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When Will Apple Watch Get Sleep Tracking

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How Apple Watch Sleep Tracking Works

Apple Watch Sleep Tracking: How it actually works // Setup, Tested, Details, Comparisons

Apple’s sleep tracking integrates with the existing Bedtime feature on the iPhone’s Clock app , so you turn it on and create a schedule.

Before your allocated bedtime you’ll be ‘prepared’ for sleep with a wind-down time while your Apple Watch becomes dimmed and locked – your Watch is now in ‘Sleep Mode’.

Do Not Disturb is automatically turned on but you can disable this either when you set up Sleep or afterwards. 

You can also choose whether or not to have charging reminders – the watch will warn you within an hour of bedtime if you have less than 30 percent charge.

If you have a Series 4 or 5 you’ll almost certainly be OK to go through the night if you charged for a bit during the day at some point. With Series 3, you will need to fully charge in the day to last the night. 

In Sleep Mode, you need to turn the digital crown to unlock the watch just as you do when you step out of water after swimming. We actually find this a bit irritating when we need to get up in the night and use the torch, for example. 

You can disable Sleep Mode if you want, but this won’t track sleep. You can also opt out of sleep tracking entirely, even if you have Sleep Mode enabled. 

You can access Sleep options and tracking in various places, which is somewhat confusing at first but does make sense because it ties several things together. So: 

Watchos 7 Sleep Tracking

Get your sleep masks ready after long last, sleep tracking is coming to the Apple Watch. The new sleep app works with new preset shortcuts for the Apple Watch called Wind Down and Wake Up. Wind Down will make soften the appearance of your iPhone’s interface and enable Do Not Disturb. Then, when you initiate sleep mode on your wrist, your Apple Watch screen turns off and will display a simple, low-color clock if you tap it in the middle of the night. 

When it’s time to wake up, you can choose from a haptics or sounds to get your morning started. You’ll immediately see the time and your watch’s battery level on your wrist, so you know to charge it up before heading out for the day.

Apple hasn’t said much about how the feature will work, but we’ll probably learn more when the Watch 6 is announced. 

Here at the best Apple Watch sleep tracking apps to try out in the meantime. 

I Get A Gentle Tapping Alarm On My Wrist

In the morning, the Apple Watch thumps with a wake-up alarm. I feel it like a steady tap. I think I missed the first few minutes it was going off. It offers a snooze option, which I use. It reminds me of silent alarms I’ve used on Fitbit and even Pebble way back. I love the idea as a way I won’t wake up the family if I have to get up early, but I wish the pings were a little more… pingy.

Morning to you too, Apple Watch .

How Is Respiratory Rate Different From Spo2

At this point, you may be wondering what the difference is between SpO2 values that the Apple Watch Series 6 can track and this new sleeping respiratory rate on Apple Watch. To put it in simple terms, SpO2 is a measurement of concentration, while respiratory rate is a measure of, well, the rate at which you breathe. Heres what this means.

SpO2 values shown by your Apple Watch describe the saturation of oxygen in your blood. A higher value is better because that means your blood is more efficiently able to transport oxygen to your muscles and organs. A lower value, especially if its too low, is usually a mark of a medical issue, and we recommend that you visit a doctor to understand what may be wrong.

On the other hand, the respiratory rate shown by your Apple Watch is simply the number of breaths you take per minute. On average, an adult takes somewhere between 12-20 breaths per minute when awake but not exerting themselves. This number goes higher when you are exercising and usually goes lower while you are asleep.

Apple Watch Will Finally Get Sleep Tracking With Watchos 7

The best sleep tracking apps for Apple Watch and iPhone ...

The updated smartwatch operating system will include built-in sleep tracking, automatic hand-washing detection and coaching, cycling directions, and a new dance tracker in the Workout app. 

The Apple Watch is finally getting a built-in sleep-tracking feature. 

During its Worldwide Developers Conference virtual keynote on Monday, Apple announced plans to add the highly requested feature to the wearable as part of watchOS 7. The updated smartwatch operating system will also include automatic hand-washing detection and coaching, cycling directions, and a new dance tracker in the Workout app. 

