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Is Insomnia A Valid Reason To Call In Sick

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Are You Really Sick Or Is It Just A Bad Monday

Calling In Sick When You Aren’t Really Sick | When Is It OK? | A Nurses Perspective

First things first! Get out of bed and locate the trusty thermometer that you just cant seem to find when you are under the weather.

Recording your body temperature is one of the quickest ways to finding out if you are indeed sick and its not just all in your head. Once youve noticed a higher temperature than normal, its time to put things into perspective.

A running nose, sniffles, or a cough is often the first tell-tale signs that you are going to be sick. Its important to never mistake a seasonal allergy to the actual flu.

While the flu is contagious and its often best to rest at home rather than to infect everyone in your office, a seasonal allergy isnt worth taking a sick day and once the usual body ache begins to subside, you will start to feel better.

According to CareerBuilders Annual survey, in 2017 a staggering 40-percent of workers have called in sick when they have been in the pink of health. Among the many excuses given by the participants, here are the top dubious reasons for calling in sick by the report

  • Took the day off for believing themselves to be deathly ill
  • Experiencing traumatic stress and panic attacks
  • Felt under the weather for visiting a funeral
  • Unable to find their car keys

It comes as no surprise as to why your boss could suspect youre lying when you are indeed sick with the kind of excuses that are listed above.

This is to build your credibility and trustworthiness with your colleagues and boss.

Focus On Getting Well

There is no way to know when youre going to fall sick or to calculate exactly how long the flu would last.

However, you could take the necessary precautions of minimizing the days youre in bed by ensuring you get treated for your condition at the earliest. Eliminate the stress factor and focus on getting as much rest as you can.

Here are a few short tips to get you back on track

Get More Sleepy Time

It goes without saying that when youre sick the fastest way to the road to recovery is to get some quality shut-eye.

Depriving your body of sleep can cause strain to your body and in the long run, you extend your leave of absence.

Consume Protein-rich Foods

Protein provides our body with muscle recovery aid and is generally a great way to gain nourishment when sick.

Often, a sick person cant consume a lot of carbohydrates due to their appetite taking a hit, thats when a light protein snack can do wonders for your body.

Drink Plenty of Water

When ill, your body tends to dehydrate a lot and a loss of water can inhibit your ability to heal from the sickness.

H2O is often the best way to beat an illness as hydrating yourself often replenishes lost fluids and is a quick way to get back to your prime shape.

Listen to Soothing Music

Music offers a gateway to the mind to get away from the constant stress of everyday work life.

Wear Loose Clothing and Try Over the Counter Medication

Your Child Is Home Sick From School

Most employers have a policy about staying home from work when your child is sick and unable to attend childcare or school. That’s because one of the most important parts of parenting is being there when your child is ill and needs you most. Don’t forget to alert your boss early if your child has a serious illness and you think you may need more than one day away from the office.

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Bad Excuses For Taking A Sick Day

Excessive use of sick days may catch your boss’s attention, and could lead to you getting in trouble. When you call in sick, it is usually on short notice and can leave your boss scrambling to cover your duties.

Do not take advantage of sick days to tend to matters for which a personal or vacation day would be more suitable.

Whenever you can notify your boss ahead of time that you need to take offusing a personal or vacation daydo so. Here are some examples:

Safe Sleep For Older Adults

Sick of endless coughs and colds? Here

Try to set up a safe and restful place to sleep. Make sure you have smoke alarms on each floor of your home. Before going to bed, lock all windows and doors that lead outside. Other ideas for a safe nights sleep are:

  • Keep a telephone with emergency phone numbers by your bed.
  • Have a lamp within reach that is easy to turn on.
  • Put a glass of water next to the bed in case you wake up thirsty.
  • Dont smoke, especially in bed.
  • Remove area rugs so you wont trip if you get out of bed during the night.

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Worst Excuses For Missing Work

There are some reasons you should never give for calling in sick. An earlier survey from CareerBuilder listed some of the most absurd reasons for calling in, including the following:

  • The employee said the ozone in the air flattened his tires.
  • The employees pressure cooker had exploded and scared her sister, so she had to stay home.
  • The employee had to attend the funeral of his wifes cousins pet because he was an uncle and pallbearer.
  • The employee was blocked in by police raiding her home.
  • The employee had to testify against a drug dealer, and the dealers friend mugged him.
  • The employee said her roots were showing, and she had to keep her hair appointment because she looked like a mess.
  • The employee ate cat food instead of tuna and was deathly ill.
  • The employee said she wasnt sick, but her llama was.
  • The employee had used a hair remover under her arms and had chemical burns as a result. She couldnt put her arms down by her sides due to that.
  • The employee was bowling the game of his life and couldnt make it to work.
  • The employee was experiencing traumatic stress from a large spider found in her home. She had to stay home to deal with the spider.
  • The employee said he had better things to do.
  • The employee ate too much birthday cake.
  • The employee was bitten by a duck.

