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When Do Betta Fish Sleep

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Taking Naps In The Daytime

Do Betta Fish Sleep, When and Where?

It is important to know that bettas might often take naps in the daytime. If you look into your bettas tank in the middle of the day and they are just floating down near the bottom part of their tank, they might be sleeping. You may also notice that your betta fish is hanging out near the top part of their tank. They might do this when they are resting, too.

S Of Betta Fish Sleeping

Source: Fishlore Member AO

Now that you know betta fish do sleep, try not to bother them when theyre resting . Putting your fingers in the water and touching them, tapping on the tank, or toppling over their safe spot can really stress them out and make them fear for their safety. As your betta fish ages, they may become increasingly lethargic and sleep more than they used to. This is normal.

If you have any questions about betta fish and sleep, make sure you use the comments below:

Where Do Bettas Sleep

Betta fish will sleep in the enclosure that they are housed. This could mean that they fall asleep at the bottom of the tank where you can easily see them. Near the surface. You can find them hiding in places like decorative houses, wood, vegetation, etc.

Anywhere they can find and feel comfortable doing so. It will also be easier for them to do so if you turn off the fish tank lights and lights in the general area for them to know when it is truly nighttime.

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Betta Fish Sleeping Behavior

So, how do betta fish sleep?

Betta fish show a variety of different sleeping behaviors, which can be confusing, especially if youre a new owner.

In this section of our guide, we take a look at betta fish sleeping behavior so that you can tell if what your pet is doing is normal or if its a cause for concern.

Do Betta Fish Dream While Sleeping

Do Betta Fish Sleep? [Answered]

Its hard to say if your betta fish dream while sleeping. There arent any current scientific studies that support this but some marine life has exhibited signs that they dream.

There is video evidence that may support the claim that Octopuses sleep. It has been observed that when they sleep they change colors in the same way that they do when they are hunting or hiding from predators. This gives the impression that they are dreaming about such things.

So can the same be said about betta fish dreaming? The verdict is still out on this one but its fun to think about nonetheless.

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Do Betta Fish Sleep Only When It Is Dark

Betta fish are found to have sleep patterns similar to humans. Similar to humans, betta fish are found to sleep more when it is dark than when there is light. That does not mean that they dont sleep during the day. Betta fish take quick naps during the day and sleep for a longer period when it is dark.

If you have a pet betta fish in your aquarium, you can give th3m 8 to 10 hours of darkness by turning off the lights or covering their aquarium.

Can Bettas Sleep With The Light On

No, bettas cant sleep if tank lights are left on overnight. Most fish species do not have eyelids, so they cannot close their eyes when they go to sleep.

If you think about it, fish dont really need eyelids. The purpose of the eyelid in mammals is to keep the eye moist and protected from foreign objects, dust, and damage.

Your betta spends all its time underwater, so it doesnt need eyelids to keep its eyes wet land mammals, on the other hand, have evolved to have eyelids because most of them dont spend much time immersed in water.

Thats why you should limit the number of hours the aquarium lights are switched on and the tank is unlit at night. That way, your fishy friend will always know when its time to be active and feed or rest and recuperate. If you keep the tank lights on for too long, your fish wont rest and might get stressed.

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Do Betta Fish Swim While They Are Sleeping

Well, as betta fishes follow the sleeping cycle the same as humans, so chances are that when they are sleeping, you are also sleeping. They usually go motionless when they fall asleep, so you may not find them swimming while they are sleeping. The chances are that they will choose a relaxing spot on the rock, behind the filter or on the bushes to sleep.

When Do Betta Fish Sleep With The Lights On

Do Betta Fish Sleep? When and Where?

Topic: I have nine Bettas in a 10 gallon aquarium and I can never seem to find them sleeping. Even if I turn off the light and sneak in the room it still seems I cant find them sleeping.. When the heck do they sleep? Or what do they look like? Just kind of wondering if my fish are healthy and are actually sleeping when I never see them sleep Should I have a schedule to turn my lights off or just leave the lights on all the time?

*Awarded AnswerBeta fish are very calm and are very light sleepers. They usually can sense movement around even though there are eyes are closed somehow. They make these plastic leaves to put into your betta tanks that are designed for your fish to sleep on. They are called betta hammocks. Here is what they look like

Ive given some thought and did my research on this one for you. I had some spare time to burn so hopefully this helps you some. And yes you should turn your lights off on a regular schedule. What helps regulate that is buying a timer at your local hardware store that does this automatically. Here is a picture of some. Basically it plugs into the wall and then plugs into your aquarium light and it switches the light off at your certain set time everyday.

