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What Does It Mean When You Start Snoring

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The Most Common Type Of Sleep Apnea Is Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Smart Nora Snoring Solution Review – Does it Work?

TRUE.;Thats what weve been discussing here: a;completely or partially;blocked upper airway causing frequent wake-ups. A much less common type is called central sleep apnea, when the airway is open, but the brain does not send a signal to breathe. This type is sometimes seen in people with advanced heart disease or neurological disorders, or those taking narcotic medications. Often, it consists of;a characteristic rhythmic pattern of;pauses in breathing or slow breathing followed by periods of rapid breathing.

Can It Be Reduced Naturally Using Home Remedies

Nasal passage strips are a popular and natural way to combat snoring. They work by lifting up the underlying muscles of your nose, allowing more oxygen to flow. Using natural decongestants could also help if you tend to snore due to congestion.

Sleeping in a propped-up position, either with a wedge pillow or an adjustable bed, is another viable option to reduce it at home without intervention.

The Second Typesnoring While Fully Awake

This is actually much less common than the first typebut it can still happen, albeit very rarely. In these types of cases, the person will actually make snoring-like sounds when they are fully awake. They may be sitting down, lying down, or even up and walking around/doing things.;

While this may be caused by the same basic phenomenon as snoring, it is important to realize that most people dont have this problemand it is because, usually, snoring doesnt occur until the upper airway relaxes. And that doesnt happen until the person starts to lose consciousness.;

So in order for this problem to occur, one of a few different other factors would need to be at play. There would, for example, need to be

  • A lot more extra fatty tissue around the throat than normal
  • Some sort of physical abnormality that is causing the breathing to be obstructed
  • Some kind of upper respiratory infection causing the snoring
  • A regular use of alcohol or drugs that is promoting relaxation while the person is still conscious
  • Or some other type of abnormality at play, perhaps suggesting that there is an underlying medical problem that needs immediate attention

This is most certainly a problem that can cause distress or embarrassment. It can also be a problem that can prove relatively dangerous, as it can sometimes be an underlying symptom of a larger problem. But each specific case is different, and determining the causal factors is an important step in figuring out what you should do about it.

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Common Causes Of Dog Snoring

Snoring can be cute, but much less so if all that dog snoring keeps you awake at night.

But aside from being a nuisance, is a snoring dog something you should worry about? Well, yes maybe. Keep these things in mind and discuss them with your veterinarian if youre concerned:

1. Brachycephalic Breathing

If you dont recognize the word brachycephalic, then youll certainly recognize the dogs. These are those smush-faced breeds, including:

All those cute flat faces come at a price, though

Have You Suddenly Started Snoring

Does Snoring Mean I Have Sleep Apnea

Imagine this scenario…

You awake from what felt like was a peaceful sleep, to find your partner jabbing you in the ribs with their elbow. When you look at them, they peer angrily at you with groggy eyes.

Youre snoring so loud! Why have you been snoring so much lately?

You lay there, barely awake, dumbfounded.

Have you really been snoring lately?

But that doesnt sound like you. Youve never had a problem with snoring… until now, apparently. And this night, of all nights, it appears that your partner is not having any of it.

So how did this happen? Why have you started snoring all of a sudden? And more importantly, what can you do about it?

Lets talk about that.

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Does Snoring Mean Deep Sleep

While you are in a deep sleep, body movements are limited to keep you static. This is the period when most dreams happen. During light sleep all the processes in our body slow down to prepare for deep sleep. Snoring associated with sleep apnea is least likely to occur in deep sleep, because it usually happens during REM when breathing is at its shallowest.

So does snoring mean deep sleep? No it doesnt. REM sleep becomes very fragmented and interrupted by snoring so snorers arent able to reach deep sleep. Only frequent, prolonged and severe snores mean possibly obstructive sleep apnea.

Why Women Snore Less Than Men

If men and women have the same face and throat muscles, why is it that men get all the bad rep for being the top snorers?

If you look closer at the throat anatomy for women compared to men, you might be able to pick out a few key differences:

In general, men have broader necks than women

A few key differences:

  • Though womens necks are smaller than mens, they are also stiffer and less likely to collapse and cause snoring.;
  • Women have a smaller proportion of fat around their neck when compared to the rest of their body. Men tend to have more neck fat.;
  • Women have smaller soft palates and tongues when compared to men.
  • Women also have less of the anatomical variances that can lead to snoring.

Though women snoring is definitely less common than men, both genders suffer equally from its detrimental effects.;

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What Are Common Causes Of Snoring

Snoring happens when air cannot flow freely through the airway as you breathe in and out during sleep. When the airway is narrowed or partially blocked, breathing causes the tissues of the upper airway to vibrate, resulting in the sound you hear when someone snores. There are many possible reasons that a person may have a chronically narrowed or blocked airway during sleep that causes snoring.

