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What Is Insomnia 64

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Be Sure The Temperature In Your Room Is Ideal

Army gamers | Insomnia 64 | British Army

So as to fall asleep quickly and get a good rest during all the night long, your room shouldnt be too hot or too cold. Generally speaking, the perfect temperature in your bedroom should remain between 16 and 18 . An air conditioner or a heater can enable you to maintain the ideal temperature of your room.

Your children and elderly people may require a slightly warmer environment. It is a good idea purchasing a range of suitable bedding based on the season: an excess layer of blankets or sheets will make you more comfortable when its cold, as well a hot water bottle or a good pair of bed socks for cold feet.

Meet Your Favorite Youtuber

Some of Britains biggest YouTubers will be attending Insomnia 64, including gamers like Tom Syndicate Cassell and Elizabeth LDShadowLady Dwyer, as well as entertainers such as Niall Pyrocynical Comas and Will WillNE Lenney.

Creators and influencers will be hosting meet and greet events throughout the weekend, ensuring that you should have a chance to see all your favorite internet stars.

Reduce The Pressure Level

Anxiety is directly related to sleep. When you are stressed, you sleep badly and lack of sleep increases the degree of stress even more.

Fortunately, there are lots of ways to combat this vicious cycle. One effective way is making sure to include foods rich in omega-3 on your diet, such as poultry fish or linseed. You may also try listening to music.

There are three common reactions to stress, none of them are good for your health nor to your sleep either:

  • Overthinking a problem

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Insomnia 64 Thoughts And More Thoughts

This is a tough one to write.

I have enjoyed Insomnia these past few years, thankfully having been able to get tickets and making the long journey south to the NEC.

Insomnia 64 was no different, even though it did feel a bit less active than past years events.

However, this is more down to it being the spring event which is a smaller event anyway.

There were a number of returning faces at the event including Razer and Nintendo who had some of the larger areas packed with consoles and events throughout the day.

Gaming buses seem to be multiplying each event, with Game and Asus having one on the floor packed full of gaming stations ready to go.

I wonder who will be the next to turn up with one, as it seems that the Razer bus has been retired to pastures new or at least I havent seen it in a while.

There were a few gaming areas set up around the event with some newer games up and ready to play.

Though I am not going to lie that whilst I played a few of them the main one that stood out to me was a game called Pacer. The so called Spiritual Successor to Wipeout, a game that I have fond memories of from the PS1 era.

It is a game that I will be trying to keep an eye on when it hopefully releases later this year as it was an absolute blast to play. Racing ships through beautiful scenery at break neck speed is always fun, even with the few interactions with the barriers that I encountered.

This reminds me I need to upload the video this weekend

A Brief Introduction To Insomnia Gaming Festival

ASUS @ Insomnia 64

Insomnia Gaming Festival is a huge gaming event, uniting players for a weekend of gaming fun and interactive exhibitions all under one roof. The prestige event has something for every gamer, from Bring Your Own Computer playing hall to Retro Gaming stalls and even an exclusive first look at some of the greatest games coming out soon! Players, this is everything you need to know about Insomnia.

When & where does it take place?

Not to be confused with the sleeping condition, Insomnia is a festival made for gamers held at the NEC in Birmingham.

There is no minimum age to attend this event, however, children under the age of 16 must always be accompanied by an adult. There are also specific elements of the event that are only for over 18 . Find more information about our age policy here.

Play Games

Insomnia Gaming Festival is a great place for you to do what we all love, play games. Top publishers often bring an exclusive first-play at the gaming event, so be sure to check out whos coming to the next Insomnia. Its also the perfect chance for gamers to play with others in competitions like the Fortnite Tournament or enjoy some Indie games that you might not have thought about playing before. There is a wide range of games covering multiple genres, so there will definitely be something there for you!

Do you also play tabletop games? No problem! We have various board games set up at the venue, so you can really enjoy every form of gaming.

What is there to see and do?


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Content Creators At Insomnia

Insomnia is and always has been, about its communities. We dont mean the community of people that follow our social media accounts and buy tickets to our events, its about much more than that. Its about the communities that love playing games, that want to see their favourite games brought to life and the communities that love to watch their favourite streamers, YouTubers and content creators upload their content and go live. We want the creators at Insomnia Gaming Festival to reflect that passion about communities.

At the end of the day, we are a platform for you to use to meet the creators that keep us going everyday, provide entertainment and give us an escape from reality. So we want to give you the space to be able to safely meet up with your heroes and have amazing experiences!

And if those content creators get so big that they just cant fit Insomnia into their schedule anymore then thats fine too! As much as we want to provide a space for our guests to meet their favourite creators, we also want to give creators a space to grow their communities and meet new people. As long as everyone leaves Insomnia feeling like they have new stories to tell and experiences to share then we will know weve done what we set out to do.

Well be linking in various activities with the Tavern so make sure to check back here often for the latest updates!

