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Why Do We Sleep Better When It Rains

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What Is It About Rainy Days That Makes Us Want To Sleep

Why Do You Sleep Better When it Rains? #Shorts

Do you struggle to keep your eyes open when it rains? Does it sound like a gentle melody, begging you to close your eyes and drift back to sleep? If so, you are not alone. Many people complain that they are more tired on rainy days.

So, what is it about the sound of rain on a rooftop that makes us want to sleep? Here are some reasons why you get so tired when it is rainy out:

Where Do Lizards Go When It Rains

    Where Do Lizards Go When It Rains?

    How do lizards rain?;Cold weather stuns the lizards, which drop from trees, seemingly frozen or dead. Not to worry: The warm sun wakes them up again. But when there are low temperatures, they literally shut down, and they can no longer hold on to the trees.

    Where do lizards sleep at night?;Lizards dont hibernate; they are actually going through a similar yet lighter phase called brumation. When hibernating, the animal goes into a deeper sleep. During brumation, lizards bury themselves in holes or similar dark and hidden places, but still sometimes go out to fulfill the basic needs of their bodies.

    Where do lizards go when its cold?;When the weather gets too cool for a lizard to live in they will find a small hole in the ground or maybe a tree trunk, fallen log or a similar place and will stay there until outside conditions are more to their liking. Hibernation is similar to your computer going to sleep; it is not active but waiting.

    Why Does Rain Make Me Feel Calm

    The sound of rain can have a calming effect and ease anxiety. Falling rain creates a sound sleep researchers and psychologists call pink noise. Its a sort of natural sedative to the active mind that helps block out other sensory input like sirens, trains and anything else that might keep the mind from settling.

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    The Course Website And Blog For The Fall 2016 Instance Of Penn State’s Sc200 Course

    Why do we sleep better when it rains?

    Whenever it rains, people always say they sleep better, even I think its true. On a gloomy or stormy day, the mood of the day is just tiring and low. Listening to the rain puts everyone to sleep. Why is this? This has always interested me, because I am one of those people that loves to fall asleep to a storm. Lets look at the science behind this.

    One study was done at the University of Rochester Sleep Laboratory in New York. They noticed this among many of their students as well. They test group consisted of 43 students. These participants were told to write in a sleep diary for 105 days. This sleep diary would keep track of the weather that day, along with how long they slept and how their sleep was. This study worked with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration weather database. They found that when the barometer was high, the participants rested better. This led them to their answer. They concluded that it is because of the sound and the gloominess, we tend to sleep more and not want to get up.

    But Why Does Bad Weather Make Me Happy

    Why Do I Sleep Better When it Rains?  Smart Sleeping Tips

    A lot of people feel relaxed, sad or sleepy during rain or storms, but others feel joy and happiness instead. What weirdos right? Well, not really, and science has your back too. Bad weather, such as rain and thunderstorms, can be therapeutic for some people. Maybe even you if you are reading this far.

    This is going to sound like it is for the introverts out there, but some people actually enjoy getting stuck inside during a storm. People with anxiety like to feel like they are hibernating during the weather and not being bothered by anyone. No obligations to go meet someone or get stuck in awkward situations. The rainfall also offers a white noise type effect that drowns out the sounds of the world around them and calming them down. For these people, a bright and sunny day is stimulating and is overwhelming for people that suffer from this type of anxiety.

    Psychologists call this a reverse seasonal affective disorder, or a summer depression. This disorder can be triggered by seasonal shifts. We all live with different types of anxiety in our lives and there are people that thrive in environments that others find sleepy. While we focus on the sleep aspect the rain and weather, going into depth about these disorders is above the scope of this blog. If you want to learn more about these disorders, click the link below for a great explanation by Jordan Gaines Lewis, Ph.D at

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    Why Do People Go To Sleep When Its Raining

    Most everything dealing with cloudy days, rain or thunderstorms deals with your bodys reaction to cloudy days and the sound of rain. For your entire life, your body has been trained to go to sleep when it is dark and static noise, or white noise, to help drown out other sounds that are distracting.

    Can Rain Make People Feel Anxious

    The sound of rain helps people relax, but if there is a sudden sound in the middle of the rain sounds, it will make us feel anxious. Heavy rain and violent thunderstorms can make people feel uneasy.

    You dont need to go on an exotic tropical vacation to relax. Sometimes, its even better to stay in your bed while listening to natures soundtrack: the gentle beat of falling rain.

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    Increase Your Exposure To Bright Light During The Day

    Our body has its own time-keeping clock called circadian rhythm. This innate time-keeping ability affects your hormones and practically your entire body and brain. It is responsible for helping you stay awake during the day and tells your body when it is time to sleep at night.

