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When To Fall Asleep Sleep Cycle

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What Is Sleep And Why Is It Important

Sleep Hygiene: Train Your Brain to Fall Asleep and Sleep Better

Until the 1950s, most people thought of sleep as a passive, dormant part of our daily lives. Fast forward 70 years and we now know that our brains are very active during sleep. Moreover, sleep affects our daily functioning and our physical and mental health in many ways that we are just beginning to understand.

How Sleep Cycle Works

Sleep is the platform on which nutrition, exercise and mindfulness reside. But these pillars for your health arent nearly as efficient if your sleeps not working. Some sleep a lot, like the endearing sloth that clocks in about 15-18 hours per day. But the mighty elephant only logs 2 hours per night. But what does a normal sleep cycle look like for humans? We end up somewhere in between, most of us needing 7 to 9 hours each night to recover and restore.

Sleep Cycle helps you to better health through better sleep. At its heart, it tracks your sleep cycles by listening to your sounds. It analyses those sounds by help of ever-evolving machine learning algorithms, and presents the results to you and helps you understand your sleep with unique data analysis and graphs. The habits that influence it and what you can do to improve your rest and recovery.

How Are Sleep Cycles Created

Sleep cycles are regulated by your bodys circadian rhythm, which is essentially a series of changes in your bodys physical and mental functions in response to changes in your external environment, primarily changes in light and darkness. These circadian rhythms dont act on their own but are in fact controlled by your internal body clock, which is responsible for keeping your body functions working normally. Hence, your sleep cycles are dependent on both your bodys biological clocks and also external environmental factors that can affect your circadian rhythm.

Understanding both of these is important as firstly, biological clocks are responsible for your overall health and well-being and can affect issues such as your weight and mental health. Secondly, understanding your circadian rhythm is key to managing environmental influences that may be disrupting your sleep cycles and costing you precious sleep. While learning how your biological clock works can be tricky to do without a professionals help, regulating your circadian rhythm is relatively more straightforward and easier. All you need to do is watch out for the following external influences on your sleep cycle and manage them well.

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Phases Of Sleep Cycle

Sleep cycle occurs in two phases REM sleep and non-REM sleep. Non-REM sleep occurs first in the sleep cycle and consists of four stages. Remember when you slept so soundly that you didnt even hear your alarm? Well, thats probably because you were in the final stages of non-REM sleep. It is during the last two stages of non-REM sleep that we sleep deeply. REM sleep occurs about 6090 minutes after you fall asleep. It is in this phase that you dream in your sleep.

During our sleep, we alternate between non-REM sleep and REM sleep. The sleep cycle begins with the first stage of non-REM sleep and then moves on to the subsequent stages of non-REM sleep. The non-REM sleep is followed by a shorter period of REM sleep. Then, the cycle begins again at the first stage of non-REM sleep. Though the first REM sleep period is shorter, it gets longer in the following cycles. As the night proceeds, we get more REM sleep and less deep sleep.

The Role Of Rem Sleep

tips for falling asleep faster works like a charm> Works like a charm!” alt=”Tips for falling asleep faster >> Works like a charm!”>

Just as deep sleep restores your body, scientists believe that REM or dreaming sleep restores your mind, perhaps in part by helping clear out irrelevant information.

Studies of students ability to solve a complex puzzle involving abstract shapes suggest the brain processes information overnight students who got a good nights sleep after seeing the puzzle fared much better than those asked to solve the puzzle immediately.

Earlier studies found that REM sleep facilitates learning and memory. People tested to measure how well they had learned a new task improved their scores after a nights sleep. If they were subjected to periodic awakenings that prevented them from having REM sleep, the improvements were lost. By contrast, if they were awakened an equal number of times from deep sleep, the improvements in the scores were unaffected. These findings may help explain why students who stay up all night cramming for an examination generally retain less information than classmates who get some sleep.

About 3-5 times a night, or about every 90 minutes, you enter REM sleep

The first such episode usually lasts for only a few minutes, but REM time increases progressively over the course of the night. The final period of REM sleep may last a half-hour.

If youre deprived of REM sleep and then allowed a subsequent night of undisturbed sleep, you will enter this stage earlier and spend a higher proportion of sleep time in ita phenomenon called REM rebound.

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How To Sleep Better

In this section, we present possible treatments, cures, and remedies to overcome a disorder that will effect over 60 million Americans this year. Its not overly dramatic to say that our country is in the midst of a sleep crisis. If this sleep epidemic is not impacting you directly, it surely impacts others in your life.

With more and more people every year complaining about their perceived lack of sleep, even as sleep scientists shows that the importance of eight hours is paramount, we are in need of ways to cope with a less and less sleep friendly world. So instead of tossing and turning all night, worried that you wont get the sleep that you crave , here are some proactive approaches you can take to make sure that your sleepless nights are minimized, and your mattress time is maximized.

