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How To Track My Sleep On Apple Watch 4

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What Is Apple Watch Sleep Tracking

How to track your sleep with your Apple Watch Apple Support

In the past, many devices such as Fitbits and Garmins have been able to automatically track your time asleep and then provide you with insights on how well you’re resting. The feature only came to the Apple Watch last year with WatchOS 7, and it’s immensely useful once you get started.

The Apple Watch tracks sleep via its built-in accelerometer motion sensor. It uses it to identify if you’re moving around or when you’re still enough so that it believes you’re asleep.;

Like any device, it’s not perfect as if you happen to stay very still during the day, it may get confused, but it’s reasonably accurate so it’s a great starting point for judging your sleep pattern.;

Wear Your Fitbit On Your Wrist

Some Fitbit models, like the Inspire 2 and the original Inspire, allow you to wear your Fitbit in a clip.

Unfortunately, when you wear your Fitbit in a clip and set your Inspire to on-clip mode, the heart rate sensors automatically turn off.

That means that your Fitbit in the clip-position can only record sleep in the three general categories of awake, restless, and asleep since it doesnt record any heart rate data.

So for folks who wear their Fitbits in a clip or pendant when sleeping, try wearing it on your wrist and see if that makes a difference.

When you wear your Fitbit on your wrist and set it to wrist mode, it automatically detects when you are sleeping and records your sleep stages using your heart rate information.

Thats why you must check that your Fitbit is set to on-wrist and not on-clip mode in the Fitbit Settings app.

What Apple Watch Devices Work With Sleep Tracking

WatchOS 7 and the Sleep app associated with it are only compatible with particular Apple Watches. These include the Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch Series 4, Apple Watch Series 5, Apple Watch Series 6, and Apple Watch SE.

If you own an original Apple Watch or Series 1 or 2 model, you can’t use the Sleep app. You’ll also need an iPhone that runs iOS 14 which means anything newer than an iPhone 6s.

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Apple Watch Respiratory Rate Tracking

If you are an Apple Watch user, chances are you have been using Apple Watch for sleep tracking already. And its pretty good at it. Moreover, you can track your blood oxygen levels, sleep time, and more when you wake up with Apple Watch. Now, you also get respiratory tracking while you sleep. In this article, we will take a look at what exactly is respiratory tracking, how respiratory tracking is different from SpO2 monitoring, how to use it, and more.

As always, you can use the table of contents to jump between sections as you like.

Do You Wear Your Apple Watch During Sleep

Best Sleep Tracker App on Apple Watch iPhone

If you use Pillow with your Apple Watch, Pillow will try to look for Apple Health data registered by the Apple Watch while you were asleep. If you dont wear your Apple Watch during sleep, then Pillow will NOT be able to perform sleep analysis. There is no need to launch Pillow in order to register data. The Apple Watch will automatically capture all required data as long as you wear it during sleep.

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Data Tracking With Pillow

At the end of a sleep session, Pillow will tell you the number of hours you slept. Swipe down the screen to see the quality of sleep, both for the previous night and past nights. Swipe further to see how much time you spent in each cycle of sleep and how long you were in bed versus how long you were asleep.

You can also launch Pillow on your iPhone to run it from there or just see what data it records and how it works with your Apple Watch.

In the settings for Pillow on your iPhone, you can opt to always sync the data with the Health app, or you can manually sync it by tapping the Sync button in the Apple Watch app. After the data has synced, open the Health app and segue to the section for Sleep. By default, the app shows all data from any sleep app for which you’ve given permission.;

Sports & Workout Tracking:

The Charge 5 carries virtually all of the same features as the Charge 4 in terms of sports and fitness tracking. It was largely a lateral move from one device to the next, rather than an increase of features . However, the most important aspect of the Charge 5 from a sports & fitness aspect is that you can actually clearly see the display/screen on a sunny day. Previously with the Charge 4 that was rather difficult.

To begin, youll swipe over to the exercise menu. Its here you can choose which sport profile to use. The Charge 5 allows up to 6 sport profiles at once on the device, though you can change those profiles from the app. Honestly, Im not super clear why it needed to be limited to six. Other companies support upwards of 15-20 profiles on the device itself . Obviously, theres a balance between ease of navigation in the menu and lots of profiles, but Id think that somewhere in the 10-15 range would be totally fine here UI-wise.

You can see within the exercise shortcuts menu on the app which ones are currently set up on my watch, and which ones I can add:

As with the Charge 4, you cant customize the data pages on any of these sport profiles. The only customization some sport profiles allow is whether or not to enable auto laps, and then if so exactly how that lap occurs:

The other workout-related options, which are toggled from the device, include:

One of the metrics youll see throughout the Charge 5 is Active Zone minutes, based on heart rate zones.

