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How To Combat Insomnia With Cymbalta

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How To Stop Duloxetine :


First, and we cannot emphasize this enough, NEVER stop duloxetine on your own. This requires very careful medical supervision. The prescriber must be informed of any plans to stop this drug. That said, the official prescribing information does not provide health professionals or patients much detailed guidance on how to stop duloxetine .

Many readers have reported that they have to work with their doctor to devise a plan to stop duloxetine. In some ways, Cymbalta has advantages over other antidepressants in this regard. Thats because it comes in a capsule with tiny drug beads inside. We have never taken the time to actually count the number of beads inside a capsule, but some folks say it can range from 100 to 300. This allows for very slow tapering as you will shortly read.

Common Cymbalta Side Effects

The severity of Duloxetine side effects and for how long they last depend on many individual factors. In an otherwise healthy person who uses Duloxetine for depression disorder treatment, the reactions are generally short-term. Some patients have an increased risk of side effects of Duloxetine than others, depending on their body composition. That aside, there have been some Cymbalta side effects on womens health and sexual adverse reactions. There is discretion advised for Duloxetine and breastfeeding and taking it as a treatment during pregnancy. Expectant mothers and new mothers are advised to discuss using the drug with their medical health professional or the physician in charge of their treatment before taking the first dose.

Common Cymbalta Side Effects Include:

  • Nausea
  • Discontinuation syndrome and Cymbalta withdrawal symptoms
  • Fatigue

How Long Do Side Effects From Cymbalta Last

How long side effects from Cymbalta last can vary depending on the side effect.

Also, your risk for certain side effects may be higher when you first start taking the drug. For example:

  • Your risk for suicidal thoughts or behaviors may be highest in your first few months of taking Cymbalta or after your dose is changed. However, this can occur at any time while taking Cymbalta.
  • Your risk for orthostatic hypotension may be highest in your first week of taking Cymbalta.

Some side effects may go away once the drug is stopped. However, other side effects, like liver failure, may not go away if you stop the drug.

If you have questions about your risk for side effects with Cymbalta, talk with your doctor or pharmacist.

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How Long After Starting Cymbalta Did You Get Results Also When Do Side Effects Go Away

15 Apr 2012 by Jaleya
cymbalta, depression, anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder, side effect, doctor, medication

Hello all! This is like my 6th or 7th medication I’ve tried. I’ve been on every single SSRI and now last week my Doctor has started me on Cymbalta for my depression/anxiety. I am currently taking 30mg for 1 week and then up to 60 mg. I’ve had a headache, tiredness, upset stomach, some blurry vision and issues with sleeping. I know these are all side effects that come with this medication, but do they ever go away or get better? Any and all info is appreciated!

I started 30mg of Cymbalta just over a week ago. First thing I found was it gave me bad insomnia so taking it in the morning helped that right away. I too had bad headaches for the first few days, again taking it in the morning seemed to keep them less intense. I still have headaches but I’m prone to migraines so not sure of they’re still from the Cymbalta. I was given an anti nausea to take, only taken 1/4 tablet here & there. I wouldn’t recommend increasing your dose until you feel better or it may just make you feel to crummy & quit altogether before really seeing if it helps, of course talk to your doctor first but I’m still on the 30mg myself. I found my anxiety 100% better quickly.


I never got up to the 60mg, went 18 days with constant head/neck-aches and my doctor told me I had to stop it. I did and head/neck-aches are gone. Stinks since it was working good for me.


Do Side Effects Of Cymbalta Vary Based On The Dose Or Strength

Cymbalta : Cymbalta For Nerve Pain, Cymbaltamexican ...

Yes, the side effects of Cymbalta can vary based on the dose or strength youre taking.

Cymbalta comes as a capsule that you swallow. The capsules are available in the following strengths: 20 milligrams , 30 mg, and 60 mg. Sometimes you may be prescribed more than one strength. For example, if youre prescribed a 90-mg dose, you may be advised to take both the 30-mg and 60-mg doses.

In studies of Cymbalta, certain side effects were more likely to happen with higher doses of the drug. Examples include:

If you have questions about your risk for certain side effects from Cymbalta, we suggest that you talk with your medical professional.

* To learn more about this side effect, you can see Side effects up-close below.

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How To Stop Duloxetine Without Withdrawal Symptoms

Based on what we hear from readers of our syndicated newspaper column and visitors to this website, most patients are not warned about how to stop duloxetine . Perhaps the prescriber assumes that they will need to take this antidepressant for the rest of their lives. Or perhaps there is a reluctance to mention anything negative about a new prescription. Whatever the motivation, a lot of people are not adequately warned that they must never stop duloxetine suddenly.

Lifestyle Changes May Help Curb Sleep

However, you might find relief from RLS through lifestyle changes and/or taking certain vitamins if they are lacking in your diet. For example, going to the bed at the same time every night and getting up at the same time each morning may help. Also, there are some indications that a lack of some vitamins and minerals, such as iron, folic acid, magnesium, and vitamin B12, can contribute to RLS.

