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Is It Better To Sleep Without A Pillow

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In The Morning Youll Feel Well

What’s the Best Way to Sleep? With or Without a Pillow? – Dr Mandell

Not using any neck and head support will allow your body to find an ideal rest position during sleep. Our body needs to compensate by engaging the neck or back muscles while we use pillows that do not have enough support.

When the body is meant to heal from daily stress, this adds to yet more stress. Overtime will operate on muscles and tendons, and the additional strain will mount and manifest as discomfort.

The focus becomes chronic as they receive constant pressure for long periods. It would help if you got professional treatment from your psychiatrist to change your sleeping habits to eliminate this chronic discomfort. Restless nights, constant waking up during sleep, and sometimes shifting the bed location are signs.

This all adds to the loss of sleep, which triggers heightened anxiety and stress. In the morning, make sure to stretch out as soon as you wake up softly. You and the body will get benefit from this.

Is it beneficial for the neck and back to sleep without a pillow? Is it reasonable to sleep without a buffer to avoid backache and neck ache?

Sleeping without pillows will make your backstretch, and without any consequences or aches, you will relax in a natural state. It will strain your neck muscles and also reduce the blood supply to your head by using a pillow that is too thick.

What Are The Disadvantages To Sleeping Without A Pillow

When you start to look at how modern humans incomfortable, modern societies sleep , you begin to see that therules for pillow use really change.

There is much less of a need to sleep withboth ears open, as we are protected by civilization and the dwelling we livein.

We also have a soft surface to sleep on , so we feel morecomfortable laying on our back, or flat out on our stomach.

With that being said, when we adopt these modern sleeping poses, we begin to see some disadvantages to sleeping without a pillow.

Lets talk about that.

Start With A Folded Bedsheet

As with any lifestyle change, your best bet is to ease into it with a series of small changes. Given the fact that youve probably spent a lifetime training your body to sleep a certain way, breaking the cycle wont happen overnight .

Personally, Ive always been a stomach sleeper, and as I can personally attest, using a pillow as a stomach sleeper puts a ton of strain on the lower back. Still, try as I might, I just couldnt make the switch.

So I worked my way down.

I started by folding a thin bedsheet to about the height of my old pillow. Then, every few days, Id unfold one of the layers.

Simple as that.

Note:Back sleepers without a pillow should be wary of their chin drifting toward the ceiling, as this adds pressure to the neck and spine. A good way of compensating for this is to put a small, folded hand towel behind the head.

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Health Benefits Of Sleeping Without A Pillow

1. Good for Spinal Health

Sleeping without a pillow allows the back to rest in its natural position, whereas sleeping on a thick pillow displaces a portion of the spine and results in back pain. Let the back rest in the natural curves of the body can be the best choice for helping the spinal health. Experiencing frequent back aches? Get rid of your pillow!

2. Help With Better Facial Features

Nestling your face in a pillow can actually attribute to wrinkle formation and other skin issues. Sleeping without a pillow largely reduces the squish of the face, which helps to prevent wrinkles and other unwanted facial features from forming.

3. Improve Sleep Quality

Often, people sleeping on not suitable pillows will end up waking up frequently and getting poor quality sleep. By getting rid of the pillow and letting the body rest naturally, sleep quality typically improves.

4.;Prevent Neck Pain

While the most common treatments of neck and shoulder pain are stretches and heating pads, sleeping without a pillow is the best way to prevent pain in neck and shoulder from occurring.

Third Advantage To Sleeping Without A Pillow: No Snoring

Is It Better To Sleep With Or Without A Pillow

Now, this next position is a bit extreme buthear it out!

According to the paper, Tibetan Caravaneerssleep on their shins, hunched over, with their heads near their knees.

There are several reasons for this. First ofall, on the cold, wet ground, using your shins as the contact point with yoursleeping surface helps to reduce heat-loss because there is very little muscleon the shins. It is mostly just bone and skin.

Secondly, when sleeping in this position, withthe body folded and the head resting downward, it is virtually impossible tosnore. In this position, both ears are also available to listen for danger.

These Are Obviously Some Radical Ideas for Civilized Society But They Go to Show Us That Sleeping Without a Pillow Has Been Done for Years

The idea of sleeping on the ground, on yourshins, folded over to conserve heat, is not only unnecessary in most civilizedsettings but it is also just straight-up uncomfortable tothose of us who are used to sleeping in a comfortable bed.

And yet, we also know that people who sleepwithout pillows in more primitive conditions suffer fewer musculoskeletallesions than people who do sleepwith pillows in more civilized settings.

