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Which Direction Sleeping Is Better

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Relation Between Right Sleep Direction And Quality Sleep

Feng Shui your way to better sleep

Does the right sleeping direction matter? Yes, a good night’s sleep is possible only if you follow the favorable sleep direction – feet pointing south and head pointing towards the northern hemisphere. The benefits of sleeping south include better blood circulation, which is essential for people who suffer from high blood pressure.

The best sleeping position for a good night’s sleep is towards the north pole. Sleeping with your head pointing east might lead to sleep disorders at times. The southern hemisphere and northern hemisphere attract the opposite vibes, as per feng shui.

Effect of Favorable Sleeping Direction on Sleep Quality and Good Health

  • Restful sleep aids in regulating the blood pressure
  • If your head and feet point in the right direction, more blood flow is directed towards the brain
  • Sleep disorders can be prevented by complying with the best sleeping direction
  • You get fewer dreams and nightmares on following a good direction
  • Modern science has established that blood vessels move effectively if you avoid sleeping in the wrong direction
  • Blood circulation is enhanced when there is mutual attraction towards the positive poles

Tip : Control Your Exposure To Light

Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone controlled by light exposure that helps regulate your sleep-wake cycle. Your brain secretes more melatonin when its darkmaking you sleepyand less when its lightmaking you more alert. However, many aspects of modern life can alter your bodys production of melatonin and shift your circadian rhythm. Heres how to influence your exposure to light:

Reduce Irregular Or Long Daytime Naps

While short power naps are beneficial, long or irregular napping during the day can negatively affect your sleep.

Sleeping in the daytime can confuse your internal clock, meaning that you may struggle to sleep at night .

In fact, in one study, participants ended up being sleepier during the day after taking daytime naps .

Another study noted that while napping for 30 minutes or less can enhance daytime brain function, longer naps can harm health and sleep quality .

However, some studies demonstrate that those who are used to taking regular daytime naps dont experience poor sleep quality or disrupted sleep at night.

If you take regular daytime naps and sleep well, you shouldnt worry. The effects of napping depend on the individual .


Long daytime naps may impair sleep quality. If you have trouble sleeping at night, stop napping or shorten your naps.

Your bodys circadian rhythm functions on a set loop, aligning itself with sunrise and sunset.

Being consistent with your sleep and waking times can aid long-term sleep quality .

One study noted that participants who had irregular sleeping patterns and went to bed late on the weekends reported poor sleep .

Other studies have highlighted that irregular sleep patterns can alter your circadian rhythm and levels of melatonin, which signal your brain to sleep .

If you struggle with sleep, try to get in the habit of waking up and going to bed at similar times. After several weeks, you may not even need an alarm.

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Best Sleeping Direction And Other Healthy Sleeping Tips

  • Keep electronics out of the bedroom
  • Allow fresh air to flow through your bedroom every day
  • Clear all clutter from your room, especially under the bed
  • Bring some green houseplants into your bedroom, bringing nature inside will have a calming effect
  • If you can see your reflection in a mirror while sitting in bed, move the mirror or cover it at night
  • Dont sleep with the soles of your feet pointing at the door, this is how a corpse is brought out of a room and considered a bad luck position
  • Invest in a quality mattress and pillows if your current bed is around 8 years old, a pressure relieving mattress is more comfortable and durable

Why Is Good Sleep Important To Our Body

Significance Of Direction of Sleep As Per Hindu Dharma

When you are asleep, you put your body to rest and get yourself out of everything else. You do not care then about your surroundings. It is truly you-time, only your mind is in an unconscious state. Sleeping is like recharging your body and mind. Sleeplessness can lead to stress, anxiety, and poor performance in almost every sphere of life. The mind can get distracted and result in wrong decisions. It can also lead to cardiac troubles.

On average you should spend a third of your day sleeping just to make sure that your body gets enough time to heal back. A sound mind can increase proficiency and efficacy.

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Consider These Other Supplements

Several supplements can induce relaxation and help you sleep, including:

  • Ginkgo biloba: A natural herb with many benefits, it may aid sleep, relaxation, and stress reduction, but the evidence is limited. Take 250 mg 3060 minutes before bed (

75 ).

Another study found that alcohol consumption at night decreased the natural nighttime elevations in human growth hormone , which plays a role in your circadian rhythm and has many other key functions .


Avoid alcohol before bed, as it can reduce nighttime melatonin production and lead to disrupted sleep patterns.

Many people believe that the bedroom environment and its setup are key factors in getting a good nights sleep.

These factors include temperature, noise, external lights, and furniture arrangement .

Numerous studies point out that external noise, often from traffic, can cause poor sleep and long-term health issues .

In one study on the bedroom environment of women, around 50% of participants noticed improved sleep quality when noise and light diminished .

To optimize your bedroom environment, try to minimize external noise, light, and artificial lights from devices like alarm clocks. Make sure your bedroom is a quiet, relaxing, clean, and enjoyable place.