Not surprisingly, insomnia and delayed sleep onset are associated with stimulants such as Adderall and Ritalin , that are used in the treatment of ADHD. However, the effect of Ritalin on sleep may depend on the amount of time a child has been on the drug and when the medication is given. There have also been reports of children having difficulty falling asleep as the medication wears off near bedtime.

Sleep is an important part of staying healthy and feeling good. Again, if you feel you are experiencing sleep issues as a result of medication, speak to your doctor without delay. Sleep-related side effects due to drugs impact relatively few patients. And if it ends up your sleep problems are not drug-related, the good news is there are steps you can take to rectify the situation. Changes in sleep hygiene, including your bedroom environment can provide some of the most effective improvements. Visit the National Sleep Foundations website for more helpful tips.

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Is Weight Gain One Of Cymbaltas Side Effects

No, weight gain wasnt a side effect reported in studies of Cymbalta.

But keep in mind that depression, which Cymbalta is used to treat, can cause weight changes. So, if you have weight changes while youre taking Cymbalta, this could be due to Cymbalta reducing your depression symptoms. Weight changes may not be caused by Cymbalta itself.

If youre concerned about weight gain while taking Cymbalta, we recommend talking with your medical professional. They can suggest ways to maintain a weight thats healthy for you.

Pregnancy And Breastfeeding While Taking Cymbalta

Cymbalta Beware: What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You

It may not be safe to take Cymbalta while pregnant. Taking Cymbalta during the month before you give birth can increase the risk for severe bleeding after delivery. If youre pregnant or planning to be pregnant, youre encouraged to talk with your medical professional about the risks and benefits of taking Cymbalta during pregnancy.

If you take Cymbalta during pregnancy, consider enrolling in a pregnancy registry. These registries gather information about the effects of a drug when its taken during pregnancy. This information can help researchers understand the risks and benefits of using the drug during pregnancy.

To enroll in Cymbaltas pregnancy registry and report side effects of the drug when used during pregnancy, you can visit the registrys site. You can also call 866-814-6975.

Cymbalta can pass into breast milk. If you breastfeed while taking the drug, its recommended that you watch for the following side effects in your child:

  • poor feeding
  • poor weight gain
  • tiredness

If you want to learn more about taking Cymbalta while pregnant or breastfeeding, you can talk with your medical professional.

Its possible for Cymbalta to be misused. Misuse means taking a drug differently from the way your medical professional recommends taking it.

However, studies of Cymbalta have shown a low risk for misuse of the drug.

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How To Sleep While Taking Cymbalta

  • Image Attribution and Licencing
    • This article was written and researched by Dr. Albert Stezin to ensure maximum factual accuracy and unique content.

    Cymbalta generically called duloxetine is a common neuropsychiatric medicine used in the treatment of a variety of conditions such as peripheral neuropathy, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain syndromes.

    Cymbalta works by modulating the level of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and norepinephrine in critical brain regions.

    While Cymbalta is an effective drug in many neuropsychiatric conditions, it is known to have sleep-related side effects such as insomnia, daytime sleepiness, and early wakening sleep may also be disturbed due to other side effects of Cymbalta.

    So how do you sleep better when taking Cymbalta?

    The most effective ways to sleep better when taking Cymbalta are to talk to your doctor to ensure you are dosing correctly, avoid interactions with other medications, take Cymbalta in the morning to avoid insomnia, try light exposure therapy, magnesium, and good sleep hygiene.

    The rest of this article explains in more detail how to sleep better when taking Cymbalta using 7 of the best doctor-verifiedstrategies.

    There is also helpful information on which supplements and medications to avoid taking whilst you are on Cymbalta.

    However, this article is no substitute for the advice of your own doctor.

    Antidepressants As Sleep Aids

    Depression is a common occurrence in a chronic pain condition, and insomnia is quite common in depression. If the individual with chronic pain is also experiencing clinical depression, treating the depression with psychological treatment and an appropriate antidepressants , if indicated, may also help with the sleep disruption as well as other symptoms of depression.

    Even in chronic back pain patients who are not experiencing significant or clinical depression, sedating antidepressants are often used in low doses to help with insomnia as well as providing some analgesic benefit.

    The sedating antidepressants most commonly used to help with sleep include Trazodone , Amitriptyline , and Doxepin .

    It should be noted that when these medications are used for sleeping and pain relieving properties, it is in much lower doses than when used in the treatment of depression. Benefits of these antidepressants include:

    • They are non-addictive
    • Added benefit of providing some analgesic benefit as compared to the hypnotic class of medications discussed previously
    • Do not produce physical dependence or tolerance
    • Generally have a low incidence of side effects, especially when used in low doses.

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    Cymbalta Withdrawal Duration Of Symptoms

    It is impossible to establish a precise timeline for withdrawal symptoms, as they may vary considerably depending on the patients circumstances. Some individuals will encounter moderate symptoms for several weeks, while others will continue to experience more intense symptoms that can persist for months following cessation.

