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Is It Better To Sleep In The Cold Or Hot

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Freeze Your Bed Sheets

Why You Should Sleep In A Cold Bedroom!

Having cold sheets in the summer months will be critical to helping you stay cool at night. Before bed, place your bed sheets in a bag and freeze them for about an hour. Although the frozen sheets wont stay cold for an entire night, they will hopefully stay cold enough to cool you down and help you drift off to sleep.

Ideal Temperature Range For Sleep

Everyone is different when it comes to preferred sleeping temperature. However, according to, the suggested bedroom temperature for best sleep should be between 60 to 67 degrees2.

Of course, even 67 degrees is still relatively cool, so what explains our natural preference for chilled out sleeping climates?

In general, relatively low body temperature will make you drowsy and ready for sleep. On the other hand, a high body temperature, achieved through exercise, for instance, makes you feel more alert and active. In turn, at night as you try to go to sleep, your body temperature naturally drops slightly making it easier to wind down for a good nights rest.

That being said, a cool sleeping environment can actually help to lower your body temperature so that you can get to sleep more easily. Alternatively, room temperatures that are on the high side can keep you feeling awake and restless instead of cooled down and ready for rest.

In turn, if you have ever wondered why exactly you prefer a cold bedroom, just know that it isnt some weird quirk of yours. Humans naturally like sleeping in cool environments!

Ways To Create A Comfortable Sleep Environment

It can be difficult to turn a hot and stuffy room into a cool and comfortable place to sleep, but there are ways to bring down the temperature and promote better rest.

Finding the ideal room temperature may make it easier to fall asleep at night and improve your overall sleep quality.

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    How To Take An Ice Bath

    When beginning an ice bath routine start slowly and ease into it. You dont need to begin at extreme cold temperatures. Work down to them. Listen to your body. If you feel uncomfortable, get out. Begin by soaking for ten seconds or more and work your way up to a few minutes. Never ice bath for anywhere near 20 minutes as this can be dangerous for your body. As a rule of thumb, its a good idea to aim for around 2 to 5 minutes in your Cold Plunge. Focus on your breathing, quiet your mind and enter.

    Effects Of Heat Exposure

    Best Cozy Sleep Products For Cold Sleepers: Warm Up Before Bed

    Increases in wakefulness are greater in cold Ta than in heat , suggesting that the impact of cold exposure is greater than that of heat exposure. Ta higher or lower than the thermal neutral temperature have been shown to increase wakefulness and decrease REM and SWS in semi-nude subjects . However, these results are based on semi-nude subjects and exclude the effects of bed covers and clothing. In real-life situations where bed covers and clothing are used, sleep is actually disturbed during heat exposure rather than cold exposure in the young , as well as in the elderly . The increased wakefulness and decreased SWS and REM are stereotypical effects that are observed in heat exposure . These effects on sleep stages are concentrated in the initial segment rather than the later segment of sleep. One possible explanation for this is that sleep disruption in the initial sleep segment leads to an increased demand, which may overcome the thermal stress in the later segment of sleep . Heat-related sleep disruptions do not adapt even after 5days of continuous daytime and nocturnal heat exposure . Furthermore, the effect on SWS does not change after partial sleep deprivation where sleep pressure is increased . These results suggest a strong effect of heat load on sleep stages, which is related to thermoregulation during sleep. Thus, wakefulness is the only stage that can cope with an increased thermal load and that wakefulness replaces SWS and REM to maintain homeothermy.

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    A Cold Room Can Lead To Better Mental Health

    Certain conditions that affect how your body functions can be controlled by sleeping in a colder room. Symptoms that can cause cognitive issues can be decreased when sleeping in colder temperatures. Not only does deep sleep help to enhance creativity, imagination, and focus, cold sleep can help eliminate issues that cause dont allow your brain to work at its best.

    Anxiety and depression can also be alleviated when you get proper restorative sleep. Failing to do so can exasperate these conditions.

    Bundled Babies: Do They Really Nap Better In Freezing Temps

    Baby, its cold outside.

    For many Nordic parents, that means its perfect napping weather, according to a recent BBC news story on how Scandinavian moms routinely put their babies down for naps outside, even when temperatures are regularly below freezing. The theory? Babies nap from one to one-and-a half hours longer when they sleep in the cold, and the fresh air is good for a babys lungs.

    Of course, this may seem shocking to some of us who are brainwashed — by baby books and over-protective grandmas — into believing our children must be bundled, swaddled, and fully accessorized when exposed to the elements.

    Yet while it seems extreme to put a tiny baby outside in the freezing cold, since when is it news that parents will go to almost any length to get their kids to sleep? One of my kids only slept for two hours at a time in her crib. One night I didnt have the heart to wake her after a trip out so I let her sleep in her infant car seat in her crib . She slept for 8 hours. Needless to say, after that, she slept in that car seat in her crib, every night for three months.

