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How To Track My Sleep On Apple Watch

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Does The Apple Watch Have Enough Battery To Track Sleep

How to track your sleep with your Apple Watch Apple Support

Battery life has been pointed to as a reason why Apple might have been reluctant to offer its own sleep tracking app in the past. Apple still states an 18 hour battery life for its smartwatch, which hasnt changed since the first Watch. Any battery improvements have been canceled out by features like the Apple Watch 5s always-on screen.

To make sure you have enough battery to track sleep through the night, Apple requires your watch to be charged to at least 30% to enable it.

If you dont, the Watch will prompt you to charge before going to bed. When its got enough juice, your phone will alert you that its ready to join you in bed. In our time we found that sleep tracking sucked up around 20% battery on average, so its definitely going to impact how much battery youre left with in the morning.

Stay On Top Of Health Conditions Like Sleep Apnea With Apple Watch

Knowing your sleeping respiratory rate can help you keep tabs on health conditions such as COVID-19, asthma, or sleep apnea, and help you gauge when to seek medical attention if necessary. Fortunately, Apple Watch offers an effortless method to track this and other health information in a private and secure way. We’ll show you how.

How To Track Sleep On The Apple Watch

Use your Apple Watch to create a routine and cultivate better sleep habits. The CDC recommends adults get at least seven hours of shut-eye a night, and the Apple Sleep app can help you get on track. Create your personalized sleep schedule by following the prompts on your device. Once its set up, you can adjust your sleep goal and schedule on your iPhone or Apple Watch. Heres how to set up sleep tracking on your Apple Watch.

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Who Should Get This

Everyone sleeps, but sleep trackers arent for everyone. Personal sleep tracking is a new sciencethe app makers havent nailed accurate readings yet, and the apps are often not great at telling a typical user what to do with the results. In fact, as W. Chris Winter, MD, author of The Sleep Solution: Why Your Sleep Is Broken and How to Fix It, said, quoting a pessimistic colleague, The best thing that trackers have allowed us to do is admire our problems.

We wouldnt say we like admiring our problems, but we do like to know where we standand, considering the popularity of health trackers, plenty of other people feel the same way. As a result, sleep-tracking apps work best for people who are only casually looking for clues as to how they might sleep better at night and emerge the next day feeling energized.

If youre an elite athlete, a marine officer, or an airline pilot for whom sleep analysis could make or break your career, these apps are not for you. If you think you might have sleep apnea and are hoping that your phone will save you from a night in a sleep clinic, these apps are also not for you.

Everyone sleeps, but sleep trackers arent for everyone.

Automatic Sleep Tracking Is Coming To The Apple Watch When Watchos 7 Launches This Autumn Heres How It Will Work

Apple Watch is adding sleep tracking feature &  a rebranded ...

The Apple Watch has been on our wrists for five years now, but it still has one disadvantage compared to the competition. If you have been wondering “Does Apple Watch Track Sleep?” the answer right now is no – unless you install a third-party app.

However that is about to change with the arrival of watchOS 7 this autumn.

The way Apple Watch sleep tracking will work is different to how it works on the Fitbit and other third-party apps already available on the Watch. Apple has rewritten the concept of how to do sleep analysis. Rather than show the user various sleep phases, as the usual sleep apps do, Apple will show the user how much time was spent in bed, and how much of that was sleeping. Apple claims that individual sleep phases are not as important as the amount of sleep – and it’s the duration that Apple is evaluating.

It’s not just sleep monitoring Apple is concerned with, the system is designed to help you prepare for sleep as well.

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How Apple Watch Sleep Tracking Works

Apple’s sleep tracking integrates with the existing Bedtime feature on the iPhone’s Clock app , so you turn it on and create a schedule.

Before your allocated bedtime you’ll be ‘prepared’ for sleep with a wind-down time while your Apple Watch becomes dimmed and locked – your Watch is now in ‘Sleep Mode’.

Do Not Disturb is automatically turned on but you can disable this either when you set up Sleep or afterwards.

You can also choose whether or not to have charging reminders – the watch will warn you within an hour of bedtime if you have less than 30 percent charge.

If you have a Series 4 or 5 you’ll almost certainly be OK to go through the night if you charged for a bit during the day at some point. With Series 3, you will need to fully charge in the day to last the night.

In Sleep Mode, you need to turn the digital crown to unlock the watch just as you do when you step out of water after swimming. We actually find this a bit irritating when we need to get up in the night and use the torch, for example.

You can disable Sleep Mode if you want, but this won’t track sleep. You can also opt out of sleep tracking entirely, even if you have Sleep Mode enabled.

You can access Sleep options and tracking in various places, which is somewhat confusing at first but does make sense because it ties several things together. So:

Set It To Automatically Turn On

If you’re the type to forget to turn Sleep Mode on before going to bed, it can be set to turn on automatically, too. On your Apple Watch, tap on the Sleep app, choose your Wake Up time and Bedtime, and then set the specific days you’d like for it to kick in.

Sleep Mode can also be set up on your iPhone.

