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How To Get Rid Of Snoring By Yoga

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How To Stop/reduce Snoring While Sleeping

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Snoring is being one of the most common conditions which are faced by middle-aged men and women and it ruins the peaceful sleep of the person who sleeps around the person who is dealing with snoring.

Well, there are some ways by using which you can keep the snoring aside while sleeping, such as there comes a device basically an anti-snoring device.

Why Doing Yoga Can Be A Good Way To Stop Snoring

Controlling your breathing is a fundamental part of yoga. Breathing difficulties during sleep make you start snoring. When you see those two statements together, snoring and yoga no longer seem to be poles apart.

Practicing yoga correctly and with sufficient dedication can help you relax while also strengthening your tongue. Yoga can firm-up the muscles at the back of the throat as well.

Yoga has a reputation for being difficult. However, although certain poses may be more challenging than others, yoga is not an unduly difficult art and the yoga techniques that may help you stop snoring are simple enough for beginners to learn.

Yoga For Blocked Nose

If you have a very tough nasal situation which does not clear up with any of these things, there is a kriya which is called Jala Neti. It needs a certain amount of preparation. Though these things are being taught in various studios without the necessary preparation, it will not be wise to simply pour water into your nose. This practice has to be properly imparted. Our Hatha Yoga teachers would be able to teach you if needed.

Editors Note: Do you frequently endure blocked sinuses and chest congestion? Sadhguru looks at why sinuses should be clear, well-balanced, and how you can go about achieving this state with powerful yogic practices and also some diet changes. Read the article to find out more.

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Cure Snoring With Yoga


What exactly is snoring? Snoring is the result of vibrating tissues in the throat which causes disrupting sounds during sleep. Obstructed breathing during sleep may cause many problems for you and it could be keeping your partner up at night Many people believe that those who snore do not suffer as much as the person who has to endure it. That, however, is not true. Quality of sleep can be highly affected for the individual who snores as this puts the body under immense pressure in order to inhale an adequate supply of air and to expel stale air.Many try to overcome this habit by resorting to several practices, however, are you aware that yoga exercises can actually help remedy snoring?

Yes, yes, it can. Many are already well acquainted with the fact that yoga is excellent for maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle. However, the fact that yoga may have a helpful role in alleviating snoring seems to serve as a real perplexity to many how does yoga accomplish that? Well, yoga has always laid emphasis on breathing Pranayama and as such, can be an effective way to cure snoring.

Yoga for snoring is an effective way to find escape from snoring as it helps clear the breathing passage. Yoga exercises conducted to get rid of snoring habits involve specific postures, as well as Asanas which help in the removal of blocked passages. The most popular yoga posture particularly done to rid of snoring is called Simha Garjanasana .

How Yoga Helps Decrease Snoring

9 Simple and Creative Tips: Snoring Solution In Nigeria ...

Yoga exercises help increase blood circulation and lung capacity as well as ensure that your air passages remain completely open. They also help to strengthen the muscles in your throat and face. All of these effects go a long way towards decreasing or even completely eliminating snoring problems. Image Courtesy: Getty& nbsp

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Cobra Pose Or Bhujangasana

Bhujangasana is the best yoga pose to reduce the problem of snoring. In this posture, the chest is completely opened, lungs are cleared and the air passages also become clean and free, which reduces the chances of snoring. Along with this, oxygen and blood flow in the body is also regulated, due to which the breathing and other functions of the body also start works better.

How to do:

  • First of all, lie down on your chest by laying a mat on the ground.
  • Keep the soles of the feet upwards and the toes of the feet together.
  • Place both your hands by your elbows and beside your chest.
  • Taking a long deep breath, lift your neck up, then your chest, and then your navel.
  • Remember, in this asana, only the body is raised up to the navel, the rest of the body should be kept absolutely stable and straight.
  • Try to rise as high as you can according to your strength.
  • Keep your gaze up towards the sky.

