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How To Deal With A Snoring Spouse

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How to deal with a partner’s disruptive snoring

There are several risk factors that are thought to increase the likelihood, or intensity, of snoring.

Being overweight is a major factor; the British Snoring and Sleep Apnea Association says that obese people are three times more likely to snore.

And researchhas shown other factors that can lead to snoring are:

  • Drinking alcohol
  • Regular use of sleep medication or other sedatives
  • Narcotics
  • Nasal congestion because of a cold, sinus infection, illness or allergy

If any of these apply to your partner, talk to them about the effect it might be having on their snoring and sleep. And if they have allergies, such as dust mite, hay fever or animals, try to keep the bedroom clear of allergens.

Keeping An Eye Out For Apnea

Its important to look out for each others overall health.

The big question is if a person sees someone else who snores stop breathing in their sleep, says Breus. This is a sign of sleep apnea and needs taking care of immediately.

Snoring is a restriction of airflow which makes the lungs and heart work harder at night, when they are supposed to be working less.

If the snoring is really bad and you think your snoring might be connected to sleep disorders like obstructive sleep apnea, get checked out by a specialist near you sleep apnea can lead to heart problems and even type 2 diabetes. Muraki I, et al. . Sleep apnea and type 2 diabetes.

How To Peacefully Fall Asleep When Your Partner Is Snoring

While not sleeping because of no apparent reason is already pretty frustrating, its even worse when its caused by something you cant control: noise. You can ask your neighbours to lower the volume of their music, but its a lot harder to ask your partner to stop snoring.

The first thing you might be inclined to do is just giving an elbow in the sides but you can imagine this is not the most effective tactic. However, there are some methods to tackle this problem. Here they are.

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Sleeping In Separate Rooms

As my S.O. and I live in cramped apartments in Brooklyn, we dont have the luxury of sleeping in different rooms.

I did, however, date one snorer in the past in California and had him sleep in the guest bedroom on a different floor. I ended up breaking up with him shortly after, but I think it had more to do with me hating him/our relationship than the snoring.

Anyways, I asked Estes if sleeping in separate bedrooms for those who have the option is beneficial or detrimental to a relationship.

Sometimes we sleep in different rooms. If my husband has to be up early , we dont want to keep each other up, so respect for sleep is imperative, she replied, in relation to her own marriage. Sleeping in other bedrooms at times can be beneficial to both partners.

Why Is My Partner Snoring So Loudly

Need help dealing with a snoring partner?

We all love our partners, but sometimes youll find yourself trying to sleep through their seriously loud breathing during the night, during the hours when youre both supposed to be resting comfortably!

Its common to believe that it is the snorer who suffers, but the effects of snoring impact on everyone in the room. This can be incredibly disruptive night after night. People who sleep next to a person who snores are likely to be fatigued and experience all of the common symptoms that come with sleep deprivation, such as frustration or a lack of concentration, simply because they are being kept awake throughout the night due to a loud partner.

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Keep Snoring From Ruining Your Relationship

Having to listen to loud snorts, episodes of gasping from air and other similar symptoms every night, while sleeping next top your significant other is almost unbearable. This will definitely prevent you from sleeping, and even if you still manage to sleep, you are going to wake up cranky the next morning because you didnt have a good night rest! And nobody wants to get cranky every morning, next to the person they love. Additionally, being tired from this could negatively impact your work and social environment, and I bet you dont want to lose your job because your spouse snores! One of the main mistakes people with snoring spouses do is, blaming their significant others. Remember, snoring is an unconscious mechanism, and if your spouse could control it, he/she would.

The Tennis Ball Trick

If this can work for opening door cars, this trick could also work for stopping your night time snoring . This works wonders for those who snore when sleeping on your back. The goal of this trick is well…to stop sleeping on your back! So here is what you do: pin a tennis ball at the back of your pajama or your T-shirt ; then go to bed. With the tennis ball on your back, it becomes less comfortable to sleep on your back, so everytime you are tempted to lie on your back, you will automaticslly shift to the side!

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The Link Between Snoring And Arguing

A study by Rush University Medical Center, which involved 10 married participants, evaluated sleepiness, quality of life, and marriage satisfaction among wives whose husbands snored heavily. The findings? Couples with snoring sleep issues argue more and tend to have more disagreements than their non-snoring counterparts.

The study also found that couples who were living with snoring had a higher divorce rate.

Rosalind Cartwright, PhD, founder of the Sleep Disorders Center at the Medical Center, says that the lack of sleep creates a tense and hostile situation for spouses, putting a strain on the marriage.

One participant in the study woke up eight times throughout the night as a result of her husbands snoring, placing her sleep efficiency at just 73%, as opposed to normal sleep efficiency levels of 90%, despite her attempts to remedy the situation by wearing earplugs and earphones.

Another study from Paracelsus Private Medical University found that sleep issues and relationship troubles take place simultaneously, while a study by the University of California, Berkeley revealed that a sleepless night caused by disturbances from a partner can produce relationship conflicts the following day.