Go to the Health app > Browse > Sleep and scroll down to “Your Schedule.” Tap on the “Full Schedule & Options” tab, and then “Edit” to set your Bedtime and Wake Up time.

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What Do You Need To Access The Apple Watch Sleep App

Youll need an Apple Watch that is capable of running watchOS 7, the last major software update set to roll out for Apples smartwatch. Youll also need an iPhone that runs iOS 14, which requires an iPhone 6s or later.

WatchOS 7 and the Sleep app are compatible with the following devices:

So if youve got an original Apple Watch or a Series 1 or 2 model, youre sadly out of luck here.

How Do I Put My Watchos 7 In Sleep Mode

How-to: Track & Analyze Your Sleep with Apple Watch

How to set up Sleep on your Apple Watch in watchOS 7

  • Launch the Sleep app on your Apple Watch.
  • Tap Next.
  • Adjust the time for your sleep goal by using the + and buttons.
  • Tap Next.
  • Tap Every Day if you want to choose the days for your sleep schedule.
  • Tap the days you dont want to be part of your sleep schedule.
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    Apple Watch Sleep Mode

    Lastly, just like your iPhone, your Apple Watch screen will also dim and enter Sleep Mode. This means the display will be turned off, and when tapped, a sleep timer will appear.

    As for waking up the next morning, you can set a gentle alarm or even choose to be woken with the haptic touch that will buzz you awake without disturbing anyone else in the room.

    You will rise to see a greeting on your watch screen along with an indication of the battery level so that you can remember to charge it if needed.

    Note: If your Apple Watch battery is running too low an hour ahead of bedtime, you will be reminded to charge it for uninterrupted sleep tracking.

    Best Sleep Tracker Apps For Apple Watch

    I think its time we address a serious question. Where is the sleep tracker on our Apple Watch? The latest Apple Watch is set to launch in September of this year. It is the Series 6 and is rumored to come through with much faster performance and even better water resistance.

    And, of course, yes, your Apple Watch, regardless of model and version, is also capable of keeping an eye on your sleeping patterns.

    According to the CDC, there are 50 to 70 million US adults that suffer from some or other sleep disorder. People experiencing sleep insufficiency are more likely to suffer from other chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and obesity.

    That being said, we must have control over our sleeping habits. In this collection, Ill be sharing with you some of my favorite Apple Watch apps that I use to track my sleep.

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    How To Track Sleep

    Sleep tracking is like a sleep recorder using your own bodys signals. Our company, Bodymatter, built the very first Sleep App to transform the Apple Watch into an automated sleep tracker Sleep Watch. As an apple watch sleep tracker, SleepWatch lets you simply wear your Apple Watch to bed and effortlessly wake up to insightful sleep details. SleepWatch is like a sleep coach on your wrist, it learns your routine and offers suggestions to help you improve. You can add this feature to your Apple Watch by downloading Sleep Watch from the Apple App Store. Sleep Watch is free to download and use. WatchOS 6 ready.

    Change Or Add A Sleep Schedule

    Review: track how well you sleep at night with Sleep++ for ...
  • Open the Sleep app

  • Tap Full Schedule, then do one of the following:

  • Change a sleep schedule: Tap the current schedule.

  • Add a sleep schedule: Tap Add Another Schedule.

  • Change your sleep goal: Tap Sleep Goal, then set the amount of time you want to sleep.

  • Change Wind Down time: Tap Wind Down, then set the amount of time you want sleep mode to be active before bedtime.

    To reduce distractions before your scheduled bedtime, sleep mode turns on during Wind Down. Sleep mode turns off the watch display and turns on Do Not Disturb.

  • Do any of the following:

  • Set the days for your schedule: Tap your schedule, then tap the area below Active On. Choose days, then tap Done.

  • Adjust your wake time and bedtime: Tap Wake Up or Bedtime, turn the Digital Crown to set a new time, then tap Set.

  • Set the alarm options: Turn Alarm off or on and tap Sound to choose an alarm sound.

  • Remove or cancel a sleep schedule: Tap Delete Schedule to remove an existing schedule, or tap Cancel to cancel creating a new one.

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    Sleep Tracking With Watchos 7

    Apple finally added the long-awaited sleep-tracking feature to Apple Watch with WatchOS 7. Its pretty simple to use, too. Just set a bedtime and wake-up time, and the Apple Watch will help you get a good nights rest. We all know sleep hygiene is important, and the Wind Down feature helps to minimize distractions before bedtime, such as switching your iPhone to Do Not Disturb and changing the lock screen to a less-distracting interface. As soon as its your scheduled bedtime, the Apple Watch starts automatically tracking sleep. Make sure your watch is set to a comfortable fit if its too loose on your wrist, it may register too much movement during the night.

    Your sleep data tracked through the Apple Watch integrates with the Apple Health app, and through the app, you can see statistics based on how much shut-eye youre getting and receive tips for better sleep. Each morning when you wake up, your Apple Watch provides you with a summary of your nights sleep as well as a battery indicator to remind you to charge your device.