    A popular method to prevent withdrawal symptoms is through the use of a tapering or weaning schedule. During this approach, the person gradually reduces their dose under the close direction of a physician. Most of the time, tapering off from Cymbalta will require a month or longer. Many patients report feeling better within four weeks of quitting entirely, and even those for whom it takes somewhat longer will eventually begin to experience a significant improvement.

    Tips For Better Sleep

    Buy Stilnox Online

    There are also some strategies you can take on your own to promote better sleep. Here are a few you can try, starting today:

    • Establish a bedtime routine: Turn off bright screens and any sources of blue light , keep your room dim or dark, and engage in a calming activity like a bath, shower, or meditation.

    • Avoid physical activity several hours before bedtime: Getting your heart rate up throughout the day is a great way to stay healthy and promote more sound sleep. But if you exercise too close to bedtime, your body may not have enough time to settle, which can cause trouble falling asleep.

    • Avoid caffeine late in the day: Save your coffee and tea breaks for the morning and early afternoon. Caffeine too late in the evening can disrupt your sleep. If you enjoy warm tea to relax before bed, try a caffeine-free option like chamomile or lavender.

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    Is Cymbalta Safe During Pregnancy And Breastfeeding

    Cymbalta is not safe during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

    Cymbalta may harm your unborn baby if taken during pregnancy, and if you plan to get pregnant, your doctor will first assess the need to continue Cymbalta and most likely switch you over to safer medicine, but if you are already pregnant and taking Cymbalta, it is vital to assess the risk of possible malformations in your unborn child.

    Similarly, Cymbalta can pass into breast milk and harm the newborn that way, so I recommend you talk over these concerns with your doctor.

    How Does Cymbalta Make You Feel

    Cymbalta is approved to treat mood disorders, such as depression and anxiety. Because it affects your mood, some people report feeling calm or as if their mood is boosted while taking the drug.

    Cymbalta doesnt make you feel high or euphoric, like you may feel from using illicit drugs. If you have questions about how Cymbalta may affect you, talk with your doctor or pharmacist.

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    Can I Use Trazodone Or Ambien With Alcohol

    Trazodone should not be combined with alcohol. Trazodone may worsen the effects of alcohol, such as dizziness, sedation, and motor impairment. The combination can also cause respiratory depression and increase the risk for trazodone overdose.

    Ambien and alcohol should not be combined. The combination can cause excess sedation and motor impairment, as well as respiratory depression. Also, if you have a history of drug or alcohol abuse, Ambien may not be appropriate for you because of its potential for abuse and dependence.

    Is Cymbalta An Ssri

    Brain Zaps and Antidepressants – Why Do they Happen?

    No, Cymbalta isnt a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor . However, its similar to an SSRI.

    Cymbalta belongs to a class of medications known as serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors . It affects your levels of both serotonin and norepinephrine. SSRIs, on the other hand, only affect your serotonin levels.

    If you have questions about whether an SSRI or SNRI is right for treating your condition, talk with your doctor.

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    Drug Interactions Of Trazodone Vs Ambien

    Trazodone should not be used within 14 days of an MAOI antidepressant. Trazodone should not be taken in combination with other drugs that increase serotonin due to the risk of serotonin syndrome. These drugs include other antidepressants, lithium, triptans, St. Johns Wort, opioids, dextromethorphan, and muscle relaxants. Do not take Ambien with other medicines that cause central nervous system depression or other drugs that prolong the QT interval.

    Because of its CNS depressant effects, do not take Ambien with other drugs with the same effect, such as opioids, benzodiazepines, antidepressants, or alcohol, due to additive effects. Ambien should not be taken with rifampin, because rifampin can decrease Ambien levels. Ambien should not be taken with ketoconazole , because ketoconazole can increase Ambien levels.

    Avoid alcohol if you take trazodone or Ambien.

    This is not a full list of drug interactions. Other, serious side effects may occur. See the Warnings section for more information. Consult your doctor for a full list of drug interactions.


    Fdas Guidance On How To Stop Duloxetine

    So, what do you make of the official prescribing information? Do you feel as if you might be caught on the cusp of a Catch 22 situation? The FDA and the company acknowledge that intolerable symptoms may occur upon discontinuation of treatment or even a decrease in dose. The solution: resume the previously prescribed dose. Then continue decreasing the dose but at a more gradual rate.

    We did not find any actual guidance on how to stop duloxetine gradually. For one physician that might mean over a week. For another health professional, gradual might be interpreted as a month. But the company and the FDA seem to be very careful not to provide clear and concise recommendations. That means that physicians are pretty much on their own and that leaves patients vulnerable to all sorts of complications.

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    Nasal Decongestants Or Oral Decongestants

    Decongestants can come in handy when youre suffering from a stuffy nose. They can be taken as a nasal spray, like , or as an oral decongestant, like . But one downside is that decongestants can cause insomnia.

    If youre using a decongestant, its probably just for a short period of time, so you may decide to push through the nighttime annoyance until you dont need it anymore. You could also consider an alternative, drug-free option like a saline nasal spray or an antihistamine nasal spray like .

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