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How To Help A Snoring Partner

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How To Stop Snoring Naturally: 10 Remedies

Tips to Help You and Your Partner to Stop Snoring

May 20, 2019 Toketemu

We are all familiar with snoring. If we are not the main culprits of this noisy nighttime problem, we know someone who is. Snoring affects about half of our population, and 25% of us are habitual snorers.

But why people snore? When we go to sleep, our neck muscles relax. Sometimes they can be too relaxed. This causes your upper airway i.e. nose and throat, to become too narrow for enough air to travel to the lungs. When this happens the surrounding tissue vibrates and results in sounds we recognize to be snores. The narrower your airway becomes, the greater the vibration and the louder the snores.

Asides from being a nuisance to your friends or your partner, snoring also affects how you sleep. It reduces the quality of your sleep, could result in sleep apnea or lead to chronic sleep deprivation. Ever woken up in the morning tired, cranky and not quite feeling like you got a good night times rest? Snoring might be the cause. Good news is there are natural snoring remedies that can help.

Change Your Partners Position

For some people, sleeping in the supine position that is, lying on their backs makes snoring worse. Research bears this out.

Although its become a cliché to elbow your snoring partner in the ribs so theyll roll over onto their stomachs and stop snoring, sometimes changing position is truly all it takes.

Positional therapy is a treatment option specifically designed to help snorers avoid lying on their backs. There are several options you could try.

  • Snore-reducing trainer. Imagine a padded weight belt that you sleep in. Thats basically the premise behind the trainer. It makes it hard for the wearer to sleep on their back, so they must roll over onto their side, where they may be less likely to snore.
  • A tennis ball. In the middle of the night, when youre eager to try anything, slip a tennis ball underneath your partners back, which will make it uncomfortable for them to lie on their back.
  • Head-positioning pillow. A head-positioning pillow, also sometimes called an anti-snore pillow, helps to properly align the users neck so theyre less likely to snore. You can order one online or pick one up at a local store, depending on how desperate you are for a good nights sleep again. A

Do Yoga Asanas Breathing Exercise Along With Your Partner

To improve the performance of your respiratory system, it’s best to indulge in yoga and breathing exercises in an open ventilated space.If going alone doesn’t suit you, take your partner along.Products readily available at home, like turmeric, peppermint, and honey possess anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, and antimicrobial properties that can reduce snoring significantly.Also, there are over-the-counter drugs, like nasal strips, that help.

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How Do You Even Know You Snore

If you sleep with a partner, we are pretty sure you must have gotten more than a complaint or two about your snoring. But what if you sleep alone? Its simple, record yourself while you sleep. Apps like Sleep Cycle have a great snore tracker feature. The tracker measures the sound of your snores and the effect it might have on your sleep quality.

What Treatments Can Help Stop Snoring

How to Help Your Partner Stop Snoring At Night?

Treatment depends on the nature of the snoring and the types of problems it causes.

For people with infrequent or primary snoring, treatment may not be necessary unless it is disturbing a persons sleep or the sleep of someone they live with. In those cases, treatments tend to be simpler and less invasive. People with sleep apnea usually need more involved treatment.

Types of treatments include lifestyle changes, anti-snoring mouthpieces, mouth exercises, continuous, auto, or bi-level positive airway pressure devices, and surgery. A persons physician is in the best position to describe pros and cons of any treatment in their specific case.

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Tactics For Partners Of Snorers Solving The Problem

Snoring is not a life sentence for the snorer or the snoree. It has a cause;and therefore has a solution too. Whilst the onus is mostly on the snorer, you already share the burden so why not share the solutions? These can often be approached as a couple

Identify the problem

Make sure your partner knows that their snoring is a problem for you. If they are to stop snoring, theyre going to have to make some changes, but wont do so if they dont think their snoring is an issue.

There are a number of lifestyle changes that can be adopted to help reduce snoring naturally. Engaging in these together can have benefits not only for the snoring, but for your relationship too.

If body weight is playing a part in your partners snoring, get involved in those things that can help them to lose weight. Show some solidarity with them by eating healthily, planning and cooking meals together, and by doing exercise you both enjoy.

Mouth exercises are another great way to tackle snoring for many people. It can sometimes feel a bit strange and silly doing them on your own, so why not make it more entertaining by doing them together?


Sleeping position is often factor in peoples snoring, as supine sleeping massively increases the risk of snoring.

Poke, nudge and roll is a useful tactic in the short term, but soon enough, if its your partners preferred position, they will end up sleeping on their back again. And so the process repeats.