You can already get third-party apps that turn the Watch into a sleep tracker, but Apple doesn’t currently offer this feature natively. Many were hoping for Apple to include sleep tracking as part of watchOS 6 last year, but that didn’t happen. Now, Apple is finally planning to add an official sleep-tracking feature, a welcome addition considering sleep is such an important element of your overall health. 

Apple Watch sleep tracking in watchOS 7 Apple Watch hand-washing countdown

Besides tracking your sleep, watchOS 7 will be able to automatically detect when you wash your hands, and show a countdown timer. That should help you reach the recommended 20 seconds without having to sing “Happy Birthday” in your head twice. Sensors will determine when you’re washing your hands, based on how you move them. The Watch will confirm the action when it hears the sound of running water. 

How To Use Your Apple Watch For Sleep Tracking

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Without proper sleep, you cant fully focus. Plus, a tired mind makes you prone to overeating. If you track your sleep on your Apple Watch, it can help you avoid these issues and maintain your health.

Apple currently doesnt provide a sleep tracker for the Apple Watch. Even though theres a Sleep category in Apples Health app, that information comes from third-party sleep tracking apps that are already installed on your iPhone. To track your sleep, you have to use a third-party solution, like AutoSleep or Pillow.

The Apple Watch also doesnt include hardware specifically designed to track sleep. To get an accurate reading, a device has to measure brain activity. Obviously, thats not the case here, as an Apple watch relies on various built-in technologies to create a general analysis. This data includes inactivity and your heart rate.

However, sleep trackers on smart devices can give you an idea of what your sleep patterns are. Of course, if youre concerned that youre not getting enough sleep and the effects, you should always consult your physician.

‘autosleep 5’ Brings Live Sleep Tracking To Apple Watch And Iphone X Support

Third party sleep tracking app AutoSleep reached version 5.0 on Tuesday, introducing a slew of new features and improvements, including iPhone X support and live sleep tracking on Apple Watch.

With later models of Apple Watch benefiting from major improvements in battery life, many Watch owners now wear their device to bed. Despite this, Apple still doesn’t provide a native sleep tracking feature in watchOS, which has allowed third-party apps like AutoSleep to step in and fill the void.

While AutoSleep can track sleep quality and duration using just an iPhone, one of the app’s biggest draws has been its Apple Watch component. Up until now, users had to sync the app to their iPhone to review calculated sleep metrics, but with AutoSleep 5, the Apple Watch app can now automatically track sleep without needing any help from an iPhone.

With sleep independently calculated on their wrist, users have the ability to scroll through sleep quality rings, deep sleep stats, and recharge summaries using the Digital Crown or by scrolling with a finger.

The Watch-based Lights Off feature, which lets users track how long it takes them to fall asleep, has also been rewritten. The progress display now has muted colors for viewing at night, and shows how much time the user has actually been asleep versus time spent just lying in bed.

Paid Membership: No But Offers In

Sleep++ is the most basic of the available sleep apps, but it’s free to download and has no hidden extra costs. You can choose to have your sleep tracked in auto mode or manual mode.

Auto mode will automatically track your sleep, using your movements or lack thereof to know when you’re in dreamland. If you use manual mode, you’ll have to tell the app when you’re going to sleep and when you wake up.

Press “Start Sleeping” and then “Stop Sleeping” on your Apple Watch or in the iPhone app.

You won’t get much data from this app, just one bar showing you how deep your sleep was. However, it’s totally free and a great place to start your sleep-tracking routine.

How To Track Your Sleep On Apple Watch

Apple Watch Sleep Tracking | Never Charge Your Apple Watch Overnight

If youre having trouble sleeping, you may want to monitor your sleep cycle. An Apple Watch makes it easy with its own built-in sleep tracker and support for third-party apps.

Yawwwwn. Waking up feeling tired? Think you’re not getting enough sleep, or even the best kind of sleep? You could turn to your iPhone for help, but it may be better to track your sleep patterns. One way to do that is with a sleep tracker app on your Apple Watch.