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How Apple Watch Sleep Tracking Works

Apple’s sleep tracking integrates with the existing Bedtime feature on the iPhone’s Clock app , so you turn it on and create a schedule.

Before your allocated bedtime you’ll be ‘prepared’ for sleep with a wind-down time while your Apple Watch becomes dimmed and locked – your Watch is now in ‘Sleep Mode’.

Do Not Disturb is automatically turned on but you can disable this either when you set up Sleep or afterwards.;

You can also choose whether or not to have charging reminders – the watch will warn you within an hour of bedtime if you have less than 30 percent charge.

If you have a Series 4 or 5 you’ll almost certainly be OK to go through the night if you charged for a bit during the day at some point. With Series 3, you will need to fully charge in the day to last the night.;

In Sleep Mode, you need to turn the digital crown to unlock the watch just as you do when you step out of water after swimming. We actually find this a bit irritating when we need to get up in the night and use the torch, for example.;

You can disable Sleep Mode if you want, but this won’t track sleep. You can also opt out of sleep tracking entirely, even if you have Sleep Mode enabled.;

You can access Sleep options and tracking in various places, which is somewhat confusing at first but does make sense because it ties several things together. So:;

How Long Does The Fitbit Charge 5 Battery Last

Sleep Tracking for Apple Watch Users

That will depend on how hard you push your watch and what display settings you use. For basic use, including notifications, step tracking, sleep tracking and some EDA scans, you can expect to get up to seven days with the display set to raise-to-wake. Im a bit more of a heavy user, so when adding a daily 30-minute GPS workout to the mix I managed to get four full days.

Using the always-on display drains the battery even further, so expect to get two full days out of the Charge 5 in this scenario.

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How To Set Up Sleep On Your Apple Watch In Watchos 7

Before you head to bed with your best Apple Watch band strapped around your wrist, you’ll need to actually launch the Sleep app and set it up. The first time you launch the Sleep app, you will be prompted through a ton of different screens to set up your sleep schedule. You’ll need to set what time you want to wake up and go to bed, set if you want an alarm, and what sound that alarm will make, and you’ll need to set up if you want sleep tracking and Wind Down enabled. It sounds like a lot, but the process is pretty straightforward here’s how you do it!

  • Launch the Sleep app on your Apple Watch.
  • Tap Next. You’ll need to scroll down to the bottom of the screen.
  • Adjust the time for your sleep goal by using the + and buttons.

  • Tap Done to finish setting up.

  • How Can I Change My Sleep Goal

    If you’ve realized you under or overestimated what sleep you need, it makes sense to adjust your sleep goal. Here’s where to look.

    1. On your iPhone, open the Health app and tap Sleep.

    2. Tap Full Schedule & Options.

    3. Tap Sleep Goal and adjust it to the length of time you now need.

    You can also change your schedule so that your Apple Watch automatically adjusts depending on the day of the week. Want to have a lie-in on a Saturday? Tweak the times for Saturday so you can sleep longer than on a Monday morning.;

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    Discover Important Sleep Trends

    Pillows sleep statistics are designed to be easy to understand and rich with information. Quick glanceable summaries inform you about important sleep metrics.

    Want to delve deeper? Each metric offers weekly, monthly and yearly views with rich information. Compare your sleep quality and other sleep metrics with your Steps, Weight, Caffeine consumption and many more.

    How To Add Automatic Sleep Tracking To Your Apple Watch

    The Best Sleep Apps for Apple Watch

    The Apple Watch Series 4 is a fantastic upgrade to Apples wrist-wearable accessory, but its still missing a key competitive feature: sleep tracking. Each year, we hope the new version of watchOS will add integrated sleep tracking, and each year were disappointed.

    Fortunately, a number of third-party applications pick up the slack. After trying quite a few, we think the best two are AutoSleep and Pillow. Theyre reliable, attractive, informative, and best of all, they track sleep;automatically. All you need to do is wear your Apple Watch to bed.

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    Trial Period And Warranty Details

    Customers who are unhappy with their Fitbit purchases can return their products within 45 days of shipment for a full refund. Products purchased in November and December can be returned through January 31 of the following year.

    If youre in the United States, you can initiate returns through Fitbits return tool. Although refunds are available, Fitbit trackers cannot be exchanged for new devices at this time.

    Fitbit sleep and fitness trackers have a limited one-year warranty. The exception is for devices purchased in the European Economic Area . For EEA purchases, the device has a limited two-year warranty.

    If the product has defects, Fitbit will repair or replace the device free of charge. To receive warranty service, you must contact customer service and initiate a return authorization.

    Company Information

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    Is Bluetooth Turned On

    This is a special a requirement if you use Pillow in Automatic mode. Automatic mode in Pillow relies on Apple Watch sensor data that get transmitted from the Apple Watch to the iPhone via Bluetooth or Wifi. This process is handled entirely by watchOS automatically. Sometimes it might take 2-10 minutes to transmit all required data from the Apple Watch to the iPhone, especially if the Apple Watch is low on battery.

