reducing snoring. One shared, My friends husband tried those Breathe Right strips you put on your nose. It helped him breathe through his nose, snoring decreased.

    They stick right onto the bridge of your nose and open your airways helping you secure a good nights sleep. Another TFG reader suggests, Cold room, extra-strength Breathe Right strips and a pump of Afrin nasal spray.

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    Are The Bose Sleepbuds Ii Worth The Money

    The Sleepbuds II costs around $250 per pair, which can be steep, considering what it can and cannot do.

    For one, the Sleepbuds II provides superb passive sound isolation, thanks to its design. It stays in place when you sleep, so you dont miss out on alarms or essential calls.

    The Sleepbuds II allows you to divert your phones alarm and call alerts to the earbuds. If youre waiting for an urgent call or need to wake up at a particular time without disturbing people in the room, the Sleepbuds II will come in handy for this purpose.

    While call alerts are diverted to your headphones, unfortunately, you cannot use them for calls. That means having to take off your earbuds before answering the call.

    And while the Sleepbuds II is known for good sound isolation, it can only go as far as playback sounds and relaxing music from the Bose Sleep app and alerting you. If you curate a Spotify playlist to help you with this, unfortunately, the Sleepbuds II doesnt work with other apps.

    How To Block Out Snoring Noise

    Partner Keeping You Up? How to Block Out Snoring

    In my previous post, I explored how day-time noise impairs our cognitive performance and what we can do about it. But there is another big elephant in the room our night-time sleep. Sleep or the lack of it has a big impact on our ability to perform at our best, both physically and mentally.

    Less or disrupted slow-wave sleep, for example, entails poor memory and poor wound healing.

    Among the worst offenders interrupting our night-time sleep is the all too familiar sound of SNORING. Snoring can be loud very loud indeed. A loud snorer can reach more than 90 decibels of peak sound pressure level. That is about as loud as a lawn mower.

    Intrigued by the capabilities of some of the newer devices to block out noise and sophisticated white noise apps, I decided to run an experiment to answer this question: What is the best way to block out snoring noise?

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    What Are Decibels Anyway

    Our ears detect sound pressure differences. Decibels are used to put a figure on the sound pressure emitted by a source or received by our ears. Decibels are a relative measure, with 0 dB being the softest sound that can be detected by the human ear at a frequency of 1000 Hz. Decibels are also used for other physical quantities. When we refer to decibels in this post, we mean decibels sound pressure level .

    Important: An increase of 6 dB in sound pressure level amounts to a doubling of the sound pressure. So in the experiment, the snorer at 57 decibels caused twice the sound pressure as the snorer at 51 decibels.

    How does this relate to loudness? +6 dB amounts to a loudness gain of roughly 50%. A source emitting 10 dB more than a second source is perceived as being twice as loud. So the very loud snorer was more than twice as loud as the moderate snorer. If you want the math and more details, check this website.

    When talking about decibels , the distance is important. I measured the level at about half a meter from the snoring source. This is about right if you are sleeping next to a snoring partner.

    Wear Earplugs Or Earbuds For Snoring

    To block out light to moderate snoring, you can resort to earbuds for snoring. Youve probably used earplugs at least once in your life. But earbuds are more technologically advanced , explicitly designed for sleeping and offer a robust noise-masking option.

    Look for ones that comfortably fit in your ear and provide a good seal around the ear canal. The earbuds for snoring need to have a noise reduction rating of 33 to be effective. They rarely cause hot ears or irritation and feel the same way as earplugs. Most earbuds combine excellent performances and superb comfort.

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    Is White Noise Safe

    Generally, this type of noise is perfectly safe to listen to, even for infants. In fact, babies who listen to this type of noise typically fall asleep faster than babies who listen to nothing in particular.

    However, always monitor its volume. If your partner snores like a jet engine, you cant crank up your machine to equal levels, in an attempt to drown out the snoring.

    To protect your hearing, you want the decibel level of your room to remain under 85dBA during an eight-hour time period.

    You dont want to turn your trusty machine past that volume. If you feel like you need to, what you should do instead is add other noise-suppression techniques on top of this type of noise.

    Play Some White Noise

    2.5X BETTER Than White Noise To Block Out Snoring Completely (E1) (8hr)

    White noise is a sound that covers up all other sounds. If you have too many distractions around you while trying to sleep, or if someone next to you snores loudly and often interferes with your sleep, then this might be the best option for blocking out their snoring!

    White noise is also a great option for children who have trouble falling asleep.

    There are plenty of free white noise apps available on smartphones and computer devices which can make it pretty easy to get started just download one today and see how well they work for yourself!

    The sound of the ocean, crickets chirping, or crackling fireplace logs might be soothing choices as well. Whatever you choose, try sitting in front of your stereo speakers at night with earplugs in so that youre not listening to any snoring!

    Whatever you choose, try sitting in front of your stereo speakers at night with earplugs in so that youre not listening to sleep destroying snoring.

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    The Best Noise To Block Out Snoring Completely

    Roughly 90 million Americans suffer from snoring.

    If you live with one of these people, you know that the statistic should read, 90 million Americans suffer from other people snoring.

    No matter how much you love someone, its hard to get past their earth-shaking, insomnia-causing nighttime breathing habits.

    This is especially true when you are losing sleep over it. Its no longer a problem of preference but one that affects your mental and physical health.

    Keep reading to find out more about the causes of this dilemma and how you can block out snoring completely for a better nights sleep.

    What Are The Benefits Of Earplugs

    The first and most obvious benefit of earplugs is that they block out any sound. But theyre not solely useful because of their effectiveness. Here are the 4 benefits of in-ear earplugs:

    • Earplugs, when you fit them well, are comfortable. You should not feel any pain or any discomfort while you wear them, even for a whole night.
    • Once you know exactly how to use themsimply follow the guide abovetheyre also very easy to use.
    • You can easily carry around your earplugs. Most of the time, heavy-duty earplugs for snoring will come in a carry case for easy transport.
    • Generally effective. You can more or less be sure that earplugs will be an effective solution to canceling out the sound of snoring. So long, that is, as you follow the instructions for their use and the guide above.

    However, like anything in life, earplugs have some drawbacks, including:

    • If your ear is not of the exact shape needed for your earplugs, they might not fit well. You may have to try two or three different kinds before finding the right earplugs for you.
    • Over time, the constant use of earplugs cause compact wax in the ear, which causes hearing issues that may necessitate medical assistance long-term.
    • Sometimes earplugs just might not work for you. This would be because of the shape of your ear.

    So, given that earplugs may not work for you, what alternatives do you have?

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