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Why Is Snoring So Annoying

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So I Went On A Mission To Find A Solution That Helps Everyones Snoring And Sleep Apnea

Snoring Uncovered

I was in an ideal position to work this out, since I had been studying snoring for years.

I changed the exercises to focus on particular problem areas.

I found out exactly what worked and what didnt work when it comes to opening up the throat and removing other blocks that cause people to snore.

And I also discovered ways to do the voice exercises without having to make a single tone.

So, dont worry if you dont like to sing the exercises are completely silent.

Since I had spoken about this with so many people, I had literally hundreds of people who were willing to test my new exercises for me.

They gave me feedback on what worked for their particular type of snoring.

I then used that to improve those exercises and identify different problem areas.

Whats more . . .

Preventing Snoring During Pregnancy

Given that snoring can leave people feeling not well-rested, finding ways to combat it during pregnancy is necessary to give mothers-to-be as much rest as possible.

According to Newsweek, ways to help prevent pregnancy-induced snoring include:

Do not sleep on the back: Sleeping on the back can cause the airway to compress. And because after 20 weeks women need to sleep on their sides during pregnancy, according to Parents, there is no time like the present to start practicing sleeping differently.

Sleep on the left side: Sleeping on the left side of the body is recommended for pregnant women, according to Healthline, to help with the blood flow as well as keep the uterus off of the liver while sleeping. But when sleeping on the left side, it also helps to keep the airways open so that there are fewer chances for snoring as well.

Use a mouthpiece: When a mouthpiece is used during sleep, it helps to “reduce the air resistance” that is causing the snoring to occur, according to Mint Dentistry. This is done as the jaw position is moved forward, allowing for easier airflow in and out of the body.

Exercise regularly: Exercising the airway muscles through “myofunctional therapyĆ¢ will help to strengthen the muscles in the throat, according to the Sleep Foundation. As such, doctors may prescribe these exercises to be performed during the day to help reduce snoring at night.

Havent You Suffered Enough

Take action now and invest a few minutes to completely treat your snoring today.

Even if youre busy, you can use the exercises anytime. So, order them now and do them whenever you want.

Youre taking absolutely no risk since the results are 100% guaranteed. All you have to decide is how much its worth to you to treat your snoring tonight!

And the great customer service team at Blue Heron Health News is just itching to help you if youve any issues.

It all starts with a single click on the order button below.

Oh, and hows my wife doing?

Thanks for asking.

She has been so happy ever since I stopped snoring. And amazingly, almost all the irritations and fights between us are gone.

Fifteen years have passed, and weve had two sons since the trip to Australia. In fact, our younger son was born nine months later

And now were looking forward to becoming grandparents together one day.

We sometimes joke about the times we were ready to divorce over the smallest issues just because we were so tired.

When youre sleep-deprived and wasted, the tiniest things get blown out of proportion.

Just like a good nights sleep makes every day brighter.

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Why Is Snoring So Dangerous

Snoring is a phenomenon in the form of an extraneous sound that appears during a mans sleep.

It can become evidence of such a dangerous condition as temporary cessation of breathing. A snoring person usually does not sleep well, which is why he suffers from drowsiness and lethargy during the day.

Sleep In A Different Room

How to Stop Snoring

Remember the old adage about how desperate times call for desperate measures? When all else fails, you might have to leave the room at night.

Dont feel bad if you choose this option, especially if it works for you. Research backs you up. A 2002 study found that sleeping apart seemed to actually contribute to greater marital satisfaction when one spouse snored.

If youre feeling lonely, though, be sure to let your partner know that youd rather be together. This can encourage them to make adjustments.

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Why Have We Evolved To Snore Yet Find Snoring So Annoying

Human’s snore. I doubt this is a new occurence over the last millenia. I find it hard to believe that for the past million years, no human ancestor has been a snorrer.

And yet, the sound of snoring is incredibly irritating to humans.

Could there be any evolutionary basis for these two facts?

One thing I could think of is perhaps snoring serves a purpose of making adult males seek out their own homes and families.

A male child may be inclined to be so annoyed by his father’s snoring that he goes off into the world to seek his fortune.

If it didn’t serve a useful purpose, surely it would have died out, simply because other humans would be so annoyed by snoring that they would murder snorrers in their sleep and hence reduce the genes for snorring.

A very common misconception about evolution is that traits are directed toward a function. It a trait exists, it must be adaptive. This is false. As for snoring, people generally do not snore until they are past the age humans evolved to survive . To be selected against, those who snore would have to be less fit . Traits that develop after an organism has reproduced have absolutely no bearing on selection. Similarly, we don’t evolve resistance to heart disease, or cancer, because these diseases occur after we reproduce.

How To Conquer Annoying Noises So You Can Sleep

Is the relentless thump of a neighbors music driving you nuts? Weve been there. Sound is probably the most frustrating thing that keeps people from getting good sleep because its often hard to control.