Sleeping In PlantsBut as far as sleeping they usually like to sleep in plants or somehow have something along their side to help hold them where they are. Their scales help hold them inside of plants can just sit there for a very long time without any movement.


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How Much Light Do Tropical Fish Need

Answer: Depending on the live plants, ambient lighting, algae level, and the presence of other species in the surroundings where tropical fish are living, they need up to 11-12 hours of lighting. Common tropical fish are Corys, Catfish, Danios, Guppies, Gouramis, Loaches, Raspboras, Platies, Mollies, Plecos, Tetras, Swordtails, etc.

How Do Fish Sleep In Water

Our earth is covered by seventy percent water so it is evident that we have an extreme majority of life. Fish sleep in a variety of places, below are some examples of all the places in which fish can sleep underwater.

  • Sleep Swimming: Most of the fish have to constantly move so that they can filter oxygen through the moving waterMany keep moving to keep oxygen-rich water moving over their gills. Coral fishes adjust their speed while sleeping so that they do not compromise breathing.
  • Floating in Place: Some fishes do not have to move while they are at rest. For example, bullhead, and buccal pumping sharks use their mouth for breathing, they inhale water in which moves towards gills for oxygen filtration. Some fish dont need to keep swimming while sleeping. In this way they can remain still for indefinite periods of time. Some species sleep in a very cute manner, like the nursehound shark which keeps its eyes closed while sleeping and some may use a rock as a pillow to rest their head on.
  • Tucked into Coral or Sand: Sometimes fish also use their environment to sleep, and they find protective barriers within nature. Lemon sharks rest on the sandy sea bed for hours. Parrotfish sleep in crevices between the rocks.

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Your Tank Is Too Boring

Another cause of excess sleep is boredom. If your tank is too small for your betta, then there really isnt a whole lot else to do but sleep. Choosing an appropriately sized aquarium for your betta will go a long way toward alleviating boredom.

Some betta fish owners use toys, such as a betta mirror, to ensure that their fish dont get bored and to mix up their bettas routine. Others regularly change the d├ęcor, giving their betta an entirely new environment to explore.

What Do Fish Do At Night

Do Betta Fish Sleep? [Answered]

Most fish spend most of their time resting and conserving energy during the night, their metabolisms slow down, their colors fade and for all intents and purposes they sleep!

Some fish however do prefer to be more active when its darker particularly at dawn and dusk it depends on when they would be most likely to find food in the wild.

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Is Your Betta Fish Dead Or Sleeping

You can easily mistake knowing if the betta is asleep or dead. Here are a few things to observe while trying to distinguish between a dead fish and a fish sleeping in the water.

Even though the betta doesn’t move much while sleeping, if the fish hasn’t moved at all, there is a high chance that it is either very ill or even dead. Try and do the following things while the fish lays asleep or moves slowly otherwise in the tank. Try and notice the color of the fish, whether it is faded or vibrant. Focus on its movements, if they are as usual engaging or slow, dicey, and lethargic. If the fins look unhealthy, there are white spots on its body, with a swollen belly, and eyes look bulging out, you can probably assume that the betta is sick and needs treatment. Even after treating the water, providing the correct supply of food, a good source of light, and managing the temperature of the water, if the fish does not move by itself and has been motionless in the water for long, then one can say that the fish is dead.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly facts for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for how do betta fish sleep, then why not take a look at how do birds find worms or how do dolphins sleep facts pages?

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How Much Do Betta Fish Sleep Each Day

While most fish are known for being nocturnal, betta fish spend most of their nights asleep, said Sara Ochoa, DVM and writer for Similar to humans, betta fish sleep at night. “They’re also known for taking recurrent short naps during the day,” Dr. Ochoa told POPSUGAR.

If you catch your fish not moving, don’t go into a panic: “If your betta sleeps around 12 to 14 hours each day, including their daily naps, it’s normal and enough for them to stay healthy,” said Dr. Sievert.

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What Does It Mean If Your Betta Is Oversleeping Why Does It Happen

As an owner, it is your job to identify if the betta is oversleeping. If they are oversleeping, it is not always a good sign. Bettas oversleep for various reasons. And here is how to identify them.

Temperature Shock

Bettas are sensitive to high and low temperatures. Thats why they become less active because of temperature shock. Always try maintaining a 78-degree tank temperature.

The Tank Light is Too Dim

Dim light encourages the betta to sleep more as it regulates its sleeping hour based on the light. So the longer the tank light stays too dim, the more your betta will sleep.

Hes Getting Bored

Some people overlook this fact, but bettas can get bored if there isnt enough decoration inside the tank to keep it amused. As a result, it keeps on sleeping for longer hours.