If you find yourself or your partner more irritable during the day, the key to understanding irritability might lie in your sleeping habits as a couple. Making healthy changes to your lifestyle, such as avoiding alcohol and heavy meals before bed, can help reduce snoring.


Avoid Alcohol Sedatives Or Sleeping Pills Before Bedtime

Hey Steve: How Do I Deal WIth My Husband’s Snoring

Alcohol and other downer medications can have a severe effect on our sleep.

Of course with anything prescribed by a doctor, always make sure and check with them before making any changes to your routine.

But also make sure to check the side effects of combining any of your partners medications with alcohol.

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Can Snoring Be Cured

There are various ways to help prevent snoring, both before falling asleep and when someone is already asleep. But it all depends on the person and the type of snorer that they are. But for some, snoring can even be an indicator of more serious health issues, so if the following remedies dont work, you should see your GP.

A Snoring Spouse Can Ruin A Marriage

Some spouses have to deal with a snoring spouse every night. They go to bed, try to fall asleep, and then hear a noise as though a dysfunctional machine had decided to keep them company that night! This makes them complain that, My husband snores so loud I cant sleep!

The noise made by a snoring spouse can make one so angry that he may want to hit his spouse, or he may even wish his spouse went on vacation to Mars and never returned!

The Sleep Disorders Center of Rush University Medical Center conducted a scientific studyand found out that there is a higher divorce rate among couples where one spouse snores.

Snoring can put a great strain on marriage. A snoring partners snoring noise can cause sleep deprivation in his spouse. This can make that spouse irritable and that can cause him to flare up at any slight misunderstanding. As a result, there can be frequent fights in the home. A husbands snoring or wifes snoring can, therefore, contribute to ruining marriage.

Some partners prefer to sleep in a different room when the snoring of their spouse affects their sleep, but this can affect the harmony and bonding in the marriage.

What can you do to cope with a snoring spouse so that the situation will not affect your marriage and cause a rift in the relationship?

The first step is to make your spouse see that there is a problem.

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When To See A Doctor

Because snoring can be the sign of an uinderlying medical problem, it is worth some medical attention. If the snoring has persisted for about a week or two, you should consider seeking professional help. If all home remedies have failed to bring your sleep back to normal, we advise that you go and see a Doctor. If you snore loudly and heavily at night, run to your Doctors office. Additionally, if you fall asleep during the day at inappropriate times there is definitely a more serious problem going on.

How To Stop Snoring

How to deal with a snoring partner

If you’re the snorer , the goal of eliminating snoring may be to help your relationship. While we haven’t found health consequences from simple snoring, treating snoring is often about a quality of life issue for your bed partner,” explains Patil. Studies have found that regular sleep disruptions can have substantial short- and long-term consequences for the non-snorer, including emotional distress, mood disorders, cognitive and memory deficiencies, and more serious issues such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, weight-related issues, and type 2 diabetes.

Before you head to a specialist, try some of these DIY methods at home to reduce or eliminate your own snoring.

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What Do I Do If My Roommate Snores

Snoring is often a problem of the moment. We tend to forget about snoring until were up late at night frantically googling, How to stop a snoring roommate.

If this is you, dont panic. There are steps you can take at the moment to try and get a snoring roommate to quiet down, and then there are steps you can take when you wake up in the morning.

Is It Just Snoring Or Sleep Apnea

While snoring might seem like a simple disturbance , sleep apnea is a much more concerning condition. By definition, sleep apnea is a sleep disturbance characterized by pauses in breathing or frequent episodes of deep shallow breathing during sleep. Sleep apnea maybe classified as central or obstructive . Thus, identifying the real nature of the snoring is another important step. This can be done by consulting a physician who will be the most appropriate person to enlighten you on the real cause of your spouses symptoms.

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Tactics For Partners Of Snorers Coping With The Problem

If the solutions arent working and you just need some more sleep, there are ways to cope with the snoring without actually reducing the volume

Get a head start

If you take a while to fall asleep, head to bed slightly earlier than your partner. Given that a snorer doesnt wake themselves when they snore, then why should they wake you if youre already fast asleep?

Unfortunately, this tactic is unlikely to work every time. The cyclical nature of sleep means you are still likely to catch the snoring sound during one of your lighter sleep phases. Nonetheless, it should at least prevent the as soon as his head hits the pillow, hes snoring complaint.

Sleep separately

This is a solution that many couples cite as the saviour of their marriage. Youll frequently hear accounts from couples who have slept separately for years due to someones snoring.Whilst this solution is great for your health through banishing the snoring sound and getting some sleep, co-sleeping is still important for the health of a relationship.

In his book Two in Bed: the Social System of Couple Bed Sharing, sleep researcher Paul Rosenblatt examined how sharing a bed is important for couples. He described the importance of bed sharing for intimacy and comfort, as well as pre-sleep being a time that couples use to catch up, plan, make decisions and solve problems .