Speaking of which

*Dont worry, we wont let anyone sell their bath water at Insomnia

Do Not Go To Bed Too Early

While it may sound counterintuitive, some people with sleeping problems, such as sleeplessness, often go to bed too early, hoping to sleep longer. However, its very likely that going to bed when you are not tired will have the opposite effect and end up making it hard for you to rest. Go to bed at the exact same time, respecting the regular.

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Periodic Limb Movements And Restless Legs Syndrome

Periodic limb movements are involuntary, repetitive movements of the arms and legs during sleep that occur more than 15 times per hour of sleep. Restless legs syndrome, a neurologic disorder, is characterized by the overwhelming urge to move ones legs while the body is at rest. Both of these conditions can cause nighttime arousals that lead to waking episodes and tiredness the following day. Studies have shown the prevalence rate for these conditions almost doubles with age.

Many younger people with periodic limb movements or restless legs syndrome require medication to manage their condition. Interventions for seniors can be a bit trickier, especially if they currently take other drugs or have pre-existing conditions.

Treatment For Insomnia In Older Adults

Talking insomnia #64: When lorazepam stopped working, Georg was on the brink. Now he smiles again!

For the management of chronic insomnia in seniors, the first step often focuses on sleep education and improved sleep hygiene. A doctor will consult with the patient about how to create and maintain a bedroom environment that is conducive to healthy sleep. The optimal bedroom should be dark and quiet, with a temperature lower than 75 degrees Fahrenheit . The bed should only be used for sleeping rather than other activities like working and playing video games. An air conditioner may be helpful during hotter times of the year. Doctors will also promote regular exercise and balanced meals, and discourage stimulants like caffeine and tobacco.

Other non-pharmacological treatments can help alleviate insomnia symptoms for seniors without prescription medication. These include:

If these non-pharmacological interventions are not effective, then the doctor may consider sleep medications. Choosing appropriate insomnia medication for elderly patients requires a lot of care and consideration. Some medications, such as benzodiazepines and non-benzodiazepines , produce hypnotic effects and can increase the risk of falling for older people. These drugs also carry a high tolerance, dependence, and withdrawal risk, and doctors should take their patients other prescriptions into account in order to prevent negative drug interactions.

You should always speak with a doctor before attempting any pharmacological or non-pharmacological insomnia treatments.

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Purchase A Good Mattress

Do not you remember when you purchased the mattress youre using now? Then perhaps its time to buy a new one.

Even with the best care, your mattress will eventually wear out, usually after 8-10 years. After this period, it may show wear, like coils poking through or saggy borders or it might not, sort of like a pair of shoes that you wear only on the treadmill.

Whatever the case, you run the risk of hindering your remainder . You may begin to have trouble falling asleep, and the time you spend asleep could be less restful than it was.

If you feel they become less comfortable, or if you find that you are waking up with an achy back, it may be time to go shopping.

Which Ticket Is For You

So, youre thinking of buying a ticket to Insomnia? Well if you want to know exactly what you get for your money then you came to the right place! In this article, well outline exactly what youre getting for each type of ticket! If you cant find the info youre looking for here, it will probably be in the FAQs

Day Tickets

Your whistle-stop tour of the Insomnia Gaming Festival! Get your hands on the latest games, catch a show or check out some top-tier exhibitors. Your day ticket grants you access to the entire show but be careful! If you dont plan ahead you might miss out on some of the stuff to see and do.

Priority Day Tickets

If youre looking for a little more time at Insomnia, why not upgrade to Priority? Priority Day Tickets will grant you half an hour early access into the show before everyone else so you can get to the games you want to play and beat the queues! Not only this, but you also get fast-pass queueing for the meet & greets and our VR zone as well as priority seating for our stage shows.

Weekend Ticket

3 days of non-stop gaming! Your weekend Insomnia ticket grants you access to all 3 days of the show including all the stage shows, meet & greets, interactive zones and everything at the event! With access to all 3 days of Insomnia, this means you wont miss any of the amazing stuff that well have ready for you to enjoy! You wont miss a thing and youll get a pretty sweet fabric wristband too!

Priority Weekend Tickets

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Volunteering At Insomnia 64

Please note that myself , does not represent Player1Events, Belong or Insomnia Gaming festival in any way shape or form, this is just my personal opinion on volunteering at the event.

1) Was volunteering at Insomnia your first experience as a volunteer for an Esports event?

I first volunteered at insomnia63, hosted at the NEC in August 2018. After enjoying insomnia63 so much and making some great friends, I decided that I would attend as many Insomnia events as possible and have just completed my volunteering stint at insomnia64 and have already applied to volunteer at insomnia65.

2) How did you find it and what were your daily tasks and activities?

3) What was the application process like and do you have any tips for others for when they apply?