Fortunately, people dont need total silence in order to sleep. The human brain just needs to feel safe, and a boring sound can help provide that sense, explains sleep specialist Rafael Pelayo, MD.

As a result, you may have more options for busting your bedtime-noise issues than you think. Heres what to consider.

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Bedtime Remedies To Help You Stop Snoring

Change your sleeping position. Elevating your head four inches may make it easier to breathe and encourage the tongue and jaw forward. There are specific pillows available that can help reduce snoring by ensuring neck muscles arent too tight or crimped in any way at all.

Sleep on your side instead of your back. You can use a clever and simple method to train yourself in the art of sleeping on your side.

Try attaching a tennis ball to the back of pajamas or T-shirt with either sewing it onto your clothing, or wrapping it in fabric like you would for an arm pillow.

If you roll over onto your back while wearing this contraption, then discomfort will cause you wake up again so that they shift their weight away from being flat on their stomachs and towards turning themselves around into another position where sleep becomes more comfortable

Try an anti-snoring mouth appliance. These devices, which resemble an athletes mouth guard and can help open your airway during sleep with just a little bit of adjustment to the bite or jaw position, are now more affordable.

The dentist-made appliance is expensive but there are cheaper do-it-yourself kits available as well if you dont want invest in them yet

Clear nasal passages. If you find yourself waking up with a stuffy nose in the morning, try rinsing your sinuses before bedtime.

Why Is Snoring So Dangerous Final Words

Most Annoying Snore Ever!

Before going to bed, you should clear your nose, do inhalations, use special drops. It is necessary to fight overweight, lead a healthy lifestyle.

Do not overeat before going to bed.

It is better to sleep on your side and raise your headboard at night. For prevention purposes, I recommend visiting an otolaryngologist 1-2 times a year.

The sooner a patient seeks a doctor, the more chances are to avoid the sad consequences for his health.

Treatment will help improve sleep, increase activity, and improve relationships with others.

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When Is My Partners Snoring More Than Annoying

Thats probably not the way your bed partner snores.

If only the charming, harmless snoring depicted in cartoons could replace the ugly, dangerous reality of sleep-disordered breathing.

We hear the laments about snoring bed partners at the sleep center all the time and thoroughly appreciate the frustration that comes of living with a loved one who snores or has other breathing issues while they sleep.Most people who snore do not realize they snore, so its very easy for them to deny it even happens.

The sound of the snoring may not be the only thing that is off-putting The sleep deprivation you endure night after night, being a captive audience, is no small thing either.

I Discovered Five Types Of Snoring And How To Diagnose And Treat Each:

You see, snoring is always caused by something partly blocking and narrowing your breathing passages .

Then, the soft tissues in your breathing passages flap in the airflow like trash blowing down tight allays making the loud noise.

But what blocks the breathing passages differs from person to person.

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Listen To Music Or White Noise

A white noise machine generates a steady consistent noise thats soothing to listen to. If it works right, youll be lulled into sleep.

Some white noise machines offer options, too. You can choose to listen to the sound of ocean waves crashing on the sand or a waterfall.

If you dont want to invest in a separate white noise machine, download a white noise or mediation app for your smartphone and let that play instead.

People Make Jokes About Snoring

Why Snoring Happens?

But you see, snoring is not any laughing matter. Its not some annoyance that can be brushed under the carpet.

If you snore, or your partner snores, youre putting each other in a life-threating situation.

You may possibly be causing each other an early death.

Thats why I was so fanatical about sharing the snoring solution I found with everyone.

But unfortunately, the simple voice exercises didnt help everyone.

Just like nasal sprays and jaw straps only work for specific types of snoring, so seemed to be the case with simple voice exercises.

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This Makes So Much Sense

Sleep might be the most important eight hours of the day. Your muscles relax, your brain calms down and starts processing new memories. Your subconscious releases anxieties and desires into your dreams.

Study after study has shown that a good nights sleep is essential to health and happiness.

But if you have someone sleeping next to you, odds are good that when they shut their eyes, things get a little noisy. Up to 45% of men and 25% of women report habitual snoring. The grunts, honks and wheezes produced when air flows through the airway leading to the nose as it opens and shuts can be as loud as 90 decibals almost as loud as a chainsaw.

One study from the Mayo Clinic even indicated that the partners of snorers often suffer more than the snorers themselves.

But people sleep through loud noises all the time especially in cities. So what is it about snoring that makes it so intolerable?

Proximity is one reason. Our hearing apparatus is designed to focus on sounds that are nearby rather than sounds that are far away. So snoring coming as it does from the next pillow over occupies more of our attention than a similar noise from down the street.

Snoring is also irregular. Unlike the white noise of a city or a river, snores happen sporadically, changing speed and intensity with the sleepers breath and position. You cant lull yourself into a rhythm listening to it. Instead, the anticipation of when the next snore is coming makes you more anxious.

But To Snore Is Not The Most Dangerous Thing

About 50% of people have a partner who snores. This means that snoring affects almost everyone in one way or another.