Movement Disorders And Sleep

Restless legs syndrome, periodic limb movement disorder, and rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder are common in older adults. These movement disorders can rob you of needed sleep.

People with restless legs syndrome, or RLS, feel like there is tingling, crawling, or pins and needles in one or both legs. This feeling is worse at night. See your doctor for more information about medicines to treat RLS.

Periodic limb movement disorder, or PLMD, causes people to jerk and kick their legs every 20 to 40 seconds during sleep. Medication, warm baths, exercise, and relaxation exercises can help.

Rapid eye movement, or REM, sleep behavior disorder is another condition that may make it harder to get a good nights sleep. During normal REM sleep, your muscles cannot move, so your body stays still. But, if you have REM sleep behavior disorder, your muscles can move and your sleep is disrupted.

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To Think Calling In Sick For No Sleep Is A Good Enough Reason

I work in an office that’s been open through most of lockdown due to admin we do being essential.Recently one of my workmates has been calling in sick a lot because he hasn’t been sleeping well as he’s got a baby at home that won’t sleep. I was shocked to hear other people at work saying they thought it was a ridiculous reason not to come to work and we’ve all had to come to work tired. But I thought they’d be able to see the difference between being tired and not sleeping at all. His baby has colic and the mum also works. I’ve called in sick before for being too tired when my baby was a newborn and didn’t sleep. I wondered what everyone else’s thoughts on this was? I personally don’t want someone driving to work if they’re too tired to focus and I can’t think that the boss would want someone in more likely to make mistakes.

I dont get paid of the the children are sick and I have to look after them. I do get paid if Im sick. So a parent being off sick, whilst creating additional work, isnt doing it unless absolutely necessary. I agree someone whos that tired shouldnt be at work.

You say he hasnt been sleeping well, not the same as having no sleep at all. Hell be subject to the same sickness policy as anyone else regardless of reasons.

A Recent Survey Found The Top 10 Excuses For Staying Homeand What Bosses Actually Think Of Them

Calling in Sick After a Breakup

According to the survey, which was distributed and analyzed by researchers at UK medical insurance provider AXA PPP Healthcare, fewer than a quarter of bosses considered these conditions to be serious enough for an employee to be absent from work.

The survey found that flu is the most widely accepted excuse for staying home, although just about 42 percent of bosses thought it was necessary to do so. Next up were back pains, accident-related injuries, and stress.

These are the top 10 reasons for calling in sick, in order from most acceptable to least. The percentages indicate the share of managers who found the excuse to be a serious enough reason for an employee to be absent from work.

  • Flu: 41.6 percent
  • Injury caused by accident: 38.2 percent
  • Stress: 34.5 percent
  • Migraine: 21.7 percent
  • None of the above: 7.7 percent
  • The survey also asked 1,000 non-executive employees about which conditions they were most likely to lie to their boss about. Workers suffering from mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, and stress were most likely to withhold the truth from their managers.

    Respondents said the reason they would call in with a fabricated excuse was because they were either afraid of being judged , concerned about not being believed , or were afraid of their managers reaction .

    These are the ailments employees are most likely to lie about to their bosses about, along with the percent of employees who said they would lie.

  • Anxiety: 41.5 percent
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    Wind Down And Go To Sleep Earlier The Next Day

    Obviously, the best way to recover from a lack of sleep is to get some sleep. But that means winding down earlier too, so you can get a better quality of sleep as well as more of it.

    To wind down effectively, put down devices. Switch off the TV around an hour before you plan to fall asleep. The blue light emitted from digital devices can make you feel more alert and, consequently, make it harder for you to fall asleep, Kemmy says.

    You’re Dealing With A Personal Crisis

    When we’re dealing with emotional trauma from things like depression, the death of a friend or family member, or divorce, it’s nearly impossible that our job performance won’t suffer. That’s because we perform better and are more likely to come up with the next big idea when we’re emotionally sound and happy. The only way to overcome a personal crisis, and thereby get your job performance back on track, is by taking the time to deal with it head-on.

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    But Why Should I Tell My Boss That I Have Insomnia

    There are many reasons. However, when it comes to illustrating the impact of disrupted sleep on your ability to work effectively and efficiently letâs use an example comparing a lack of sleep with the consumption of alcohol.