Vi Parents And Teen Sleep

Parents play a vital role in helping teens get the sleep that they need. You should pay close attention to how your son or daughter sleeps, acts, and feels. They will give you signs that show they are not getting enough sleep. See if your teen shows any of the following signs:

  • Has trouble waking up most mornings
  • Acts irritable in the early afternoon
  • Falls asleep easily during the day
  • Has a sudden drop in grades
  • Sleeps for very long periods on the weekends

A lack of sleep can often be confused with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder . Some young people are thought to have ADHD when in reality they are having a problem with their sleep. Both of these problems share many of the same signs. The most common signs of a sleep problem that are shared by ADHD include the following:

  • Trouble concentrating
  • Nervousness
  • Aggressive behavior

You should often remind your teen to never drive when feeling tired. Crashes related to drowsy driving take the lives of more than 1,550 people every year. These crashes are most often caused by young people under the age of 25. Their lifestyle choices make them more likely to be driving when they are sleepy. Be prepared to offer other options if you expect that your teen may be too tired to drive. A family member, a trusted friend, or even a taxi can provide a much safer ride for a sleepy teen.

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How Do I Use The Nectar Sleep Cycle Calculator

The Nectar sleep calculator is simple to use and a great solution for a better nights sleep. The sleep cycle calculator tracks different stages of your sleep and only wakes you during your lightest stage. Its an ideal alarm clock that wont jerk your out of your stage 4 deep sleep or disorientate you from your REM. We highly recommend giving it a try!

Get The Right Amount Of Sleep To Boostperformance + Positivity

Daily Cycle: Awakening, Getting Tired and Falling Asleep – Science of Sleep, Part 6/6

Recent studies have proven that those who sleep well are more alert and have higher cognitive processing. They also noticed these positive symbols more often, leading to a more positive outlook. This can easily be translated to the workplace where communication and positivity are the key to a great work environment. This means that your most comfortable bed could be a key component to getting the job you want and creating the happy life you dream of. Dont let anxiety stop you from sleeping! Using a weighted blanket will help you fight insomnia caused due to anxiety.

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What Affects Sleep Quality

Chemical signals in the brain influence our sleep and wake cycles. Anything that shifts the balance of these neurotransmitters can make us feel drowsier or more awake. For example:

  • Alcohol may help people fall into a light sleep. But it reduces the deeper stages of sleep and REM sleep and leads to more disrupted sleep.
  • Caffeine and pseudoephedrine can stimulate the brain. They may cause insomnia, an inability to sleep. Watch out for caffeinated drinks such as coffee and drugs such as diet pills and decongestants.
  • Medications such as antidepressants can cause less REM sleep.
  • People who smoke heavily often sleep lightly and have less REM sleep. They may wake up after a few hours because they experience nicotine withdrawal.
  • Very hot or cold temperatures can disrupt REM sleep. Were less able to regulate body temperature during REM sleep.

Try Melatonin To Improve Sleep Quality

If you find yourself counting sheep each night in an effort to fall asleep, you may want to take melatonin supplements, which help regulate circadian rhythms. The timing of your sleep-wake cycle can be altered by a dysfunction or misalignment of the circadian clock , which can lead to a variety of circadian rhythm sleep disorders, including difficulty falling asleep. For those who struggle to fall asleep, recent studies have shown that taking a melatonin supplement can help improve sleep quality , as well as reduce the amount of time it takes to fall asleep.

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How To Get The Deep Sleepyou Crave

Some nights, getting a good, deep nights sleep, can feel like an impossible feat. Maybe you are about to start a new job and are already feeling those first day jitters. If youre a new parent, you may be wondering why you ever took your blissful nights of uninterrupted sleep for granted. Or maybe youre the one lying awake wondering why you thought it would be a good idea for that third cup of coffee at 4 in the afternoon.

However you struggle with sleep, the benefits of catching those quality zzzs are undeniable. When we get a full 7 or 8 hours our days seem easier, stress levels lowered, and our energy levels increased so we are able to summon the strength and motivation to accomplish whatever challenges our day may bring.

But what about those nights when we are on our mattresses for those 7, 8, or 9 hours and still feel like we are about to fall asleep as our boss drones and we cant peel our eyes off of the clock? At Nectar, weve done our homework and found that not all sleep is created equally. In fact, more important than the quantity of sleep you are getting each night is the quality of those hours, with deep sleep being one of the most important phases to consider in terms of overall health and energy.

Lets break it down:

Why Is Sleep Important

How to Fall Asleep And Stay Asleep [INFOGRAPHIC]

Sleep restores children physically. It helps them learn and remember things, and it boosts immunity. And sleep helps children grow. For example, childrens bodies produce growth hormone when theyre asleep. Children often need more sleep at times of rapid growth.

Children of all ages need to get enough sleep so they can play, learn and concentrate during the day.