    How To Track Your Sleep On Apple Watch

    If youre having trouble sleeping, you may want to monitor your sleep cycle. An Apple Watch makes it easy with its own built-in sleep tracker and support for third-party apps.

    Yawwwwn. Waking up feeling tired? Think you’re not getting enough sleep, or even the best kind of sleep? You could turn to your iPhone for help, but it may be better to track your sleep patterns. One way to do that is with a sleep tracker app on your Apple Watch.

    In the past, you had to use a third-party app to monitor and record your sleep, but Apple introduced its own integrated sleep tracker with watchOS 7. The built-in tracker gets the job done, but it doesnt have all the bells and whistles needed to fully track and record every aspect of your sleep. For that reason, you might still want to try a third-party sleep-tracking app to get a more complete picture of your sleep patterns.

    Worried about battery power? Don’t be. Your Apple Watch won’t run out of battery in the middle of the night if you give it a power boost before bed. Connect it to the charger for an hour or two before sleep, and it should last the entire night.

    These apps aren’t always 100 percent accurate. A more comprehensive test would involve your doctor and a full sleep study where you would be hooked up to monitors. However, these sleep trackers at least offer a good place to start.

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    Think About The Battery

    Heres where sleep tracking with the Apple Watch falls down somewhat. The battery needs charging on a daily basis, so there wont be any time for that if youre wearing it all day and night. Of course, you could set aside a different time to charge your Watch, if that works for your schedule. If you dont want to wear your Watch in bed, or if you have an older device, you could use a third-party sleep-tracking app. Bear in mind that some apps may require you to have your iPhone on the bed with you, which is also an undesirable place to charge it.

    Sleep tracking using the iPhone is possible, but it comes with many compromises.

    Data Exploration And Time Series Analysis Of Apple Watch Sleep Data

    Apple Watch Automatic Sleep Tracking with Sleep++

    Sleep that knits up the ravelled sleeve of care. Chief nourisher in lifes feast William Shakespeare

    Our need to sleep has deep roots, with scientists estimating that an early form of sleep evolved nearly 700 million years ago . The theory is that natural selection, which is the driving force of evolution, favoured those of our ancient ocean dwelling ancestors that took advantage of the setting and rising sun. These light sensitive organisms retreated to the refuge of the dark depths by day, where they were safe from predators, while at dusk they rose to the surface to feed in the darkness of night . This rhythm has evolved and stayed stayed with us, as our lives are still deeply attuned to the daily cycle of day and night.

    Sleeping Katya,

    Therefore, sleep is deeply engrained in our biology and so a good nights sleep is very important for our health and well-being. Shakespeare was right when he wrote that Sleep knits up the ravelled sleeve of care, because when we sleep, our body enters a metabolic state that restores vital systems. So not getting enough sleep can seriously effect our physical, cognitive and emotional well-being. We know from experience that lack of sleep adversely affects our alertness and mood, whereas too much sleep can make us groggy and lethargic. Lack of sleep can be even more detrimental as poor sleep is associated with diabetes, heart disease, memory lapse, obesity and many other conditions .

    References and Further Reading

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    How To View Your History In The Health App

    To track your sleep analysis in iOS 13, open the Clock app, tap the Bedtime tab, then tap “Show more in Health.” Your Sleep Analysis shows the amount of time that you spend in bed or asleep.

    Bedtime in the Clock app tracks time that you spend in bed, but not how much you sleep or move. Your Apple Watch also doesn’t track sleep or time in bed.

    To track how much time you sleep, try using a sleep tracker with the Health app. You can also manually enter how much time you sleep: Open the Clock app, tap the Bedtime tab, then tap “Show more in Health.” In the upper-right corner, tap Add Data. Learn more about the Health app.

    Viewing Your Sleep Data In The App

    You can view the data on the Sleep Watch app in your watchOS or iOS health app by navigating to the sleep subsection.

    The screen will show you the amount of time you slept, your heart rate, average time in bed, average time asleep, and it will also show your sleep consistency over the past 14 days .

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    Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

    As of February 2021, SleepScore works only on specific phones. It doesnt work with the iPhone 5, 5s, and SE but is compatible with any iPhone with iOS software 10.3.3 or higher . As for Android phones, it works with the Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8+, S9, S9+, Note 8, and Note 9, as well as the Google Pixel 2 XL.

    When we asked the company about this limitation, the representative explained that because the app is dependent on a phones speaker and microphone, the company tests the app on each specific phone model for accuracy before supporting that phone. SleepScore says that if youre using an unsupported Android model, you will still be able to track your sleep using that device, but the SleepScore app features and functionality will vary. We also wonder whether this failure to update may open up any security issues on non-compatible phones. To be safe, we think its best for those with incompatible phones to skip SleepScore and try our also-great pick, Sleep Cycle, instead. Android users who dont mind a wonky interface could try Sleep as Android, which contains cool features but is difficult to navigate.

    We also wished that the app could track snoring by itself, like Sleep Cycle, Pillow, and Sleep as Android can. However, SleepScore Labs does make a companion app to track snoring called Do I Snore or Grind?, which based on our limited testing seemed more sensitive, and possibly more accurate.

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