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How To Get Somebody To Stop Snoring

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Change Your Sleep Position

How To Get Someone To Stop Snoring

Lying on your back makes the base of your tongue and soft palate collapse to the back wall of your throat, causing a vibrating sound during sleep. Sleeping on your side may help prevent this.

“A body pillow provides an easy fix,” Slaughter says. “It enables you to maintain sleeping on your side and can make a dramatic difference.”

Taping tennis balls to the back of your pajamas can also stop you from sleeping on your back, Chokroverty says. “Or you can recline the bed with the head up and extended, which opens up nasal airway passages and may help prevent snoring. This may cause neck pain, however.” If snoring continues regardless of the sleep position, obstructive sleep apnea may be a cause. “See a doctor in this case,” Chokroverty says.

What Type Of Snorer Are You

It helps to determine what type of snorer you are in order to really pinpoint how to stop snoring. Taking the time to determine this and why you snore can help you find the right solution and get a good night of rest consistently.

To figure this puzzle out, ask your partner to help you keep a sleep diary to monitor your snoring. By observing patterns in your snoring, you can often determine the reasons why you snore and what makes it worse. With the help of your partner, lets see if you can pinpoint when you snore by how you sleep.

1. Mouth Shut Snorer

If your mouth stays shut while you snore, it may indicate a problem with your tongue and nasal passageways.

2. Mouth Wide Open Snorer

If you snore with your mouth wide open, this could be an indication that the tissues in your throat are more likely to be causing you to snore. If your throat is partially obstructed, youre apt to try to force in more air, which creates the snore sounds.

3. Back Snorer

Sleeping on your back often causes you to breathe through your mouth. This can making snoring worse.

4. A Snorer No Matter What

How To Stop Snoring 11 Remedies That Work

By Kyra Oliver

Have you ever been frustrated at your partner for keeping you up all night with loud snoring? Better yet, have you ever woken yourself up with your own snoring and wondering how to stop snoring?

Despite what you may think about yourself, everyone snores occasionally. Its a natural occurrence due to the relaxed state your throat moves into during sleep. But if its severe, it can disrupt sleep patterns, cause insomnia, and lead to irritability in both the snorer and the one lying awake because of the snoring.

Its important to note, however, that snoring could also be an indication of sleep apnea, a potentially life-threatening condition that should receive medical attention. Sleep apnea is typically caused by a breathing obstruction, which awakens the sleeper, at which point the person begins breathing again. Normal snoring usually does not affect the quality of sleep as much as sleep apnea. If you suffer from extreme fatigue, sleepiness and exhaustion during the day, your problem may be more than just snoring, and you should get it checked out by a doctor.

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What Is The Mechanism Of Snoring

If we tell about the mechanism of snoring then we have to tell, âSleep relaxes the muscles, including the relaxation of the throat and airway muscles. This causes the airways to contract, which increases the speed of air movement during exhalation and changes the air pressure in the airways. This, in turn, will cause the side of the passages to slightly collapse inward, thereby promoting the vibration of the soft tissue through the entry of air during the next inhalation.â

The same effect occurs when the airway is partially blocked, such as inflammation of the tonsils or a cold. Consider that snoring will occur in this situation.

Get Sleep Disorder Treatment

How To Get Someone To Stop Snoring

If your snoring is related to a sleep disorder like sleep apnea, its imperative to seek a diagnosis and treatment immediately. Lucky for you, the ENT Institute has a sleep department that treats this very thing. It may not be necessarily easy, but we offer same-day appointments all through Atlanta, so its easily accessible.

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How To Stop Snoring

    If you or your partner snore regularly or occasionally, you might wonder how to stop snoring. Youre not alone. In adults between 30 and 60 years old, 44% of men and 28% of women snore regularly. Over age 60, around half of all people snore regularly.

    Snoring is the sound that results from air passing through your airway when it is partially blocked. Tissues at the top of your airway touch each other and vibrate, making you snore. Virtually all adults snore occasionally.

    For most people, snoring is little more than an embarrassment or annoyance. For others, however, snoring can cause problems or indicate an underlying health issue. Different people snore for different reasons. Trying a variety of tips can help you learn how to stop snoring while sleeping and determine if you need to talk to a doctor about your snoring.

    Why Do People Snore

    By itself, snoring is mostly an annoyance to the bed partner. However, snoring may be a sign of more significant sleep disorders.

    When we go to sleep the muscles in the back of the throat relax. These are the muscles that keep the airway patent. The smaller that the diameter of the airway becomes, the more resistance there is with airflow. This resistance causes noise – which is what we call snoring.