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    Did Your Apple Watch Register Any Data

    Sometimes your Apple Watch may fail to register any data or transmit registered data to the iPhone. Heres how to verify that your Apple Watch registered data:1. Open the Apple Health on your iPhone2. Tap on the Health Data tab2. Go to Vitals > Heart Rate > Show all data3. Select the day that you did wear your Apple Watch during sleep4. There must be records made by your Apple Watch during the time you were asleep every 3-10 minutes.

    If cant find any data for either Heart Rate or Active Energy then this is an indication that your Apple Watch has a hardware issue or it is not properly configured. Check the following items to see how you can fix this:

    How To Turn Any Apple Watch Into A Sleep Tracker

    How to Turn off Sleep Tracking on Apple Watch 5/4/3 Without Turn off Sleep Mode

    Apple didn’t include sleep tracking in the Watch Series 5. Fortunately, just about any Apple Watch model can track your sleep. Here’s how.

    Teach your old Apple Watch a new trick: how to track your sleep habits.

    Well, so much for the rumor mill. Although we expected the new Apple Watch might include sleep-tracking features, the just-announced Apple Watch Series 5 has no such capabilities. Eh, no biggie — I’ve been monitoring my sleep habits for a couple years already, thanks to apps that work with nearly every Apple Watch model. Best of all, the cost of doing so ranges from free to just a couple bucks.

    More from the Apple event

    I first wrote about this a couple years back, and in light of the above news, this seemed the ideal time for an update. If nothing else, now you know that you needn’t hinge any Apple Watch purchase or upgrade plans on sleep-tracking alone.;

    It all started when I was feeling unusually tired, which led me to ask my doctor what might be causing it. His first question: “Are you getting enough sleep?” Why, of course I’m getting enough… hmm, wait a second, am I?

    Apple Report

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    Paid Membership: No But Offers In

    Sleep++ is the most basic of the available sleep apps, but it’s free to download and has no hidden extra costs. You can choose to have your sleep tracked in auto mode or manual mode.

    Auto mode will automatically track your sleep, using your movements or lack thereof to know when you’re in dreamland. If you use manual mode, you’ll have to tell the app when you’re going to sleep and when you wake up.

    Press “Start Sleeping” and then “Stop Sleeping” on your Apple Watch or in the iPhone app.

    You won’t get much data from this app, just one bar showing you how deep your sleep was. However, it’s totally free and a great place to start your sleep-tracking routine.

    What If I Dont Have An Apple Watch

    We hear you!

    Even though there are tons of great alternatives to the Apple Watch, not all of them can measure your heart rate and track your sleeping habits. This is where Amazfit comes into the spotlight.

    Amazfit is a smartwatch that helps you stay on top of your overall healthy lifestyle. It will automatically monitor heart rate, sleep quality, how much you walk on a daily basis, and how much calories you consumed.

    The best part about Amzfit? This gadget can survive 20 days with a single battery charge.

    Amazfit is now available on Amazon for only $69.99.

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    How Does The Apple Watch Track Sleep

    The Apple Watch tracks sleep in the way that most smartwatches, fitness trackers and other wrist-worn wearables do. It makes use of the built-in accelerometer motion sensor, which has been present inside of the Apple Watch since the original.

    It uses that accelerometer motion sensor to identify the difference between when youre active and when youve eased down to sleep. Apple will then use its own algorithms to identify when you’re unconscious and when you wake.;

    Youll also be asked to create an ideal sleep schedule that incorporates reminders when its time to start thinking about getting into bed and even includes a wind down mode that will let you launch soothing music, dimming lights or opening a meditation app to help you sleep. When its time to drift off, it will also turn on Do Not Disturb mode to prevent your screen from waking up.

    In the morning, therell be wake up sounds to rouse you from your slumber. A glance at your wrist will give you a summary of your sleep time, the weather and your battery status, which is a subject we will get onto next.

    Edit Your Sleep Schedule

    Sleep Tracking Arrives On The Apple Watch This Autumn â My ...

    Tap Open Sleep Options in Health to open the Health app, where you can turn on the switch for Sleep Schedule. Tap the Edit link under Full Schedule and set your usual times for going to sleep and waking up. You can also set different times for different days, such as one schedule for weekdays and another for weekends.

    Under Additional Details, tap the entry for Sleep Goal and set the number of hours and minutes that you hope to sleep. Tap the entry for Wind Down to select the amount of time for winding down before bed. Tap the entry for Wind Down Shortcuts to set up any shortcuts youd like to apply during Wind Down. Finally, tap the entry for Options to confirm the options you set in the Sleep app and to set up a few more.

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