What Can You Do If Your Partner Snores

Snoree, innocent by-snorer, passive snorer. There are many names, but to you, it really it doesnt matter what youre called when all you want is a bit of peace.

If youre losing sleep because of your partners snoring, there are some things you can do to help yourself and help them. Here, we look at the significance of sleeping with a snorer and explore the ways you can stop the snoring or at least cope better!

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Things Women Do That Make Them Look Desperate In A Relationship

3. Change in Sleeping Positions: Another way you can help a snoring spouse without a fight among you is to stylishly change the sleeping position of your partner or you advice such person to change his or her sleeping positions.;You can help such person by changing the sleeping position to sideways or by raising the jaw of such individual just to redirect the direction of her flow. This will reduce or stop the snoring even without medication, without fighting or arguments.;4. Ensure Your Partner Visit the Doctor: It is important you ensure your spouse see the doctor if the snoring habit is too consistent for health advice. One of the most important thing you can do to a snoring partner is to seek medical advice. Snoring is a health issue and research shows that millions of people snores all over the world and the best medical advice can only be gotten from a doctor.;The doctor knows the best drugs, pill, herbs, equipment, advice that can work for snoring patient rather than applying self medication which is very dangerous or too risky to the health.

5. Anti-Snore Pillow/Snoring Devices: Snoring devices such as pillows, nose cover etc are available on various stores. If your husband or wife snores, you can get an anti-snore pillow for such person or other snoring devices. This will help redirect airflow into the normal channel and the snoring get reduced. Maturely, this requires no form of arguments or fight to correct.

They Dont Agree On The Temperature

5 Tips to Stop Your Partner’s Snoring | WebMD

The National Sleep Foundation recommends 65 degrees as the ideal bedroom temperature, but that far from settles it for couples.

For Mary Helen Rogers, vice president of marketing and communications for the Better Sleep Council, the mantra cool head and warm feet make for a good nights sleep leads the way. She suggested setting the bedroom thermostat to the lowest preferred temperature and having the person who wants to be warmer put on socks or invest in a weighted blanket. You could also get two twin size comforters or duvets so that each person has their own and can layer up or down as needed. There are also mattresses and pillows advertised with cooling elements like gel or moisture-wicking fabric.

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The Simple Key To Stopping Your Partners Snoring

If youve gotten this far, you understand that if your partner snores, its bad for both of you. Thankfully, when it comes to eliminating your partners snoring, weve got good news and weve got great news. The good news is that in 90% of cases, theres an incredibly simple physiological solution to stopping your partners snoring. Sleep with their mouth closed. Its that easy!;

When we sleep with our mouths closed, we force ourselves to naturally breathe through our nose. This results in more regulated breathing, which in turn translates into silent, peaceful sleep. At last, both you and your partner will be able to sleep restfully through the night.; Plus, not only will your partner stop snoring, but they will also take advantage of the many other;benefits of nose breathing.

I know what youre thinking. That sounds amazing, but how the heck do I get my partner to sleep with their mouth closed? Well, remember when we said we had great news too?;;

How To Stop A Snoring Partner

Sleep is one of the most enjoyable parts of life, and there’s nothing nicer than snuggling up next to your partner to wind down after a busy day. But it’s not so nice when they begin to snore, keeping you awake.

Nothing is more disruptive to your sleep than the constant vibrating noise that comes every time your partner breathes in and out throughout the night. While some couples may overlook it as a minor nuisance, for most of us, it’s not that easy.

So if youre trying to catch a few ZZZs next to a person whos snoring all night, it’s time to find some solutions.

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Can Snoring Be Cured

There are various ways to help prevent snoring, both before falling asleep and when someone is already asleep. But it all depends on the person and the type of snorer that they are. But for some, snoring can even be an indicator of more serious health issues, so if the following remedies dont work, you should see your GP.

Snoring Is Not A Serious Illness Can Be Controlled Easily

Snoring Partner Help: How to Sleep with a Snorer

Snoring is neither an incurable disease nor a life-threatening disorder. It can be taken care of easily if you identify the cause behind it.Like, if you are sleeping in a supine posture or on the back, it might lead to snoring.To avoid that, sleep on your sides to have reduced snoring.Also, make dietary changes and try some ways to reduce stress.

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Upgrading From 2 To 8 Pillows

Snoring is often triggered or made worse by sleeping on the back, which encourages a narrowing of the airway, Breus says. But sleeping on your side may reduce or eliminate snoring for some people.

