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How To Track Sleep On Apple Watch

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How Accurate Is Autosleep

How to track your sleep with your Apple Watch Apple Support

AutoSleep is pretty accurate. The app pretty much matches the data from the Apple Sleep app.

It just provides a lot more insight into the quality of sleep you get each night.

If it doesnt seem to be recording accurate data for you, try customizing the settings with the setup wizard to calibrate the best personal settings for you.

What Do You Need To Access The Apple Watch Sleep App

Youll need an Apple Watch that is capable of running watchOS 7, the last major software update set to roll out for Apples smartwatch. Youll also need an iPhone that runs iOS 14, which requires an iPhone 6s or later.

WatchOS 7 and the Sleep app are compatible with the following devices:

So if youve got an original Apple Watch or a Series 1 or 2 model, youre sadly out of luck here.

How To Track Your Sleep On Apple Watch

If youre having trouble sleeping, you may want to monitor your sleep cycle. An Apple Watch makes it easy with its own built-in sleep tracker and support for third-party apps.

Yawwwwn. Waking up feeling tired? Think you’re not getting enough sleep, or even the best kind of sleep? You could turn to your iPhone for help, but it may be better to track your sleep patterns. One way to do that is with a sleep tracker app on your Apple Watch.

In the past, you had to use a third-party app to monitor and record your sleep, but Apple introduced its own integrated sleep tracker with watchOS 7. The built-in tracker gets the job done, but it doesnt have all the bells and whistles needed to fully track and record every aspect of your sleep. For that reason, you might still want to try a third-party sleep-tracking app to get a more complete picture of your sleep patterns.

Worried about battery power? Don’t be. Your Apple Watch won’t run out of battery in the middle of the night if you give it a power boost before bed. Connect it to the charger for an hour or two before sleep, and it should last the entire night.

These apps aren’t always 100 percent accurate. A more comprehensive test would involve your doctor and a full sleep study where you would be hooked up to monitors. However, these sleep trackers at least offer a good place to start.

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Does Apple Watch Track Sleep

Yes, the Apple Watch can be used to track sleep. Here is how: The Apple Watch is fully equipped with the necessary hardware to estimate sleep patterns while you wear. Simply download our top rated Apple Watch App, SleepWatch, from the App Store to get automatic sleep tracking as a feature for your Apple Watch now. The answer to Can you track your sleep on Apple Watch? is yes! An Apple Watch sleep tracking experience is easy.

Setting Up Apple Watch Sleep Tracking

Apple Watch Sleep tracking: What it does and how to use it

To begin with, users just need to open the Sleep app, which is represented by a bed icon. Once in the app, they can set up their preferred bedtime and wake-up time, with the option of setting an alarm for the latter. Tapping ‘Full Schedule’ then allows users to add a new sleep schedule or change an existing one by setting a sleep goal for the desired amount of sleep and setting the amount of ‘Wind Down’ time in which the Apple Watch goes into sleep mode by turning off its display and enabling Do Not Disturb mode. Schedules can be set for particular days and adjusted when required. Sleep history can be viewed by scrolling down from the home screen of the app, with the previous night’s sleep shown and an average over the past 14 days.

There are a number of settings that can be adjusted to do with sleep tracking on the iPhone, including whether or not the time is shown when the Apple Watch is in sleep mode, whether and when charging reminders should be given to ensure the Watch is adequately for sleep tracking, and whether to wake up to an alarm or haptic taps. These and more can be accessed via the Settings app of the Apple Watch. There is also a version of the Sleep app for the iPhone to which a user’s sleep data can be synced, as well as a Night Shift feature that reduces blue light.

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Keep Tabs On Your Sleep With Pillow

There are a lot of things that users love about Pillows sleep tracking app.

First, you can even use Pillow without an Apple Watch by placing your iPhone or iPad on the mattress near your pillow.

And, its smart sleep assistant can analyze your sleep while you wear your Apple Watch or without it.

Second, Pillows sleep analysis also records audio during sleep and combines this information with heart rate and motion analysis to show you whats really going on with your sleep.

Finally, unlike many sleep apps out there, you can track your naps with Pillow!

Pillow tracks a lot of your sleep data, and with manual mode, it tracks things like sleep disturbances such as snoring, sleep apnea, and sleep talking.

Currently, the Pillow app offers both a very-limited free version and a robust premium paid subscription version that the most wanted features.

Pillow offers a lot of features

  • It can analyze your sleep cycle, heart rate, and sleep stages
  • It also can do audio recordings to track any snoring, sleep apnea, or sleep talking.
  • And it can also keep track of your sleep habits and gives you personalized insight and tips.
  • It even has sleep aids like guided meditations, sleep stories, sound scenes, and music.
  • There is even a smart alarm clock.
  • Offer iPhone widget and Apple Watchface complications.
  • Works with Watch, iPhone, or iPad
  • Syncs with Apple Health app.
  • Requires iOS 13.0, and for Apple Watches, watchOS 6.0 or later.