    Exposure to sunlight can keep your circadian rhythm functioning normally. When it rains, youre actually reducing the amount of natural sunlight exposure, which then affects your circadian rhythm, hence affecting your sleep patterns. Increasing your exposure to bright light during the day is essential to improve your daytime energy, as well as your quality of sleep in the night.

    Why Are We So Affected By The Weather

    Heavy Rain Sounds at Night – Sleep, Study, Relax | Ambient Noise Rainstorm, @Ultizzz day#69

    Weather has different ways of interacting with not only our environment, but also out brain. Some people can even claim that they can feel it in their bones. Believe it or not, they just may be able to.

    Windy days can blow around airborne viruses, hot and muggy days can help bacteria thrive and cold days can make getting sick easier. Did you know that the physical effects of the weather play a large role too?

    For example, in cold weather, your heart has to pump harder to move the blood through your body and stay warm. This puts you at a higher risk of having a heart attack! While hot weather can increase your core temperature to cause a heat stroke.

    Finding the balance of how the weather affects you is critical to finding comfort, more especially for a good nights sleep. No one likes to sleep in the heat, or the cold.

    Having the ability to control the climate where we sleep definitely contributes to a healthier sleeping lifestyle.

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    How Do You Wake Up On A Rainy Day

    Rain definitely makes it harder to wake up, but it doesnt have to keep you sleepy all day. Try eating a healthy breakfast to energize you or hit the gym, if you can. Another way to combat the negative effects of rainy mornings is to open the blinds and give your home as much exposure as possible to natural light.

    Do Rainy Days Make You Feel Sleepy

      If you answered yes to the question above, then you may also ask yourself why these rainy days make you feel so sleepy. Well apparently there a few reasons for your lazy mood on a rainy day.

      Weather and health often go hand-in-hand. Think about taking a trip somewhere with a warmer climate than home and how happy the people there always seem to be. Or how much grumpier everyone acts when the temperatures get really, really hot.

      Weather changes your mood for better and for worse and rainy days are no different. But why is it that rain means tiredness? Why do we feel so lazy when the sky gets hazy?

      Turns out there are a few reasons…

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      What Is The Reason Of Depression

      Research suggests that depression doesnt spring from simply having too much or too little of certain brain chemicals. Rather, there are many possible causes of depression, including faulty mood regulation by the brain, genetic vulnerability, stressful life events, medications, and medical problems.

      You Don’t Sleep As Well

      Rainy Days and Mondays: Why Do We Feel Sad and Depressed ...

      A study by the;University of Rochester Sleep Laboratory in New York showed that on rainy nights you don’t get as good a night’s sleep. Meaning cloudy, rainy nights are not as restful. And when you can’t sleep as soundly or as long, you wake up exhausted and rundown. Then throughout the day you’re just plain exhausted.

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      Weather Changes Can Be Painful

      Changes in barometric pressure, temperature and humidity can influence pain levels for those with joint and nerve pain and make getting comfortable harder.

      For example, colder weather and rising barometric pressure seem to be correlated with increased arthritis pain according to a Tufts University study and aDutch studyVerified SourceNational Library of Medicine Worlds largest medical library, making biomedical data and information more accessible.View sourcefound higher humidity also appeared to play a role. On the other hand, falling barometric pressure, extreme temperatures and humidity are associated withincreased migrainesVerified SourceMayo ClinicRanked #1 hospital by U.S. News & World Report and one of the most trusted medical institutions in the world. The staff is committed to integrated patient care, education, and research.View sourcein sensitive individuals.

      Researchers arent entirely sure why people experience more pain during certain weather conditions, but pain has been shown to affect sleep innumerous studies.Verified SourceNational Sleep FoundationNonprofit focused on educating about sleep health.View sourceSome common pain medications;contain caffeine and other stimulants, which;also influence quality of sleep.

      Do Lizards Drink Through Their Skin

      While some animals have developed ways of extracting water from the food they eat, or reducing water lost through evaporation, desert dwelling lizards dont drink water at all; they absorb it through their skin. Just think of the complex system as a network of straws helping the lizard to get a drink.

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      Why Do People Like The Sound Of Rain

      Have you ever wondered why the rain sounds so relaxing? Researchers stated that we love the sound of rain because we perceive it as a non-threatening sound. The monotone sound of rain lacks sudden sounds, which often trigger an evolutionary response known as the threat-activated vigilance system. Rainfall is not only a pleasant pink noise; it actively blocks out sudden unpleasant noises.

      Our overstimulated brains can relax to the simple and repetitive sound of water, inducing a state of mediation. The sound of ocean waves has a similar effect. Rainfall sound also brings out our inner creativity. The pink noise of rain allows our brain to wonder. Do you ever wonder why you get your best ideas while in the shower?

      Why Rain Makes You Sleepy

      How To Fall Asleep In 2 Minutes

      Naturepedic Team Read more by this author

      We all know the feeling: the rain starts and all we want to do is curl up in a blanket, grab a good book, and drift off to sleep. What is it about the rain that makes us so sleepy?;

      First, lets break down how the sound of rain affects two of our five senses, making us ready to snooze.