In the past, you had to use a third-party app to monitor and record your sleep, but Apple introduced its own integrated sleep tracker with watchOS 7. The built-in tracker gets the job done, but it doesnt have all the bells and whistles needed to fully track and record every aspect of your sleep. For that reason, you might still want to try a third-party sleep-tracking app to get a more complete picture of your sleep patterns.

Worried about battery power? Don’t be. Your Apple Watch won’t run out of battery in the middle of the night if you give it a power boost before bed. Connect it to the charger for an hour or two before sleep, and it should last the entire night.

These apps aren’t always 100 percent accurate. A more comprehensive test would involve your doctor and a full sleep study where you would be hooked up to monitors. However, these sleep trackers at least offer a good place to start.

Native Apple Watch Sleep Tracking

With the release of watchOS 7 last year, Apple Watch now officially supports sleep tracking without needing a third-party application.

We went hands-on with the experience when it was released, explaining that Apple is tying Apple Watch sleep-tracking capabilities in with new iPhone features such as Wind Down and Wake Up for a seamless cross-device experience.

Theres a new Sleep app on the Apple Watch, as well as a Sleep Mode that hides your usual watch face and instead shows the current time, as well as what time your alarm is set for. It also disables features like raise-to-wake, so your watch face isnt lighting up in the middle of the night.

To view the sleep data tracked by your Apple Watch, you can go to the Sleep app on Apple Watch or the Health app on iPhone. The actual data here is limited. Apple simply shows you your time asleep, as well as a range for your heart rate. Thats where third-party applications still prove useful. They can offer much more data than Apples native implementation, and you dont have to wait until the fall to get started.

How To Use Sleeping Respiratory Rate Tracking On Apple Watch

Well, after reading all that, if you are wondering how to use sleeping respiratory rate tracking on Apple Watch, heres how to do just that.

  • Make sure you have sleep tracking enabled on your Apple Watch. If you dont, you can check out our article on how to enable sleep detection on Apple Watch.
  • You will also need to and update Apple Watch to watchOS 8 to get the feature. By the way, if you are not a developer, you can still as well.
  • Now, you just need to ensure that you are wearing your Apple Watch to sleep, and it will start tracking your sleep respiratory rate.

Apple Watch Sleep Tracking Outlook

The Apple Watch sleep tracking software Im using is still in beta stages, meaning Apple could alter it before watchOS 7s official release. As it is now, Im more impressed than I thought I would be.

What I like the most is not the sleep tracking data itself, but the guidance that Apple offers in getting me ready for bed. No more doom scrolling for me! Plus, Apples gamification of sleepmuch the same way it does with activityhas made me as motivated to meet my bedtime goals as I am to exercise for 30 minutes every day. Maybe thats just what I needed to get my sleep schedule back on track. 

How To Manually Control Sleep Mode On Apple Watch

Sleep Tracker App For Apple Watch

Like on iPhone, you can toggle Sleep Mode on and off on Apple Watch by bringing up the Control Center from the bottom of the screen.

If Sleep Mode is active on your Apple Watch, turn the Digital Crown until your normal watch face appears on the screen.

For more details on the sleep features in iOS 14 and watchOS 7, check out our dedicated guide.

The New Apple Watch Should Be Announced On 10 September

Apples 10 September event should bring us the new iPhones and the new Apple Watches. If rumours are to be believed, the Apple Watch is going to get an added feature of sleep tracking.

Sleep tracking is a feature that has been seen on most fitness bands and smartwatches but wasn’t present on the Apple Watch so far. Apple acquired a sleep tracking company called Beddit, which makes a Beddit Sleep Monitor product along with a companion app, two years ago. And this acquisition could now finally be baked into Apple Watch, according to a report from 9to5 Mac. However, this sleep tracking feature will not require separate hardware to work.

