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Why Does My Betta Fish Sleep A Lot

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How Do You Ensure Your Betta Fish Sleeps Well

Why Does Betta Fish Sleep at Top of Water

A well-rested betta is a happy betta. Lets look at the different ways you can encourage your betta to get a good sleep.

During the day, bettas prefer to nap in the shade while at night total darkness will ensure your betta has a comfortable sleep.

Makes sense, right? I mean, your betta cannot close his eyes, so sleeping with the lights on isnt exactly a fun experience.

Since bettas prefer to snooze in the dark, you should ensure that the lights are off when nighttime rolls around.

Reducing the amount of hours your lights are on is a good thing anyway because it can help prevent algae growth in your aquarium, but thats another story.

If you are like me, and darn forgetful, I recommend grabbing a good aquarium timer for your tank. The timer will turn your aquarium lights off at night and on again in the morning, all without any effort from you!

As for daytime napping, bettas prefer a nice spot in the shade.

Fortunately, shade is easy to provide:

  • Choose a shady location to set up your fish tank, avoiding direct light from nearby windows.
  • Tall or floating plants that are betta-safe help to block out the harsh light.

Ideally, you would want to consider shady sleeping spots for your betta when you first set up your tank. So plan ahead, its much easier to decorate an empty tank than when it is filled with water.

Unfortunately, no two bettas are alike. And even if you provide the perfect snoozing spot, there is no guarantee that your betta will sleep there.

What If Theyre At The Bottom Of The Tank Breathing Heavily

If your Betta fish is laying at the bottom of the tank and is breathing heavily, you need to take action as quickly as possible.

There are a couple of potential causes for this:

It could be ammonia poisoning, nitrate poisoning, or hot temperatures. All of these issues make it difficult for Betta fish to breathe, which explains the heavy and labored breathing.

Test the water to see which problem you need to address. If its ammonia or nitrate poisoning, perform a 50-percent water change to provide immediate relief. Then, make changes to prevent levels from spiking again.

For hot temperatures, turn on an air conditioner in the room and point a fan towards the surface of the water. Do not use ice cubes or cold water to lower temperatures. You need to do this slowly so that you dont kill off beneficial bacteria.

Why Does My Betta Tank Get Slimy


No one likes to see the surface of their finned friend’s habitat covered in an unsightly film, especially if the cause of the gunk is unknown. Film on the top of a betta’s tank could be due to protein residue in the water, a colony of bacteria invading the tank or high romantic hopes on the part of your betta.

Likewise, how can I tell if my Betta is stressed? Symptoms: You should observe your fish often for any of these signs of stress.

  • Gasping at the Surface: If a fish is gasping his mouth at the surface, this is a sign of stress brought on by poor water conditions, usually a lack of oxygen.
  • Appetite: If a fish is stressed, oftentimes he will not eat.
  • One may also ask, why is there an oily film on the surface of my aquarium?

    Plant debris can cause an organic waste film in a fish tank. When an oily film forms on top of the water, it indicates the tank is dirty or the elements that keep the water healthy are out of balance. Removing the slick is only a temporary solution identify the cause and restore balance to prevent it from reoccuring.

    How do I get rid of sludge in my fish tank?

    How to remove sludge from an aquarium

  • Treat the aquarium with your chosen treatment to breakdown the sludge.
  • A few days after treatment complete a 25% water change and use a gravel cleaner to remove sludge from the substrate.
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    Do Betta Fish Sleep What You Need To Know

    If you have ever wondered whether or not your betta fish sleeps, the answer is yes, it does. There is not a single person or animal on the face of the planet earth that can go without sleep for a prolonged period. This would result in mental and organ failure, with the final result being death.

    Therefore, the first thing that you need to know is that your betta fish sleeps. You might also be wondering how often do betta fish sleep and how long they sleep. Well, lets get right to it and do our best to tell you all about betta fish and sleeping.

    How To Choose The Right Habitat For Your Betta

    Betta Finrot Or Tears

    One of the reasons bettas are so popular as aquatic pets is that theyre relatively easy to take care of and they dont require a massive amount of space. When deciding what to place your betta tank on, remember that the full weight of a decorated and filled aquarium is approximately 10 lbs. per gallon. Your betta will be happiest and healthiest in an aquarium with a filter and heater. If you want to teach your betta tricks, you will want them at their most active, which means keep the aquarium water clean and between 76° and 84° F, as they are native to tropical environments. Unfiltered habitats in warmer environments can work, but they are more susceptible to water quality problems and may require partial water changes 2 to 3 times a week. To help maintain a healthy environment in your unfiltered aquarium, add Aqueon PURE Betta Beads. Not only will it provide clearer water, your betta can play in them, too! There are many philosophies on what constitutes the ideal aquarium size, but bigger is always better .