The application process for applying to become a volunteer for Insomnia is relatively simple, you fill in the application form and if the organisers and team leaders for the team you want to apply for, feel you fit the requirements for the team you will be accepted! The main advice I would give is, to be honest, and open about yourself. If you have certain areas of knowledge that you feel would be of benefit, talk about this knowledge and how you feel it would elevate the teams ability to deliver their tasks during the event.

4) What benefits did you receive as a volunteer?

5) Would you recommend volunteering at Insomnia or other events to others?

Questions were written by NorrisBoi.

Answers were written by JakeyBoyPro.

Esports Roundup: All The Winners At Insomnia 64

Insomnia 64

Insomnia Gaming Festival took place over the weekend and as always it played host to a bunch of esports tournaments.Among them were the usual BYOC tournaments as well as the BELONG Arena Clash Finals, which saw players compete in Tekken7, Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch, Fifa 19 and League of Legends.The participants included teams from BELONG Arenas across the country. To compete in Arena Clash, casual and hardcore gamers could join a team at their local BELONG stores and battle through five weeks of play before heading to the finals.

London Lionhearts vs Bradford RamsWinners: London Lionhearts

The Lionhearts take the win! Congratulations to our Tekken 7 Arena Clash Spring 2019 Champions! Some incredible plays in tonight’s games!

Well done to the Rams who put on an excellent show! #i64

Belong Gaming Arenas

Plymouth Armada vs Bristol SumgglersWinners: Plymouth Armada

Congratulations to our Armada Tribe! They have taken the Arena Clash Champion title against the in tonight’s finals! ????????

Belong Gaming Arenas

Stratford Spartans vs Cardiff SaintsWinners: Stratford Spartans

The Spartans take the Overwatch Arena Clash trophy after their win today at ! Well done everyone!

Belong Gaming Arenas

Milton Keynes Enigmas vs Cardiff SaintsWinners: Milton Keynes Enigmas

Portsmouth Pirates vs London LionheartsWinners: Portsmouth Pirates

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Content Creators Attending Insomniacoming Soon

Is your favourite content creator missing from this list? Make sure you shout about Insomnia in their chat/comments section and get them to submit an application! We dont judge a creator by the size of their followers/subscribers but rather by the quality of their content and community.

Were constantly adding new faces to the list of creators attending Insomnia so be sure to check back soon to see whos new!

Insomnia Gaming Festival Levels Up With Grand Return

Gamers across the country are getting their heads in the game, as the UKs biggest gaming festival is BACK this August. Following its record-breaking success in Spring, Insomnia will return to the NEC for the August Bank Holiday, with players answering the Call of Duty to Overwatch the gaming event of the season.

Over 40,000 people attended Aprils Insomnia festival, making the most of the four-day non-stop gaming. Those in attendance met their favourite YouTubers, from WillNE and Syndicate, to ImAlexx and Jelly experienced cutting-edge VR technology and took part in a real-life video game.

Whats more, 1,000 people plugged in for the biggest LAN party the UK had ever seen, with 102 teams across 24 tournaments in four days. Overall, £27,000 in prize money was rewarded to the lucky winners.

Phil Crawford, part of the organising body for Insomnia, said:

Insomnia64 embodied everything that was great about the community, with everyone coming together to celebrate all things gaming. With a record number of attendees, the atmosphere was electric, and seeing those virtual friendships come to life in person was exactly why we work so hard on this event. We hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did and will join us in counting down the days until Insomnia65.

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Bring You Own Computer

Insomnia 64 is the UKs biggest LAN Party. Therell be over 2000 seats and theres also evening entertainment available too for those gaming on till late!

No PC? Theres rentals available too from £105.10 for a Core i3 and GTX1160 up to a Core i7 and RTX 2080. Also, if you fancy bringing your rig, but not your monitor, you can pick up a 24 1440p gaming monitor too.

Therell be community Esports Tourneys throughout the weekend for those bring their own PC with:


Make Sure The Temperature In Your Room Is Ideal

Insomnia: how to prevent your PC from sleeping mode

In order to fall asleep quickly and get a great rest during all the night long, your room should not be too hot or too cold. In general, the ideal temperature in your bedroom should remain between 16 and 18 . An air conditioner or a heater can enable you to maintain the perfect temperature of your room.

Your children and older people may need a slightly warmer environment. Its a good idea buying a range of suitable bedding based on the season: an excess layer of sheets or blankets will make you more comfortable when its cold, as well a hot water bottle or a fantastic pair of bed socks for cold feet.

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Top 5 Things To Do At Insomnia 64

In partnership with Insomnia 64 for more information and to buy tickets, go here.

Insomnia 64, the UKs biggest gaming festival, kicks off at the Birmingham NEC on Friday, April 19.

With the opportunity to play the big upcoming games, compete in esports tournaments, and catch the cosplay competition, there promises to be plenty to keep gamers entertained over the upcoming Easter weekend.

But what can you absolutely not afford to miss? Here are five things you must do at Insomnia 64 before the festival finishes on Monday, April 22.

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