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Stages Of Sleep: The Sleep Cycle

There are five stages of sleep during the sleep cycle. Scientists categorized the stages of sleep based on the characteristics of the brain and body during sleep. Stage 1,2,3, and 4, are categorized as non-REM sleep, and the fifth stage, is REM sleep. Generally, brainwave frequencies and amplitudes from an electroencephelogram are used to differentiate the different stages of sleep, along with other biologic rhythms including eye movements and muscle movements .

Why You Need Sleep

If you have ever felt foggy after a poor nights sleep, it wont surprise you that sleep significantly impacts brain function. First, a healthy amount of sleep is vital for brain plasticity, or the brains ability to adapt to input. If we sleep too little, we become unable to process what weve learned during the day and we have more trouble remembering it in the future. Researchers also believe that sleep may promote the removal of waste products from brain cellssomething that seems to occur less efficiently when the brain is awake.

Sleep is vital to the rest of the body too. When people dont get enough sleep, their health risks rise. Symptoms of depression, seizures, high blood pressure and migraines worsen. Immunity is compromised, increasing the likelihood of illness and infection. Sleep also plays a role in metabolism: Even one night of missed sleep can create a prediabetic state in an otherwise healthy person. There are many important connections between health and sleep, says Wu.

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Causes Of Sleep Deprivation

If these questions sound familiar, they might be some of causes behind your sleep deprivation/ Insomnia is a tricky disorder. Its causes can be as varied as the people experiencing them. Weve already mentioned anxiety and depression. These are two huge ideas, especially for transient depression. Changes in jobs, schools, or money worries can be a giant factors, as well as emotionally devastating changes like the loss of a loved one or a relationship ending.

Make Your Diet More Sleep

how to fall asleep FAST when you can’t sleep! Sleep lifehacks!

Your diet represents an important component of sleep hygiene. To help get to sleep faster, strive to include specific sleep-promoting foods in your meals. Recent studies have confirmed that many foods and nutrients can help induce sleep. These include foods high in tryptophan , melatonin , and carbohydrates , as well as nutrients such as zinc and B vitamins.

In general, studies have found that fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains that are high in fiber, and vegetable oils that are low in saturated fat are recommended as part of a sleep-promoting diet . Including these foods and nutrients in your diet may help you feel drowsy and fall asleep more easily.

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What Are Sleep Disorders

According to the American Sleep Association, at least 40 million Americans experience sleep disorders each year. Another 20 million have occasional sleep issues. These disorders cause sleep deprivation, leading to problems with work, school, driving and social activities.

There are more than 70 sleep disorders. A few, known as disruptive sleep disorders, lead to moving around or making sounds. Other sleep disorders involve food. And some sleep disorders overlap with psychiatric conditions. If you have problems with sleep or feel very tired, talk to your healthcare provider about a possible sleep disorder.

Some of the most common sleep disorders include:

Increase Your Level Of Exercise

Exercise has been shown to be one of the most beneficial behaviors for promoting sleep. Whether its light, moderate, or vigorous, regular exercise and increased levels of daily physical activity are associated with quality slumber and lower rates of sleep disorders, including insomnia.

Research shows that people with chronic insomnia who exercise moderately just once reduce the time it takes to fall asleep by 55% later that night. Regular exercise over time continues to improve insomnia. One reason for this may be that exercise helps realign the bodys internal clock .

To help decrease the time it takes you to fall asleep at night, try increasing your exercise and activity level during the day.

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How Much Sleep Do We Need

The amount of sleep each person needs depends on many factors, including age. Infants generally require about 16 hours a day, while teenagers need about 9 hours on average. For most adults, 7 to 8 hours a night appears to be the best amount of sleep, although some people may need as few as 5 hours or as many as 10 hours of sleep each day.Women in the first 3 months of pregnancy often need several more hours of sleep than usual.

People tend to sleep more lightly and for shorter time spans as they get older, although they generally need about the same amount of sleep as they needed in early adulthood. About half of all people over 65 have frequent sleeping problems, such as insomnia, and deep sleep stages in many elderly people often become very short or stop completely. This change may be a normal part of aging, or it may result from medical problems that are common in elderly people and from the medications and other treatments for those problems

The amount of sleep a person needs also increases if he or she has been deprived of sleep in previous days. Getting too little sleep creates a sleep debt, which is much like being overdrawn at a bank. Eventually, your body will demand that the debt be repaid. We dont seem to adapt to getting less sleep than we need while we may get used to a sleep-depriving schedule, our judgment, reaction time, and other functions are still impaired.

Toddlers: When And How Much They Sleep

How Long Should It Take To Fall Asleep?

Toddlers need 11-14 hours of sleep every 24 hours. Usually this is a sleep of 10-12 hours a night, and a nap of 1-2 hours during the day.

Some toddlers arent keen on going to bed at night. Often this is because theyd like to stay up with the family. This is the most common sleep problem reported by parents. It peaks around 18 months and improves with age.

Less than 5% of two-year-olds wake three or more times overnight.

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