Know more about this asana click here: Bhujangasana

How Snoring Affects Your Life

Snoring can arise because of irregular or blocked breathing. The throat can get sore. Theres also an elevated susceptibility to chronic diseases including stroke and hypertension. Anger, irritability, inability to concentrate and libido are a few side-effects. You might also become excruciating and invisibly throughout the daytime.

But for individuals engaged in certain careers, this may be an issue of life and passing. Motorists and equipment operators, for example, require a particular quantity of quality sleep. Generally, snoring is a disorder thats best eliminate.

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Camel Pose Or Ustrasana

Camel pose is a wonderful asana to increase ones mental strength and improve the function of the respiratory system. Due to this asana getting more exercise to the throat, chest, and abdomen, the efficiency of these organs increases.

How to do:

  • First of all, Sit in Vajrasana.
  • Now stand on your knees and make a distance between both knees.
  • Make the neck, back, waist, and shoulders in a straight line. Make sure the body is 90 degrees from the shape.
  • Support both hands by keeping them on the waist.
  • While inhaling, bend the upper part of the waist ie head, neck, and back towards the back.
  • Now, while exhaling, hold the heel of the left foot with the left hand and the heel of the right foot with the right hand.
  • In this state, a stretch will be felt on the throat, chest, and abdomen.
  • Keep breathing in and out normally.
  • Keep the body still in this position for 15 to 20 seconds.
  • After keeping the body stable for some time, slowly come back to Vajrasana.

Know more about this asana click here:Ustrasana

Medical Treatments For Snoring

To get rid of snoring, do these yogasanas, also get rid of sleep apnea

For mild forms of snoring caused by swelling of the lining of your nose, a doctor may prescribe a steroid nasal spray to take before going to sleep. They may also suggest dental appliances or nasal strips. For more severe forms of snoring due to sleep apnea, surgical procedures or continuous positive airway pressure may be prescribed.

Continuous positive airway pressure

Continuous positive airway pressure is a treatment in which a mask is worn over the nose and/or mouth while you sleep. The mask is hooked up to a machine that delivers a continuous flow of air into the nostrils. The pressure from air flowing into the nostrils helps keep the airways open so that breathing is not impaired. Other PAP machines are also available, including the BiPAP, which has two levels of air pressure, and the VPAP for varying levels of air pressure.


Surgery may be needed to correct a physical problem that is causing you to snore. Surgical options include:

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Stop Taking Alcohol Before Bed To Stop Snoring

If you a regular drinker or take mild to moderate amount of alcohol every day, it could be the culprit behind your snoring habit. Not only does it increase snoring but also it disturbs sleep and sleep quality.

Studies indicate that alcohol consumption relaxes throat muscles which makes it difficult to breathe. Alcohol consumption at night makes it difficult to breathe putting excessive pressure on the airways ultimately leading to snoring and sleep apnea.

Although alcohol consumption does not induce snoring in non-snoring people, it has been found that men who drink regularly are at a 25% higher risk of developing a snoring problem than women. To whoever said women cant handle their drinks.

An overall reduction in alcohol intake is recommended to alleviate snoring issues.

How To Avoid Snoring

  • Stay relaxed at all times. Try to release all the stresses of daily life before sleeping. Instead of watching TV, spend quality time with family, read a good book, take a walk or do simple deep breathing.
  • Steam inhalation just before sleeping clears your airways and remove any obstructions.
  • Trying to sleep on your side can also help. Raise your head a bit by sleeping with an extra pillow.
  • Avoid heavy dinner, eat 2 to 3 hours before your sleep time.
  • Before sleeping, instill 2-3 drops of clarified butter in each nostril will reduce snoring noise. Warm the ghee a few degrees, experiment a little with the temperature that suits you.
  • Reduce your alcohol intake and if possible stop altogether.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Avoid sleeping pills.

Yoga For Snoring.Asanas for snoring.Pranayama for snoring.