    Do you snore? Find out from a snoring app.

    So, how to stop snoring?

    Well, first it depends on what is causing the snoring.

    There are several potential causes of snoring, as well as factors that can make snoring worse. As mentioned, age is a variable. With advancing age comes an increased likelihood of snoring. Weight is also a powerful variable. The more you weigh, the more you snore.Drinking alcohol generally makes snoring more frequent and louder.

    Same with sleeping in the supine position – on your back.

    So what can you do to stop snoring?:

    • Lose weight if overweight
    • Don’t drink alcohol
    • Try to sleep on your side

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    If There Is Any Barrier In The Nasal Air Path

    The air we breathe in with the mouth or nostril has to go through the nasal cavity and respiratory tube to reach the lungs. So if any obstruction blocks that air path, people snore. This can occasionally happen during season changes and sinus infection when a temporary hurdle blocks the air passage. In some cases, the formation of polyps inside the nasal cavity causes obstruction.

    How To Get Valor

    How to Stop Someone From Snoring

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    When To Talk To Your Doctor

    Sometimes you cant resolve snoring by addressing it directly because its due to an underlying medical issue. People who snore in addition to other symptoms, such as gasping or choking while asleep, daytime tiredness, morning headaches, and feeling unrefreshed upon waking, might have obstructive sleep apnea.

    If you believe your snoring is a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea, see a doctor. Receiving a diagnosis and treatment for this disorder can resolve or significantly reduce your snoring while relieving other symptoms.

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    Can Snoring Be Cured

    There are various ways to help prevent snoring, both before falling asleep and when someone is already asleep. But it all depends on the person and the type of snorer that they are. But for some, snoring can even be an indicator of more serious health issues, so if the following remedies dont work, you should see your GP.

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    Why Do I Snore

    A couple of factors come into play here. One popular one is weight. Carrying excess weight around your neck and throat can cause snoring. Then there is good old biology. In general, men have narrower air passages than women and are most likely to snore.

    Sleeping flat on your back could also make you more susceptible to snoring. Even the shape of your mouth or a stuffy nose from a cold could make you sound like an old engine revving up.

    Another very popular one is the structure of your entire nasal cavity. Deviated septums, nasal polyps and enlarged tonsils could be the cause of your snoring.

    How you snore could also be telling of why you snore. If you snore with your mouth closed, you could be snoring because of a problem with your tongue. While if you snore with your mouth open, a problem with your throat could be the cause of your snoring.

    Identifying why you snore is very key in figuring out how to make it stop.

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    Oct 27, 2020 ·Other dogs do not congenitally have problems with this type of problem, but are predisposed to develop it more than others, so this kind of snoring-like breathing with other dogs may not be such a concern. The crossbreed of golden retrievers, Labrador retrievers, have this, as well as other smaller breeds like a pug or shih tzus.

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    Change Your Partners Position

    For some people, sleeping in the supine position that is, lying on their backs makes snoring worse. Research bears this out.

    Although its become a cliché to elbow your snoring partner in the ribs so theyll roll over onto their stomachs and stop snoring, sometimes changing position is truly all it takes.

    Positional therapy is a treatment option specifically designed to help snorers avoid lying on their backs. There are several options you could try.

    • Snore-reducing trainer. Imagine a padded weight belt that you sleep in. Thats basically the premise behind the trainer. It makes it hard for the wearer to sleep on their back, so they must roll over onto their side, where they may be less likely to snore.
    • A tennis ball. In the middle of the night, when youre eager to try anything, slip a tennis ball underneath your partners back, which will make it uncomfortable for them to lie on their back.
    • Head-positioning pillow. A head-positioning pillow, also sometimes called an anti-snore pillow, helps to properly align the users neck so theyre less likely to snore. You can order one online or pick one up at a local store, depending on how desperate you are for a good nights sleep again. A

    How Does A Stuffy Nose Lead To Snoring

    While there are many factors that lead to snoring – like sleeping on your back, the normal aging process, drinking alcohol close to bed time and obesity – nasal congestion is one of the top reasons.

    If youâre a snorer, hereâs whatâs happening in your nose and throat to cause all that noise at nighttime.

  • When youâre breathing normally, air flows into your nose and through your airway quietly.
  • As you fall asleep, the muscles in your throat and tongue relax, which can partially block your airway.
  • As you breathe, air passing through the partially blocked airway causes vibrations of the soft palate and uvula in the back and the throat, generating the sound of snoring.
  • Nasal congestion can block your airway even more, making snoring even worse. Congestion itself can turn a quiet sleeper into a snorer â in fact, severe nasal congestion triples the risk of snoring!
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    Medical Solutions To Stop Someone From Snoring

    Treat chronic allergies Allergies can reduce the airflow through your nose, forcing you to breathe through your mouth, which can make you more likely to snore.