Sleep Apnea Has Consequences That Simple Snoring Does Not

Stop Snoring Sleep Apnea Naturally

TRUE.;Both snoring and sleep apnea can disturb your sleep and your partners, but sleep apnea causes;more problems. It causes you to wake up many times during the night, often gasping for air.;You may or may not be conscious of these awakenings.;This leads to daytime fatigue and reduced functioning. Sleep apnea is associated with heart disease, stroke and obesity, and it can result in accidents because sufferers are sometimes too tired to safely operate vehicles.

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How Is Snoring Treated

If your snoring is affecting your sleep , your doctor may fit you with a dental device to keep your tongue from blocking your airway. Losing weight can also help treat snoring. Some people may need surgery to correct a blockage in the airway that’s causing the snoring.

If sleep apnea is the cause of your snoring, you may need to sleep in a mask connected to a CPAP device. This device helps minimize snoring and maintain breathing while you sleep.

What Causes Snoring In Women

First, lets have a quick look at what causes snoring in general.

When you breathe, air flows through your orofacial muscles. These are comprised of the soft palate, uvula, tongue, jaw, etc.

Upon falling asleep, these muscles begin to sag and relax. As this happens, they can start blocking some of the air passing through your airways. This blockage is what leads to vibration of the different muscles and ultimately causes snoring and possibly sleep apnea.;

These vibrations are what produce the snoring sounds.;

There are many factors that can make snoring worse. Some of these include mouth anatomy, nasal congestion, and alcohol consumption.

However, the main culprit behind the huge annoyance that is snoring is being overweight.;

As body weight increases, the amount of fat around the neck increases. Greater fat around the neck leads to smaller airways which leads to more breathing obstructions. This is also the same way that weight gain worsens sleep apnea and one of the reasons why both sleep issues are closely related.;

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What Usually Causes Snoring In Women

It may sound strange, but its true that in men, the air passage is typically narrower than the air passage in women. This may explain why snoring tends to affect more men than women. If a woman has a narrower air passage than usual, this may cause or contribute to snoring. However, there are other possible factors too:

  • Age As women age over 30, snoring problems can increase
  • Menopause After PMS, a woman can become just as likely as a man to start snoring
  • Weight Greater weight adds excess fat around the neck area, and this can narrow or partially block the air passage
  • Pregnancy Weight gain during pregnancy can cause expanding blood vessels in the nasal cavity which can become problematic
  • OSA Obstructive sleep apnea which isnt so common in women, but can still be an issue

If you believe any of the above factors could be causing or contributing to your snoring, then you may need to address them. Really, if youre snoring at all, then you should get professional care. Snoring can not only disturb a partner during sleep, it can also be a sign of an issue like sleep apnea or sleep deprivation.

Pick A Healthy Sleep Position


Sleeping on the back makes your tongue and soft palate crumple to the back side of your throat. This causes your air passage to become smaller and narrower. The result is a vibrating sound during sleep. Sleeping on the side can help prevent the tongue from blocking the airway. In a nutshell, picking a healthy sleep position can prevent snoring.

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Positive Airway Pressure Devices

Continuous positive airway pressure machines are one of the most common treatments for sleep apnea in adults. They pump air through a hose and a mask and into the airway, preventing it from being obstructed. Bi-PAP machines are similar but have different pressure levels for inhaling and exhaling. APAP machines are smart machines that vary the pressure as needed.

CPAP, BiPAP and APAP machines are often effective in resolving sleep apnea and associated snoring. You need a prescription to get these devices, and they must be calibrated to suit your breathing. For that reason, it is important to work with a sleep technician to get started with a PAP device.

Wearing a PAP mask may be uncomfortable at first, but most people get used to it and find that using the device noticeably reduces snoring and improves sleep.

Ways To Quiet Your Snoring Or Your Partners

There are, fortunately, a few ways to get better sleep, whether you are the snorer or the bedmate. Dasgupta offers these nine options:

  • Lifestyle change, including weight loss; Dasgupta says he always suggests this first. Of course, its easier said than done, especially when conditions like osteoarthritis make exercise more difficult. But diet changes can help, too.
  • Stop drinking, especially at night.
  • Treat your allergies. They can play a major role in snoring, Dasgupta says. Rhinitis, or hay fever, causes inflammation in the nasal passages. That means youre going to be a mouth-breather, and youre going to snore even more, notes Dasgupta.
  • Over-the-counter devices; One example of these, Breathe Right nasal strips, has won Food and Drug Administration approval, Dasgupta says. The strips are designed to open the nasal passage so there is less obstruction. But if the obstruction is farther down in the airway, such as near the throat, they probably wont work, he says.
  • Dental devices; Like a mouth guard or orthodontic retainer, dental devices fit in the mouth to hold the lower jaw in a slightly forward position. That can keep the airway open to reduce snoring. The devices are custom-made by a dentist and are covered by many medical insurance plans, according to the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine.
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    How Do I Know If Im Snoring When I Sleep Alone

    Unless someone else tells them, most people who snore arent aware of it, and this is part of why sleep apnea is underdiagnosed.