And having someone keep you up every night with their loud snoring is even more serious than snoring yourself.

Lack of good quality sleep causes many of the same symptoms as snoring does, but much more drastically.

It leads to even deadlier conditions such as:

  • High blood pressure

. . . plus, it causes you to underperform like a zombie throughout the day.

Over 100,000 car and home accidents every year are blamed on sleep deprivation.

Thousands of people die every year because their partner kept them up with their snoring.

But most seriously, it robs you of the joy of life, because youre just not yourself.

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When Should You See A Doctor About Snoring

Many instances of snoring are benign, but its important to talk with a doctor if there are signs of potential sleep apnea:

  • Snoring that occurs three or more times per week
  • Very loud or bothersome snoring
  • Snoring with gasping, choking, or snorting sounds
  • Obesity or recent weight gain
  • Daytime drowsiness
  • Nighttime teeth grinding
  • Frequent nighttime urination

If you have noticed any of these signs, its important to address the issue with a doctor who can determine if additional testing or treatment is necessary.

Do You Want To Think About It

Why do people snore? | Snoring explained | AnyStory made by Cooler Media

Yes, you can wait, and youll lose yet another night of restful sleep. Can you really bear that when you know you could be snore-free tonight?

Can you bear to put your partner through the agony of another sleepless night?

Can your partner put up with another sleepless night? Its not just annoying its life threatening.

Can you do this to yourself and your partner when you know you have the solution sitting at your fingertips?

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Ye Olde Tennis Ball Technique

Snoring tends to happen when youre lying on your back rather than sleeping on your side.

I remember reading an article on the interwebs ages ago about the importance of your sleep position and how popping a tennis ball into a pocket thats been stitched onto the back of a tight t-shirt could prevent snoring.

Of course, I found the whole concept effing hilarious not to mention ingenious and of course, I had to get my dude to try it .

I didnt have any tennis balls around because my dog likes to eat them , so I MacGyvered an empty plastic bottle onto a thrift store shirt with some duct tape.

If youre not crafty and prefer a pre-made snoring shirt , you can get one here.

Did it work? Well, the shirt definitely made him stop snoring but also kept him up most of the night . One reason could be that he doesnt like to sleep with a shirt on. The other could be that he had an empty bottle duct-taped over his spine.

The concept works, but Im not sure its reasonable to ask him to sleep with this on every night .

If youve got spare tennis balls lying around, you could also learn to play tennis just a thought.

Alcohol before bed, in general, is just bad for sleep.

The reality is that alcohol is not the answer to getting better sleep, advises Breus.

While alcohol can make you sleepy, it also does the following to detract from sound sleep:

  • keeps you from reaching the deep stages of sleep
  • dehydrates you
  • awakens you in the middle of the night .
  • When Snoring Becomes More Than Just Annoying

    Snoring occurs when the tissues in the throat relax enough to block part of our airways, or physical conditions such as enlarged tonsils or a deviated septum prevent air from flowing freely. This obstruction causes the tissues around the airway to vibrate, producing that familiar, unpleasant sound. But sometimes, loud, constant snoring is a sign of a condition called Obstructive Sleep Apnea . With OSA, the sleeper actually stops breathing for a few seconds at a time, or, in some cases, even longer. The body wakes to breathe again properly, so we move from the deep sleep we need to keep ourselves healthy mentally and physically to a lighter state of sleep or wakefulnessand this disruption of the sleep cycle can happen dozens of times an hour.

    The potential problems caused by sleep apnea are many. You could suffer from daily morning headaches, sore throats, and dry mouth . You might find yourself moody, depressed or forgetful. Irritability and loss of libido are common consequences of sleep apnea. Any or all of these problems can make getting through each day a struggle.

    You should be examined for sleep apnea if you or a loved one notice any of the following symptoms:


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    What Treatments Can Help Stop Snoring

    Treatment depends on the nature of the snoring and the types of problems it causes.

    For people with infrequent or primary snoring, treatment may not be necessary unless it is disturbing a persons sleep or the sleep of someone they live with. In those cases, treatments tend to be simpler and less invasive. People with sleep apnea usually need more involved treatment.

    Types of treatments include lifestyle changes, anti-snoring mouthpieces, mouth exercises, continuous, auto, or bi-level positive airway pressure devices, and surgery. A persons physician is in the best position to describe pros and cons of any treatment in their specific case.

    Keeping An Eye Out For Apnea

    Why Sleep Apnea is Dangerous

    Its important to look out for each others overall health.

    The big question is if a person sees someone else who snores stop breathing in their sleep, says Breus. This is a sign of sleep apnea and needs taking care of immediately.

    Snoring is a restriction of airflow which makes the lungs and heart work harder at night, when they are supposed to be working less.

    If the snoring is really bad and you think your snoring might be connected to sleep disorders like obstructive sleep apnea, get checked out by a specialist near you sleep apnea can lead to heart problems and even type 2 diabetes. Muraki I, et al. . Sleep apnea and type 2 diabetes.

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