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How To Sleep Without A Pillow Step By Step

Are you convinced to get rid of your pillow? If you would like to give a try, just be careful not to make the switch too quickly. The transition to sleeping without a pillow should be more like a marathon than a sprint. Your body is very resilient, but it will need some time to adapt to no longer using a pillow. Here are some effective steps helping to ditch your pillow:

  • Use a folded towel as a pillow for the first few weeks. Start with the towel at the same height of your current pillow. Gradually reduce the height of the towel by unfolding it.
  • Continue to reduce the towel height until you are able to lie flat.
  • Make sure to keep your neck aligned as you reduce your pillow. If you are lying on your back, make sure that your chin is not pointing up towards the ceiling. For some people, it may be helpful to keep a small hand towel folded in half as a pillow to ensure proper alignment. Feel free to experiment to find out what works best for you.
  • Do some physical stretches. As you decrease the towel height, be sure to work on neck and shoulder stretches this will work wonders for you!
  • What If You Suffer From Chronic Neck Pain

    If you suffer from severe neck or back pain, sleeping without a pillow is not recommended.

    In fact, if you have chronic pain, sleeping with a pillow that supports your neck is vitally important.

    A pillow which is too thick or thin for your sleep will put tension on your neck muscles and cause pain.

    Many manufacturers have contouring pillows and cervical pillows designed to provide you with the best neck support.

    If you are suffering from chronic pain, we suggest that you seek medical advice before choosing a pillow.

    We love the Tempur Original Queen pillow for those that need some extra attention for their neck and spine.

    • Tempur The ergonomic shape of Tempur’s Queen Original Neck Pillow is contoured for optimal neck support. Price from £ 105

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    Side Sleepers: Should You Sleep Without A Pillow

    This is the clearest case of all: absolutely not. Although side sleeping is generally considered the healthiest sleeping position, that all goes out the window if you sleep without proper pillow support. Side sleepers need a pillow to work in conjunction with their mattress to keep their spine straight while they sleep, from their hips all the way to their head. ;

    A contouring mattress allows a side sleepers pressure points to sink into the mattress, but without a pillow, the weight of their head will wrench their neck downwards and out of alignment with the rest of their spine. Choosing to sleep on your shoulder is not an adequate alternative, as this causes undue pressure and numbing sensations on your arm and shoulder muscles. Plus, it does so unevenly, as only one side is affected.

    Side sleepers need a thick, supportive pillow that is as thick as the distance between their neck and their shoulder. Cervical pillows help support a side sleepers neck, as do contour memory foam pillows that have a higher loft beneath the neck and a lower one beneath the head.

    A proper pillow keeps the side sleepers head and neck straight and aligned with the spine. A pillow that is too thick will tilt the neck and head up and out of alignment, while a pillow that is too-soft or too-thin will tilt it down.

    Beyond the head pillow, side sleepers may benefit from a thin pillow between the knees that relieves strain and keep the spine straight all the way down to your hips.

    The Slumber Yard Team Has Personally Tested Hundreds Of Mattresses

    Is It Good To Sleep Without A Pillow? | Benefits Of Sleeping Without A Pillow | Challenge Mantra

    Answer 5 easy questions and we’ll help you find the perfect mattress!

    Medically Reviewed by Amy Wolkin, DPT, MBA

    Answering the question of is it better to sleep without a pillow isnt exactly simple. There hasnt been a ton of research on the topic, probably because every person is different and everyones preferences are different. If youre experiencing neck or back pain, though, your pillow could be the problem. Ahead, well break down the benefits of sleeping without a pillow including sleeping without a pillow for neck pain as well as any drawbacks of sleeping this way. Plus, well even provide recommendations for those who might benefit from a pillow-less night.

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    So Is It Better To Sleep Without A Pillow

    Is it better to sleep without a pillow or with one? Sleeping without a pillow has its pros and cons, and there are as many benefits of sleeping without a pillow as sleeping with one. A lot depends on how you sleep side, front or back. If you find it comfortable to sleep without a pillow, then do so. If you sleep on your side, you might find it better sleeping with a pillow because it will help you to keep your spine straight.

    Back and stomach sleepers often find it better without a pillow since they have less obvious pressure points. Your body is generally flattest when sleeping on your back, though stomach sleepers may or may not be more comfortable with a soft thin pillow. You can use folded towels as a pillow until you find what is best for you, thus avoiding the cost of a pillow you may have to change.