    If you sleep alone, your best bet is to set up a recording device. It could be an old-school tape recorder or one of many smartphone apps, but the apps have the advantage of analyzing sound patterns for you to detect likely episodes of snoring. Its best to record for multiple nights since snoring may not occur every night. That being said, apps do not aid in the diagnosis of OSA.

    If recording isnt in the cards, be on the lookout for other red flags related to disrupted sleep such as noticeable daytime sleepiness, fatigue, problems with attention or thinking, or unexplained mood changes.

    Things That Causes Snoring And Their Remedies

    BEST Anti Snoring Devices Reviews 2021 – Which Snoring SOLUTION Is Right For Your Unique Case?

    Snoring is the harsh buzzing sound some of us make when were asleep.

    So, what causes that sound?

    You snore because your breathing is obstructed in some way, usually because relaxed tissue is blocking your airway.

    As you breathe in, the air flowing past these tissues causes them to vibrate. And that vibration is what causes the sound you make when you snore.

    Simple enough, right?

    But what isnt so simple is figuring out exactly whats causing that obstruction in your particular case.

    Because whats causing the obstruction can differ from one snorer to another.

    ++++; to see our list of the best anti snoring devices on the market;++++

    You might know other people who snore, like members of your family. But the underlying cause of your snoring might be completely different from theirs.

    A remedy that works for them might not work for you.

    So, if you want to stop snoring, your first step is to figure out what, specifically, is causing you to snore.

    Then you can take steps to deal with that specific, underlying cause.

    Here are a few of the things that can cause snoring. These arent the only things that can do it, of course. But they are the most common snoring causes.

    Chances are good that something on this list is the primary cause of your snoring.

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    Dont Forget That While Youre Sleeping Others Are Not

    While the snorer may not feel that the condition is disrupting his or her sleep, the partner being kept up all night by the noise may feel differently. Relationships can severely suffer if partners are irritated about being kept awake or having to sleep in separate rooms. Over 41 percent of women who say they need a good nights sleep instead have it interrupted by a snoring partner. The lack of sleep or need for nighttime separation can foster resentment and decrease intimacy in relationships.

    There are additional health risks from lack of consistent high-quality sleep, including being more prone to accidents, difficulty focusing, impaired attention and alertness, as well as other serious risks such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes. This lack of sleep can promote weight gain while also accelerating the aging of the skin and brain.

    Alcohol And Other Drugs

    As you may know, alcohol is pretty popular stuff; no doubt, probably thanks to its sedative;abilities. But as the saying goes, with great power, comes great snorability. Going to sleep drunk increases snoring because it reduces airway muscle tone thus making iteasier for vocal vibrations to occur.;

    Indeed, it is alcohols same sedative effects that makes it so good and causing people to snore. In fact, people that dont ever snore;are very likely to snore after having a few glasses of wine before bed. ;Going to sleep drunk increases snoring because it reduces airway muscle tone; thus making it easier for vocal vibrations to occur.;

    Alcohol is not the only drug guilty of the same crimes- narcotics and sedatives can also reduce muscle tone and lead to more snoring. For such cases where the snoring is caused by narcotics, sedatives, or other drugs, eliminating the use of the drug will greatly help to stop the snoring.

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    Does Snoring Always Mean Sleep Apnea

    Not every snorer has OSA. The reason for this is that people can snore in 2 ways. The first one is associated with sleep apnea. This kind of snoring means prolonged stopping of breathing at night. Usually people who snore loudly, is because their respiratory system is depressed and the amount of light sleep increases per night. So, if you wondered what does it mean when you snore really loud, the answer is you are more likely to have OSA.

    What is the meaning of snoring in a conventional way? Conventional snoring is the second type and is not followed by breath cessations. In comparison to OSA snoring, this one is unlikely to occur in REM.

    Understanding Sleep Stages And How Snoring Affects Them

    Does Snoring Mean You Need A CPAP Machine?

    If you are a snorer then you have likely heard and read countless times that it affects your sleep quality, which ultimately has an effect on your health.

    Learning about sleep stages will help you understand why its important to find a product that will help you stop snoring. If your snoring is nasal-based, a nasal dilator may work best.

    If you snore loudly while sleeping on the back, a Tongue Retaining Device could work best. Otherwise, a comfortable and successful way to stop snoring is by using a Zyppah;or SnoreRx.

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    People With Sleep Apnea Die Because They Cant Breathe In The Middle Of The Night

    MOSTLY FALSE.;The potentially fatal consequences of sleep apnea, such as heart disease, generally occur over time. When someone with sleep apnea stops breathing during sleep, the body senses it and steps in. Your brain wakes;up so you can take a breath, Dr. Pervez says. However, its possible for a drop in oxygen to cause immediate death in someone suffering from advanced heart disease or another severe condition. The risk of death also depends on the severity of sleep apnea.

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