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How To Sleep Better When Camping

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Get Out Of Sweaty Clothes

How To Sleep Comfortably in a Tent (Camping Tips)

Once camp is constructed and youre ready to settle down for the evening, remove your sweaty layers ASAP. While it may be hard to strip down in harsh conditions, youll be grateful you did. Throwing on dry clothing revives your warmth . Then, layer up with as many pieces as you need to feel comfortable. Top them all off with a parka-grade puffy.

On the coldest nights, tossing on a hardshell jacket over your giant puffy can be a solid move because shell jackets trap heat exceptionally well. Theres no shame in sleeping in a hard shell if it means a good nights rest.

Sleep Better With A Pack And Play

When kids are anywhere from eight months old to almost two years old, pack-and-plays are a must when camping. These are easy to pack and provide your baby with the perfect place to sleep comfortably. Our pack and play has been to at least ten different campsites already and we love it.

Again, it is very important not to pile blankets and sleeping bags around your child while they are inside the pack and play. For extra warmth camping in colder months, you can insulate below by filling in the space with bags, which will prevent air flow. Your little one still needs a reliable bunting, fleece or synthetic, and close fitting layers underneath if the temps are cold.

Ensure You Have The Right Equipment

It may be stating the obvious, but its really important to ensure you have the right sleeping gear with you to ensure maximum comfort when sleeping outdoors.

If you tend to feel the cold more easily, why not try a foam-sleeping mat rolled out underneath a blow up airbed. This will not only make the ground a bit more comfortable for sleeping on but will also minimize the cold chill coming from the ground beneath you.

Also, think about what type of sleeping bag youre going to take. If its the height of summer, you may be better off with a lightweight, roomy bag but in winter you might be better off with a thicker mummy type sleeping bag and some extra blankets, just in case.

One mistake many make when camping year round is keeping the same sleeping back for every occasion. If youre a serial camper, then its wise to invest in a seasonal sleeping bag.

If youre looking for new camping gear, be sure to check out REI for all your camping needs.

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Don’t Underestimate The Power Of A Water Bottle

Image source: Priscilla Du Preez/Unsplash

If youre someone that wants to be extra cosy at night, a hot water bottle is a must on a camping trip. Since you will need a water bottle anyway, consider buying a heat-resistant uninsulated water bottle, for example, a Nalgene, to save space. Fill it up with some boiling water, pop it inside your sleeping bag before you go to bed to warm it up, and while you’re sleeping, keep the bottle near your core, at your feet, or anywhere you want some extra warmth during the night.

Choose The Right Sleeping Bag

How the Whole Family Can Sleep Better When Camping with Kids

Having a sleeping bag that is right for your situation, temperature and sleeping habits will go a long way to help you sleep better while camping. Sleeping bags have different temperature ratings. You need to make sure you bring one that is right for the temperatures you will be experiencing.

If you are camping in the summer and the low is going to be 60 degrees, dont bring a sleeping bag that is rated for 25 degrees. You are going to be hot and it will be uncomfortable. The reverse is also true. If you are camping where it is cold, dont bring a sleeping bag rated for warm weather.

Another aspect of sleeping people dont often consider is their own sleeping habits. If you are like me and turn over multiple times a night, a regular sleeping bag simply wont provide enough room. I sleep in an XXL sleeping bag from Teton Sports because it provides me with lots of extra room for movement.

Regardless of the temperature, you experience or type of sleeping habits you have, make sure you find a sleeping bag that works for you. This will go a long way toward helping you sleep better while camping. Check out our best sleeping bags for camping post to find a bag that will work for you.

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The Simple Steps To Staying Warm When Sleeping In A Tent:

  • Make sure your sleeping mattress is insulated. An R value of over 3 is good, over 4 is even better. The better camping mattress will both reflect your body heat back to you and provide an insulating layer against the cold ground.
  • Use a properly-fitted mummy sleeping bag rated for cold temperatures
  • Use the mummy sleeping hood up around your head and wear a toque if you need to
  • Wearing thin gloves can help if your fingers get cold at night
  • Make sure to change out of your day clothes and into dry clothes for sleeping
  • Dont over dress in your sleeping bag. You dont want to sweat.
  • Use a hot water bottle at your feet or some activated hot hands to keep the bottom of your sleeping bag warm and toasty.
  • Tips for cooler nights and air mattresses: Regular air mattresses do not insulate or reflect heat. These are a few things Ive done to help stay warm while also staying comfortable:

    • Put down thin foamies, foam squares or very thick woolen blankets under your air mattress on the bottom of the tent
    • Top your air mattress with thick wool blankets then cover with a fitted sheet to keep that insulating layer in place
    • Ive even put thin insulating camp mattresses on top of my air mattress and under a fitted sheet when Ive been camping and the temperature unexpectedly drops.

