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How To Help Newborn Sleep Better

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To Understand How To Get Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night You First Need To Know If Your Baby Is Able To Sleep Through The Night


You can also help set the stage for a good night’s sleep by making sure your baby is cultivating good sleep habits during the day, which will help them sleep better during the night too.

Your baby has to be able to sleep through the night before they can! There are a few milestones they need to reach first, like a decrease in Moro Reflex. Check out our article on When Do Babies Sleep Through the Night to learn if your baby is ready/able to sleep through the night.

If your baby is capable of sleeping through the night but still struggling, there might be an underlying reason your baby isnt sleeping through the night OR theyre right on the cusp of starting to sleep through the night. There are several reasons that can cause your baby not to sleep through the night, including sleep regressions, a growth spurt or illness, or the inability to fall asleep independently.

Whether your baby is experiencing one of the problems above, or theyve just surpassed the milestones to be able to sleep at night, there are ways you can help your baby sleep through the night.

Lets Go To The Question That Many New Parents Want To Know: When Will Their Child Begin To Sleep Through The Night

This is the most common question about babies and sleep! The problem here is the perpetuation of the myth that babies should sleep independently through the night from the time they are a few months old. Sure, a handful of babies do sleep through the night from the start but most do not. Sleep patterns, and the ability to sleep all night, have a powerful biological foundation. We can affect this somewhat with routines and our actions, but just like your childs eye color, height and the amount of hair on her head, much of your childs sleep patterns are out of your control.

Babies have immature sleep systems. They have very tiny tummies only about the size of a cherry at birth! Babies grow rapidly, their liquid diet digests quickly. During those early months, your baby will have tremendous growth spurts that affect not only daytime feedings, but nighttime feeding needs as well.

This means that it is perfectly natural, absolutely normal, and totally expected for your baby to wake up in the night and need nourishment or your help to fall back to sleep. Sleeping all through the night, every night, without needing a parents assistance, is like learning to walk or talk or drink from a cup all kids get there, but they do so at their own speed, a little bit at a time, and in their own unique way.

How To Help Your 2 To 3 Month Old Baby Sleep Better

Weve previously discussed babys sleep in the first two months and the normal developmental phase of PURPLE crying. Good news! Your babys period of PURPLE crying;will have peaked and should now be starting to subside. In these next couple of months, your babys sleep will begin to consolidate into longer sleep periods and you will start to notice a sleep routine. Babys circadian rhythm are beginning to emerge, typically between 8 and 12 weeks, as the night-time hormone, melatonin is starting to be produced by the pineal gland. The effects of melatonin and its production do not mature until your baby is 4 months old, or more if premature.

Be Aware:;If your baby is still crying incessantly for 3 or more hours per day, 3 days a week, for 3 weeks in a row, s/he may be dealing with colic. The good news? After about 4 or 5 months of age, this too shall pass. Read more information on;Colic.

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Ways To Gently Naturally Encourage Your Newborn Baby To Sleep Better

  • Go for a walk with your baby. Turns out your grandmother was right fresh air really does help children sleep better! Once your baby is a few weeks old, you can start incorporating a daily walk, or some time spent sitting outdoors. This will go far towards helping improve sleep at night and during naps.
  • Give infant massage a try. Weve written before about the benefits of infant massage in improving baby sleep, but well say it again infant massage is an easy and natural way to help your newborn relax, which in turn can help promote better sleep. In fact, this study showed an increase of approximately 1.3 hours a day in sleep quantity for 3 to 6 month olds. Not only that, but infant massage can improve digestion , strengthen the mother-child bond, and even aid growth and development!
  • Keep days bright and nights dark. Newborns arent born knowing that days are for playing and nights are for sleeping in fact, many newborns have their days and nights mixed up, and sleep for long stretches during the day while being up every hour at night! You can gently, naturally correct this by making sure that your baby is exposed to sunlight during the day . In addition, work to keep nights dark keep the room dim during diaper changes and feedings, for example. Over time, this will help re-set your newborns circadian rhythms and guide her towards sleeping long stretches at night and napping during the day.
  • The 3 Keys To Creating A Calming Environment

    9 Baby Sleep Tips: Help Your Baby Sleep Better (So You Can ...

    Make it Dark:;You want to get your baby to associate nights with sleep, so keeping the room as dark as possible helps. The darkness will also prevent distraction and keep your baby calmer.;

    Add White Noise:;White noise helps mask other distracting noises in the environment around them. It also mimics the noises your baby was used to in the womb to help them relax.