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Ujjayi Pranayama Ocean Breathing

The ujjayi Pranayama would appear, perfectly designed for someone who is suffering from snoring. This Pranayama needs you to inhale by contracting your throat muscles. These high intensity contractions of your throat muscles will teach them not to over-relax when you sleep. This Pranayama will also give your respiratory systems a practice in restricted breathing, which will increase your lung capacity.

  • Sit in an easy pose or any comfortable cross-legged legged position.
  • This is how you start all Pranayama exercises.
  • Keep your spine erect
  • Inhale by contracting your throat muscles.
  • Inhale deep, and the contraction of throat muscles should make a choking sound.
  • Look down, as your chin touches your chest, and hold your breath for about 30 seconds.
  • Then look in front, block your right nostril and exhale through your left nostril.
  • Repeat this 5 times.

Ujjayi Pranayama is also very good for regulating your thyroid, tonsils and throat infection. This exercise will also give you better control over your throat muscles.

Simple Yet Effective Hand Mudras Ayurveda Tips And Yoga For Snoring

755 Best How To Get Rid Of Snoring images

Do you know snoring is a sign of the abnormal functioning of your breathing? Its a loud sign that something needs to be taken care of. One of the easily accessible and most effective remedies is practicing a few Hand Mudras and Yoga for snoring.

We all know that one of the essential requirements of a healthy mind and body is Peaceful sleep. If the requirement is unfulfilled, then not only mood gets affected, but physical energy including Inner Strength too decreases.

If you want to know how to stop snoring while sleeping or natural remedies for Snoring, you are reading the accurate article.

There are many ways to stop snoring, but its always better if you chose to go for the natural route. Practices such as Yoga For Snoring, Mudras, Meditation, and few changes in your daily routine will work effectively.

In this article of bigbraincoach, I will share some specific yoga Positions, Hand Mudras, Ayurveda tips, along with some food choices to stop snoring immediately.

Before we jump to the solutions/Yoga For Snoring, its crucial to know the real cause of Snoring. Knowing the cause helps to cure the problem and save our time.

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How Does Yoga Help With Nausea

When you practice yoga, blood circulation is enhanced. This means more oxygen is circulated throughout your body. This helps to refresh and rejuvenate your system. With regular practice, imbalances are regulated, and toxins are flushed out. This reduces the sensations that nausea brings with it and provides relief.

Drink Cardamom To Avoid Snoring While Sleeping

It is a great solution for clearing blocked lungs, which is considered to be the root cause of snoring. To prepare this remedy, just combine a cup of water with a teaspoon of cardamom powder. Mix these ingredients well and boil it for few minutes. Consume this mixture on a regular basis in the morning on an empty stomach in order to free yourself from snoring problems. You can also consume this drink thirty minutes before going to bed.

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Exercises To Stop Snoring

Exercising is the solution to every health problems. Interestingly, it may also be beneficial for relieving snoring. Exercising your soft palate, tongue and throat muscles is generally beneficial for strengthening these muscles and keeping them from obstructing your airways while you sleep. Here are a few anti-snoring exercises:

  • Position your tongue between your teeth and gently swallow 5 times. Repeat this exercise 3 to 5 times a day.
  • Breath in through your mouth and puff your mouth with air. Keep your lips closed and breath through your nose. Release the air after a few minutes.
  • Gargling twice a day can strengthen tongue muscles.
  • You can also practice tongue exercises by making sounds like ah, la lah lah lah, and ma…pa about 5 times at a time by keeping a gap between every sound.
  • Try to make the sss sound without letting air pass out through your nose.
  • Singing can also reduce snoring and sleep issues, as suggested by clinical studies. So, stop bothering about sounding bad, nobody is judging you for your voice.

Tongue Lock Khechari Mudra

How to stop snoring – Yoga Mudra to stop snoring – Stop snoring instantly- Adhi Mudra

This mudra exercise strengthens the tongue, facial muscles, and throat. In this exercise, the tongue is rolled to its natural biological position at the roof of the mouth which helps reduce snoring and severity of obstructive sleep apnea.