    A Sleeping Bag Is Your Best Friend

    Image source: Steve Halama/Unsplash

    Its easy to get fooled by the warmer temperatures when camping in the summer. You might think its going to be too warm for a sleeping bag, but chances are its not, and you will get cold. The outside temperature can drop significantly overnight, and our overall body temperature also tends to go down while we sleep. If you bring your sleeping bag and it’s too hot, the worst thing that can happen is that you just have to crawl out of the bag in the middle of the night. Speaking from personal experience, its worth taking that risk rather than shivering under a pile of jackets and a thin blanket while trying to sleep. Although this one may seem like an obvious tip, we could all do with a reminder to never go camping without sleeping bag, at least if we want a good nights sleep.

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    Earplugs And Eye Masks

    If you want to get your extra sleep as dawn breaks then an eye mask is a great travel accessory for any camper. Team your eye mask with some earplugs to block out, or dull down exterior noise. We all know how close-by things can seem when youre in the tent, and then theres the sound of the tent rustling in the wind too.

    Store Food Items Before Bed

    How To Have a Good Night’s Sleep While Winter Camping

    To get some peace of mind, store all of your food items before bed in airtight containers. Nobody wants to have bears or raccoons making a bunch of noise at night stealing your food, so always make sure that you are storing all of your food items in specific containers. This will not only protect your food supply, but this will protect you and your family from encountering unwanted visitors in the dead of night. Bears are especially known to break into food containers, so if you are camping in an area that has bears, youre going to want to make sure your food is extra secured. This will not only bring you comfort knowing that your food is safe, but you will naturally also sleep better without having any animals come into your campsite and make noise.

    Some animals can be more pesky than others. For example, raccoons are known to be incredibly agile and they can use their fingers to unlatch locks and unscrew bottles at times. Storing your food in an airtight, odor proof container and then hanging it up high somewhere can help prevent even the most agile critters from breaking into your food stores. Also, nothing is more terrifying than the idea of a huge bear lumbering around your tent, so just keep that in mind while sorting your food items. You definitely dont need any massive unwanted dinner guests, so make sure if you are camping in an area that has bears, so buy bear appropriate storage containers.

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    Tips To Help You Sleep Better While Camping

    While enjoying the great outdoors may be fun during the day, nighttime will bring in all kinds of difficulties, such as getting a good nights rest. In the dark and in the wilderness, its only natural for one to feel a bit uneasy, especially if you are camping in an area that has a lot of wildlife and strange noises. Whether or not this is a new camping ground can also come into play, as youll have to adjust to all sorts of new sounds and smells throughout the night. If you are a light sleeper, getting good sleep may especially feel impossible.

    Getting a good nights rest while camping doesnt have to be a guessing game, however. There are plenty of tips and tricks that will help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer even in the depths of the forest around you. If you follow some or all of these tips, you are sure to be able to enjoy your camping adventures all day long having slept so well the night before.

    Is It Even Possible To Be Comfortable When Sleeping In A Tent

    Apparently, it is.

    Perhaps Im not the best person to be answering this question as yet, Im still personally searching for the secret formula for a good nights sleep in a tent!

    But, over the years I have definitely come up with some solid tips on making sure the night is as comfortable as possible and Ill share this with you here!

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    Fend Off Mosquitos And Pests

    Make sure there are no holes in your tent or the screens of your RV. To doubly protect yourself, get some mosquito netting. Lavender, bug spray and citronella can help, too. A solar-powered charges during the daytime, fighting off mosquitos and cooling down your tent at night.

    Safely store and dispose of food. Its good campsite etiquette, but it will also keep the bears away. Youll sleep better knowing youre safe and sound.

    Staying Warm While You Sleep

    Cant Sleep Properly? Go for a Hike, or Better Yet, Go ...

    Staying warm is essential for a good nights sleep at camp, so we have a few fall camping tips for staying snug at night. Aside from having warm base layers and socks to sleep in, a warm sleeping bad and sleeping pad are essential.

    First, every sleeping bag has a temperature rating, and its important you understand what that rating means.

    For example, a 30-degree bag means that if it gets down to 30 degrees, you wont die. It doesnt mean youll be nice and toasty if its 30 degrees out. A 30-degree bag at 30 degrees is going to make for a very long and chilly night. I personally get cold very easily, so if I am going to camp in 30-degree weather, I would want something more like a 0 or 10-degree bag.

    Before you leave on your fall camping trip, make sure to check your sleeping bags temperature rating and make sure its appropriate for what the forecast is calling for. If you need a new sleeping bag, you can find a cozy one that wont break the bank here. Another cheap solution is to simply bring extra blankets from home or to add a sleeping bag liner to your sleeping bag.