    Take Note of the Temp:;Temperature can have a surprisingly large impact on your baby’s sleep. Too cold and they might wake up often, too hot and their risk of SIDS increases. Keeping the room at 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit;is a good rule of thumb.

    I strongly recommend adding;white noise to your baby’s sleep environment as a positive sleep association.;

    What is White Noise?

    Technically white noise is a sound produced by combining different frequencies with equal intensities together. White noise may be technically produced and may sound like a hum, a drone, a radio station on static, a fan, washing machine or even the sound of rain among others. Why do babies love white noise? Well they have spent 9 months in mothers womb, a place not known to be quiet. In fact it is deafeningly loud in there.

    What is sleep drive?
    Helping your baby sleep through mid-sleep arousal

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    How Much Sleep A Newborn Baby Needs

    Your baby will need about 9 to 18 hours of sleep until they are 3 months old. The average they will sleep is about 14.5 hours.

    Your baby is unique and may sleep differently to other babies. Some babies sleep for long periods, others for short bursts. They will sleep during the day and night. They might sleep for anything between a few minutes to a few hours at a time.

    Newborn babies dont know the difference between day and night.

    What To Do If Your Baby Isnt Sleeping Well

    Every baby is different, so dont fret if your baby isnt following all the rules. While its normal for newborns to wake up multiple times throughout the night, dont hesitate to talk to your pediatrician if you have questions about your babys sleep patterns.

    If your baby wakes up crying and doesnt fall back asleep after a few minutes, they might be hungry, uncomfortable, or need their diaper changed. Quickly and quietly take care of their needs, using a nightlight instead of the overhead light if possible. You may soothe an anxious baby by patting them or saying a few reassuring words, but try not to take them out of the crib unless its strictly necessary.

    Giving your baby plenty of love and attention during the day and encouraging them to be independent at night may ease the that many babies start to feel around the 6-month mark. Your baby may also feel more comfortable with a pacifier.

    Its not uncommon for babies to revert to an erratic sleep schedule once in a while. These sleep regressions are a normal part of healthy infancy and can happen due to teething, illness, growth spurts, changing naptimes, or when they are learning new skills such as how to talk or walk.

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    Ways To Help Your Congested Baby Breathe

    One of the most common ailments that newborns face is congestion. If you have a congested baby on your hands, youre probably concerned and looking for ways to help your little one breathe better. Youre in luck! This post from the baby experts at Mustela will tell you just that.

    Well start by explaining symptoms to watch for as well as what might be causing your babys congestion. Then well show you 13 easy ways to help your congested baby breathe easy.

    How Much Should Baby Sleep

    How Can I Help My Newborn Sleep Better?

    Infants tend to sleep a lot, typically 14 to 18 hours a day, says Edward Kulich, MD, a New York City-based concierge house call pediatrician and baby sleep consultant. It can take several weeksor monthsbefore babys sleep settles into a pattern. In the early days, Kulich notes, schedules are erratic, since babies have a small stomach and cant go more than one to four hours without eating. But by 3 months old, he says, baby will tend to get into more of a rhythm, usually taking three naps a day, and some babies will sleep through the night.

    He defines sleeping through the night as baby getting 7 to 12 consecutive hours of shuteyewhich is a dream stretch for any new parent. But how do you and baby get to that point? Routine is key, Kulich says. Consistency above all. Many methods will work, but no method will work unless everyone in the household applies it consistently.

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    You Can Help Your Newborn Sleep Better And We Can Help

    There are many gentle, newborn-friendly ways that you can help your baby sleep longer stretches, and sleep more regularly and our expert sleep consultants are well-versed in all of them! Reach out to one of our consultants today, and she will craft a newborn-specific Personalized Sleep Plan with recommendations that are designed specifically for your unique baby.;

    Want more information about how personalized help works? Check out our FAQ page here, and get answers.

    ;Join our VIP Members Area packed with exclusive content and resources: e-Books, assessments, detailed case studies, expert advice, peer support, and more. It actually costs less to join than buying products separately! As a VIP member, youll also enjoy a weekly chat with an expert sleep consultant and our Ask the Author feature!;

    Newborns really can sleep long stretches during the day and at night you simply have to use appropriate, gentle techniques to get there! Our newborn e-book, Essential Keys to Your Newborns Sleep, outlines a number of gentle, baby-centered ways you can encourage better sleep from your newborn. Learn how to create sleep-inducing routines and schedules, how to bond and communicate with your newborn, ad more!;

    Persistent nighttime struggles demand a more intensive approach. Check out The 3 Step System to Help Your Baby Sleep. Using the same unique approach and practical tools for success, this e-book helps you and your baby sleep through the night.;

    How To Get Your Baby To Sleep Tip : Do What Works

    Help can come in many forms. Perhaps its your partner taking some night shifts, a family member or friend coming over during the day so you can get some long hours of uninterrupted sleep, or it could be using a sleep aid- like a white noise machine, swing, pacifier, etc. Moms might be wary to try any of these with fears of developing sleep associations or becoming dependent upon those aids. But lets get real: sleep is a priority. If you can avoid using a sleep aid with your baby, thats great! But these products exist for a reason, so dont beat yourself up for using them. If it works, let it.