Basic but effective, a good set of earplugs specifically designed for sleep can be indispensable for the partner of a snorer.

What Type Of Snorer Am I

How to Get Your Spouse to Stop Snoring

To work out which kind of snorer you or your partner are, and consequently the solutions, try the following tests. If none of the tests seems to work, youre likely to be a palatal flutterer. If you can answer yes to more than one, youre likely to be a multifactorial snorer.

The nose test Look in a mirror. Press the side of one nostril to close it. With your mouth closed, breathe in through the other nostril. Does the nostril collapse? Also, with your mouth closed, try breathing in through your nose. Can you breathe easily? If breathing is difficult or the nostril collapses, you are likely a nose snorer.

The mouth test Open your mouth and make a snoring noise. Now, can you make the same noise with your mouth closed? If yes, you are a mouth breather.

The tongue test Make a snoring noise. Now stick your tongue out as far as it will go and grip it between your teeth. Is the snoring noise reduced? If yes, you are a tongue snorer.

Figuring out which type of snorer you are can help you to discover how to stop snoring.

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Give Them Hope To Stop Snoring

While it may all seem deterrent, you can rest assured that treatments for apnea and other sleeping disorders are available. In general, lifestyle changes, such as weight loss or food consumption, are the best solution. But it is still best to take the home sleep test if you or your partner suffer from a sleep disorder.

Otherwise you should go for a trial of CPAP therapy to observe changes it brings to your sleep and respiratory habits, if you are diagnosed with sleep apnea.You can help your partner get a peaceful sleep and a healthier lifestyle with the correct diagnosis and treatment options.

Do not delay to visit Oklahoma Otolaryngology Associations to book your schedule. Our doctors will provide you with a flawless diagnosis and decide on your snoring treatment instantly.

**Disclaimer: The information on this page is not intended to be a doctor’s advice, nor does it create any form of patient-doctor relationship.

How Is Snoring Treated

If your snoring is affecting your sleep , your doctor may fit you with a dental device to keep your tongue from blocking your airway. Losing weight can also help treat snoring. Some people may need surgery to correct a blockage in the airway that’s causing the snoring.

If sleep apnea is the cause of your snoring, you may need to sleep in a mask connected to a CPAP device. This device helps minimize snoring and maintain breathing while you sleep.

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The Way You Snore May Reveal The Cause

It is also commonly said that the pattern of your snoring could help one determine what is the cause, or at least have a clue. For instance, people who generally have heavy and deep snores tend to be diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea. In addition to this, your pattern of breathing while snoring is also a big clue. Your breathing might be deep or shallow, continuous or interrupted, or not changed at all. The loudness of the snore, alongside with the other criteria could also give a hint as to what the cause could be. Those are the characteristics that you could use while talking to this snoring issue with your physician.

Youre Not Worth The Trouble Or Expense

5 Ways to Cope With Snoring Husband

Putting time and effort into making the relationship work is an expected part of being with someone. It doesnt take much time, effort, or expense to get your snoring treated. The treatment essentially pays for itself when you factor in the possible expenses related to sleep apnea.

So what does it say when you are unwilling to put forth even the most minimal effort to help your spouse get better sleep and help you enjoy greater fitness and a longer life.

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How To Sleep With A Snoring Partner

This article was co-authored by Carlotta Butler, RN, MPH. Carlotta Butler is a Registered Nurse in Arizona. Carlotta is a member of the American Medical Writers Association. She received her Masters of Public Health from the Northern Illinois University in 2004 and her Masters in Nursing from the University of St. Francis in 2017.There are 9 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 151,459 times.

Sleeping next to someone who snores can be a challenge. Thankfully there are a few ways both you and your snorer can get better sleep. Learn how to block out the sounds of snoring and to help whoever is snoring to reduce the amount they snore.

A Snoring Problem Often Creates Not Only Tiredness But Frustration

    Snoring doesnt just interfere with the snorers sleep. When it comes to couples, one persons snoring often means sleep trouble for two.

    And it isnt only sleep that can suffer. Snoring can put great strain on relationships. A snoring problem often creates not only tiredness but also frustration and resentment between couples. It can interfere with sexual and emotional intimacy, and can push couples to sleep in separate bedrooms.

    There are many good reasons to treat snoring, including restoring sleep quality, guarding against risks to health, and improving daytime functioning. Protecting the health and intimacy of your relationship is another important reason to treat a snoring problem.

    How can snoring cause so much trouble within a relationship?

    Snoring, a form of sleep-disordered breathing, interferes with sleep quality and sleep quantity, both for the person who snores, and, often, for the person who sleeps with a snorer. Poor quality and insufficient sleep interfere with our thinking skills and judgment. Lack of sleep can make us irritable and short-tempered. Poor sleep diminishes our ability to manage conflict well, increasing negative feelings and reducing our ability to empathize. Lack of sleep has been shown in scientific research to make couples feel less appreciative of each other, and to experience greater feelings of selfishness. Sound like a recipe for relationship difficulties? It is.

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