Using a pillow that supports the head and neck, or other sleep equipment that encourages side-sleeping, can also help, advises Breus, and so can sleeping with the head slightly elevated.

This is going to sound so weird, but we put a barrier of body pillows between us, pretending that it was the border between two countries at odds but that still kinda love each other.

We propped him up and both faced each other on our sides, which helped deter him from rolling on his back. While we slept like that, he didnt snore at all.

Of course, dog and cat insurgents started battling each other and created a war zone in our little pillow fort, so this solution probably wont work for us long term.

If eight pillows are too many, Estes suggests going for the tried-and-true singular snore pillow.

Take them shopping! There are amazing anti-snore pillows that actually work try looking for one that helps them sleep on their side or upright that can help reduce snoring.

This seems to work well for both of us. Most people go for a white noise machine, which would probably be better for sleep in general , but they tend to be a bit pricey.

Id much rather spend that $80 on some Sunday Seamless orders, a staycation, or a trip.

Estes also recommends using a fan to combat the racket.

Change Their Sleeping Position

Some people snore more when they lie on their back, and less so on their side or stomach. Ask your partner to remember this, at least at the start of the night.

If they roll onto their back later in the night, see if you can gently roll them back onto their side.

An unusual trick is to sew a tennis ball into the back of their pajamas or T-shirt. This will make sleeping on their back uncomfortable, which will help keep them in a non-snoring position.

Ive also seen some magnetic devices sold online recently that go either side of a t-shirt or pajama top. And there are anti-snore belts that have lumps on one side. Both of these are designed to achieve the same purpose as the tennis ball trick the only difference being you pay for them instead of getting out a needle and thread!

If they only sleep on their back, try experimenting with different pillow heights. And you can find specialist anti-snore pillows which keep the head and airways in a better position.

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Lose Weight If You Are Overweight

This will help reduce the amount of tissue in the throat that might be causing your snoring. You can lose weight by reducing your overall caloric intake by eating smaller portions and more healthy foods. Make sure you get regular exercise daily. You may also consider seeing your doctor or a nutritionist for help.

Sleep In A Different Room

Help! My spouse is snoring. What can we do?

Remember the old adage about how desperate times call for desperate measures? When all else fails, you might have to leave the room at night.

Dont feel bad if you choose this option, especially if it works for you. Research backs you up. A 2002 study found that sleeping apart seemed to actually contribute to greater marital satisfaction when one spouse snored.

If youre feeling lonely, though, be sure to let your partner know that youd rather be together. This can encourage them to make adjustments.

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Help For Stopping Snoring

Habits Like Alcohol Intake Smoking Lead To Snoring

Not only obese or overweight people, but those with a normal Body Mass Index also snore.The reasons behind that can be alcohol intake before going to bed, which causes muscle relaxation in the thorax region, making airway passage thin, resulting in snoring.Even smoking leads to this condition, as tobacco damages lungs and air passages.This affects one’s normal breathing, leading to snoring.

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Medical Treatment For Snoring

If youve tried self-help solutions for snoring without success, dont give up hope. There are medical options that could make all the difference. New advances in the treatment of snoring are developing all the time and devices are becoming more effective and comfortable.

Talk to your primary physician or an otolaryngologist . Even if they recommend something that was uncomfortable or didnt work in the past, that doesnt mean the same will be true now.

How To Sleep When Someone Is Snoring

How To Help Combat Your Partnerâs Snoring

If your partners snoring doesnt seem to be stopping and its keeping you awake, its important to prioritise your own sleep needs. The most obvious solutions are to adjust your sleeping patterns for example, if you go to bed before them, youre more likely to be asleep before the snoring starts. If you have a spare room, dont be afraid to use it, a third of married couples admit to sleeping better alone.

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If you havent got a spare room and the snoring wakes you up. It might be best to invest in some good quality earplugs and remember to keep your partners head elevated while they sleep on their side.

If all of the above doesnt work, its best to see your GP, snoring can often be a symptom of the sleep disorder Sleep Apnea, so its always good to get it checked out, if in doubt.

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How To Sleep Restfully With A Snoring Partner

You love them to death, but why do they have to snore so loud?! Getting a peaceful nights sleep can be difficult for those who slumber next to snoring partners. People who report sleeping next to snorers also report higher levels of fatigue, more arguments, and lower levels of focus during the day. However, its not impossible to get a good nights sleep even when your significant other starts to sound like a congested walrus. Learning how to sleep next to your snoring partner can improve your quality of sleep and even save your relationship!

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