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Is Magnesium Oil Good For Restless Leg Syndrome

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How Can You Alleviate Your Restless Legs Syndrome

4 Treatments for Restless Leg Syndrome l Magnesium Deficiency

Q. I have restless legs syndrome that keeps me awake at night unless I take a magnesium supplement at bedtime. This gives me excellent results.

On the rare occasion that I get that creepy crawly feeling anyway, I rub magnesium oil on my lower legs. This helps almost immediately, and I am able to go back to sleep.

A. Restless legs syndrome was first described in 1944 by a Swedish neurologist, Dr. Karl-Axel Ekbom. People with this condition describe an unpleasant creeping or crawling sensation in the legs that is relieved by moving them. RLS mostly happens when the person is resting, and it frequently interferes with sleep. Doctors do not know the cause of RLS, although people with kidney disease and those with iron deficiency appear to be more susceptible to the condition .

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Diagnosis Of Restless Legs Syndrome

These are the diagnostic criteria for RLS, published by the International Restless Legs Syndrome Study Group . All five criteria are required for the diagnosis:

An urge to move the legs, usually caused by uncomfortable and unpleasant sensations in the legs. Sometimes the urge to move is present without the sensations, and sometimes the arms or other body parts are involved as well as the legs.

The urge to move or sensations in the limbs begin, or become worse while resting.

The urge to move or sensations in the limbs are partially or totally eased by moving. Relief lasts as long as the movement continues.

The urge to move or sensations in the limbs are worse in the evening or night, or only happen in the evening or night.

Symptoms are not explained by another medical or behavioral condition.

Check whether this matches your symptoms with the Ada app.

A doctor will diagnose based on a description of symptoms and triggers. A physical and/or neurological exam may be done, a family history taken and possibly blood tests to look for underlying factors or other treatable conditions.

A sleep study may be helpful to check for sleep disruption and periodic limb movement in sleep.

The Restless Legs Syndrome Foundation produces an RLS Symptom Diary which can be printed off and used to track symptoms, activities and sleep patterns. RLS-UK also has a tool to help affected people monitor symptoms and medication.

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Can Magnesium Oil Stop Restless Leg Syndrome

2019/06/29 by Meital James

It can almost sound cute when they call it Dancing Leg syndrome.

But theres nothing cute about Restless Leg Syndrome for the millions of people suffering from it in the USA alone.

In fact, chronic RLS can literally drive a person crazy .

The tingling, the shaking, the prickling and numbness in the legs come back every evening or night, just when all you want to do is to rest or sleep.

Ironically, it can only be eased by moving or walking around.

The result?

Sleep problems, constant fatigue, anxiety and in extreme cases depression .

Your doctor and any reputable health website will tell you that though RLS is one of the most common nerve syndromes, the causes for it are still unknown and worse there is no cure for it.

What if I told you that both claims could not be true?

There is a science-based probable cause for RLS.

There is a simple, effective and fast way to stop Restless Legs Syndrome.

Stick with me, and youll discover both, and how to quickly stop Restless Leg Syndrome with a simple home remedy which anyone can afford. Sounds good?

But first:

  • 4 Bonus Tip: Use Infrared Heat to Quickly Relieve RLS
  • Causes Of Restless Leg Syndrome

    Restless Legs Magnesium Spray, 4 Oz ~ Seven Minerals

    In most of the reported cases of RLS, the causes are unknown. However, RLS does have a genetic component and is frequently found in families where the symptoms appear before 40 years of age. Research evidence also shows that lower levels of iron in the brain can trigger RLS.

    A great deal of research evidence suggests that RLS is associated to a dysfunction in one of the brain regions that control movement. This region is known as the basal ganglia. This area uses dopamine for producing smooth muscle movement. Disruption in the dopamine pathways can lead to RLS.

    RLS appears to be related to the following conditions or factors:

    • Iron deficiencies.
    • The administration of certain medicines, such as anti-nausea drugs, antipsychotic drugs, or antidepressants. Some cold and allergy medicines that contain antihistamines, such as sertraline or diphenhydramine, can cause an RLS disorder too.
    • The consumption of nicotine, caffeine, or alcohol.
    • Pregnancy, especially the final trimester. Symptoms normally disappear within a month after delivery.
    • Nerve damage or neuropathy.
    • Sleep apnea or any other form of sleep deprivation can also cause RLS.