What Is The Best Direction To Sleep According To Feng Shui

While Vastu Shastra is largely concerned with space, Feng Shui is primarily based on elements in the space. It believes in the energy flow or chi flow driven by the elements in the space, more than the sleeping direction. Ancient feng shui practitioners prefer the southward energy as it makes you experience warm winds from the south for handling Chinas climate.

Feng Shui practices are highly anecdotal, and many practitioners of feng shui advise keeping your bed away from windows and doors. This is done to increase the flow of chi or energy while sleeping. Feng Shui bed direction advises clearing any obstructions that hinder the energy flow or path. Feng Shui bed position needs more clinical backing but is highly influential for energy flow.

Good Feng Shui also describes which direction your bed should face as it is known to improve health and regulate blood pressure levels. According to feng shui, the bed should be placed directly against a wall but not under any windows. It should be placed in a spot where you can see the door clearly but are not in line or sync with it.

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The Importance Of Sleeping Direction As Per Vastu

As per vastu the direction for sleeping plays a crucial role in the overall sleep quality and health of individuals.

Even if youve spent a ton of money to buy a Vastu compliant flat, it is no good if you cant sleep peacefully.

Sleeping is one of the most important and necessary activities we perform in our lives. On a average, one-third of most peoples lives are spent in sleeping.

A sound sleep not only allows us to get up refreshed and ready for the next day, it also enables our sub-conscious mind and body to do the necessary repair work.

Also as per Ayurveda, the three most important pillars of health are proper diet, exercise and sleep. If any one of these is out of sync, the body and mind are thrown out of balance.

Sometimes we do all the right things like sleeping on time, taking a light meal at night and even exercising. Yet, a sound sleep remains elusive.

This could easily be attributed to your sleeping position Vastu. And this is where we turn to the ancient science of Vastu Shastra which has a resolution for almost all aspects of life.

The goal of Vastu is to create a harmony between the five elements of natureviz. Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space. It does so by ensuring that these elements are in the correct form, position and proportion within your house.

Since we are constantly receiving and radiating energy, it is critical to sleep in an orientation that is conducive to propagating quality energy. Lets Investigate

Does Sleep Direction Matter

How To Treat Insomnia Naturally Without Medication Fix Sleeping Problems | Best Way To Sleep Better

While sleeping positions as per Vastu shastra and feng shui have scientific relevance, they should be followed only by those who believe in these practices. These practices are known to attract positive and radiate good health but still need more clinical backing. Those who prefer not to take a chance and believe in these practices shall follow all the guidelines mentioned by them.

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Things You Should Notice When Placing Your Bed

The best direction to sleep is important but so is the position of your bed. How you position your bed will also have an impact on your overall health. You can actually minimize vulnerability by making small adjustments to the position of your bed in your bedroom. This will help you sleep without fear and you will wake up fresh. Here are a few tips to bear in mind when changing the position of your bed:

  • Avoid dead man or coffin position in which your bed is opposite of the door with your head or feet facing the door.
  • Never place your bed in a way that you can look through the open doorway.
  • Avoid hanging a mirror on the exact opposite wall of your bed. Some believe that your soul leaves your body when you sleep, so having reflections may lead to unsettling results.
  • Never place your bed directly under a window because this will lead to disrupted sleep.
  • Ensure that you do not place your bed in a way that it blocks a window.
  • Avoid positioning your bed towards a bathroom door.
  • Never sleep underneath a beam because it can make you ill.
  • Be sure to use a bed frame and never sleep on the mattress on the floor.
  • Never place your bed opposite open shelving.

Is It Bad To Always Sleep On One Side

Sleeping on your left side is thought to have the most benefits to your overall health. In this position, your organs are freer to get rid of toxins while you sleep. Still, either side can offer benefits in terms of sleep apnea and chronic lower back pain relief. You don’t have to stick with one side the entire night.

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Keep Your Room Dark Cool And Quiet

Keep noise down. If you cant avoid or eliminate noise from neighbors, traffic, or other people in your household, try masking it with a fan or sound machine. Earplugs may also help.

Keep your room cool. Most people sleep best in a slightly cool room with adequate ventilation. A bedroom that is too hot or too cold can interfere with quality sleep.

Make sure your bed is comfortable. Your bed covers should leave you enough room to stretch and turn comfortably without becoming tangled. If you often wake up with a sore back or an aching neck, you may need to experiment with different levels of mattress firmness, foam toppers, and pillows that provide more or less support.

Reserve your bed for sleeping and sex. By not working, watching TV, or using your phone, tablet, or computer in bed, your brain will associate the bedroom with just sleep and sex, which makes it easier to wind down at night.