    So I wonder, is the frosty Scandinavian quest for serious Zs really so crazy?

    My daughter always slept better after an afternoon walk in the crisp air in her stroller, where she would fall asleep. Then I would sit outside with her on the front stoop of my house in a coat – while she napped. Sometimes for two to three hours.

    Good enough for me. Who am I to start a new cold war with the Russians?

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    Check Your Mattress Support

    Mattresses have a lifespan of around 8-10 years, after which they lose support and start to become less comfortable. Find yourself tossing and turning at night and waking up less refreshed? Check your mattress to see if it is sagging, lumpy, creaking, or there is an impression left where you were sleeping. These are all signs that you should replace your mattress.

    There are a few perks to the cooler weather most importantly, the holidays and Black Friday shopping. If you need a new one, check the Black Friday sales to snag yourself a high-quality mattress for a great bargain.

    Cotton On To Better Bedding

    Why Do You Sleep Better in a Cold Room

    Your silky sheets may look fabulous in your boudoir, but theyre definitely not keeping you cool.

    Cotton sheets work wonders for a stuffy sleep in a number of ways. The material has breathable qualities which cool down your skin in the night, whilst additionally absorbing any excess body sweat.

    For optimum freshness on a balmy summer night, light-coloured cotton is the only way to go. White or cream cotton sheets tend to be lighter in weight and dark colours absorb heat which we dont want!

    Egyptian cotton is another factor that should be on your checklist as it is especially breathable.

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    Use A Smart Cooling System

    Moona, the World’s first active cooling system, is composed of a thermoregulated pillow pad, a bedside device and a mobile app.

    The water circulating the system helps control your temperature fluctuations to allow a deeper and more restorative sleep.

    Moona decreases your core temperature by keeping your head/neck area fresh, in the evening and during the night, and wakes you up gently and naturally in the mornings by slowly increasing its temperature.

    The app allows you to get a tailored experience each night as you can set your personal preferences for temperature, your alarm, and keep track of your nights.

    Your Sleep Quality Is Better

    During the night, if your room is too hot , your body will work to regulate your temperature. Dr. Christopher Winter Medical Director, Charlottesville Neurology & Sleep Medicine, says that cooler temperatures are linked to deeper sleep, whereas a hot environment “increases wakefulness and decreases slow wave sleep”.

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    Get Warm Before You Get In Your Bag

    Do whatever you need to do to get warm before bed. Stand by the fire, run a few laps around your campsite, drink something warm, whatever. Sleeping bags are great at trapping heat and holding it inside, but they cant create it. The more heat you bring to bed with you, the warmer you will stay all night.

    Do Cooling Mattress Work

    Sleeping in a Cold Room is Better for Your Health

    We replace our bed every 10 years and when I saw Kulkote, I wanted to try it as hot flushers are unfortunately a part of my life at the moment. Getting a good nights sleep makes such a difference to life! Sue, Otago

    Men typically have more muscle mass and generate more heat, so that might explain why there may be a lot of disparity not to mention duvet hogging between men and women in bed. KulKote goes some way to help through its amazing temperature regulating technology. Its now available exclusively in Sleepyhead beds. Try it and feel it yourself, these are some ways that you could stay cool at night in bed if youre feeling hot.

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    Get A Mattress Topper

    A mattress topper with a cooling effect creates an additional breathable layer between you and the mattress. This can be especially helpful for owners of old and overly soft mattresses. The topper will remove your body heat, thereby keeping you cool.

    If youre confused about what model to choose, you could take a look at these cooling mattress toppers reviewed by Happysleepyhead. They have excellent value for money and help you remain cool through the night.

    Pros And Cons: Its Time To Cool Off

    Sleeping cool is definitely a must to get a good nights sleep and provide your body with the environment it needs for true rest and regeneration. Colder rooms equals less time to fall asleep and a deeper sleep to help cycle you through the important sleep stages so you can wake feeling refreshed. Plus, a cold room is supportive of your overall health and should be incorporated into your daily nighttime rituals to help get your ready for bed.

    The only downside of a cooler sleeping environment is that if its too cold, you may want to bundle up which may eventually raise your body temperature to an uncomfortable level and interrupt your sleep. You also want to take care with infants and young children and take into consideration what they are wearing to bed, and their blanket choices.

    Hopefully this has been an eye opening article for all you readers and has helped explained some of what you may have been experiencing in your sleep environment from one season to the next. Have a favorite way to help cool off your room each evening? Share below! And as always, comments and questions are welcome.

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    How Can I Cool Down Hot Feet At Night

    There are a couple of ways that you can cool down hot feet at night. You can keep an ice bucket by your bed that you can place your feet in when they get hot or you can freeze socks and wear them on your feet when you sleep. You can also place a fan at the foot of your bed so the breeze hits your feet.