Place the tip of your tongue against the back of your top front teeth. Slowly slide your tongue backward with the tip moving along the roof of your mouth. Repeat 5-10 times. Its called Nabho mudra, a preparatory exercise for khechari mudra.

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Bow Pose Or Dhanur Asana

Dhanur asana is the bow pose. Like bhujang asana, this yoga pose will make sure you sleep better by reducing how much you snore.

Dhanur asana can get rid of snoring by:

  • Opens up your neck
  • Opens up your chest
  • Thus, Dhanur asana will reduce snoring by ensuring that your neck and chest dont remain contracted.

    Here is a step by step guide to practice dhanur asana to reduce snoring.

    Simple Tricks To Get Rid Of Sleep Apnea Naturally

    Fortunately, science-backed alternative options exist to treat sleep apnea. Bear in mind, however, that since the root causes behind sleep apnea vary, a remedy that cures one person might do nothing for another. You need a combination thats right for the individual, Pascualy says. Experiment with some or all of these, and see which work for you.

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    Dhanurasana Or Bow Pose

    This pose is similar to the previous one. You open your neck, chest, and shoulders that help you take deep and clear breathing. It declutters your throat when you inhale or exhale which ultimately prevents you from snoring. The other advantages of this pose are- strengthening of the upper back, massaging the digestive organs, and opening a tight pelvis.

    A Few Effective Tips To Get Rid Of Snoring

    Effective Yoga Poses to Get Rid of Snoring

    Snoring is a common condition seen in one in every three men and four women, says the US National Sleep Foundation.Even Rihanna snores!Obesity, breathlessness, or sleep apnea may cause snoring.Amid mixed opinions on the impact snoring has on health, experts say not all snorers face risks, but it’s still annoying.These tips may help.

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    Yoga For Better Sleep

    You have enough on your plate, so stop stressing on how to stop snoring. According to Ayurveda, Yoga can be your snoring remedy if you practice asanas and pranayama meditation every day.

    For the treatment of snoring, Ayurveda recommends doing backwards bends as Backward bends will open up your neck and lungs and facilitate wider and decongested canals for air to pass through while inhaling and exhaling.

    This is important for men since our throats have more tissues. This narrow passage is a huge cause of snoring.

    And yoga can solve your snoring problem naturally. This is that one home remedy that is sure to help you with your snoring woes.

    Yoga asanas will strengthen open up narrow canals in your throat and yoga mudras will decongest your blocked nose to ensure you sleep better.

    Sleeping on your side rather than on your belly or back particularly improves sleep by reducing snoring. A lot of times snoring is attributed to the extremely relaxed state that your neck muscles go into.

    These asanas are the best to get rid of your snoring. If you practice yoga diligently, you will see a visible reduction in your snoring problem.

    Over time, with diligence and disciplined practice, yoga can be your snoring remedy.

    Yoga Asanas To Stop Snoring

    Yoga is a natural remedy to stop snoring.

    Yoga is a long term solution to stop snoring. If you practice yoga every day, over a period of time it will strengthen your lungs and your nasal passages.

    Yoga postures designed to stop snoring will enable better blood circulation to your lungs, throat, and nasal passages.

    A buildup in either narrows the passage for air to pass through.

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    Yoga Helps You Get A Sound Sleep

    The biggest contradiction snoring brings to your life, is how it spoils your sleep. Yoga can help you eliminate your issue of snoring, and establish proper airflow while you sleep.

    Yoga has great potential when it comes to encouraging sleep. Yoga can help even the elderly to improve their sleep quality. Studies have shown that long-term yoga practices, including fish pose, cobra pose, Nadi Shodhan pranayama, and Ujjayi Pranayama, improved overall sleep quality 1.

    This uninterrupted airflow will make more oxygen available to your body. Which in turn will boost your metabolism. As a result, your body cells will heal and regenerate better. Naturally, when you wake up you will feel properly rested.

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