Your Betta Might Be Sick

If your active betta suddenly starts sleeping a lot, it is a sign of illness. You need to keep an eye on the fish to find out what is wrong.

Your Betta May Be Old

So, how long has the betta been with you? Bettas have a shorter lifespan. And it is normal for it to sleep more as it starts getting old. In that case, you should let it have a good rest.

You Just Have A Lazy Betta

I know it makes you giggle, but bettas can be lazy sometimes. If you own more than one betta, you can spot the differences in their activities. Some bettas are less active than others, and they sleep a lot.

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Do Betta Fish Need A Bed To Sleep On

Why Does Betta Fish Sleep at Top of Water

Bettas appreciate a nice, comfy hammock to sleep on. However, they will nap on a soft area of the substrate, on flat plant leaves, and even wedged down the side of your filter box! Youll also see some bettas simply floating motionless in the water or even sleeping vertically! It really depends on the individual betta fish.

Betta fish will sleep in any area of the tank. That said, bettas often gravitate to a suitable sleeping spot close to the water surface so that they can grab a gulp of air using their labyrinth organ.

Provided that your betta sticks to his usual sleeping habits, theres nothing to be concerned about.

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Do Betta Fish Sleep On Their Side

Yes there are Betta Fish that sleeps on its side especially if you have a lot of large leaves inside your Betta Fish Tank. But if there are no comfortable surface to sleep with its side then it may again be a problem with the swim bladder.

If the Betta Fish has a swim bladder malfunction then he may be swimming on his side or upside down since he cannot balance.

How Do You Ensure Your Betta Fish Sleeps Well

A well-rested betta is a happy betta. Lets look at the different ways you can encourage your betta to get a good sleep.

During the day, bettas prefer to nap in the shade while at night total darkness will ensure your betta has a comfortable sleep.

Makes sense, right? I mean, your betta cannot close his eyes, so sleeping with the lights on isnt exactly a fun experience.

Since bettas prefer to snooze in the dark, you should ensure that the lights are off when nighttime rolls around.

Reducing the amount of hours your lights are on is a good thing anyway because it can help prevent algae growth in your aquarium, but thats another story.

If you are like me, and darn forgetful, I recommend grabbing a good aquarium timer for your tank. The timer will turn your aquarium lights off at night and on again in the morning, all without any effort from you!

As for daytime napping, bettas prefer a nice spot in the shade.

Fortunately, shade is easy to provide:

  • Choose a shady location to set up your fish tank, avoiding direct light from nearby windows.
  • Tall or floating plants that are betta-safe help to block out the harsh light.

Ideally, you would want to consider shady sleeping spots for your betta when you first set up your tank. So plan ahead, its much easier to decorate an empty tank than when it is filled with water.

Unfortunately, no two bettas are alike. And even if you provide the perfect snoozing spot, there is no guarantee that your betta will sleep there.

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Do Betta Fish Sleep On Their Sides

Bettas do sometimes sleep on their sides, usually when provided with a comfy bed of thick leaves or a special betta hammock.

Usually, movement near the tank will disturb the betta, and hell swim away. However, if your fish spends a lot of time laying on his side, he could have a health problem, such as ammonia poisoning, swim bladder disease, or temperature shock.

How Many Hours Do Bettas Sleep

Do Betta Fish Sleep?

This is hard to recommend due to each betta fish being different. If you find that your fish is active during the day, you can assume that they are getting the right amount of sleep at night.

However, if you see that they are very inactive during the day, they could not be getting the rest they need. Try turning off fish tank lights and surround lights in the room the tank is kept, to give your fish the ability to know when it truly is night.

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Why Do Fish Sleep And What Happens Then

Like most living organisms, fish need to rest and have the time to restore the normal biological functions of the body.

Continued movements without a pause may cause them to become vulnerable to a reduced activity level and poor responses to dangers.

Several studies have established the fact that fish tend to a reduced level of activity and rate of metabolism at some point of the day because of the need for certain restorative functions to be fulfilled.

The resting period that fish take sends signals to the brain to refresh its memory circuits and save energy. Having brains less complicated than ours, fish may not show the exact same symptoms of sleeping.

Fish have a lot simpler central nervous system than ours, which is why their brains dont contain specific regions as humans. Neocortex, for one, produces certain waves in our brain to make us experience variegated stages of sleep including dreaming in rapid eye movement sleep. Fish can complete the rest without these stages, REM, and dreams.

So, the question how long does a fish sleep is more about how they behave as to the circadian rhythm . The following signs are the clue to our conclusion that fish get sleep:

  • A prolonged state of inactivity
  • A typical relaxed posture
  • A repetitive pattern of inactivity for roughly every 24 hours
  • Reduced responsiveness to external stimuli

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