    Correct structural problems in your nose Some people can be born with or experience an injury that gives them a deviated septum. This is something that can restrict airflow and cause snoring.

    Use a CPAP machine If you are someone that suffers from obstructive sleep apnoea, then you might want to consider trying out a continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP, machine. This involves wearing a pressurized air mask when you sleep to help to keep your airway open

    Radiofrequency tissue ablation A treatment that uses low-intensity radio waves to shrink the tissue on your soft palate and reduce snoring.

    Ruling Out More Serious Causes

    how to make someone stop snoring

    Snoring could indicate sleep apnea, a serious sleep disorder where your breathing is briefly interrupted many times each night. Normal snoring doesnt interfere with the quality of your sleep as much as sleep apnea, so if youre suffering from extreme fatigue and sleepiness during the day, it could be an indication of sleep apnea or another sleep-related breathing problem. Call your doctor if you or your sleep partner have noticed any of the following red flags:

    • You snore loudly and heavily and are tired during the day.
    • You stop breathing, gasp, or choke during sleep.
    • You fall asleep at inappropriate times, such as during a conversation or a meal.

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    What To Do To Stop People From Snoring

    The solution might as simple as getting them to sleep on their side. Often the throat muscles have become slack and the tongue has fallen back into the throat. Sleeping on the side gets the tongue to fall forward.

    The problem is that people can get sore sleeping on one side. They want to shift their position. When that happens, the snoring may resume.

    Can their back be propped up on a pillow? Alternating between a 90-degree angle, a 45-degree, and a 20-degree angle may be enough to prevent both snoring and muscular soreness.

    Sometimes sleeping on the side isnt enough. Overweight people carry around extra tissue. That extra tissue flops around when breathing.

    The thing that hangs down from the roof of the throat that you see at the back of the mouth is called a uvula. Some people have a larger-than-normal one. Sometimes their tonsils can be too large too. Or they can be suffering the effects of a broken nose or be congested.

    How To Stop Snoring Immediately

    The above recommendations are a few of the lifestyle changes that you can implement to get someone to stop snoring. If you want to stop snoring immediately, you can also recommend any of the medically approved devices that are designed to address the cause of snoring.

    There are plenty of options for anti-snoring mouth appliances that can be prescribed by a dentist. Get someone to see their dentist so they can be custom fitted with a mouth guard that will open up their airways. An anti-snoring mouth guard will lower the jaw and pull the tongue forward so it wont obstruct the air passage. Another option on how to get someone to stop snoring is the use of a CPAP device. You can discuss these options with a dentist or snoring doctor so the right treatment is administered.

    If any of the anti-snoring devices are unable to stop snoring immediately, surgical options for snoring might be looked into. There might be underlying causes to snoring that is linked to a more serious health condition. In this case, traditional surgery will help someone stop snoring immediately.

    • Masters in Sleep Medicine
    • General, Implant and Cosmetic Dentist
    • Certified in TMJ & Craniofacial Pain Management
    • Sydney Centre for TMJ & Sleep Therapy403/307 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000

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    Aids To Help Someone To Stop Snoring

    If your partner is a nose snorer, then they could try things like nasal strips, nasal dilators, nasal sprays, and other similar products. These will help to widen the nasal passages and help to reduce the vibration that causes the snoring.

    If they are a mouth breather, then you might want to try products such as chin-up strips, oral shields, mouth sprays, and similar products. These types of products will help to prevent snoring in different ways. Chin straps will close your mouth, oral shields will block the passage of air, and mouth sprays will help to relax your muscles. All of these things can help to reduce the vibration that causes someone to snore.

    For tongue snorers, you might want to try using a Mandibular Advancement Device, or MAD, which will work to hold your lower jaw and tongue forward. This will help to create more space for you to breathe, which can help to prevent you from snoring.

    Palatal flutterer snorers should try using chin-up strips or mouth sprays, as this will either keep your mouth closed or relax your muscles, which can limit the vibrations that cause snoring.

    Multifactorial snorers can try various different things, like nasal strips, a nasal dilator, a mouth and nasal spray, chin-up strips, an oral shield, or an MAD. Each device will work differently, but it is all about trying to find the right balance between effectiveness and comfort for you.

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