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    Primary Restless Legs Syndrome

    Primary restless legs syndrome tends to begin slowly, around the age of 40. This is earlier than most secondary RLS cases. RLS also runs in families, suggesting a genetic link.

    There is research that suggests restless legs syndrome may be connected to problems with a part of the brain called the basal ganglia, which uses dopamine to control muscle movement. If transmission of dopamine signals in this part of the brain becomes impaired, it can result in muscle spasms and jerky movements.

    Restless Legs Syndrome Faqs

    Q: Is restless legs syndrome painful?A: Not generally. People tend to describe the sensations caused by restless legs syndrome as uncomfortable, such as feelings of crawling or itching. In severe cases, people may report feeling pain.

    Q: Does restless legs syndrome get worse with age?A: Primary restless legs syndrome has no cure. Although symptoms may worsen with age, treatment and therapy can bring symptoms under control and minimize disruption to everyday life.

    Q: What vitamin and/or mineral supplements are good for restless legs syndrome?A: Sometimes restless legs syndrome is caused by an iron deficiency, in which case iron supplements can ease or reverse symptoms. If a person has a healthy and balanced diet, there is usually no need for supplements. A medical professional can assess whether symptoms of RLS are caused by a vitamin or mineral deficiency and can recommend supplements where necessary.

    Q: Does magnesium help restless legs syndrome?A: Although some people with restless legs syndrome report that products like magnesium oil spray have been helpful, and others report magnesium supplements helped with insomnia,, Harvard MenĂ¢s Health Watch notes that studies on magnesium and sleep have, to date, been small and of short duration. A well grounded scientific basis for using magnesium to help with restless legs syndrome is currently lacking.

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    Treatment Of Restless Legs Syndrome In Children

    The US Food and Drug Administration has not approved any medication for treating restless legs syndrome in children. The long-term effects of treating children with medication approved for adults are unknown.

    Benzodiazepines, such as clonazepam, are not recommended for children because they can increase the risk of collapse of the upper airway. Up to 20 percent of children taking levodopa and carbidopa develop a side effect of feeling nauseous.

    Good sleep habits are recommended for treating restless legs syndrome in children, as is avoiding caffeine and antihistamines. Vitamin and mineral supplements may help, when taken in consultation with a doctor.

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    Precautions You Should Take When Using Essential Oils For Restless Leg Syndrome

    • If you are not sure how to use essential oils for restless leg syndrome properly, ask for the advice of your doctor or a licensed natural health practitioner.
    • If you are pregnant, suffer from hypertension or have epilepsy, you should avoid rosemary and clove essential oils. Again, ask your doctor of any questions.
    • Remember that any essential oils with a citrus note are sensitizing, so use these oils sparingly.
    • Although reactions are rare with proper use, always perform a patch test before using a new essential oil to ensure you will not have an allergic reaction to it.

    In conclusion, we here at Up Nature, hope that these essential oils for restless leg syndrome will help to alleviate the uncomfortable feelings and any pain and discomfort that you experience with the condition.

    And, If you found this information useful, please Like it and share it with your friends so that they can learn how essential oils for restless leg syndrome relief can help them, as well.

    *Note that this article is for informational purposes only, and for any medical condition, you should seek the advice of your doctor.

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    Reasons Why You Might Need Magnesium For Your Sleep

    The human body is an amazingly complex biochemical machine. This becomes particularly apparent when something starts to not work right.

    For example, maybe you have been feeling more stress and anxiety lately. This stress and anxiety has started to affect how well you sleep. The less sleep you get, the more stressed out and anxious you feel. What could be causing this?

    Sometimes the last place you might think to look is actually the right place to look! Many people do not know that magnesium deficiency can be linked to higher stress and anxiety and poor sleep quality.

    In this article, learn more about what magnesium is, what it does, and how magnesium for sleep can help ease stress and anxiety and give you a better rest at night.

    Do You Have Trouble Sleeping

    Natural Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment &  Cramp Pain ...

    Many of you will have heard us rave about the benefits of Magnesium oil/spray for calf cramps, restless legs and achey muscles and have seen our extensive range of products in the waiting room.

    Recently we started to stock a new Magnesium product here at BSPC called Magnesium Pro Sleep. It has the additional components of Lavender and Camomile to assist relaxation and sleep.