      One of the reasons even a gentle rainfall makes us sleepy or lazy is because it produces white noise. White noise minimizes how much outside noise we can hear, suppressing our senses and making us feel more tired.

      More specifically, the human brain perceives sounds as threatening and non-threatening. The pitter patter of water or rain are non-threatening to us, meaning both are very calming. Also, rain tends to fall at varying volumes, the intervals being less jarring and more peaceful than say a scream or a thud.

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      Rain Sounds Can Produce Pink Noise

      Weve all heard of white noise, typically referring to background static that makes it easier to quiet an overactive mind.

      White noise helps many people sleep, but pink noise is even better for sleeping.

      Research has shown that rain sounds are just as good as lullabies for getting children to sleep .

      It turns out that steady rain is a form of pink noise, and studies have found that it helps to not only get to sleep, but overall sleep quality as well :

      …showed significant enhancement in the percentage of stable sleep time compared to the control group…

      Pink noise helps us feel safe and comfortable, and helps us clear our busy minds of distracting thoughts that can make it hard to get to sleep.

      It makes sense evolutionarily speaking as well. When its raining, theres less chance of being in a dangerous situation, like being attacked by predators.

      However, note that only steady rain is a form of pink noise. Loud crashes of thunder may still disturb your sleep.

      SummaryThe sounds and rhythm of most rain produces pink noise, which has been shown to help most people get to sleep, and have a greater amount of stable sleep time.

      Why Rainy Days Can Make You Sleepy

      Rainy days can cause your body to go through a lot of different changes. Most everything dealing with cloudy days, rain or thunderstorms deals with your bodys reaction to cloudy days and the sound of rain. For your entire life, your body has been trained to go to sleep when it is dark and static noise, or white noise, to help drown out other sounds that are distracting. Mix this with the sky getting darker with a solid background noise, like rain on a tin roof, and it helps to create the perfect environment for your body to go to sleep. After all, this is what it is used to for your entire life.

      There are other key factors that play a big role in making you sleepy during rainy days that your brain tosses into the mix. For example, as the sky darkens, your body begins to produce more melatonin and stop producing as much serotonin. Melatonin is the chemical responsible for letting your body know when it is time to sleep, and time to wake up. Serotonin is responsible for; helping regulate your well being like happiness and helps to regulate the bodys sleep cycles.

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      Naps Are Amazing For Your Body And Mind But Only In Small Doses

      Naps represent a great way to refresh your brain and body. A nap can also be the perfect way to invigorate you and finish your workday strong. Thats not an opinion, its a fact, and one that many tech companies are taking to heart. . They believe that it increases creativity and inspiration many tech CEOs report having their best ideas after a ideal nap time.

      Heres the thing, if you sleep too long, you could mess up your sleep schedule. Basically, our sleep works on a REM cycle, and anything longer than 35 minutes can put your brain in a place of confusion and sleep deprivation. It turns out that about 30 minutes is the exact right amount to get you a little boost for those last few hours of work. Set an alarm and then hit the hay, but try not to hit the snooze too often, or you may find yourself unable to sleep at night when you need a longer, more substantial amount of Zs. Curious on which apps work best for tracking your sleep schedule? Check out our blog to get the goods on which one is right for you.

      A Lack Of Sunlight Truly Affects Our Sleep

      Why Does Rain Make You Tired and Sleepy? WxObservation ...

      Though many people don’t believe it, the lack of sunlight that occurs on rainy days does affect us.

      Our bodies react to the pattern of lightness and darkness throughout the day. We were made to sleep once the sun goes down. Rainy days, because they are darker, trick our bodies into believing that it is nighttime.

      This is due to our optic nerve. When the sun is out, it decreases the production of melatonin, which causes us to fall asleep. When it is rainy and overcast, the optic nerve doesn’t decrease melatonin, which is one reason we don’t want to get out of bed on darker days.

      Serotonin, our natural mood elevator, can also affect our moods. Because it is produced in the presence of sunlight, it leaves us tired and in no mood to be active when the sun isn’t shining.

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      How Does Rain Help People Fall Asleep

      Falling asleep is a challenge for millions of Americans. Is the sound of rain good for sleeping? The pink noise of the rain allows us to relax to the sound of the rain instead. The simple repetitive sound of falling rain allows us to relax our overstimulated brains. The non-threatening sound of the rain induces a state of mild meditation found in not too many other settings. You can experience a similar effect by listening to the sound of crashing ocean waves.

      The sound of rainfall also actively blocks out sudden noises that might otherwise disturb us. Rain is natures version of a pink noise machine. By reducing stress, the relaxation response helps us peacefully drift off to sleep.

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