    What Is The Best Temperature For Sleeping

    It√Ęs better to sleep in a cold bed, than to be kept warm by a REAL DEVIL!!!

    Although some sleep researchers identify an optimal room temperature as falling between roughly 66 degrees Fahrenheit and 70 degrees Fahrenheit , everyones body and needs are different. Each persons optimal sleeping temperature may vary by a few degrees, with many experts recommending sleepers keep their bedrooms on the cool side at night.

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    Can It Cause Nightmares

    The myth that sleeping in a cold room can cause nightmares continues to persist, even though there is no evidence supporting it.

    That being said, any room that is uncomfortable can influence our sleep patterns and could cause nightmares. While a cold room alone wont cause nightmares, if a room is either too cold or too hot for your liking, you may be more likely to have a bad dream.

    For More Info: How To Avoid Nightmares

    Tips For Warm Sleeping In Cold Weather Camping

    • 10 tips for warm sleeping in cold weather camping

    Nothing is more miserable that a night spent shivering from the cold or where you just cant stay comfortably warm.

    Here are some tips for staying warm and getting a good nights sleep.

    The temperatures were going to below zero, and several scouts and volunteer leaders were sleeping in snow trenches, covered with tarps. We were at the annual Freezoree, my favorite Boy Scout campout. Traditionally, we use our winter survival skills and make emergency shelters.

    The interior of this igloo was warm and cozy on a really cold night.

    The year before, one of the volunteers and I made an igloo. Though the temperatures got down to -4 degrees that night, I was so warm I didnt zip up my sleeping bag until about 2 a.m.

    The tarp shelter and trench was also very warm. Part of that was that I had a good shelter. But the other factor was that I was well-prepared with an excellent sleeping bag and pad.

    Staying warm when its cold out relies a lot on thinking ahead and just plain common sense.

    Here are 10 tips to help you stay warm while you sleep in cold weather. Use these steps to establish a warm, snug bed, regardless of the weather. First:

    Get out of wind: Probably the most important aspect is getting out of the wind. A breeze will blow away any heat you might accumulate around your body, and it will make the temperature even colder. If your shelter is cozy, that will go a long way toward making the rest of your sleeping gear work well.

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    Taking A Cold Shower Before Bed: Is It Harmful Or Helpful

    • Taking a Cold Shower Before Bed: Is It Harmful or Helpful?
  • Additional Resources
  • As bedtime approaches, most of us start to wind down and relax so we can fall asleep easier and faster. A warm shower or bath is often high on our list of relaxing activities. But, do you know that taking a cold shower before bed can also improve your sleep quality? The idea may seem counterintuitive for many people, particularly when it comes to sleep. However, there are actually quite a few unexpected benefits. Of course, a warm or hot bath still has its merits. So this brings us to the question, which is better for facilitating sleep a cold shower or a hot one?

    This article discusses both the advantages and disadvantages of showering before bed. Also, well tackle certain aspects where hot and cold water come handy in providing better sleep. This way, you can optimize every moment you spend in bed for rejuvenating and prepping up for the next day.

    Shiver Your Excess Weight Off

    Sleeping in a Cold Room is Better for Your Health

    Moreover, shivering on its own also stimulates the burning of fat, researchers have shown. A study published in the journal Cell Metabolism found that shivering stimulates the secretion of irisin, a hormone that induces fat burning.

    Apparently, just 15 minutes spent shivering in a cold environment has the same effect as exercising for an hour.

    More daring entrepreneurs have devised a way to allegedly maximize the effect: wearing a vest loaded with ice packs. This vest, donned for an hour, is supposed to help the wearer burn up to 250 calories.

    Yet even the vests inventor emphasizes the fact that this device isnt a miracle worker, and you wont magically get fit without appropriate nutrition.

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    How Cool Temperatures Affect Sleep

    Sleep and wake cycles are governed in large part by our circadian rhythms. Around when we should be heading to bed, our body temperature takes a slight dip and stays lower until close to wake time. Body temperature also drops slightly in the early afternoon, coinciding with post-lunch sleepiness.

    Science has yet to discover definitive causation between body temperature and sleep, but studies have shown connections. It appears that when temperatures are cool, this facilitates deep sleep. In contrast, warm temperatures may make sleep less restful.

    In a Huffington Post article, professor Michael Decker, Ph.D., spokesman for the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, discusses temperature and rest. As we sleep, our body acclimates to the room temperature, he says. If we lower our body temperature a little bit in a cooler room, we tend to sleep better.

    Dr. Christopher Winter went into more detail in another article, saying that the sleep cycle is typically initiated when our core body temperatures drop, and that people with higher internal temperatures may have trouble sleeping when the room is not cool enough to allow this to occur. Studies he mentions find that ideal temperatures are between 60-67 degrees, with cooler temperatures in this range being linked to deeper sleep.

    A few studies have also looked at how temperature can affect sleep both in terms of biological impacts and on sleep quality.

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