    If youâre someone who usually sleeps for eight hours a night then every two hours lost can have a severe impact on your performance the following day. Losing two hours of sleep per night can be equivalent to consuming two 500ml beers.

    Losing two hours = drinking two beers

    Losing four hours = drinking four beers

    Losing six hours = drinking five beers

    Losing eight hours = drinking seven beers1

    Turning up to work under the influence of alcohol would be a disciplinary offence in most workplaces. Yet people often turn up to work sleepy even though the impairment of their performance is equivalent to drinking the night before. You wouldnât turn up to work drunk and you shouldnât start work tired.

    Prepare For Your Return To Work

    Insomnia: Your 3 Worst Ways and 3 Best Ways to Fall Asleep ...

    Once you’re aware of an oncoming illness, consider how you can support your coworkers as they operate without you in the coming days. Notify your team about your absence, outline upcoming tasks and leave clear instructions. If your team members need access to any password-protected resources, be sure to give them access to those resources through the proper channels.

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    Is It Appropriate To Take A Sick Day Due To Insomnia

    Hi all! This question has been on my mind occasionally, and is of course all I can think about at the moment seeing as it is currently 3am and i will be working my usual 9 hour shift .

    Nobody feels 100% after a night of not sleeping. Last time I had such bad insomnia, I felt I could barely even keep my eyes open past 4pm. But I also feel for my coworkers who have kids who keep them up or are actually really sick.

    In the circumstances where you know you wont be leaving your centre short staffed, do you think it is ever appropriate to call in sick last minute because of majorly terrible nights sleep?

    Tips To Help You Fall Asleep

    You may have heard about some tricks to help you fall asleep. You dont really have to count sheepyou could try counting slowly to 100. Some people find that playing mental games makes them sleepy. For example, tell yourself it is 5 minutes before you have to get up, and youre just trying to get a little bit more sleep.

    Some people find that relaxing their bodies puts them to sleep. One way to do this is to imagine your toes are completely relaxed, then your feet, and then your ankles are completely relaxed. Work your way up the rest of your body, section by section. You may drift off to sleep before getting to the top of your head.

    Use your bedroom only for sleeping. After turning off the light, give yourself about 20 minutes to fall asleep. If youre still awake and not drowsy, get out of bed. When you feel sleepy, go back to bed.

    If you feel tired and unable to do your activities for more than 2 or 3 weeks, you may have a sleep problem. Talk with your doctor about changes you can make to get a better nights sleep.

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    Is There A Best Sleeping Position For Covid

    You might be wondering if theres a best position to sleep in when you have the coronavirus. Whichever position is most comfortable is best, Teitelbaum says. Position is really only an issue in people who are on the verge of needing to be in the hospital.

    Still, there are some sleep positions that are better than others if you are having bothersome COVID-19 symptoms. A lot of times, an upright position can be really helpful, Winter suggests. If you have an adjustable bed, you can move it to a more upright position, or you can prop yourself up on a few pillows.

    If You’re Physically Ill

    Prank Calling In Sick To Places We Don’t Work At

    If you’re physically sick, tell your supervisor or another contact person about your illness in vague and brief terms. Let them know approximately how long you anticipate being away from your workplace. Reassure them you plan to return to work as soon as possible.

    Example:’I think that I have come down with the flu and don’t want to pass on my illness to my coworkers. I expect to be fully recovered in a few days, but I’ll let you know immediately if that changes. After we finish talking, I’m going to call my team leader and give them an overview of my current project tasks, so they can pass on duties if needed to other team members. I’ll be available by email if questions arise.’

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    Tips For Calling Out Of Work

    Before you call out of work, be prepared with your talking points. Here are a few tips to ensure you dont negatively impact your reputation when requesting unplanned time off:

    • Be honest. When it comes to giving excuses for missing work, its always best to be truthful. If you feel you need to make up an excuse so you can skip work, think about why you want to avoid your job. If youre feeling stressed or burnt out, it may be time to talk to your manager about scaling back your workload or scheduling some vacation time. If youre unhappy with your job, it may be time to start a job search and look for other employment opportunities.

    • Dont overexplain. You may feel some details are too personal to share with your employer, such as specific information about your health, legal concerns or family issues. In those situations, its best not to overshare. Remember, you only have to tell your employer what they need to know.

    For example, if you have to miss work because youre sick, you dont need to go into the details of your symptoms and complaints. You can simply say I have the flu or Im not feeling well. However, if youre missing work due to illness, keep in mind some employers require you to bring in a doctors note to verify the merit of your absence.

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