The sleep tracking feature, which is internally called ‘Burrito’ as well as ‘Time in Bed tracking’ will track your sleep when you wear your Apple Watch to bed. The parameters tracked will include quality of sleep, heart rate, noises and more using the onboard sensors on the Apple Watch.

This data will then be available to be synced to the Health app on the Apple iPhone and a dedicated Sleep app on the Apple Watch. The report also hints at a sleep tracking complication being added to Apple Watch to show you your sleep stats at a glance.

Since most people charge their Watch when they sleep, the Apple Watch will notify users before bedtime if the battery is running low. Another speculated feature might have to do with alarms. If you are wearing your Apple Watch to bed, then the alarm on the iPhone will be bypassed by the alarm on the Watch.

Through Iphone And Apple Watch Apple Has Already Been Able To Do A Part Of Some Of Those Moments Before Bedtime

    Apple wasn’t the first manufacturer to launch a smartwatch, nor is it the first one to introduce sleep tracking. However, unlike other smartwatches and fitness trackers that simply present the data on the basis of the body moment, Apple has been working on sleep tracking feature for years. The tech giant has adopted a holistic approach by looking at the ways to help people not only track their progress towards a healthy amount of sleep but also create the pre-bedtime routine for going to bed on time to achieve health goals.

    “Apple has this honor of being present with people throughout the day, so we looked at how we could use these touchpoints to gently change the experience and help people shift their focus toward going to sleep. So we built Wind Down, which helps people in their transition to sleep through a balance of supporting and reminding,” says Kevin Lynch, VP of Technology at Apple.

    Even in today’s age, sleep is not researched fully. Researchers are still looking into what happens during sleep and how it impacts health, including the role of different sleep stages. Identifying sleep as one of the main pillars of everyday health, Apple started innovating around sleep when it first began working on health features.

    How sleep tracking works on watchOS 7?

    New Apple Watch charging schedule

    Setting A Sleep Schedule Feels Familiar

    Setting up sleep tracking feels very much like an extension of the years-old iOS feature inside the Clock app that allows bedtime reminders and triggers a yellow shift in the light from your phone’s screen to enter a wind-down experience.

    Sleep schedules get set up on the Apple Watch, or in Apple’s Health app. I picked eight hours, spinning the clock around so my bedtime would be midnight, waking at 8 a.m. I work from home now and the kids aren’t in school.

    Consistent, but I go to bed way too late.

    The 3 Best Apple Watch Sleep Tracking Apps To Use Before Watchos 7 Arrives

    Apple Watch Sleep Tracking with watchOS 7 & iOS 14! ð´

    The Apple Watch 6 and watchOS 7 are a pair prepared to bring sleep tracking mainstream, but that doesnt mean you need to wait until this fall to start monitoring the quality of your snooze. 

    Apples own Sleep app has been in the pipeline since first-generation Apple Watch debuted,  Apple VP of Technology Kevin Lynch told CNET earlier this week. But as some Apple Watch users saw Fitbit and Garmin wearables supply sleep data, they turned to the watchOS App Store for software of their own. 

    While the best sleep apps for smartphones strive to help adults get enough shuteye, using a smartwatch or fitness tracker can offer insights that a phone by your bedside cannot. Apples upcoming sleep tracking app, for example, will wield the Apple Watchs built-in accelerometer and heart rate sensor to detect subtle movements that signal respiration while users snooze.

    When the public watchOS 7 beta launches later this month, well be going hands-on with the all-new Sleep app to see if our Apple Watch can help us establish better bedtime schedules. Well also take a look at how the Wind Down feature contributes to a more peaceful transition to dreamland. 

    Monitor Your Sleep With Your Apple Watch And Iphone

    Sleep tracking arrived on the Apple Watch last year with the release of watchOS 7, bringing it into line with devices from the likes of Samsung and Fitbit when it comes to monitoring your wellbeing overnight,

    The Sleep app was first unveiled at WWDC 2020, and has since been rolled out on wrists around the world, but if you don’t usually wear your watch at night you’ll be missing out 

    Here, we answer the big questions about how it works and nudges you to change your overnight Apple smartwatch habits.