    No matter what type of fish tank environment you choose, use plants and other decorations to make your fish feel safe and at home. Aquarium lighting for bettas should be somewhat subdued to simulate their natural habitat and reduce stress. Use a timer to maintain a consistent day/night cycle. In nature bettas live in relatively still water, so the filter should have a gentle flow.

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    Top Advice On Is My Betta Fish Dead Or Sleeping

    Therefore, the very first thing which you want to be aware of is that your betta fish definitely sleeps. If youve ever wondered whether your betta fish sleeps, the solution is yes, it definitely does.

    Theres no known cure for Tuberculosis in Betta fish and generally they cant survive long once theyve contracted it. One of the most usual symptoms a Betta fish will show is staying at the base of the tank. Sick betta fish can be cured, a lot of the moment, if you can find out whats ailing your betta.

    The Betta Is Getting Older

    Bettas have a relatively short lifespan. In good conditions, these fish will live between three and five years! If youve had your Betta for a while, they could be suffering from the effects of old age.

    Like any other animal, old Bettas tend to slow down as they get older. They simply dont have the energy to zip around their habitat like they did when they were younger. Their bodies start slowing down and they have a harder time keeping up with younger fish.

    As a result, most older fish prefer to rest a bit more. Your fish could start laying down on leaves or spending more time resting on the substrate at the bottom of the tank.

    Unless you raised your fish from the fry stage, its difficult to determine the age of fish. Even if you just got your Betta a few months ago, they could have spent years with a breeder or at the store. If your fish looks generally healthy and just seems to be slowing down, they may be reaching the end of their life.

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    How Long Do Betta Fish Sleep For

    We cant really say how long Bettas sleep for since all Bettas are different.

    Generally, if your betta is resting around nighttime and remaining active during the day then that is a decent amount of time. Nonetheless, if you notice periods of inactivity from your betta, particularly during the day, at that point it very well may be an indication that something is wrong.

    The Advantages Of Betta Fish Curled Up

    Why’s My Betta Fish Not Moving At Bottom of the Tank?

    Make certain youre taking care to stop the root of fin rot that are listed above. The condition isnt lethal in its nature. However, it makes swimming really hard for the fish. The perfect way to prevent the anxiety and treatment of fin rot is to prevent it altogether.

    Both foot rule appears to work a lot of the moment. As soon as its a fact that you must do a great deal less for fish, sometimes you simply dont know if something is wrong with your fish since they cant let you know how theyre feeling. The fish will often locate a cozy place on the base of the aquarium where it will lay and have a nap.

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    Reasons Why A Betta Fish Lays At The Bottom Of The Tank

    Betta fish owners will witness all kinds of weird behavior.

    Still, a betta thats laying on the bottom of the tank does sound alarming.

    Is the fish turned on one side or are its fins supporting its body?

    Is that a symptom of a serious illness or just another odd trait of character?

    Will it be okay eventually or is that the final straw?

    Why does it look as if your betta is breathing heavily?

    Is it suffocating?

  • Its Fish Tanks is Way Too Small
  • A healthy betta needs its personal space, frequent water changes, and a properly diversified diet.

    For the fish to prefer to stand still in an unnatural pose could mean a number of things.

    Let me expand on those.

    What Does It Mean If Your Betta Is Oversleeping Why Does It Happen

    As an owner, it is your job to identify if the betta is oversleeping. If they are oversleeping, it is not always a good sign. Bettas oversleep for various reasons. And here is how to identify them.

    Temperature Shock

    Bettas are sensitive to high and low temperatures. Thats why they become less active because of temperature shock. Always try maintaining a 78-degree tank temperature.

    The Tank Light is Too Dim

    Dim light encourages the betta to sleep more as it regulates its sleeping hour based on the light. So the longer the tank light stays too dim, the more your betta will sleep.

    Hes Getting Bored

    Some people overlook this fact, but bettas can get bored if there isnt enough decoration inside the tank to keep it amused. As a result, it keeps on sleeping for longer hours.

    Your Betta Might Be Sick

    If your active betta suddenly starts sleeping a lot, it is a sign of illness. You need to keep an eye on the fish to find out what is wrong.

    Your Betta May Be Old

    So, how long has the betta been with you? Bettas have a shorter lifespan. And it is normal for it to sleep more as it starts getting old. In that case, you should let it have a good rest.

    You Just Have A Lazy Betta

    I know it makes you giggle, but bettas can be lazy sometimes. If you own more than one betta, you can spot the differences in their activities. Some bettas are less active than others, and they sleep a lot.

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    Where And How Do Betta Fish Sleep

    You can already tell that keeping up with bettas sleep is both challenging and fun. Do betta fish sleep comes with a lot of answers. Lets get to know some more about betta fishs sleeping behavior.