Thats pretty amazing!

  • $4.99 for one month
  • Turn On Do Not Disturb Mode

    As you are getting ready for bed, enable the Do Not Disturb mode to silence all notifications to help you sleep more soundly.

    This feature ensures that all phone calls, text messages, emails, and social media alerts stay on your phone and dont ping your wrist.

    However, you can still control who can reach you unconditionally.

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    Track Your Sleep With Autosleep

    AutoSleep by Tantsissa dives deep into your sleep with its in-depth data, analyzing your sleep, sleep quality, heart rate, deep sleep, and more.

    In fact, theres so much data offered that it can feel very overwhelming, especially at first. Theres so much to this app that they created a user guide!

    You can set sleep goals, sleep reminders, and smart alarms.

    One great feature of this app that it can track your sleep with or without your Apple Watch.

    Plus, AutoSleep works with older iPhones and Apple Watches, requiring iOS 11+ and watchOS 4+.

    AutoSleep tracks your sleep quality by noting your time asleep, restlessness, time awake, and heart rate.

    It also offers opportunities for personalization. You can tweak the app to best fit and match your sleeping needs.

    The app is visually appealing and displays your sleep data similarly to Apples Fitness tracker app.

    The rings use red, yellow, green, and blue to let you know how your sleep looks and if youre meeting your sleep goals.

    • Blue means your results are outstanding!
    • Green means you reached your goal.
    • Yellow means you can improve.
    • Red means theres a lot of room for improvement.

    It even gives you a score based on your quality of sleep.

    It has some fun features too!

    You can track your mood when you wake up by selecting an emoji that closely relates to your feelings, like the sleepy emoji or the coffee emoji.

    Auto sleep also pairs with the Breathe app on your Apple Watch.

    Update Your Full Schedule

    How To Track Sleep On Apple Watch – Is Apple Health DETAILED Enough?
  • Open the Health app and tap Sleep.
  • Tap a schedule in Full Schedule & Options.
  • Tap Edit under the schedule you would like to update.
  • Tap the Days Active and drag the curved slider to set Bedtime and Wake Up times. The slider turns orange if the schedule does not meet your sleep goal.
  • Tap Wake Up Alarm to turn on an alarm and adjust your alarm sound, volume, and haptics.
  • Tap Done to save your changes.
  • You can also turn off your sleep schedule as needed. In the Health app, tap Browse > Sleep > Full Schedule & Options. Then tap Sleep Schedule at the top of the screen to turn your schedule off or on.

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    Isnt It Annoying Wearing A Watch To Bed

    Not really. If the band is comfortable, I havent had a problem. Some bands can catch on sheets or skin, so your mileage may vary.

    If you wear your watch to bed, be sure to at the very least set it to theater mode. I learned how annoying the light could be at night. I also set it to Airplane mode and Do Not Disturb to get notifications and interruptions. It also extends battery life. If my watch is 100% before bed, Im still at 95% in the morning, even with a restless night.

    What Data Does Sleep Tracking Monitor

    Its not clear yet what specific data will be monitored by the sleep tracking feature on watchOS 7. However, Apple has revealed that it will use machine learning to monitor your sleep motion from the wrist.

    Further, it will keep track of micromovements, such as the rise and fall of your breath, to assess the quality of your sleep. The focus will be on promoting better sleep hygiene rather than merely providing data insights.

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    Set Up Sleep On Apple Watch

    Open the Sleep app on your watch . Tap the schedule, then select the Wake Up time if you wish to change it. Turn on an alarm if you need one to wake you up at the right time. Tap the time for Bedtime if you want to change that as well.

    Return to the main screen and tap Full Schedule if you wish to turn off your Sleep Schedule for any specific nights or all nights. Here, you can also add a schedule and change your sleep goal or Wind Down time. Then just wear your watch to bed.

    Apple Watch Sleep Mode

    The best sleep tracking apps for Apple Watch and iPhone

    Lastly, just like your iPhone, your Apple Watch screen will also dim and enter Sleep Mode. This means the display will be turned off, and when tapped, a sleep timer will appear.

    As for waking up the next morning, you can set a gentle alarm or even choose to be woken with the haptic touch that will buzz you awake without disturbing anyone else in the room.

    You will rise to see a greeting on your watch screen along with an indication of the battery level so that you can remember to charge it if needed.

    Note: If your Apple Watch battery is running too low an hour ahead of bedtime, you will be reminded to charge it for uninterrupted sleep tracking.