    Even lead sleep coach and President of The Baby Sleep Site, Nicole Johnson, says in the first six to eight weeks, you do what you have to do:


    In an ideal world, we wouldnt use sleep crutches but every stage a baby goes through a parent needs to use different tools from their toolbox, whether its a;swaddle, white noise machine, swing , a pacifier, etc. That doesnt mean your baby will need these aids forever or that you wont need to transition away from them later, but in the newborn days sanity is the priority and the most important thing you do with your newborn is bond and part of that is making sure their basic needs are met.

    – Nicole Johnson, The Baby Sleep Site

    So, when you find yourself in need of a sleep crutch, feel free to lean on us! Learn more about how our Zen Swaddle works;here.

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    Understanding Newborn Needs: Sleep Feeds And Play

    Most newborns spend most of their time asleep they sleep about 16 hours in every 24. Theyre programmed to sleep in short bursts of about 2-3 hours between feeds, night and day.

    Also, newborns need to feed every 2-4 hours. And they need your attention during the day and night.

    The first few months of your babys life is the time to get to know your baby, and learn about your babys needs for sleep, feeds, play and settling.

    You might find that a very simple, flexible routine seems to help your baby, and helps you feel more in control. But this isnt the time to worry about getting your baby into any kind of rigid routine.

    A good way to understand what your newborn is feeling and what they need is to pay attention to babys cues and body language. Responding to your babys needs helps baby feel secure and builds your relationship.

    Tips To Help Your Newborn Baby Sleep

    Help #baby #sleep better with these #gentleparenting tips ...

    by Nicole Johnson, Founder and Lead Sleep Consultantin Newborns Last Updated: August 19, 2021

    When you bring your brand new baby home, no one tells you that sleep like a baby may not happen, or that if it does, it may only last a short time. This article will give you 10 great tips to help your newborn sleep better.

    Before I get to the 10 tips to help your newborn sleep, I thought I should note that it can be dangerous for a new newborn baby to sleep all night. They really do need to eat at least every 3 hours in those early days so they can grow well and thrive.

    Addtionally, it is only recommended to place baby on his back to sleep, to guard against SIDS. You may be interested in other ways to lower SIDS risks here too.

    There, now that I got that out of the way

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    Lay The Baby Down Awake But Drowsy

    The most important way to encourage your newborn to sleep in the long run is to teach him to fall asleep independently, which is essentially the beginnings of teaching independent sleep.

    Babies, like adults, will naturally wake up during the night. Without knowing how to get back to sleep, a baby will cry out after waking regardless of actual need, resulting in night waking droning on for much longer than is actually necessary.

    Once a baby gets older, falling asleep independently enables a baby to drift back to sleep after waking in the night, ultimately helping your baby sleep better in the long run.

    You can start by settling your baby into a drowsy state with your newborn baby routine, then lay your baby down in their safe sleep space. If needed, place a gentle but firm hand over your babies chest while he drifts off.

    Bedtime For Your 4 Month Old Baby

    At this age, bedtime should be moved earlier;and night time feeding can be decreased to one or two. By 4 months, night feeds can be based on need for food rather than comfort, if both mom and baby are ready and healthy. You can now begin setting a specific bedtime, as your baby has been increasing their nighttime sleep. By the time baby is 4.5 to 6 months old, they are physiologically able to sleep through the night. Whether they do or not, often depends on whether or not they have been given the chance to develop positive sleep habits and patterns that encourage independent sleep and the ability to put themselves to sleep if they wake in the night.

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    A Light Cotton Cloth Over The Eyes

    I know many babies that fall asleep almost instantly if their face is covered by a very thin cotton cloth. I suppose it helps them shutting out distracting visual impressions.

    Try this for naps rather than falling asleep at night, and dont leave the cloth with the baby out of your sight if you think there is even a remote risk that the baby could be suffocated by it, or that it could impact his oxygen uptake, and increase the risk of SIDS .

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