    The idea behind the product is to create a solution for those who experience difficulty sleeping.

    Whether that is being able to go to sleep or waking up during the night. The lotion can be applied to your lower back, the back of your legs and tops of your feet around bedtime. This application delivers a dose of magnesium to relax your muscles and nervous system, followed by lavender & chamomile to help reduce sensory activity. During the day it can also have a soothing, relaxing effect when applied to arms/legs.

    The thin lotion is easily applied using the pump head mechanism and once rubbed into the skin does not leave any residue. As well as being the perfect bed-time accompaniment it also delivers 320mg of magnesium through the skin with every pump.

      • Reduce the time it takes to get to sleep
      • Helps mind relaxation

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      Periodic Limb Movement In Sleep

      Periodic limb movement in sleep , also known as periodic limb movement disorder , is experienced by about 80 percent of people with restless legs syndrome.

      Periodic limb movement in sleep causes limbs, commonly the legs but also sometimes the arms, to jerk or twitch involuntarily during sleep. It can be so severe as to wake the sleeper and disturb anyone sharing the bed. Involuntary limb movements may also occur during waking hours, when it is known as periodic limb movement during awakening .

      Most people with restless legs syndrome have PLMS, but many people with PLMS do not also have restless legs syndrome.

      Symptoms Of Restless Legs Syndrome

      The main symptom of RLS is an overwhelming urge to move the legs because of uncomfortable and unpleasant feelings in one or both legs.

      The sensations in the legs and, in severe cases, the arms are variously described as:

      • Crawling
      • Tenseness
      • Having an electric current

      Some people may experience the feelings as painful, but most people feel the sensations as an ache rather than sharp or sudden pain.

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      Top 9 Diet Tips For Restless Leg Syndrome


      Restless leg syndrome is commonly known as RLS, it is a problem of restlessness in your legs. Basically it is not a kind of pain but it can provide you with a severe discomfort. It can also provide you the disturbance and irritated while sleeping at night. It ensures some kind of sensations in your legs that makes them restless. It is a problem that is caused by many reasons and one of them can be the deficiency of the adequate nutrition to your body. Therefore, a lot of diet tips are explained here to help you deal with the restless leg syndrome naturally. You can include such food in your daily diet which will gradually help you to get rid of this problem.

      Understanding Restless Leg Syndrome And Recognizing The Symptoms

      Magnesium Sleep Problems Anxiety Restless Leg Syndrome Irregular Heart

      First, know that you are not alone! Take a look at these statistics for restless leg syndrome:

      • Restless leg syndrome affects 1 out of 10 people.
      • Children can suffer from this condition, as well.
      • Symptoms become longer and more frequent with age.
      • The onset of restless leg syndrome does not indicate the presence of other neurological diseases.

      Here are the common symptoms of restless leg syndrome:

      • Uncomfortable sensations in the legs.
      • The uncontrollable urge to move your legs.
      • The urges can range from mild to irritating to painful.
      • These sensations are described as crawling, pulling, tugging, tingling and throbbing.
      • Symptoms usually affect both legs and less frequently appear in the arms, head or trunk.
      • Movement seems to reduce the discomfort, so a person may move the legs constantly by pacing back and forth, sitting, rubbing the legs, stretching or bending.
      • Signs of RLS become worse later in the day and at night, disturbing sleep which, in turn, aggravates the sensations even more.
      • Attempting to rest only appears to activate symptoms.
      • Furthermore, periods of inactivity such as watching a movie, driving or sitting at a desk may activate the symptoms, as well.

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      Get More Iron In Your Diet

      Using your diet to safely correct any iron deficiency can help alleviate RLS symptoms. The catch, Dr. Berkowski says, is knowing what your iron levels are. Iron supplements are certainly one way to get those levels up but youll need to be sure to consult with your doctor about that. If your iron levels are already normal or even too high, more iron wont help you give you those benefits, he adds.

      If you are iron deficient, though, there are plenty of healthy ways to get iron through your diet. Eating red meat can really boost iron levels, Dr. Berkowski says, and if youre vegetarian, eating tofu, legumes, lentils and spinach is a way to get that iron.

      Other foods that are rich in iron include eggs, fish and nuts, like cashews and almonds.

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