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    Design Your Homescreen For Sleep

    The Apple Watch provides up to 10 watch faces to choose from for your watch home screen.

    If you dont want your watch to disrupt your sleep, choose the Modular face, which allows you to only display what you want rather than having a display packed with too much unnecessary information overnight .

    Before going to bed, configure the modular face with just the time and the alarm if needed.

    Because you definitely dont want your watch to light up brightly whilst youre sleeping.

    Therefore, select the darkest shade of font color to minimize your exposure to blue light, which is known to suppress the bodys release of melatonin the hormone that encourages sleep.

    Unique Outstanding Design Sleep App

    I would like to take the time to sit down and talk about this unique app. I feel sometimes putting into words how nice something is, or should I say unique is not always easy. This is for myself one of those times. I truly thank the Developer or Developers for putting out such a great unique outstanding design app that gives great sleep tracking Data. I feel really the Developers have work really hard and put a great deal of time and yes love into this app. How do you know look at the updates that are being made! The Technology for apps is changing every second every minute and yes every day. I believe the Developer is on Top of the Technology with the Software that He is coding every second and minutes of the day. I hope really after you perhaps read this you will download this and give it a try! For myself the Technology Data I get from this app is correct! But in saying that do I feel it is always right? Sometimes I think know its wrong, but when I really start checking I find the app and the Developers were really right after all! Well time for me to move on and face the rest of the day. So please download the app try it you will not be disappointed or sorry! Thanks again to the Developer really a 5 star rating unique app.

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    Does The Apple Watch Have Enough Battery To Track Sleep

    Battery life has been pointed to as a reason why Apple might have been reluctant to offer its own sleep tracking app in the past. Apple still states an 18 hour battery life for its smartwatch, which hasnt changed since the first Watch. Any battery improvements have been canceled out by features like the Apple Watch 5s always-on screen.

    To make sure you have enough battery to track sleep through the night, Apple requires your watch to be charged to at least 30% to enable it.

    If you dont, the Watch will prompt you to charge before going to bed. When its got enough juice, your phone will alert you that its ready to join you in bed. In our time we found that sleep tracking sucked up around 20% battery on average, so its definitely going to impact how much battery youre left with in the morning.

    What About Battery Life

    How-to: Track & Analyze Your Sleep with Apple Watch

    Before you start tracking your sleep with Apple Watch, youll need to make a plan for when youll charge your watch. There are two primary options here: before bed or after you wake up in the morning. One key change for me has been placing an extra Apple Watch charger at my desk rather than on my nightstand.

    For me, its much easier to charge before bed every night. I wake up and workout first most mornings, so I have to make sure my Apple Watch has enough battery for workout tracking. If I put my Apple Watch on the charger at around 8 p.m., after Ive already reached my stand goal for that day, it usually has a full charge by the time I head to bed at 9:30 p.m. And when I wake up in the morning, I almost always have more than 90% battery left more than enough to make it through the day.

    Plus, on the days when I need a mid-day recharge, having the extra Apple Watch charger on my desk makes that a lot easier.

    This works perfectly for me, but your routine is probably different than mine. The key is to come up with a plan that you can replicate every day. Whether thats charging in the morning or at night, or a combination of both, its a lot easier than you might think to change your Apple Watch charging habits.

    Of course, there is also always the option of repurposing an old Apple Watch as your dedicated sleep watch. 9to5Macs Zac Hall previously explained how to do that. You could also pick up a used or refurbished older Apple Watch model to do this.

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    Design: Similar Looks But Series 6 Has More Design Options

    Both the Watch Series 6 and the SE have the same display and resolution, so you’ll get the same viewing experience. They’re also water resistant so you can swim with them, and they work with Apple’s Solo and Braided loop bands.

    The Watch Series 6, however, has more design and color choices. In addition to the standard silver, grey and gold aluminum colors, the Series 6 comes in blue and red. It also has steel and titanium variants, with different color options in both materials. Herm├Ęs, the luxury fashion company and longtime partner of Apple Watch also has new bands of its own for the Series 6.

    Lastly, the Series 6 has an always-on display. Originally introduced in the Watch Series 5, it means that the display is constantly on and you don’t need to raise your wrist or tap the screen to look at the time or check for notifications.

    The Watch Series 6 with its new loop bands.

    Waking Up With Apple Watch

    Within Bedtime mode you can also change how youre woken up. The default is to have no alarm, but you can set a silent alarm which rouses you using the Apple Watchs Taptic engine or a standard audio alarm.

    When you edit the Schedule just scroll to the bottom and choose Wake Up Alarm. Toggle this on and then tap Sound & Haptics.

    Here you can select a vibrate option and some soothing sounds for an alarm. If you want the haptic only just turn the volume to minimum.

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