    Where And How Male Betta Fish Sleep?

    Male betta fish are more aggressive than female ones. And they always stay alert, even when they sleep. A male betta will sleep around the tank, such as in a cave, on the gravel, on a leaf. They sleep floating, curling up like a cat and on their sides.

    Where And How Female Betta Fish Sleep?

    Female bettas are less aggressive yet just as alert as the male ones. They usually choose to sleep under the rocks. Its a place that provides them with shade and safety. And female bettas also sleep vertically, sideways, or even curled up.

    Do Betta Fish Sleep On Their Sides?

    Bettas do sleep on their sides, especially if they are sleeping among the leaves. They also sleep like that if there is a bed or hammock. However, if the betta stays in that position for long, it could be a health issue.

    Do Betta Fish Sleep On The Bottom Of The Tank?

    It is not uncommon for betta fish to sleep on the bottom of the tank. But sometimes they do that if the water flow on the top area is too strong. So if your Betta-filter current is too strong, reduce it to a level that makes the betta more comfortable.

    Do Betta Fish Sleep On The Leaves?

    How Else Do Betta Fish Sleep?

    Does Your Betta Need A Bed?

    What Is So Fascinating About Do Betta Fish Sleep A Lot

    Why Is My Betta Not Moving At The Top Sitting Motionless ...

    If you take great care of your betta, you might realize that the fish a part of your family for six or seven decades. Exactly like an individual, you may discover that certain betta fish prefer sleeping in various positions and locations. Like every animal, the betta fish will have the best habitat.

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    I Think My Betta Is Dead Should I Tap The Tank To Check

    As mentioned before, youre going to want to make sure you dont disrupt a sleeping Betta. While tapping once or twice when youre really scared wont cause them any harm, you dont want to do it all of the time. Chances are, everything is fine with your fish, and they will be back to their routine in no time!

    Bettas will sleep virtually anywhere. There are Bettas who like to dig their faces behind pebbles, some that love sleeping in tight places, some that absolutely love sleeping on top of scenery or thermometers. Bettas are a little bit weird in this way! Funny enough, some Bettas like to sleep outside of water. This is possible because Bettas can breathe from their gills or their mouths and in the wild will sometimes live under mud when the water is low. Note: Bettas cannot indefinitely live outside of water, so dont be getting any ideas!

    The Characteristics Of Is My Betta Fish Dead Or Sleeping

    In other words, your Betta will like water thats a little dirty with their own waste on account of the nitrates, and wont be in a position to survive in an unconditioned fish tank because it will make them feel sick. As soon as its a fact that you must do a good deal less for fish, sometimes you simply dont know if something is wrong with your fish since they cant let you know how theyre feeling. Betta fish are fond of finding secure areas to take their rest anytime they get the opportunity to achieve that.

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    Is My Betta Fish Dead Or Sleeping

    When fish sleep, they do almost look like they might be dead. Of course, having a dead betta in the tank is not a fun time. So, how do you tell if your betta is sleeping or dead?

    • Although tapping on the tank walls is not recommended, if you tap on the tank hard enough, it should wake your betta up from its sleep.
    • You can try to keep an eye on the gills and mouth of your betta. If the mouth and gills are moving, it means that it is breathing. Bettas breathe too, and its a sign that there is still life left in them.
    • If your betta is listing heavily towards one side, and it has its tail pointing upwards from the substrate, for a long period, it might not just be asleep.
    • If it is daytime, bettas should not be sleeping except for occasional naps. If you notice that your fish is sleeping all day, well then chances are that it is not just resting.
    • If you notice any weird things such as white spots, raised scales, or bulging eyes, these are all signs of bad health in bettas, and it may mean that the fish is either dead or close to it.

    What Does A Sleeping Betta Fish Look Like

    My Betta Fish!

    During sleep, bettas become a lot more still. A surefire way to know if your betta is sleeping depends on the time of the day. If your betta isnt moving at night, then thats a great way of knowing that hes asleep.

    The best way you can tell if your betta is sleeping though is as previously mentioned, to look at his gills. While the rest of his body will be pretty idle, his gills and mouth will be slowly moving as he continues to breathe in and out.

    Some people also report that betta appears to lose some of their colors while they sleep. Im not quite sure how true this is, however, it would be interesting to keep an eye out for it and see what happens!

    Lastly, dont bother looking at your bettas eyes while he sleeps. He doesnt have eyelids, so theyre always going to be open, even when hes sleeping.

    How To Tell When Your Betta Is Sleeping?

    Basically, any time that you notice your betta is stationary for a prolonged period of time in your tank, then theres a good chance that hes sleeping. Especially if the prolonged period of inactivity occurs during the night.

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