    A final camping hack that is super effective for staying warm is to fill a Nalgene bottle with hot water. Bring that with you to bed and store it inside your sleeping bag.

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    Warm Up Your Sleeping Bag

    Nothings better than getting into a cozy warm bed at night. Bring this luxury to your campsite by boiling a pot of water an hour before bed. Let it cool a bit, then pour it into a heat resistant water bottle, seal it tight, and place it in your sleeping bag.

    Sleeping bag liners can also add warmth, as can stuffing in extra clothing to fill any pockets between your body and the bag. Adjustable sleeping bags allow you to unzip individual layers of insulation.

    For additional warmth, pack a blanket, a beanie or warm hat, and some socks to warm your extremities.

    The Best Camping Pillows:

    If youre car camping, Id suggest just bringing along your favorite pillow from home. Youll appreciate the comfort and the space will be worth it.

    If youre hiking in your gear or are super limited on space you can opt for a camping pillow instead. The two main types are compact small pillows or inflatable.

    A few pillow tips from experience:

    • Again, your pillows from home are best
    • If you opt for a compact camping pillow, make sure to clean and store these properly because sleeping on something that smells mildewy will not be pleasant
    • In a pinch, you can stash your clothes into a pillow case making an instant pillow
    • Try sleeping on your pillow at home first to see how it feels
    • Listen to the sound your pillow makes against your ears will it annoy or wake you?

    Super Camper Tip: If you camp in cool weather and have a jacket with you, you can fold this up into itself to create a pillow. Puffy down jackets would great for this!

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    Sims Self Inflating Mats

    SIMs were initially invented for the backpacking community.

    A SIM will fold down smaller than a foam roll mat, but when inflated with air, are a lot more comfortable than the old roll mat.

    BTW, they inflate themselves to a certain degree. You often have to give them a blow to get them fully inflated.

    Weve also been using SIMs for a few years now.

    The problem with many SIMs when it comes to family camping , is that SIMs are designed to be small to easily fit inside a backpack. Being smaller means they are not as comfortable as an Air Bed .

    This year theres been a redesign of the SIM for family camping. Outwell have created the Deepsleep, Dreamboat, and Dreamcatcher SIMs.

    A big difference with these SIMs is that theyve not compromised comfort for size after all, youll be travelling to the campsite in a car.

    Some of these SIMs are more like memory foam mattresses with additional air inflation to make them bigger. Ive had a test of these new SIMs and was very impressed.

    Were now using an Outwell Dreamcatcher SIM.

    SIMs – Pros and Cons

    Hiking SIMs are quite small, but for family car camping, you can get some very comfortable SIMs. This is what we mainly use.

    Tips For A Better Nights Sleep When Camping

    12 Tips to Get Your Best Sleep When Camping

    ActionHub ReportersPosted:

    Im sure we all have a story to tell where weve set off on a camping trip fully believing that we have all the equipment we need and are prepared for a great nights sleep and it turns out to be the worst sleep ever.

    Dont worry it happens to the best of us.

    If you have a camping trip planned in the near future and want to avoid this situation, read on as weve compiled some tips to ensure that you get a great nights sleep when camping.

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    Go To Sleep At Your Usual Bedtime

    It may be a bit difficult to stick to your normal bedtime while camping but sticking to as close to your normal bedtime routine as possible could be a very important factor when it comes to getting a good nights rest. Our bodies actually like routine, so if you stick to the same sleep schedule every night, your body will naturally grow accustomed to it and start to feel sleep by that time each night. When camping, you may want to stay up late and talk around the campfire, which is absolutely fine and all part of the camping experience, but you may notice that you wont feel as sleepy at a later time.

    Your body is trying to adjust to the new timeframe instead of reverting naturally to your old bedtime. Trying to stick to this original timeframe will help your body fall asleep naturally and on schedule. You will even wake up at your usual time, as your body is also used to a certain time to wake up, as well. If you are worried about not getting enough sleep while camping out, try to stick to this usual bedtime in order to feel more rested the next morning.

    Use A Comfortable Pillow

    I cant tell you how many times Ive forgotten to bring a pillow at all. While there are many substitutes you can use as a pillow, having an actual comfortable pillow will help you sleep better while camping.

    There are multiple camping pillows to choose from. You can find blowup pillows, standard padding pillows, memory foam pillows as well as down pillows. Try a few out and find the one that works for you.

    Additionally, dont feel like you have to go with a true camping pillow. When car camping, I will often bring a standard pillow from home. It provides me with lots of space and I know itll be comfortable.

    One thing to think about though is if you are camping in colder conditions. Remember that memory foam will get harder when it is cold. So you might want to think about a different type of pillow if you will be camping in cold weather.

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