    How To Set Up Sleep Tracking On Apple Watch

    1. Ensure your Apple Watch is on watchOS 7 or later and your iPhone is running iOS 14 or later.

    2. In the Health app on your iPhone, set up Sleep. You can also go through this process on the Apple Watch itself in the Sleep app. 

    3. Firstly, choose the duration of sleep – this is a Sleep goal but it isn’t tracked in the iPhone Activity app like your rings . We’ve chosen eight hours. 

    4. Next, you set when bedtime begins and when you need to wake up. There are actually a bunch of options here, so go through them carefully. Do you need to set it for every day, or just weekdays.

    5. You’ll need to set a relaxation time before you go to bed – you can also choose to link this to a Siri Shortcut to do other automation such as turning off a light at home, for example. Wind Down can also be linked to a music playlist, for example. 

    6. You can decide whether or not to set an alarm and how you want it to sound. Note that this won’t replace your existing alarms on Apple Watch .

    Your alarm will sound on your iPhone if you don’t have your Apple Watch on and on your Watch if you do have it on. You can fully configure the alarm sound as well. If your Watch is set to silent, it will just vibrate. 

    7. You can see your sleep patterns in the Health app on iPhone – view by week or month. You can definitely see the gaps in my sleep here. As you can see, a small child is not conducive to meeting your sleep goal! 

    Making Data Easily Accessible

    While wearables don’t do a perfect job of recording your sleep times, they can present the data to you in an easily digestible format graphs and charts through the companion app, for example. 

    Plus, many offer extra features that can help you chart changes in your sleep over time and spot patterns so that, over time, you can build up a good picture of how your daily behaviours impact your sleep, and vice versa. And simply being more conscious of the need to get more sleep can encourage better sleep behaviour which can, in turn, lead to better sleep.  

    Don’t get too concerned about the data from your smartwatch or fitness tracker, though. Dr Heather Morgan, lecturer in applied health sciences at the University of Aberdeen, and a specialist in digital health and fitness tracking, told us that wearables can help you better understand your sleep, and that analysing her own sleep had helped her achieve a better sleep pattern. 

    ‘But’, she adds, ‘use your judgement and know your personality. If you’re prone to anxiety, sleep tracking may not be for you. Trying to perfect your sleep could be one more thing to fixate on, which could, ironically, stop you sleeping’.

    How To Track Your Sleep With An Apple Watch

    Apple Watch said to get sleep tracking feature

    Do you want to know how to track your sleep with an Apple Watch? With WatchOS 7 for Apple Watch Series 3 devices and later, its easy to track your sleep using the in-built sleep-tracking feature. If youre rocking an older Apple Watch, theres no need to worry there are a few sleep-tracking workarounds involving apps and using your iPhone. However, none are ideal, and well also fill you in on the one big drawback that may change your mind about using the Apple Watch to track sleep at all.

    Also Great: Sleep Cycle

    If youre a more visual person and you prefer a minimalistic interface, or if you own a phone thats incompatible with SleepScore, Sleep Cycle can be helpful, though in a different way. Sleep Cycle doesnt provide customized sleep advice on your phone, nor does it provide an explanation for its graphs or terminology. In our tests, it offered less data than any of the other apps we tried, at least in terms of the specific stages of sleep. But its as intuitive as SleepScore to set up, and perhaps because of the limited data output, the resulting sleep reports are pretty easy to understand.

    Sleep Cycles biggest win comes from how neatly it presents the sleep-lifestyle correlations on screen in comparison with the other apps we used. Simply tap the Trends button, andvoilà!any factors you typed in the night before, plus any Apple Health data, are automatically correlated with your sleep and shown in a way that even a third-grader could figure out. For instance: Compared with how Joanne slept at home in New York City, she slept worse when she was traveling for work, slightly better at her moms, and even better on vacation in the Catskills.

    Unlike SleepScore, which works only with iPhones 6 or newer and certain Android phones, Sleep Cycle is compatible with all iPhones and Android phones.

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