    Sleeping Position Is Important

    If you are presently considering the prosand cons of going to sleep without a pillow, you may want to spend some timethinking about your normal sleep position.

    Do you like to sleep on your back, turn onyour side, or spend the night on your stomach?; Your normal sleeping position should be the main decidingfactor when you are considering the benefits of going pillow-free.

    Although its possible to sleep in asitting position, unless you are on an overnight coach journey or transatlanticflight sleeping in a chair is not ideal. The best way to sleep is lying downand there are only three ways to do it:

    • Lying on your back
    • Lying on your side
    • Sleeping on your stomach

    However, according to the Sleep Council, there are six. That doesnt include sleeping in a sitting position.

    Nor does it include any radical sleep endeavors such as snoozing on your feet or while standing on your head.

    The Sleep Council details six positionsinstead of three because there are a few different ways you can sleep on yourback. The same is true of sleeping on your side.

    Depending on the way you sleep, using apillow may be very good for you or extremely bad.

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    Sleeping Without A Pillow Is Suitable For Your Hair:

    Although there are not many links found between pillow and hair yet, there are talks that the cotton fabric of the pillow cover absorbs the natural oil of your hair. Lack of natural oils in your hair makes them frizzy and rough. However, you can choose to have pillow covers of silk as far as your hair is concerned.

    Is It Better To Sleep Without A Pillow Or Can You Keep Using A Pillow To Sleep Comfortably

    Is Sleeping Without a Pillow Safe?

    Many have heard similar ideas when it comes to sleeping with pillows.

    They have heard that pillows can cause back pain and long-term issues, but most people cannot imagine sleeping without pillows.

    They wonder about the same thing: Should I sleep without a pillow to improve my health?

    There are pros and cons when you sleep without a pillow, and there really isnt a one-size-fits-all answer to the best sleeping arrangement.

    You also need and combine it with other solutions such as a sleep mask.

    Lets learn more about why and how pillows can be detrimental, what you can do about it, and how you should proceed to get the best sleep possible.

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    Is It Healthy To Sleep Without A Pillow

    Even when you get a good nights sleep , do you still find yourself waking up with stiff muscles, or an ache in your neck or back?

    Maybe you recently bought a new mattressor are thinking of doing sobecause you heard that the right mattress can help you get quality sleep.

    Thats truebut its not just about the mattress. The quality of your pillow, or whether you sleep with one at all, can also have an impact on the quality of your rest.

    Which Sleep Position Requires A Pillow For Health Reasons

    If you know your pillow is causing a restless night and discomfort, dont be so quick to get rid of sleeping with a pillow altogether. Side sleepers and most back sleepers require a pillow to help keep their back aligned and their neck properly supported. If you wake with a sore neck or back and sleep in either of these positions, then you need to consider researching a pillow that will best fit with your needs and personal comfort preferences.

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    Is Sleeping Without A Pillow A Good Choice

    Yes, it is. Not only will sleeping with no pillow save your money, but it will also lead to less neck, back, and shoulder pain, higher quality sleep, and even less wrinkles! When you were a child, you could fall asleep anywhere without a pillow. The body is resilient and adaptable when we’re young. Even as we age, our body, including heads and necks, is able to rest comfortably without the support of a pillow.

    We constantly hear about the body aches and pains in modern society and a lack of resting support is often to blame, but today we have access to the most supportive bedding ever. We’ve been conditioned to think that we need a pillow in order to get a sound sleep at night, so when we still wake up sore, we head to the store to buy a more expensive pillow. However, research by Michael Tetley on natural sleeping postures found that nomadic people and forest dwellers sleeping with natural postures suffer from less muscular and skeletal problems compared to people in modern societies.

    Sleeping On Your Back

    Sleeping Without A Pillow: Is It Good Or Bad?

    If you sleep on your back more often than not, a thick pillow may bring the head too far forward. Imagine spending the whole day with your chin almost touching your chest. Youd have to be doing a kind of evil up-stare at everyone just to look them in the eyes!

    Thats the sort of equivalent of your head resting on a thick pillow when sleeping on your back. Its not quite in the right place, and can actually cause more pain than it relieves. The exception is if you use a thin pillow that keeps your head in a neutral position – not tilted forward.

    Sleeping With a Pillow:

    • Choose a thin pillow to keep your head in a neutral position.
    • A memory foam or indented pillow can help cradle the head to keep it comfortable.
    • A thicker pillow could cause neck pain.

    Sleeping Without a Pillow:

    • If you have a particularly hard mattress, the back of your head may hurt!

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