Feng Shui And Vastu Shastra: The Best Direction To Sleep In

The Sure Fire Way to Sleep Better Tonight (With images ...
  • Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra: The Best Direction to Sleep In

When it comes to getting a good nights sleep, many of us can struggle to figure out the perfect position for a peaceful slumber. You know that youre meant to stay in a cool room with minimal distractions, and sleep using a comfortable mattress that doesnt slide. You also know that you need to avoid stimulants like alcohol and caffeine before sleeping. But how much do you know about sleeping positions, and how your chosen sleeping direction affects your sleep quality?The idea that sleeping style has an impact on how well a human being can sleep comes from ancient principles of feng shui and Vastu Shastra. While theres still a lot of research ongoing into these theories, many people swear that certain sleeping styles make a difference. For instance, sleeping facing west, or pointing their head towards the northern hemisphere or southern hemisphere can actually give them a good night of rest and more energy in the morning.

Heres everything you need to know about bed, body and head direction while sleeping.

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Till Such Time It Is Best To Avoid Sleeping On One’s Back Where There Is Maximum Exposure Of The Body To The Ground And Thereby To The Regions Of Hell

During the weekend we often tend to sleep longer than usual. Sometimes when the proportion of these subtle excretory gases is high in the chest, they move in the upward direction too and exit out of the body. In which direction we should sleep? What are the side effects of a negative sleeping position? Please note that placement refers to the direction in which the. When you are not sleeping in the right direction, it disrupts the rhythm of your sleep. According to vastu’s teachings, the direction of sleep is extremely important. Which is the best sleeping direction to sleep as per vastu shastra? Not only does a good night’s rest allow us to be nice people, but it also enables the subconscious to without further ado, let’s investigate the best sleep options per vastu shastra. The ideal sleeping direction is determined by your year of birth. Depending on your mattress, you may need to support your waist, too Sleeping direction science indicates a head pointed east will allow blood. Which direction is best for sleeping?

One large study found that most patients with obstructive sleep apnea slept. If you can keep your head in such direction, it will easily supply positive energy in individual whenever they wake up. During the weekend we often tend to sleep longer than usual. Another good sleeping direction will be keeping head towards the west. How does sleeping direction matter according to vastu?

What Is The Best Way To Set Up Your Bed

Set up your bed such that the light sources are in the opposite direction. Manage the curtains accordingly if you like to wake up by natural light. To ensure lying down with your head facing north, place the pillow on the opposite side and then change before lying down.

For afternoon naps, follow the same pattern. If the northeast side is not feasible, you can try sleeping diagonally as well. As mentioned before, the positioning of the bed should always be away from the side walls.

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Best Sleeping Direction As Per Vastu

As per Vastu, the best sleeping direction for good health is the south. So, when you lie in bed, your head should point towards the south and your feet towards the north. When you lie towards the south, you align the bodys magnetic energy with that of the earth. Your head or north pole is pointed towards the earths south. In this way, opposite poles attract.

On the contrary, if you lie towards the north, you may have two similar poles facing each other. Many Vastu practitioners believe that sleeping towards the north can contribute to high blood pressure and migraines. That is why it is not an ideal sleeping direction.

Direction For Career Success And Fame Seekers

Feng Shui Sleeping Tips For Your Bed, Bedroom and Life

The second point-of-view that some Vastu Shastra practitioners espouse is that the west supports ambitions, and those driven to succeed. They recommend clients sleep with their heads pointed west when desiring career success, especially anyone seeking fame and recognition. In these instances, wealth usually follows. It’s believed that anyone with this driving force and temperament will benefit from the powerful energies generated from the west.

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Magnetic North And Human Body

In Vastu Shastra, relying on Ayurvedic principles, the human body has two magnetic poles. The north is the positive charge, and the south is the negative charge. This means when you sleep with your head pointed north, you end up with two positive charges that repel each other. To get a better idea how this sleep position affects your body, consider the power of the Earth’s magnetic north pole versus the power of your north pole positive charge.

Sleeping In The South

If one goes by the theory of magnets, a mutual attraction between the negative South and positive head creates harmony in sleep. According to mythology, the South is the direction of Lord Yama, and promotes heavy, deep sleep, like the restorative sleep of death. Vstu practitioners consider this to be the best type of sleep for health, lowering blood pressure, and promoting positive energy, wealth, prosperity, and harmony.

For Vata people, who often have anxiety and cold hands, sleeping with the head towards the South or southeast is recommended.

People with Pitta aggravation can sleep towards the northwest .

Sleeping with the head facing west may bring a Kapha vikruti back to balance.

In 2009, a study in India in the Department of Physiology at Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences was undertaken to observe whether sleeping with the head in a direction has any effect on heart rate, blood pressure, and serum cortisol during supine rest. It found that those instructed to sleep with their head in the South direction had the lowest SBP , DBP , HR , and SC . These were statistically significant findings, though it was recommended that further studies were needed in different groups.

Modern science is reiterating what Vstu and yurvedic treatises recommended centuries ago.

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